absit omen

Latin phrases to use as incantations.

This is gonna be a long list.

  • ab intra - from within
  • ab origine - from the source
  • absit iniuria - “let insult be absent”
  • absit invidia - “let envy be absent”
  • absit omen - “let omens be absent”
  • ab uno disce omnes - from one, learn all.
  • abyssus abyssum invocat - deep calleth unto deep
  • a capite ad calcem - from head to heel
  • acta non verba - actions not words
  • ad altiora tendo - “I strive to higher things”
  • ad astra - to the stars
  • ad fontes - to the sources
  • ad meliora - towards better things
  • ad oculos - to the eyes
  • ad undas - to the waves
  • ad victoriam - to victory
  • adsum - I am here
  • a fortiori - from the stronger/from strength
  • a mari usque ad mare - from sea to sea
  • audeamus - let us dare
  • audentes fortuna iuvat - fortune favors the bold
  • audi, vide, tace - hear, see, be silent
  • beatae memoriae - of blessed memory
  • bona fide - in good faith
  • bono malum superate - overcome evil with good
  • capax infiniti - holding the infinite
  • carpe diem - seize the day
  • carpe noctem - seize the night
  • cave - beware
  • ceteris paribus - all other things being equal
  • circa - around
  • citius, altius, fortius - faster, higher, stronger
  • clavis aurea - golden key
  • cogito ergo sum - I think, therefor I am
  • compos mentis - in control of the mind
  • concilio et labore - by wisdom and effort
  • concordia cum veritate - in harmony with truth
  • concordia salus - well-being through harmony
  • coniunctis viribus - with connected strength
  • consummatum est - it is complete
  • corruptus in extremis - corrupt to the extreme
  • crescit eundo - it grows as it goes
  • de novo - from the new
  • de profundis - from the depths
  • dies irae - day of wrath
  • dona nobis pacem - give us peace
  • ego te provoco - I challenge you
  • esse est percipi - to be is to be perceived  
  • esse quam videri - to be, rather than to seem
  • esto quod es - be what you are
  • ex animo - from the soul
  • ex luna scientia - from the moon, knowledge
  • ex scientia tridens - from knowledge, sea power
  • ex silentio - from silence
  • ex undis - from the waves of the sea
  • experientia docet - experience teaches
  • fac et spera - do and hope
  • fac fortia et patere - do brave deed and endure
  • faciam quodlibet quod necesse est - I’ll do whatever it takes
  • faciam ut mei memineris - I’ll make you remember me
  • facta, non verba - deeds, not words
  • fortis et liber - strong and free
  • fortis in arduis - strong in difficulties
  • gloriosus et liber - glorious and free
  • hic abundant leones - here lions abound
  • hic et nunc - here and now
  • hic sunt dracones - here there are dragons
  • hinc illae lacrimae - hence those tears
  • hinc itur ad astra - from here the way leads to the stars
  • igni ferroque - with fire and iron
  • in memoriam - into the memory
  • in nocte consilium - advice comes over night
  • libra - balance
  • littera scripta manet - the written words endure
  • locus standi - a right to stand
  • luceo non uro - I shine, not burn
  • luctor et emergo - I struggle and emerge
  • mare liberum - free sea
  • memento vivere - remember to live
  • more ferarum - like beasts
  • natura non contristatur - nature is not saddened
  • nec spe, nec metu - without hope, without fear
  • noli me tangere - do not touch me
  • ophidia in herba - a snake in the grass
  • pro se - for oneself
  • propria manu - by one’s own hand
  • quaere - to seek
  • quod abundat non obstat - what is abundant does not hinder
  • resurgam - I shall arise
  • semper ad meliora - always towards better things
  • semper anticus - always forward
  • semper apertus - always open
  • semper fortis - always brave
  • semper liber - always free
  • stet - let it stand
  • tuebor - I will protect
  • vera causa - true cause

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Episode Codas

ropery [Sam/Max Banes | M | 4k | post-12x20] – Max goes back to the bunker with Sam instead.

phantoms in the early dark [Gen | 1.5k | post-12x19] – After the fight with Dagon, Sam is more hurt than he’s letting on.

caught in between [Sam/Dean/Castiel | E | 4.5k | post-12x10] 

white noise filled my head [Gen | 2.4k | post-12x08] – In solitary confinement, Sam starts to lose his grip on reality.

lead me home [Sam/Dean/Castiel | 1.7k | post-12x03] – Dean gets drunk, Sam gets lost, and Castiel is there to save them.

i am of blood and of bones [Sam/Dean/Castiel | 1.6k | post-11x23] – Sam and Castiel grieve together.

telling dreams from one another [Sam+Cas, Dean/Cas | 3.6k | post-11x14] – Sam wonders if Lucifer might have taken his soul after all.

if you care to say your prayers [Gen | 2.3k | set during 1x12] – Sam isn’t going to let Dean die, no matter the cost.


breath(e) [Gen | 1k] – After Sam runs himself into the ground working a case, he and Dean have a chat.

As Dreamers Do [Gen | 3.4k | pre-series] – Sam wants to go to Disneyland.

Breaking Fast [Sam/Max Banes | E | 7k | s12] – Five times Sam doesn’t stay over (plus one time he does).

absit omen [Gen | 1.1k | s1] – The visions take a toll on Sam.

touch [Sam/Castiel | 1k | post-s11] – Cas doesn’t react well when he sees what happened to Sam in Grangeville.

keeping warm [Sam+Dean+Castiel | 10.6k | futurefic] – After being injured in the fight against Lucifer, Sam and Dean retire to Sioux Falls.

all my demons come and go [Gen | 1k | s2] – Sam is cursed, and Bobby tries to keep him alive.

embers [Gen | 1k] – Dean gets his guts ripped out by a wendigo. 


a grain in the morning air [Sam/Dean | 1.3k] – Sam and Dean hide out in a barn (Walking Dead AU).

the violent crack of atoms (where all light comes in) [Sam/Castiel | 1.6k] – Castiel is a fallen star.

find myself right here [Sam/Castiel | 2.2k] – Nonbinary!Sam’s journey of self-discovery (human AU).

breathe ‘til i evaporate [Gen | 1k] – Dean is a war vet with PTSD, and Sam does his best to take care of him (human AU).


Under the Influence [Jared/Jensen/Misha | E | 3.7k] – Misha rents a house, Jared sleeps on the floor next to his bed, and then there’s BDSM.

brother, you will never know [Gen | 1.1k] – Jared gets hurt doing a stunt, and Jensen looks out for him.

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