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I'm truly amazed that you've directed more anger at 1D's PR/Management team over this video than you have towards the white guy throwing out racial slurs. Look at my amazed face -_- I can't believe the white boy you love reading fanfic about gets less abuse for using an n word then his PR team get for responding to it. Look at my disbelieving face -_- I am shocked that you say Dan Wooten is a piece of shit for writing a headline but Louis isn't for using an n word. Look at my shocked face -_-

Oh goody, someone else is here to inform me of what I think and feel about this situation and to try to tell me how to run my blog. How fantastic, I sure didn’t get enough of this the other day, or anything.

You know what’s a very simple emotion to express? One-dimensional anger.

You know what’s not very time consuming to do? Reblog an existing post and add a few sentences worth of tags onto it.

You know what falls into this category? My irritation at Hackford Jones PR, Modest, The Sun and the ridiculous way they are responding (or rather, failing to respond) to the drug video appropriately and instead using divide and concur tactics and false band in-fighting narratives.

You know what’s a much more complicated emotion to express? Disappointment, frustration, confusion and anger, as applied to an individual who is an object of your respect, love and affection.

You know what’s extremely time consuming? Organising all of my thoughts and feelings about a situation into a detailed, brand new post,while simultaneously trying to stay in the loop about new and changing information.

You know what falls into this category? Yep, you guessed it. This incident does. In fact, every fucking thing that’s happened this week falls into that category, because at this point there is no catching up.

So if you’re here all furious because I haven’t made a post where I scream and shout ‘fuck Louis Tomlinson for being a racist fuck’ then you’re going to have to stay furious, friend, because I am never going to do that. It is way, way more complicated than that.

Am I upset with him? Absofreakinglutely. Do I want him to stop saying ‘Westside’, throwing gang signs, using racist slurs in jest and generally acting like he doesn’t remember that as a white boy, he’s not allowed to do any of this? Yes, a thousand times, yes.

You know how parents say “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed”? Yeah, that. I’m disappointed in him because he should know better and because he should do better.

Unless it turns out that there actually was a guy in the car called Nick (and this is mostly wishful thinking) then yes, Louis said something racist and that is resoundingly not okay. No, I don’t think that Louis was being deliberately racist, I think he was saying something he thought was okay, and that’s the problem here. Instead of screaming abuse at him, I want to educate him because that is how you enable change and growth. A calm voice of reason goes a lot further than ‘fuck you you fucking fuck’ and if people would recognise this and try to channel their anger at Louis into a conversation instead of an accusation they would get a lot further.

I can be angry at Louis’ behaviour and still supportive of him as a human being, but more importantly, I can be angry at Louis and angry about other things at the same time. Being frustrated and Louis’ use of an incredibly problematic word does not preclude me from also blogging about other things and you have no right to pass judgement on me on for that.

I don’t know how familiar you are with my blog, but my working hours, time zones and general chatterboxness means that I have a tendency to discuss topics at length over a number of days. Especially given that I had twice specifically outlined that I am in the middle of writing a post about the use of this racist language (x/x), maybe you could cool your jets about telling me how I feel about this until I’ve had a chance to talk about everything in detail?

Since starting this blog, I have learned that I can’t make a short post with a only a fraction of my thoughts on a topic without being criticised for not having explained myself more clearly, or having someone wildly misinterpret my meanings. And now it seems that I can’t take a little bit of time to collect my thoughts before posting without also being criticised. I can’t actually win either way. Yay me.

I’m an incredibly time-poor person, so unless I suddenly find a way to clone myself, or someone starts paying me to run this blog so I don’t have to go to work anymore, you’re just going to have to deal with the fact that sometimes it takes me a little while to get to each and every topic.  And that is no indication of how important the topic is, or how strongly I feel about it.

If you have a problem with that, you have two options; shut up or go away. Your snide comments and bitchy implications are not welcome or necessary.

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By the way Maks acted , Would you say he is a man in a relationship?♥

By the smile on his face when he said Meryl absofreakinglutely, didn’t matter if you were in the front row or top back balcony you could see the huge smile Maks had on his face at the mention of Meryl.

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Hey (I feel so stupid asking this btw) so I want to start listening to twenty one pilots, but I have no idea where to start. Help??


so you’ve probably heard the basics: car radio, holding onto you, house of gold. *if you haven’t you really should!!**

So basically, there are three albums:

  1. Twenty One Pilots, their first self-titled album, has a bit of a different sound, (more piano based with other instruments) but it is probably my favorite out of all of their albums. I recommend you listen to Taxi Cab, Addict With A Pen, and Isle of Flightless Birds
  2. Regional At Best, their second album (not on itunes) has more of the electronic sound we know twenty one pilots for now, and it’s the first album where Josh was introduced to the band! I recommend Kitchen Sink, Be Concerned, and Anathema.
  3. Vessel, their newest and most popular album, is absofreakinglutely fantastic. Aside from the three songs I mentioned before, I recommend Guns For Hands, Migraine, and Truce.

***Other than twenty one pilots albums, Tyler released his own album called No Phun Intended. These will make you cry. A lot. Just warning you. This is also not available on Itunes, but here is the full album on youtube. My favorite is Blasphemy!

So yeah, listen to them, cry a lot, fall in love with them, and welcome to the clique!! |-/

*if you want to know anything else just ask :)