”She invested herself into something new, something mild and ordinary, but something new and mentally challenging. It was not that she liked it, nor that it was for her, but each challenge showed her something about herself that she hadn’t known before – and so she continued, until she could take nothing more from it, and moved on to find the next pieces of her missing puzzle that she never knew once before were missing at all.” -a.absi

“I lay numb in my loss, paralyzed in my nothingness. It was not that I didn’t love myself, because I did. It was not that he didn’t love me, because he did. It just wasn’t enough. It wasn’t random I love you’s, it wasn’t warmth in my wounds, it wasn’t waking mornings with his eyes laying over me. It was lots of things that were wonderful but it was not enough. And how numb I felt, to love someone enough, who was not enough.” -a.absi