Finally finished this project phew. 
I’ve wanted to introduce these two for a while now. To the left with have Zachareal (Zach) my fallen angel of sorts. He comes from the ninth circle (treachery) of hell, just above the center where Satan himself resides. There angels are servants to demons by making temporary ‘contracts’. An angel is assigned to a specific demon; the contract being made through a kiss. Once an angel has been claimed, golden rings appear around their wrists and ankles signifying they have a handler. Every angel is special in a way, and by special I mean they’re literal weapons to their handlers. For example Zach here has the ability to turn into a gun powerful enough to kill almost anything demonic in a sense. He was once a guardian angel to his handler; said to have the brightest halo and a beautiful set of wings however they were cursed with jealousy that turned to violence. The end result being he lost his wings, his purity and his handler (another reason why his halo is in fact black). If you can’t already tell he does have his eyes on another ‘angel’ being @mscreepygreen20‘s boy Axel. His bad boy attitude and wings especially seducing him haha; it’s too bad he’s too low on the radar to be noticed by someone as amazing as him lol

Moving onto the right we have Nathaneal (Nathan) my vigilante. Like a loose teenager he’s always causing trouble. Stealing ink, money, anything he can get his hands on really. Like in this here picture, Nathan just stole a shit ton of Annie’s muffins for his own personal pleasure seeing as how her cooking is so good. Annie belonging to @idolaelyartist. He also enjoys stealing ink from @thelostmoongazer‘s Mob Bendy; making his life/job harder then it has to be hehe c:< Believe it or not Nathan actually lives in a mansion; he is in fact very wealthy which is ironic for him being one of the top 5 most wanted vigilantes.The reason being his father was an ordinary demon while his mother happened to be a very high and respected seraphim angel. To bury her sins she buried his father and constantly bribes him with riches to keep his mouth shut..which has unfortunately worked so far. But then again who would believe you even if you told someone? They’d never trust a demon over an angel right?
But anyways Nathan’s life is very complicated and I don’t have enough time to try and explain it all lol. 

Absko the rookie police officer belongs to @animal-guardian who has a thing for Nathan.
Honie the blind human girl who can only see things made of ink belongs to @skeleton-snowflake

P.S. @devilsroost Nathan’s coming to steal your booze next >:) 

I plan on drawing more of them in the future and explaining things a little better. I’m slow just gimme time I’ll catch up ^w^ if you have any questions about either of them feel free to ask friends <3

Heaven & Hell Club Animation UPDATE

All calls for Angels & Demons will end on January 20th. And I’m not getting responses from anybody that wanted to participate! Check this list THOROUGHLY if you don’t have your character(s) info down completely for height differences & seat placements! If I don’t have these, then I’m gonna end up taking shots in the dark about your characters!

Animation Characters & Cameos (Total: 36, * marked with a place on the seating list)

Mavrick, Gabi, Marigold (Belongs to @xink-heartedx & Gabi Belongs to Me and Her X3)
*Elymas the Demon (Belongs to @animal-guardian)
*Adonis the Demon (Belongs to animal-guardian)
Abel the Angel (Belongs to @the-vampire-inside-me)
*Aleron the Bat Demon (belongs to animal-guardian)
Masa the Angel (Belongs to animal-guardian)
Forza the Demon (Belongs to Me)
Ciel the Cherubim (Belongs to @ask-ciel-batim)
*Benny the Demon (Belongs to @askthesoulmobster)
*Ben the Guardian Angel (Belongs to @saphir-chan22)
Pandora the Archangel (Belongs to @blanckatt-milk)
*Kokabiel the Fallen Angel (Belongs to @ithinkiamanartist)
Buster the Angel (Belongs to @furgemancs)
Nikolai the Russia demon and Gabriel the Mute Angel (Both Belong to @yaoitrashqueen)
Ink’s Persona, Kat (Belongs to xink-heartedx)
*Shin'yu the Yokai-Toon (Belongs to @echo-the-dragon)
*Meek the Demon (Belongs to animal-guardian)
*Buster the Demon (Belongs to @the-deadly-donut)
*Absko the Angel (Belongs to animal-guardian)
*Maléfice the Demon (Belongs to @little-miss-pandora)
*Abyssal the Demon (Belongs to @merroki)
*Bartholomew the (Belongs to merroki)
*Seraphim the Bird (guest) & Geras and Moros the Demons (All Belong to @confusedbellplayer)
*Sariel the Angel (Belongs to @lumis-dank-suffering)
*Segar the Angel (Belongs to @saberink)
Kokabiel the Watcher & Eros Heartless (Both belong to @murder-me-with-ink)
*Brawly the Guardian Angel (Belongs to @lucky-kawaii)
*Zacharael the Angel & Myo the Halfling (Both belong to the-deadly-donut)
*Cynthia the Demon (Belongs to @mentalpencil)
*Fionn the Demon (??? Didn’t get the name before they vanished from Discord X’D Please claim Fionn)
*Axel the Fallen Angel (Belongs to @mscreepygreen20)
*Zachary the Angel (Belongs to @draconakaz)
*Sophia the ‘Dark’ Angel (Belongs to @snowglazed-hedgewolf)
Iggy the Demon & Jekyll the Fire Toon (Iggy belongs to Me & Jekyll belongs to animal-guardian)

+Height Levels+
Kokabiel (5'3") & Eros (5'11")
Ben (4'7″) and Justin (1'4″)
Ciel (2.3 Meters - 7'6")

Places/Positions (Actions)
Front Door Security/Bouncers: Bartholomew & Brawly (stopping Seraphim & Geras and Moros)
Servers: Aleron (walking to a table) Zacharael, Myo, Zachary, Sophia
Bartender(s): Segar
Band: Piano - Buster; Drums -  Cello - Absko
Seating Arrangement:
Booth #B1 Abyssal and Male
Booth #B2 Benny
Booth #B3 Elymas, Adonis, & Ben
Booth #B4 Cynthia & Fionn
Booth #B5 Shin'yu
Booth #B6
Booth #B7
Booth #B8
Booth #B9 Axel & Ritchy Rat
Private Booth) Kokabiel (since he’s a teacher he’ll be grading papers. He’s there after school hours, grading tests that his students took that day while drinking water & watching the performance at the same time)
Bar Stools 1-6: 1)Moros 2)Seraphim 3)Geras 4)Buster with Meek on his lap 5) 6)Sariel
Stage Table #S1
Stage Table #S2
Stage Table #S3
Stage Table #S4
Stage Table #S5
Stage Table #S6

To check out the floor plans for seating, here’s the link!

Last chance guys! Please talk to me, message me!! I need your missing information like ASAP since I’m already stressed from moving & other things but I need, NEED, NEED this information if I’m going to get this done!