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honest to god mercy’s character becomes 500x more interesting if you get rid of the nice sweet but morally ambiguous doctor thing and just make it to where she has the personality of mercy mains

absolutely tired, pours pure adrenaline in her coffee in order to face the day, will ignore your needs if you’re rude to her, demands respect through the power of pure anger and knowing that she’s the difference between life and death, doesn’t think she can be surprised by the stupidity of others but is always proved wrong

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dating Oliver would involve? (these are so so adorable!)

  • So many jokes about how your boyfriend is a keeper, especially from Fred and George
  • Being the only person that can cheer him up after he loses a match, (and vice versa if you play)
  • Cheering him on at all of his Quidditch matches, even if/when he’s playing against your house (and if you play, him doing the same for you)
  • Midnight broom rides under the stars
  • Being banned from his Quidditch pracitices because he keeps get distracted because of you
  • Having ‘No Quidditch Talk’ dates, where he has to kiss you every time he slips up and mentions Quidditch
  • When you’re having trouble sleeping, he just talks Quidditch strategy to you and you drop right off
  • Wearing his old/spare Quidditch jersey, even if it doesn’t fit you right, because you know he loves seeing you in it
  • Him making up for all the Quidditch practices by devoting entire days to spending time with you, with absolutely no distractions
  • All the adrenaline fuelled kisses after he wins a match

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Dance With Me Pt 1 (Septiplier Au Fic)

So I saw the fanart for @cartoonjunkie ‘s Dance Club septiplier au and just had to write a fanfiction. More chapters to come if you all like it!

Summary: Jack is a frequent dancer at a local club and finds himself without a partner. That’s where Mark comes in. Who better to dance with than this red haired hottie?

Warnings: Swearing and fluff

Chapter 1: It’s all in the hips, baby!

It was atmospheres like this that couldn’t be duplicated. Loud music blaring, causing hearts to pump hard and fast as they moved all sorts of limbs, almost as if entranced by the tunes. Sweat dripping from the skin as people laughed and breathed heavily, absolute adrenaline shooting through them as they contorted their bodies in ways that would be impractical anywhere else. Bodies moved against each other, barely any words were spoken between dance partners, their movements doing all the talking. It was a bliss like no other.

Jack, a frequent customer of this dance club, had his arms crossed as he stood on the side lines. Now normally he’d be all over this dance floor, no doubt stealing the spotlight and getting others excited. Whoever his partner was when dancing was always exhausted to the point of almost collapsing by the end of the night, but they always adored their experience dancing with him.

Tonight though, he had arrived on a night at his usual time thinking it was a normal club night, but it turned out he should have showed up earlier, as a popular DJ was there tonight and the place was packed. Everyone had a partner, well except him anyways. Every time he had the false hope of seeing someone alone, before he could even step forward they’d be pulled away. It was quite agitating really.

“Well this is unusual,” a voice behind him shouted over the music. Jack turned towards the bar to see Daithi, the bartender at this club, leaning over the bar and raising an eyebrow at the lonesome dancer. Cleaning a glass, he spoke again. “You’re usually out there driving them crazy with your moves. You doing okay?” he asked.

Jack smiled at him reassuringly. Daithi and him had met when Jack first moved to LA a few months prior and came to this dance club looking to relieve some of the stress from being homesick. Both being Irish, the two liked to reminisce when Daithi wasn’t working or Jack was taking a break from dancing. The two had became rather close friends and texted often, occasionally going out for lunch. Jack appreciated his company and his concern.

“I’m fine, just no one to dance with,” Jack told him simply, shrugging he he leaned back on the bar. His eyes peered over the dance floor, not daring to let his eyes leave it in fear of missing an opportunity to snatch up a dance partner. Daithi made some sort of noise out of confusion, but Jack could just barely hear it over the music.

“Why not dance by yourself? I’m sure you’d do just as well,” Daithi questioned, clearly baffled at Jack’s reasoning for being on sidelines. Jack shook his head, laughing at his friend’s confusion. Being someone who was behind the scenes, Jack supposed Daithi wouldn’t understand.

“It’s not the same that way Daithi. Dancing by yourself is so lonely, I crave connection with a human being through the movements of our bodies. A pure bonding experience. I’m not gonna just dance by myself when I can have a chance to feel that with someone,” Jack explained, even though his bartender friend just seemed to understand his reasoning even less. Rolling his eyes Daithi sighed loudly.

“Alright man, you do whatever, I gotta get back to work. There’s a bachelor party here,” and with that Jack waved the dark haired fellow Irishman away. His eyes snapped back to the dance floor. Nothing. He huffed, practically pouting, placing his hand on his hips, tilting his head down, and closing his eyes in frustration.

Man I’ve been out here all night and still haven’t found someone to dance with, he thought to himself , frowning. He opened his eyes and looked back up. Immediately his eyes landed on something red. Bright red. The type of red you’d see on a fire engine. Glorious red in the form of hair. Moving his eyes down from the hair, he saw a man. He was shorter, probably still taller than Jack though, but very well built. He wore a someone tight black v-neck and darker jeans. He looked rather flustered and unsure of what to do, looking down at his feet which were covered in a pair of red sneakers. Sneakers, that were more importantly, not dancing. Jack grinned.

Oh! I spoke too soon, he mentally exclaimed. Jack observed his potential dance partner. He seemed to be less than happy to be here, but the better the challenge for Jack to get him to dance with him. Jack twisted and turned his way through the crowd. He allowed himself to “trip” bumping shoulders with the somewhat taller male. The red haired male turned in surprise, raising an eyebrow as he looked to see who ran into him.

“Oops! Sorry ‘bout that! Sure is crowded in here ain’t it?” Jack gave a fake apology as he chuckled, giving a friendly smile. He observed the man’s face now that he was closer. He was a darker tone with deep brown eyes. Jack smiled more.  The man’s face melted from cautious confusion into a flustered smile.

“No worries!” he replied with a chuckle. Oh. OH. That voice. It was so deep and soulful sounding. Jack couldn’t even bring himself to speak he was so surprised by it. It was an attractive voice to say the least. God Jack just wanted to hear it again. That voice could narrate his life and he could hear every word of it but never be tired of it. It was glorious, wonderful, and-

“Um, are you okay?” the beautiful voice sounded again, snapping Jack out of his thoughts. Jack blinked, interrupting his stare he didn’t realize he was giving.

“There’s no way that’s your actual voice,” Jack sputtered in disbelief. The guy laughed loudly, which sounded just magnificent really. His whole face seemed to ease up at that moment.

“I get that a lot,” the red haired male shrugged, still chuckling. Jack grinned and suddenly hooked arms with the man, now that he seemed to be easing up, though the sudden contact seemed to startle him. Jack gave a cheerful smile.

“So, you wanna dance with me?” Jack asked, being very direct about what he wanted. The guy’s eyes widened more in surprise, but opened his mouth to speak.

“I would except-” before the taller male could finish, Jack pulled away, disappointed, covering part of his face. He should have known this guy was too good to be true.

“You’re already seeing someone aren’t you? I should have known an attractive guy like you would be taken! I’m so stupid!” Jack interrupted, majorly bummed out at the thought of missing out on dancing with this guy, who he somehow became emotionally invested in the past two minutes. The guy scratched the back of his head embarrassed.

“No, the truth is… I can’t dance,” he admitted with a nervous chuckle. Jack lit right back up, like there was a freaking switch to his emotions, no transitions. He grabbed the guy’s hand, pulling him along behind him, with a surprising amount of strength.

“That’s ridiculous! Anyone can dance! Come on I’ll show you!” Jack told him as he pulled him along, the guy looking very flustered now as he stumbled along. As Jack let go of him, he took a couple breathes as he caught his balance, looking up though, the red haired male’s face spread into a blush at the sight in front of him. Jack danced with ease, hips shaking like there was no tomorrow, his whole body moving with them, he made his way around to the red haired male while dancing.

“It’s easy, just watch me!” Jack shouted over the music so the male could hear him as he moved his body to the song. He grinned, noticing he had the guy’s full attention now. He opened his mouth shouting again. “Don’t force it, let the music move you! Come on you try!” he instructed, his eyes cheerful as they watched the male.

The taller male bit his lip and gulped a bit, he was nervous, but Jack held eyes with a supportive gleam, which seemed to encourage him. He began to move, awkwardly and very self aware, but he was trying. Quickly though, he had lost his footing. In a panic, he grabbed Jack’s shirt in hopes of not falling, but considering that Jack was  much smaller, he just ended up yanking the small green haired male down with him.

Jack squeezed his eyes shut, mentally preparing to hit the ground, but found that instead he landed on something softer. Or rather someone. Opening his eyes, he was face to face with the red haired male, who was blushing an awful lot. Despite the fact that Jack was blushing a little as well, Jack gave him a sweet smile, that may have been just a tad flirtatious. This caused the male to smile back and maintain eye contact. They stayed that way for a couple seconds, Jack with one hand by the guy’s neck, and one on the floor to prop him up a bit. One leg between both of the guy’s legs and the other on the floor, same side as his arm that propped him up. Finally, the red haired male was the first to speak.

“U-Uh… Hi, m-my name is Mark,” he sputtered out an introduction, eyes still trained on Jacks. Jack’s heart sped up, finding this guy’s introduction very cute. He smiled more, leaning a bit closer.

“Hello Mark. My name is Sean, but everyone calls me Jack,” Jack informed him, subconsciously rubbing his thumb over the fabric of Mark’s shirt. Mark glanced downwards at Sean’s lips as he spoke and met his eyes again when he finished speaking.

“Nice to meet you Sean,” he replied, in a very flirty but still somehow sweet tone. Jack didn’t mind this at all. He could stay like this forever, he wanted to really. Sadly though, it seemed Daithi had other plans.

“Jesus, ‘lright ye two! Get up before ye get stepped on!” Daithi hollered in exasperation from nearby, accent thick from frustration. Jack rolled his eyes at his friend’s antics while Mark flushed from embarrassment. Jack got off of him, biting his lip as he held back a smirk from noticing how dissapointed that Mark seemed. He held down a hand, wrapping his around Mark’s as he helped him up. Mark smiled at him appreciatively as he stood up. As soon as he did though, Jack yanked him close, eyes filled with mischievous intents as well as flirtatious ones.

“So how about I give you some dance lessons Mark?” he asked, a playful tone covered in sugary sweetness. Mark’s face was almost matching his hair at this point but he nodded.

“Alright, I’ll try not to pull us down this time,” he agreed with a chuckle. Jack winked over at him.

“Not that I’d mind if you did, as long as you pull me down with you again,” Jack teased. Before the very flustered Mark could reply, Jack pulled him to a less crowded area of the dance floor. He once again pulled the taller male close, and leaned up to his ear.

“Move along with me,” Jack whispered into his ear, before moving back and turning around so that way he was dancing close to Mark. Behind him he felt Mark nervously put one hand on one of Jack’s hips and slowly but surely began to dance. He was very awkward the whole time, but the more he loosened up, the less of an obstacle the awkward dancing was. Jack turned slightly to look at him. Mark nervously scratched his head as he danced, giving Jack a nervous grin. Jack winked at him, returning the grin, and began to dance like there was no tomorrow.

The two danced for a couple hours, but eventually Jack noticed how out of breath Mark was and gently grabbed his hand, leading him to booth. Normally Jack would dance until his partner called it quits on their own and bid him good night. He didn’t do that now though, as he wanted to spend more time with Mark. He slid into the booth after Mark, keeping his body pretty close to his. Mark gave a sheepish smile, which Jack returned with a sweet one.

“I’m not keeping you from any friends you came with am I?” Jack asked with a laugh. Mark shrugged.

“Well I did actually come here with my friends since it was my buddy’s bachelor party. I saw them leave like an hour or so ago though,” Mark explained nonchalantly. Jack’s eyes widened.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry! I got so caught up on getting you to dance with me I didn’t ask if I was interrupting anything. Fuck, seriously I’m so sorry,” Jack rambled, covering his face. Mark laughed a bit, rubbing the smaller man’s back.

“Don’t be! They looked thrilled I was actually dancing with someone and enjoying it. Honestly if you hadn’t came along I probably would have just stayed on the sidelines watching my buddies and eat chips,” Mark admitted, giving a reassuring smile to Jack. Jack’s face heated up slightly as he watched Mark’s face, but being as it was already flushed from how hard he was dancing, it was probably not noticeable. “I can get home using a cab anyways. Better than being in a crowded car with a bunch of sweaty dudes,” Mark mentioned, laughing loudly. God Jack could listen to that laugh forever. An idea sprung into his head.

“Well how about a car ride with one sweaty dude?” Jack asked, making Mark raise an eyebrow. Jack pulled his keys out of his pocket and held them up. “How about I drive you home as a way to make it up to you for stealing you from your buddy’s party?” Jack offered. Mark’s face lit up and he smiled again.

“Sure, that’d be great! Do you want to go now?” he asked. Jack nodded and slid back out of the booth, grabbing Mark’s hand as he lead him outside. Mark’s hand held his firmly, it made Jack’s heart flutter in excitement. As they passed by Daithi, Jack waved as Daithi rolled his eyes as the sight of two, laughing a bit as he waved, bidding him a good night.

As they stepped outside, his ears rung from the sudden quiet. Well, quiet in comparison to outside anyways. Jack turned to Mark, giving him another smile. “My car is a bit down the street since it was so busy, so we have to walk for a bit. Is that okay?” he asked, looking at the male. Mark’s eyes were trained on Jack, seemingly observing him in the new light, smiling. He nodded in response.

“Yeah, I’m fine walking for a little bit,” Mark told him, lacing Jack’s fingers in his. Jack’s face practically lit up with how bright he was blushing, and he gave the taller man a grin. The two began to walk, hands swinging slightly as they did so.

“So do you live in the area then? I mean, I’ve never seen you around but that’s because I’m usually only at work, clubs, or cafes,” Jack laughed a bit as he asked, looking up at Mark. Mark chuckled a bit as well at what he said.

“Yeah, I moved here a few years ago. I’m originally from Cincinnati, but I decided to move down here with some friends of mine. Though I guess in this part of LA I’ve only just moved here a couple years ago,” Mark explained with a shrug, looking down at Jack. “How about you? I’m guessing from the accent you’re not exactly a local,” Mark remarked, chuckling. Jack grinned a bit.

“As you can probably tell, I’m from Ireland. My buddy Felix who lives down here though has a buddy in the music industry who was offering me a job. Since it’s my dream to work in music, I dropped everything and moved here,” Jack told Mark, who listened intently. When he finished, Mark nodded a bit.

“How long ago did you move here?” he asked, curious as to how long the Irish green bean had been around here.

“About five months now. I adjusted pretty fast thanks to my job though. It was adapt or die!” Jack shouted the last part dramatically, making Mark laugh.

“What do you do in the music industry?” Mark inquired, tightening the grip on his hand which had previously been loosening as they walked.

“I’m kind of like an assistant for the whole floor I work on in my studio. I get coffee, paperwork,  deliver messages. Bring the artists’ and higher ups their lunches sometimes if they ask. I get to do background music a lot too though. I play drums so when they need me to play I do,” Jack explained. Mark grinned.

“That’s so cool!” he exclaimed, his deep voice going into a higher pitch, which Jack thought was utterly adorable. Jack grinned back.

“I’m glad you think so. What about you though? What do you do?” Jack asked, leaning slightly on the taller male as they walked.

“I’m a personal trainer. For like exercise and stuff. I do a lot of basic stuff with my clients at the gym, but I have a rock climbing class as well,” Mark told him, and Jack’s face lit up in excitement.

“Woah, that sound bad ass! No wonder you have such toned arms!” Jack commented, using his free hand to feel up Mark’s arm, making Mark practically giggle as he blushed. Oh god he’s really cute, Jack thought, watching him.

“It’s not really that impressive. It’s fun though. I’m like a kid who just gets to climb stuff all day,” Mark laughed a bit. Jack chuckled as well, looking forward and spotting his car.

“Here it is!” Jack exclaimed happily, unlocking the car. He reluctantly let go of Mark’s hand, whose fingers lingered in his. Hopping into the driver’s seat, he watched Mark climb in, not so subtly looking towards the taller man’s rear. Nice, was all that flashed through his head as he grinned. Mark buckled in and looked over at him with a smile. “So which way?” Jack asked once they were all settled in the car.

The two chatted as jack drove, getting to know little things about each other or flirting. Jack majorly enjoyed Mark’s company though. He usually wouldn’t let a dance partner back into his head once the night was done, but he couldn’t help that maybe this was more than just a cute guy he got to have a blast with. Maybe something more could happen between them. Jack didn’t want to get his hopes up, but no harm in wishing right?

When they finally arrive in front of a larger house, Jack stops, Mark looks at the house, with what looks like a tad bit of disappointment. Maybe he didn’t want this night to end either. Turning to Jack he took a deep breath.

“So here’s the thing, I don’t normally do this, but uh… Is it okay if I get your number? I really want to talk to you again sometime, if th-that’s alright with you that is,” Mark sputtered out, becoming just as shy as he was at the beginning of the night. Jack’s cheeks burned with a blush but he quickly nodded.

“Yeah, of course,” Jack quickly agreed, getting out his phone and opening it up. They swapped phones, putting each other’s numbers in their contacts. Jack smirked as he put himself under Hot Irish Dancer, and took a quick selfie of him winking flirtingly, putting it as the contact photo. He then handed Mark his phone back, and Mark did the same.

“Good night Sean,” he muttered to him in a low voice as he smiled. Jack’s heart skipped again.

“Good night Mark,” Jack replied, almost caught off guard by how obvious his voice gave off that he practically adored Mark even though they just met. Giving a small wave, Mark closed the car door and headed inside his house. Jack watched him go in until he went in and closed the door. Jack opened his phone and searched for Mark’s contact. When he found it, he burst out laughing. It read “That Ass you checked out” with a picture of Mark flexing playfully, which Jack somehow didn’t notice him taking.

“Cheeky bastard,” Jack chuckled to himself, starting his car and driving home.

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How would Hanji, Levi, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa act in an 'end of the world' situation like with earthquakes and hurricanes? (Ex. 2012 movie)

Hanji would go absolute adrenaline rush
Levi would try to evacuate people and get shit done
Eren would go super survival and try to help everyone
Armin would be super worried but try to survive
Mikasa would just be worried about Eren and Armin being safe, who cares about anything else?!