absolut lima

Do you guys understand how the real world outside of tumblr works? Do you? Sometimes I think you don’t.

Actors have jobs just like any others. And just like any other job they should have the clients, in this case, the audience/media/critics, review their work. Kinda like how getting good feedback from clients might make your manager give you certain perks and how negative feedback might get you fired. Because that is how jobs fucking work. You don’t do your job well then you don’t have a job. 

Just because someone is an actor it does not mean they should be one. It does not mean we all have to like their acting. It does not mean they are good. It does not mean we have to agree with their casting. We aren’t obligated to only say nice things about their performances.

Acting is a job just like any other.

It also does not excuse their shitty behavior. You guys love to see gross people getting fired from their ordinary jobs due to the way they acted or what they said, ex: being racist, homophobic, etc… Yet when it comes to actors y’all think we should just support them and remain quiet when they act that way.

Wtf? So being famous and rich excuses being incompetent and a shitty person?