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Finally finished this piece for cutiesaturday!! This has been sitting in my files and the back of my head forever?! Link to the Past is my favorite LoZ game - and as such, pink/magenta haired Link is always my fav too <3

After receiving an (now not so anon anymore *waves at Jane*) ask about “Matsuhana FF8″ :3 Them COSPLAYS!

(i seriously considered leaving the dick across their faces as watermark…)
(also considering prints of this because i love…)

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i like your blog but you post to many black goths. imho they just dont look right.

They look just as beautiful as any white goths and they have the right to express themselves and exist in this space as much as anyone else.

I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat since it needs to be said:

There is no right skin colour to be goth. Period. Goth is a composite of multiple things and appearance is just one fraction of all that. Skin colour, hair colour, make-up style, gender, and whatnot do not define whether you can be goth or not, and no way is the “right” way to have them.

The pale red-lipped and black-haired girl dressed in all black might be the stereotype of a goth but that is a very shallow and one-sided representation of the people in the community. How many of us actually fit into that stereotype? How many of us strive to look like that because if we don’t, we will get told we don’t look right? Goth has since its beginning featured many ethnicities, and there is nothing weird about non-white goths in the subculture. Research information and photos of the English goth scene in the 80s. There are loads of non-white goths absolutely rocking the original look (not to mention creating other forms of gothy art like alternative music). The main reason it “doesn’t look right” to you is because the stereotype is so strong and over-represented in gothic imagery. But we all know stereotypes can be terribly, terribly wrong, which leads to this kind of racism (yes, that’s what this is).

There are many gothic styles I personally don’t like, but it is not my place to tell those people that I don’t think they look good. I wouldn’t want them telling me that, so why would I do that to others? And I’m talking about styles that someone chooses to wear, so can you even imagine hearing it about something you cannot choose like skin colour? I understand that it is your personal preference and your opinion but is it necessary to bring it up when all it will do is discourage people from being a part of a community they feel they belong to? There’s a ton of people outside the subculture whose ignorance can make being a goth difficult, we shouldn’t be doing that to each other within the subculture too.

Some goths are black, some goths are Asian, some goths wear hijabs, some goths keep their natural hair, the list goes on. And they all look gorgeous and have as much right to express themselves in the subculture as white goths. In reality the subculture is extremely diverse but there is so much gate-keeping from goths who think that you need to look like X and listen to Y that we end up only seeing a glimpse of it all. That shouldn’t be, and as corny as it sounds, we should try to create a comfortable, safe community instead of one that shuns people out because they do not fit a stereotype.

The non-white goths aren’t going anywhere from my blog, they belong there as much as any white goth, classic horror heroine or Addams Family member.

There are posts about Finn that come across my dash frequently that really concern me.

It’s not that I don’t think musings about what a sweet innocent soul he is and imagining what his humble life must’ve been like are coming from a loving place, but Finn’s character has already been filled in via a canon source, and it was not humble. 

Read the novel “Before the Awakening,” where you will learn that while FN-2187 may have pulled shifts as a janitor just like any military trainee has to work some shit jobs, he was actually the absolute rock star of his elite band of Stormtroopers. He was the natural leader, the best of them all, the highest scores in every possible measure, someone Phasma and Hux were well aware of as the shining example of what their pet Stormtrooper program could accomplish. He was everything they’d worked for for years.

The only problem was, he cared too much about his fellow Stormtroopers, even though they didn’t return the feeling, due to indoctrination and some envy of his superiority. It is pretty obvious, reading BtA, that Finn is Force sensitive. It is that Force sensitivity that set him apart, and made him the one who could overcome a lifetime of indoctrination and get out.

I know it’s the fault of the film for sketching him so lightly, but guys, it is crucial that we start acknowledging who Finn is, and his strengths. Which, canonically, are leadership, strategy, all the skills a commander must have. I worry that there is too much PRECIOUS PURE CINNAMON ROLL going on and not enough shared knowledge of his *canon character background and gifts*.

Please spread the word about Finn. This sort of thing shortchanges him horribly. When the FO lost FN-2187, they lost more than just another Stormtrooper. They lost a future general, and the Resistance picked one up.

Meanwhile, Molly

(Or: More Things That People Think Make Sherlock Canonically Straight But They Really Really Don’t)

Allow me to address one more incredibly beautiful part of Sherlock (and then I’ll stop overusing the word “beautiful”, sorry, I just loved series four): Let’s talk about what is the point of Molly Hooper.

I’ve always sympathised with Molly, but I admit that from a literary point of view, I didn’t quite get her. If she was a love interest for Sherlock, why would the story not revolve more around her? But if she wasn’t a love interest, where was her character going? Why was she there in the first place? It didn’t feel Moffat-y sound. (And yes, I just made that expression up.) 

But looking back on all four series, the intention of Molly’s character actually becomes pretty clear. In a nutshell: At any given moment of the show, Molly is an indicator of John Watson’s feelings towards Sherlock. (No really, let me show you.) 

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Hi hello so everyone seems to absolutely rock beards and I was wondering how'd you look like with one?? Maybe just a test, I'm just super curious.

How about a slightly overly enthusiastic Muggle Studies Professor that you’ve never asked for?

MSP: STUDENTS. I am here to show you that Muggle technology is-

MSP: Today I present to you a Muggle device for communication…

MSP: I shall now proceed to showing you how to turn this apparatus on. Watch closely.

MSP: Simple, see?

MSP: But be careful! The Samsounge mechanism can be quite dangerous, prone to explosion and often used as a weapon in the Muggle world. If anyone wants to take a closer look?


MSP really likes Arthur Weasley’s collection of plugs.

i’m absolute rubbish at makeup but i had fun

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Idk why, but for some reason I just read moc as mister of color. Which gave me pause because I usually only refer to guys being generally fabulous as misters? So I imagined a bunch of fashionably dressed poc guys and I can't unread it. Also, why is mister masculine when it's literally a cross between miss and sister?

I have no idea where you got this from, but it has made me smile and the “misters of color are fabulous” part is 100% true.

Have you seen black men wear their colorful suits and stuff???

Like it’s so refreshing

Feel blessed today, because I do♥

The N1MB Anomaly

“This has all the indications of a new language pattern.”

Matina and Glode stared into their respective monitors silently.  Glode shook out her fur to compose herself.  “Is it a drill, do you think?  There are no planets in that sector recorded as being even close to developing intelligent life.”

“I guess it could be,” Matina responded.

“Check over our record keeping, would you?  It’s bound to get close inspection in the debrief.”

Matina settled back into her cradle with only limited relief.  If the drill didn’t show everything to be in perfect order, their mid term bonuses were at stake.  “I will,” she said, “I’ll go through it like a Sytem Auditor.”

“Thanks,” said Glode, “I’ll go report it now.”

Glode filed her carefully checked report with his superior within 20 dinas, having first taken half a dina to check exactly how long she could spend on polishing the document without exceeding regulation time boxes.  

If her superior was expecting the drill, ze did a good job of concealing it.  “Seriously, Glode? You actually want me to pass this report through?  You are going to look very foolish when the investigation finds out which of your team is playing tricks on you.”

“I know my team well, zir.  I don’t believe this is a hoax.  We did postulate that it could be a drill.”

Xinn hooted derisively, “If it was a drill I’d know about it.  It’s a hoax.”

“I don’t believe so, zir.”

“Very well, I’ll pass your report on.  Don’t blame me when you get a disciplinary!”

“I understand, zir.”

Glode closed off the signal and shook out her fur again.  If Xinn was right…but, no.  Glode had worked with her team for 5 terms now and Matina in particular was an absolute rock.  If it was a hoax, the source wasn’t within the team.  

Glode studied the signals again.  The short and long pulses suggested binary.  Though why anyone would use long and short pulses instead of on/off just added to the confusion.  Then Glode realised the gaps between the pulses were inconsistent.  Short and long pauses with gaps of different lengths?  That didn’t make any sense.  Whoever put together this drill has a very twisted sense of cryptography indeed.  But if they could decode it (and it had to be possible, that was in the regulations) an extra bonus was in the bag.  

As Glode reached for the monitor to share her thoughts with Matina, it burst into life.

“Officer Glode?  Admiral Zenken here.  Do you have a spare bunk somewhere in your deployment?”

“Err, yes ma’am.  One of our juniors is on leave.”

“Good.  I’ll be joining you shortly.”

“Ma’am, its a junior bunk in a shared hall.”

“In a situation like this, that is irrelevant.  See what else you can find out about that signal while I’m in transit.”

A Contained Mess

Request: Kylo Ren plus dry humping please god!!”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 926

Warnings: Smut (obviously)

A/n: I’m screAMING!!!! Riding Kylo’s thigh involved!! Yes!!!

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The silence was almost unbearable. It was only rarely broken by the beeping of the monitor that demanded a sliver of attention, easily being hushed by the pressing down of your lazy finger. It was just you in the office, everyone else had gone to celebrate the success of an offensive mission against the Resistance. You would have gone too, but the centre needed at least one able body to look after it. You had drawn the short straw, and so found yourself in a position of absolute monotony, rocking on your creaky chair as the steady squeaks and quiet beeps started to cause your ears to ring.

“Hard at work I see.” A robotic voice echoed across the dimly lit room, surprising you to the point of almost falling off the office chair.

“Blast, Kylo!” You breathed, holding a hand up to your chest. “You scared me.”

“Forgive me,” He chuckled in response, the delightful sound contradicting the droning crackles that his helmet produced. “I came to look for you when you weren’t at the party.”

You groaned as a red button lit up, beeping annoyingly, compelling you to lean over in your chair to swat it down.

“Unfortunately, I got stuck overwatching the ship’s main console. Really, quite thrilling work.” You said with a dissatisfied huff. Kylo removed his helmet, placing it on your work station with a smirk.

“Would you like me to help you… pass the time?” He asked, taking a seat next to you.

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