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You guys know how this works by now. Pick a number and a charrie name, and I’ll answer! Prompt goes to Creative Writing Now.

  1. If the character has a job, is he or she good at it? Does he or she like it?
  2. What are their bad habits?
  3. If asked about his or her greatest dream, what would the character say?
  4. What’s a secret dream that he or she wouldn’t talk about?
  5. What kind of person does the character wish he or she could be? What is stopping him or her?
  6. What is the character afraid of? What keeps him or her up at night?
  7. What does your character think is his or her worst quality?
  8. What do other people think the character’s worst quality is?
  9. What is a talent the character thinks he or she has but is very wrong about?
  10. What did his or her childhood home look like?
  11. Who was his or her first love?
  12. What’s the most terrible thing that ever happened to him/her?
  13. What was his/her dream growing up? Did he/she achieve this dream? If so, in what ways was it not what the character expected? If they never achieved the dream, why not?
  14. In what situation would they become violent?
  15. In what situation would your character act heroic?
Minister Calls For Action In Dementor Attacks
by Niobe Thursby

14 March 2010

March 14, 2010

Minister of Magic Persepolis Zephyr in a public oration this afternoon called upon the Ministry of Magic to coordinate efforts with the magical community for an immediate cease of the Dementor attacks that have been haunting Britain this week.

“Seven witches and wizards and one poor child will never be the same.  In less than a week, our night has become a place of fear when before we could walk proudly without worry.  The attacks by the Dementors are a horrendous affront to our peaceful way of life and so I call now for unity in solving this grave issue. 

"There can be no ego when human lives are at stake.  I rely on interdepartmental cooperation, collaboration with foreign governments but most of all, solidarity from all of us.”

Zephyr’s comments were heard before a gathering of press and she was flanked by representatives from all major Ministry Departments.  When asked about concrete measures her administration is taking she responded:

“A public awareness campaign will be released tomorrow to educate our people on how to protect themselves until the threat is averted.  The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures fully endorse the use of the Patronus Charm in warding off an imminent attack.  We plan to begin organizing local magic classes free of charge to help the citizen brush up on this vital spell.”

The Ministry of Magic has not yet spoken on the cause of this sudden rise in Dementor activity.  Speculation from the private sector suspects the Dementors have become desperate since losing their main source of sustenance at Azkaban Prison.  However, a counter theory suggests deliberate foul play.  

“It is no secret that Dark Wizards have allied with these wretched wraiths in the past to terrorize and damage innocent people,” said historian and Wizengamot Elder Knox Greyfiar.  “I hope that we see the Department of Magical Law Enforcement on the case as much as our friends in Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.  We must attack this from all fronts.”

As of publication Dementor causalities are: Gareth Prewett, Gawain Prewett, Quentin Quill, Alicia Sylvester-Banes, Ruth van Houten, Dr. Gwennifer Darke, Herman Diaz and his son young Emilio Diaz.  All remain in close care at St. Mungo’s Hospital and some may never recover.

katigori  asked:

2. favourite ship I've been part of, 7. my most developed character, 18. where I think Landis will be in ten years

I AM SO SORRY I have been so busy but now I may answer all the things and also bother you about this <3

#2. Favorite ship I’ve been a part of: Okay I’m sure everyone’s getting tired of me talking about Mercutio and Tybalt so

Darian/Dolly, without a doubt. They are so fun. 

#7. My most developed character: I’m tempted to say Darian, as he never existed in any form before AO, but he’s still quite an enigmatic and difficult to predict character for me, so. Landis, then.

Landis started out strictly as this unctuous, toadying, second-in-command character for any bigger bad and now he’s my go-to fella. As a concept he’s been around pretty much as long as Erin has, existing solely as a sadistic, efficient foil to Erin’s hot-headed idiotic violence. AO was the first place I wrote him as a full character rather than an NPC and I am unutterably pleased with the result. He has changed a lot, but in good/realistic ways.

#18. Where will Landis be in 10 years: Right, so, Nuri asked the same question and I answered hers with a blurb about Landis’ professional life and marriage but I saved some bits for you!

Namely, Landis and children (hahahahaaaa). He emphatically Does Not Want Them but feels vaguely obligated as both a husband and a pureblood; Juliette does want children, very much, and she has these completely mental ideas about not hoisting them off to be raised by house elves until they’re fully grown adults which, let me assure you, would be Landis’ preference. 

So there will be those. I am not inclined to think he will make a good father but he might surprise me. Certainly, he would eviscerate anyone who touched his children but “emotionally distant” doesn’t seem a viable trait for Father of the Year. Landis’ modus operandi for people he loves generally consists of giving them whatever they want and never ever talking about it, ever; even if he does love his children he will never be one for easy affection.

However, the fact he has them + Juliette = people affected by his actions beyond himself, which may contribute to his withdrawing from criminal activity. If he does continue to work in less-than-legal ways, his paranoia will become even more pronounced and he will work strictly behind the scenes. Perhaps he will serve a purpose similar to the one Ira Almasy does, where he connects certain interested parties with those who might help; perhaps he will stick solely to white collar crime. At any rate he will no longer be getting his hands dirty himself.

According to Tor, Juliette would be happy to play the Bonnie to his Clyde if he would only trust her enough to tell her what he moonlights as. This would shock and amaze him. Perhaps it would factor into his future criminal plans. 

katigori  asked:

6. favourite genre to play, 22. the silliest plot I've ever done 28. why I love Maiko

6. Favourite genre to play
Fantasy? Modernish fantasy? I love the HP world. I also used to love roleplaying Avatar: The Last Airbender. I used to do a lot of X-Men RPGs too.

22. The silliest plot I’ve ever done
Um. One of Flynn’s subplots is that there’s an evil squirrel living in his flat, eating his plants. It causes him much grief. I vaguely remember doing a really short-lived plot about mutant muffins that had families? I believe I was about twelve years old at the time.

28. Why I love Maiko.
Ahh, she’s grown and changed so much since I first made her! She went from being totally unconfident and fake-happy to the complete opposite. She genuinely enjoys her life, even when it gets rough. She’s durable, smart, and warm. I love that she’s so open and ready to take in anyone who needs it. She’s not selfless though, she usually takes care of herself first. Also, she’s just an awful lot of fun to play in general— especially when she’s trying to make friends with grumpy old men. (I’m looking at you, Ignan!)