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VIXX Accidental Text

You’ve just finished your second date and he’s head over heels for you. He texts another member all about his feelings but accidentally sends it to you instead.

N – As open and loving as he is, it probably wouldn’t be anything he hadn’t already told you. He’d be a little embarrassed but he’d put a positive spin on the circumstance and use it to his advantage to check how you really feel about him. Not wanting to put you on the spot too much he’d text you again rather than call. He’d admit it was an accident but now that the genie was out of the bottle what did you think about him?

Leo – Mortified. Abso-freaking-lutely mortified. As soon as he clicked send he realized what happened and it’d feel like his heart stopped beating and the ground was about to give way under his feet. He’d avoid contact with you for a few days even if you were trying to get in touch with him. When he did resume communication he’d act like nothing happened and never want to talk about it. He wouldn’t tell the other members because he’s not going to give them that kind of ammunition. But they’d know something was up because for a few days Leo would unconsciously destroy anything that got into his hands. Expansion

Ken – Would call you immediately and yell, “Don’t read my text!” When you told him it’s too late he’d start rambling. He’d try to give you a graceful way out by saying you didn’t have to return his feelings and he’s sorry if he made you uncomfortable but everything really was the truth and he’d love it if you felt the same way about him. You’d have to cut him off and tell him to breathe. Laughing a bit out of nervousness you’d floor him by confirming you like him too and he’d start rambling again, only this time much more happily.

Ravi – Probably wouldn’t realize what happened until he got back to the dorm and asked Hongbin why he didn’t reply to his text. Seeing Hongbin’s confusion Ravi’d pull out his phone to see what went wrong. His eyes would widen and his face would pale as he kept repeating, “What do I do?” He’d sink to the couch with his head in his hands while Bean laughed his butt off in the background. Ravi would still be in that position contemplating damage control when his phone chimed with a favorable response from you. Sighing a huge sigh of relief he’d try to pull the remnants of his tattered swag about him and act a little cocky, as if Hongbin hadn’t just seen him have a breakdown.

Hongbin – Poor awkward Bean. He’d want to move, change his name, enter the Korean equivalent of the Witness Protection Program. It would be something that’d keep him awake at night. You’d have to reach out to him because as far as he’s concerned that was a killing blow to your budding relationship. Even if you told him it was all right he’d be relieved you weren’t offended but nothing would erase his crippling embarrassment. He really would be happy if you never mentioned it again. He’d also get super paranoid about texting and triple check all of them for at least the next year.

Hyuk – He’d start cackling in disbelief because it would just be too ridiculous, like something out of a drama. Then it would go one of two ways. If he was fairly certain you reciprocated his feelings he’d fess up a little sheepishly and try to laugh it off. If he couldn’t read your feelings for him yet he’d play it off as if one of his hyungs did it. Deny, deny, deny.

Musiblr artists! Artblr musicians! I propose a Draw the Squad Challenge for the composer-officials, for anyone who feels like creating some well-drawn shitposting for all of us to enjoy! Here are some of my personal favourites:

I just feel like the shitposting composer-officials are such a good basis for draw the squad challenges and I would make some myself if I could do anything other than compose! The Squish™ @franzschubert-official fangirling over @vanbeethoven-official, everyone trying to kill @richardwagner-official, people shipping @franzliszt-official and @fredericchopin-official but the Noodle rejecting him for @official-george-sand and @tytuswojciechowski-official, the Bachschens Eddy and Schubert and Liszt all being little squishies… this should happen guys 

Jude & Zero First Kiss (In the Public)

I know, many people already do this perfect scene. But I just want to to do this by my own. To express my feeling.

1) Just look at Zero’s face. We can fell from his eye&mouth that Zero want to kiss Jude without hesitate. And Jude, see how little confuse when Zero come close to him he know what will happen but Jude doesn’t not think it can happen.. and Zero surprise him by his passionate kiss.

2) I love how Jude touch Zero’s arm gently & slowly move to Zero’s neck.

This is Abso-freaking-lutely Perfect.


I swear to cow I hit the no return point. I am gonna vent and tell you what I think about the stupid so called “fans” in this fandom who think they have the fucking right to shade and hate on Rob, whom can be Mayim’s companion or not. Do I fucking care about who she is dating ? Nope. Do I care about her job, blog posts and career? Abso-freaking-lutely. And you should do the same! I didn’t know we had 13 years old in this fandom because just seeing the shitload of hate Mayim or Rob (or even Jim) get on Instagram makes me think of the same brainless trolls who invaded the One Direction fandom. GET A LIFE FFS. Stop making assumptions! If Mayim ever decides to delete her Instagram because of your unjustified hate I swear to cow I will hunt you down because the selfies of this wonderful woman give me butterflies. NOW LISTEN TO ME, SO CALLED FAN/SOURCE BLOGS. Don’t you fucking dare spread rumors or shade or whatever bullshit you come up with because you have a fucking visibility and people look out for your news and info. Emmy4mayim is the best blog ever so do like them, they are the angels of the fandom. THEY DO NOT CARE WHO SHARES MAYIM’S BED AND SO SHOULD YOU. Live the woman alone ffs.
I am not even sorry for the swear words.