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What are your opinions on the Adventure games from a critical standpoint? It's obvious that you like going through them and finding unused content but do you genuinely enjoy playing through them?

I could go all day about positive aspects of the games and why I find them good so I’m just going to address what I see as the negatives of the games.

The problems I see with them are:

  • Camera
  • Collision
  • Game Design
  • Localisation
  • Development Time
  • Port Quality

I’m going to explain each of these, because I see a lot of people complaining about the games these days and then not knowing what they’re supposed to be talking about when asked to go into more detail.

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  • Customer: Can I get a regular Latte?
  • Me: yes, of course, but what size?
  • Customer: *getting irritated* Just a regular!
  • Me: ok *rings in a grande latte*
  • Customer: thats not a regular! I want just a regular sized latte!!
  • Me: yes, but that would be the sizes at our store and as this is the average size....
  • Customer: i dont care i want a regular latte!!!!
  • Me: *looks at my shift supervisor in just absloute annoyance and accepts my fate* one regular latte *finishes transaction*
  • Customer: oh can you make that with nonfat milk, decaf, and with 3 shots of sugar free vanilla! And quickly my boat is leaving.
  • Me to a fellow barista: ah yes, just a regular latte.

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Hello, I really really love your aesthetics, they are all amazing !!! The Disney Princess' aesthetics (and the Viking one) are absloutely stunning ! I was wondering if you could do the aesthetics of the Hogwart Houses from Harry Potter ? I hope you will do it. Have a nice day :)

Aww thanks that’s so sweet! 💖 I’m surprised I didn’t think about doing this before! Here are your aesthetics, I hope you like them:

Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor  

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As a fellow HARDCORE shipper I am asked numerous times why do you ship Nalu?  So here is my rant on why Nalu is my ultimate ultimate OTP :) 

1) Developement

I am not even going to explain this one thoroughly cause you should know it properly that Nalu has an extremely beautiful bond  

From this first moment 


this moment 

And I think it’s the biggest development I have EVER seen. I am not even joking about this matter guys. Nalu althought is just a simple fictional couple, but to me and many they are a couple that holds probably the second strongest bond (Obviously Natsu and Happy being the strongest) 

In the beginning we see Natsu very annoyed at Lucy 

Remember this? 

Now it’s this 

We see Natsu consulting Lucy and telling her “you did great” Cause now he understand her enough to believe and put his full faith in her. And that is how we come to the terms of how much we see them develop and become these characters who are able to rely on each other on times of need. 

2) Lucy was Natsu’s first friend after Lisanna’s death 

I don't think you understand how sad it was for me to see Natsu after he lost Lisanna and it just made kind of mad at the rest of the guild. I’m not going to say anything bad at the Nali haters, I do kind of admit they were cute and they had their moments and I’m sure they were thing once upon a time. But then Lucy came in the picture like magic after Lisanna’s death 

This random girl who treated him like a friend and treated him as a human being. I don’t even want to imagine how much he was hurting after her death. I mean look at him. 

I would never ever want to see him sad. (Although we do see him sad after Lucy’s death but that’s another point)  I think we all remember how Natsu actually had no one to talk to at the guild. Sure the guild were all like family members but remember how Natsu explained that people in an especially special relationship form a team. Yeah we all remember how Natsu didn’t have anyone but Happy at the moment. And that makes me so mad because he probably was hurting so much and yet the entire guild wasn’t there for him when he needed them the most. But enough of that off topic nonsense. What I’m trying to explain here is that we see Natsu, someone who had no one but one companion until  he finally meets this girl  who changes his entire life.

This girl who believes in him and puts all her faith and trust in him. Which then urges Natsu to put all his faith and trust in his friends too. This then becomes a recurring theme and we see Natsu switch up the roles and tell Lucy that she is not worthless through one or two failures. No he is still going to put all this faith and trust in her despite that. Which leads us to number 3

3) The trust and faith they have for each other

I can tell you this right now, with the amount of shit fairy tail gets put through I cannot even imagine how hard it must be to rely on someone. Yet these two never fail to amaze me. 

Natsu is always there for Lucy and Lucy is always there for Natsu 

As simple as that. 

For example Eclipse Arc

Future Lucy came through this portal, had no idea what she was doing and had no action plan. Most people would have yelled at her for that, told her off for not having any action plan ready. Yet we see Natsu not giving two absloute shits. He puts his foot forward and knows that things will turn out right and that Lucy tried her very bests to warn them. He understood so much of her pain and decided to ultimately put all his faith and trust in her. He put everything he believed in her. 

Which was then shattered and broken down when she died. And you could literally fell Natsu’s heart tearing up watching her die like that. 

He was so extremely petrified. And this wasn’t even the real Lucy, I don’t think anyone wants to imagine what would happen if real Lucy had actually died because I know there would have been war 

Despite that Lucy seems to put her life in Natsu’s hand numerous times

for example

Her Future

the jumping off a building

Even though Natsu had been sucked in to the deep dark void, she still seemed to believe he was alive.

These are all just a part of the story and you can’t help but admit these two are putting so much faith and trust in each other. 

4) They do everything together, LITERALLY

Am I the only one noticing this?? That these two seem to always end up doing things together whether its coincidental or purposefully. I dont whether it’s the destiny shit or the fact that these two are just too lucky but these two always end up doing things together one way or another. 

That time they both had to overcome their fears

the grand magic games

or what about when Natsu spent so much time with Lucy and they had such a deep bond that he was the only one who remembered her?

There’s just too many to even count jshfksjfhksh


So I have to wrap this up soon cause it’s already 1 am and I have school but I just wanted to let this go out to all those people who hate nalu or something like that cause, doesn’t matter whether they have a romantic relationship with each other or jsut plain friendship they still have the strongest bond ever and I am so happy that these two became my otp because I honestly cannot imagine myself shipping them with anyone else. 

Thanks for reading this long rant :) 

Good Night

So, this week's episode of TVD had...

* Sweet Stelena scenes
* Bickering yet hilarious chemistry-filled Bamon scenes
* Elena acting like her old self
* Elena ACTUALLY caring about others and being completely likable again
* Enzo getting what he had coming to him
* Bonnie getting her powers back


Welcome to Paradise, indeed.

Hogwarts! Michael

So a few years after the war, hogwarts is still not updated on modern technology, but the room of requirements in some mysterious way is. So all the halfbloods and muggleborns have decided that after classes a lot of them will meet there and use technology such as charging phones, skyping families and such. 

It’s here you first see Michael. Hidden in a dark corner of the room, but still looking cozy, and well situated in his desk chair and the threescreen setup in front of him. His dyed blonde hair peeking out of his hoodie covered head, and swears occasionally slipping out of his mouth. You would be lying if you said you had never dreamt of what it would be like to sit the beside him. But you were convinced that the cocky slytherin boy would never actually like you, a seemingly shy gryffindor as yourself. Besides, none of your friends actually liked him. 

Little did you know that on the hot spring days when you sat below the big willow tree by the black lake. Either reading books you had brought from home or studying. Michael had often walked past with his friends, always being teased for lagging behind or not following the conversation because he was admiring you, and the way the sun would light up your hair like a halo around your head. 

It was not until winter the following year, in a potions class, where your hair was a mess, and your shirt rolled up to your elbows, but potion flawless as you handed it in, Michael figured out that he wanted to know you a little more before he asked you out. 

Later that day as you entered the room of requirements, it was almost empty, which was what you were hoping for. You had entered late, because you wanted to do do your homework before coming down. As you entered you saw Michael sitting at his usual spot behind the screens, but his leg shaking as he looked over the screen to see who had entered, you assumed. You gave him a quick smile and a nod, before you sat down in one of the dark red sofas. Even in here you could see the colours of the houses represented in, every sofa, chair rug, you name it. But the big fireplace in the back of the room had none of the colours in it. Just the white granite, making the space in front one of the most cozy places in the room. 

As you pulled the red chair, closer to the fireplace, Michael took a swift look in your direction. His eyes lingering as you turned and sat down, making the flames from the fireplace illuminate your face, the shadows from your eyelashes dancing across your cheeks as you blinked. 

You pulled the laptop up from your bag and put it on your lap as you caught sight of Michael as he stood up, And hearing him power down the big setup of his. Thinking he was going to leave, you sighted, mostly of relief that you would be alone, but also a bit of disappointment. The door shut and you closed your eyes for a second and only opened them to log into the computer.

You should have noticed that it got darker behind your eyelids, or the fact that someones breath hit your face. But you did not react to it. So when you opened your eyes, only to be met with bright green, your body twitched in sock, but no noise left your mouth. You breathed out a “Jesus” and a smirk formed itself on the mouth of Michael Clifford. “Nope, just me” you gave him a flat look, forced the smile of off your mouth, and for the first time, he got nervous. “Okay, not the start I was hoping for.”  he mumbled more to himself. “Look, next friday there is a trip for Hogsmead-” he looked down on his hands, snapping a bracelet from his wrist. “and i was wondering if maybe you wanted to go with me?” his voice went up a notch as he asked the question, making him sound even more nervous. You frowned. “Just to get to now you and stuff, i don’t know, sorry I asked.” His face flushed red as he stood up to leave. 

Quickly you grabbed a hold of his arm and tugged him towards you, maybe a little o hard, because suddenly he fell onto you, head a mere couple of centimeters from yours. “oh shit, sorry” you flushed and the everpresent smirk slowly snaked its way onto his lips again. “I din’t know you wanted me so bad” You sighted, but this time you could not resist the smile that made its way to your lips. “Don’t make me regret it. Okay?” you all but asked him. “Not a chance in the world, sweetheart” He said cheekily before he kissed your forhead and sauntered out of the door.

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"Takuma~! Takuma~! You want to hang out with me today?" she asked. //want to plot with me? xD


takuma turned to the brunette, of course I want to angie he said smiling widely, its a pleasure

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to hear from you have been up and about for a long time! he teased .

How to if the signs don't like you

Aries; everything you do get on their nerves and will disagree with whatever you say & will make you feel like absloute shit. They don’t want you around them and they will make it known.

Gemini; are always friendly, always talking to people. so if they don’t like you. You’ll get the silent treatment or they will try to embaress you infront of everyone and make fun of you in a rude sarcastic way just to get on your nerves. they will also spread rumors about you to make others hate you.

Leo; they will ignore you and will do whatever it takes to not be around you. who are you to them? nobody.

Libra; They will make it very obvious. Libras are sweet to everyone so if they don’t like you they will be very sarcastic twoards you & rude. They will try to turn everyone against you & also spread rumors about you to make others hate you as well.

Sagittarius; they will give you the cold shoulder and ignore you completely, basically you don’t exist to them and if you tried to talk to them they will not pay attention to what you’re saying or just leave.

Aquarius; they will make your life a living hell, judge you all the time & others might even bully you.