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You guys know how this works by now. Pick a number and a charrie name, and I’ll answer! Prompt goes to Creative Writing Now.

  1. If the character has a job, is he or she good at it? Does he or she like it?
  2. What are their bad habits?
  3. If asked about his or her greatest dream, what would the character say?
  4. What’s a secret dream that he or she wouldn’t talk about?
  5. What kind of person does the character wish he or she could be? What is stopping him or her?
  6. What is the character afraid of? What keeps him or her up at night?
  7. What does your character think is his or her worst quality?
  8. What do other people think the character’s worst quality is?
  9. What is a talent the character thinks he or she has but is very wrong about?
  10. What did his or her childhood home look like?
  11. Who was his or her first love?
  12. What’s the most terrible thing that ever happened to him/her?
  13. What was his/her dream growing up? Did he/she achieve this dream? If so, in what ways was it not what the character expected? If they never achieved the dream, why not?
  14. In what situation would they become violent?
  15. In what situation would your character act heroic?
Absit Omen has open roles!

Absit Omen is looking for staff members to teach the students of Hogwarts! The open positions are:

  • Astronomy
  • Ancient Runes
  • Divination
  • History of Magic
  • Herbology
  • Transfiguration
  • Muggle Studies
  • Flying Instructor/Quidditch Coach

Along with those staff positions, head of house positions are also open!

The professors must be at least 30 years old, and we would prefer them to be Hogwarts alumni. There are also open prefect positions.To join, click here

Absit Omen || Andy & Zach

Zach was sitting at the bar with a drink, waiting for Andy to show. He’d gotten there early because he was still unemployed and was finding that time had less meaning than it had in his entire adult life before. His arms were folded on the bar in front of him, his gaze fixed on the television where the 4 o’clock news was on. They were reporting on the best and worst of the Black Friday weekend, some of the worst being enough to really make anyone question humanity. Zach was still dealing with assimilating back into the Western world and the life of a civilian, having been deployed so long and so often and coming back to a place that no longer felt like home. He had cut ties with his family many years ago and his current predicament didn’t lend itself towards a happy reunion.

He heard someone come up beside him and he spoke, his gaze still focused on the television set. “It’s such a cliché for me to find this so disappointing.” He mused, staring at the screen until it switched over to commercials. He turned towards the other then, a sense of emptiness in his otherwise relaxed expression. “I’m confident that it’s just a cliché when they warned us that we would feel like this.”

Tea Shop AU (Balhann)
  • Nuri Talib:I had a dream that we were trying to write a tea shoppe AU for Balhann but couldn’t decide which one of them worked at the shoppe.
  • riddlingelixa:I think Joh, in an apron, able to remember Balfour's order after one visit, forgetting to serve the next customer, too busy staring at his retreating hips
  • Each visit too shy to strike up conversation, but finding out as much as he can from eavesdropping and watching
  • Nuri Talib:(Balfour going in even when he’s already had his caffeine fix. Just to see if the pretty fellow is around)
  • riddlingelixa:Elbowing other staff out the way to serve him... visiting late on a day when its almost empty, he's mopping floors, unable to escape that gaze.
  • Nuri Talib:Haha yes! Balfour weighing pros and cons of asking him out. He won’t be able to come back if Joh says no! And he likes the tea!
  • riddlingelixa:Joh making tea and shooing out the last of the customers, locking up before joining him, casting apron off
  • Nuri Talib:I think the tie fixation on AO would be an apron fixation in this AU. “Nothing but the apron.”
  • riddlingelixa:He'd be only too happy to oblige, they cover the modesty while showing off his backside! I think we solved your dream.
  • Nuri Talib:Efficiently too! Tea shop was probably out of the way from where Bal works. ;)
  • riddlingelixa:Joh definitely had never followed him outside on the pretence of adjusting the sign on the pavement, and to see which way he went...
  • Never considered leaving his number written on a napkin....
  • Nuri Talib:If someone beat Joh to serving him at the counter, Bal would probably ask them to have Joh make the drink. “He knows how I like it.”
  • riddlingelixa:Perhaps writes something not in English so Balfour has to use google translate to figure it out late when he's not staring at him.
  • Nuri Talib:It’s funny imagining them as muggles. Google! The internet!
  • riddlingelixa:they probably have a nickname for him, if he does stuff like that. (I could definitely imagine Pinn being the sort to go "your crush is back, gonna race you to the counter" just to tease)
  • Nuri Talib:Haha obvious to everyone but the two of them
  • riddlingelixa:"Don't call him that."
  • Heart thumping in his chest as he sees in him the queue
  • "Afraid it's got to brew a minute."
  • Lieeees
  • Nuri Talib:LOL. No complaints from Bal
  • riddlingelixa:The occasional 'I preferred yesterday's tie."
  • Nuri Talib:Aww, and he’d wear it more often. Balfour coming in with a colleague, trying to shush them when they go “Is that him??”
  • riddlingelixa:Ahaha! He'd tell them about him!

Ancient Runes Lesson Plan by Ylva Maras

“Fundamentals” | N.E.W.T Level

This lesson plan provides a basic structure for a rpg class.  Content is a mixture of canon, actual runes, and imagination.  This is kind of an old school, rote approach to Runes.

A blackboard filled with rune collections as reference:

  • Futhark
  • Centaur
  • Middle Gobbledegook
  • Etc.

First activity: Cartesian Couplets

A two-line runic inscription, each line containing exactly fourteen runic glyphs.  Rhythm and rhyme scheme must be taken into account.  Their purpose is to link together a tangible and intangible magical property that would otherwise be completely distinct.  It is written in two concentric ovals, or oblique rondel in the lingo.

Second Activity: Diagramming & Translation

  • Use a variety of languages (distinct set of runes with a distinct meaning
  • And modes (different ways to arrange and use a distinct set of runes for different meanings).
  • Break down into elements (clusters of runes with a meaning) and agents (single runes within clusters)
  • Including minor agents and minor-sub agents, that is runes subordinating each other one and two levels down.
  • The passages to translate could come from a variety of places such as the Yggdras Passages.

katigori  asked:

Knox: 1. What’s their full name? Why was that chosen? Does it mean anything? // Ira: 6. What were they like at school? // Sylvain: 17. Do they like to take photos? What do they like to take photos of? Selfies? What do they do with their photos? // Balfour: 43. Are they religious? What do they think of religion? What do they think of religious people? What do they think of non religious people? // Virgil: 15. Are they good at cooking? Do they enjoy it? What do others think of their cooking?

Whew! SO MANY. Not complaining. :)

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AO Formulaes
  • Nuri :I ship me and coffee
  • Nuri :my one true love. also me and my pillow
  • Kit:Yes Nuri and coffee
  • Kit:OTP
  • Nuri :i would literally be a terrible person without coffee so
  • Nuri :definitely OTP
  • Kit:Ira = Nuri - Coffee
  • Kit:Raine = Nuri + Coffee
  • Kit:Rascal = Nuri + (Coffee x Coffee)
  • Nuri :asdfghjkl