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I know nothing about coffee (I drink crap from a k cup) so that last ask about customers filling 3 shots in venti cups was absloute gibberish to me. The world of coffee is a vast and strange land and I'm not sure if I want to know the secrets it holds.

i always forget that coffee lingo isnt just like….The Norm and people are like ???????????

Whenever someone asks me what the book I’m writing is about, I just think, what the hell AM I even writing.

I usually boil it down to “Absloute fucking horror extremely violent detailed grotesqueness and macrabre with metaphysical and religious themes in a slightly advanced medieval fantasy setting about imbalance in power and there is no divinitve good versus evil because everybody fucks up and succumbs to rage genocide corruption or propoganda and the world doesn’t exactly get destroyed but it kind of leaves the messiah ish protagonist and her ppl as the sole dominant race because power was not equally divided and everybody blindly followed her predecessor who was goddamn psychopath and left her with a broken world to fix and now REIGN OVER”

Usually gets people pretty interested.