If Pentagon had Tumblr blogs


  • memes 
  • @s literally everyone on everything
  • his tags are worth a fortune 
  • reblogs the most random (occasionally questionable) shit
  • answers asks with pictures of Pepe the frog
  • total trash blog
  • has no directory 


  • blog is 50% selfies
  • reblogs “deep” motivational shit
  • has a nice aesthetic 
  • #living #filter #travelswithfriends #lovinglife
  • spams his followers with heart emojis 
  • safe-search on 24/7
  • hearts literally everything on his dash


  • uses the default Tumblr theme 
  • starts drama 
  • is kind of a troll
  • follows people he hates for “reference”
  • safe-search off 24/7
  • lives on the dark side of Tumblr 
  • disappears for a few months then reblogs something


  • reblogs funny comic strips
  • dashboard is a mess 
  • tried to custom HTML and failed
  • doesn’t remember half the people he’s following
  • blocks da haterz ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪
  • complains about how hot everyone on Tumblr is
  • posts the occasional derp selfie 


  • doesn’t really understand Tumblr 
  • rarely goes online
  • only follows friends
  • minus Wooseok because his reblogs are too extra
  • doesn’t have an icon
  • hearts cute puppy/cat pictures
  • has never been to the dark side 


  • is a Tumblr pro
  • has an insane amount of followers
  • never goes on anon
  • always up to date 
  • has Tumblr besties and baes
  • always at the top of your dash
  • posts original shit more than he reblogs


  • got Tumblr because everyone else did
  • doesn’t post, just reblogs 
  • doesn’t tag either
  • secretly goes on anon to ask people awkward questions
  • mostly follows celebrities and FY blogs
  • low-key trash for cute aesthetics 
  • his asks are turned off


  • Did a rant post that went viral 
  • follows like… two people 
  • throws a bit of shade
  • pastel aesthetic is his guilty pleasure
  • isn’t on that much
  • but when he is it’s serious business fam
  • also blocked Wooseok


  • Gets triggered
  • a lot
  • links to his IG 
  • probably got turned into a meme
  • random one-sentence text posts
  • captions things with deep quotes
  • mainstream trash blog tbh


  • Food porn
  • workout motivation posts
  • follows news blogs 
  • posts pictures of his abs
  • is kind of late to the Tumblr party
  • doesn’t understand what custom formatting is
  • on good terms with mutuals
BTS as club competitive swimmers!

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Kim Seokjin

  • Sprint Fly
  • Wears banana hammock with Italian Flag on the butt b/c he loves pasta
  • Goes to every practice just so he can eat afterwards
  • Complains all the time but still works his hardest
  • Doesn’t understand why he’s a flyer until he see his shoulders
  • Is hit on by every single person ever
  • Is the team ego
  • Only races in pink
  • Has pink snorkel, matching paddles, and a magenta mesh bag
  • Loves to coordinate racing suits, especially with his girlfriend
  • Goes to the bathroom during practice to eat granola bars
  • Sasses everyone all the time, even Coach
  • Always hosts team barbeques
  • Only dates swimmers b/c he loves “swimcest”
  • Killer shoulder muscles
  • Would have abs, too many carbs consumed
  • Is the second loudest in the locker rooms
  • Pool guards love/hate him
  • Dad jokes make everyone swim faster
  • Considered Coach’s greatest weapon b/c of that
  • Team mom

Originally posted by jungkookandyugyeomwhores

Min Yoongi
  • Distance Free
  • Wears Kumamon drag suit over black jammers
  • Loves distance b/c all he has to do is “breathe and kick”
  • Is always quiet at practice except when doing relays
  • Only swims the 200, 400/500, 800/1000, and mile at meets
  • Is called “Naked Mole Rat” b/c he’s so pale
  • Goes to every practice b/c he’s “got nothing better to do”
  • Seems cold, melts whenever Jimin walks on deck
  • Is actually a stick
  • Is harsh, but knows when to stop
  • HATES morning practiceCan not function if pool water temp. is below 79.5 F
  • Only sings dumb songs while swimming “life is like a hurricane/here in/DUCK BIRD”Is very intense about racing
  • Gets quiet fifteen minutes before his race, extreme RBF
  • Suffers from extreme adrenaline rushes after racing
  • Has perfect pace
  • Breathes exactly five times in 25 yards
  • Terrifies everyone on other teams
  • Wears team parka whenever possible

Originally posted by jminies

Jung Hoseok
  • Sprint Free
  • Wears multi color neon banana hammock and is proud
  • Team mood maker
  • Is always happy
  • Dances behind the blocks before every race
  • Makes all his friends behind the blocks and after races
  • Everyone knows him
  • Loudest in the locker room
  • Guards get mad at his volume, but love his personality
  • Is everyone’s best friend
  • Acts as team councilor
  • Knows everything about everyone
  • Gets turnt before and after a race, no matter the result
  • Challenges other teams to dance offs from across the pool
  • Knows the lyrics to every song and sings everyone at practice
  • Pushes off the wall and chokes underwater because he’s laughing
  • Bubblier than the hot tub
  • Never races in black, it’s bad luck
  • Always has the coolest pair of goggles
  • Has all sorts of useless training equipment
  • Is always drinking water
  • Never shampoos hair more than once a week
  • Walks around buck naked in the locker room
  • Teammates think it’s weird, but he doesn’t care
  • Gives everyone a nickname, even Coach
  • Team hype man

Originally posted by dearvmon

Kim Namjoon
  • Backstroke
  • Wears Brazilian flag banana hammock b/c it “brings out his skin tone”
  • Team captain four years running
  • Tutors everyone so they can keep swimming with him
  • Organizes all team events
  • Top ten backstroker in the nation
  • Underwaters that neatly DQ him
  • Tempo looks slow, is actually going HAM
  • Leads off every relay, medley or not
  • Is terrible at breaststroke and fly
  • The second best dressed
  • Always has to have a different suit
  • Is willing to wear unheard of brands to achieve this
  • Has dealt with more than one rip in a suit during racing
  • Goes through goggles like a racoon through the trash
  • Is not ever allowed to drive again
  • Tries to get turnt with Hobi, gets hurt
  • Only eats yogurt and granola before swimming
  • Relies on teammates to make sure his anxiety stays in check
  • Must have eight hours of sleep
  • Grunts 24/7

Originally posted by whyparkjimin

Park Jimin
  • Breaststroke
  • Korean flag suit b/c he’s patriotic af
  • Is underestimate b/c of his height, kicks ass
  • 200 breast over 100
  • Gets hyped for relays
  • Breaststroke pullout takes him past 15 meters off every wall
  • Could probably squash your head between his thighs
  • Very popular with the ladies
  • Loves his body, gets so embarrassed by gawking
  • Squishy cheeks, rock solid abs
  • Is happiest at 5 in the morning
  • Always swims breaststroke
  • Can not swim backstroke to save his life
  • Only talks about swimming
  • Doesn’t make friends outside of swimming
  • Nicki Minaj enthusiast
  • Cries before almost every race
  • He really can’t help it
  • Attends every team function
  • Only wears skinny jeans and swim sweatshirts, looks good all the time
  • Refuses to get prescription goggles, team mates have to read every set to him
  • Has seven pairs of glasses
  • Wears beanies to cover his unbrushed, chlorinated hair
  • Overheats easily
  • Can squat 223 pounds

Originally posted by saikokpop

Kim Taehyung
  • Distance Free and Breaststroke
  • Can’t decide which one
  • Has a different Gucci suit for every day of the week
  • Wears a different cap everyday of the month
  • Turned his ribbons and medals into a really loud blanket
  • Can sleep anywhere
  • Is incapable of “toning it down”
  • Loves being the tannest member on the team
  • Has a massive social media presence because he posts mirror selfies that aren’t greasy
  • Races Jimin every day
  • Dotes on Jungkook and all the eight year olds
  • Fights tooth and nail to kick with a board
  • Paints his nails before every meet
  • Color codes his races based on race suit
  • Coordinates his relay teams in some way
  • Uses nemo caps at lower level meets
  • Has a custom Van Gogh Starry Night tech suit
  • Only races in that once a year
  • Has team everything: towels, flip flops, suits, water bottles
  • Created every single cheer with Hoseok
  • Calls himself “V” for Victory at meets, won’t respond to anything else
  • Brings a teddy bear everywhere
  • Has three different swim bags for meets to hold all his shit
  • Eats so much crap, doesn’t gain a single pound
  • Manages to make wearing the same haircut since third grade seem hot
  • Snuggles Jimin when he cries
  • Once brought a dog to the pool and was kicked out of practice for a week
  • Works hard-ish, is still fantastic
  • Races everything. Fails at nothing

Originally posted by neutraltae

Jeon Jungkook
  • I.M.
  • Has 18 different black suits that are only slightly different
  • Is quiet around everyone except Taehyung and Jimin
  • Is actually savage
  • Is good at everything
  • Top three swimmer in the nation overall
  • The youngest of the team’s “elite” squad
  • Only laughs at “Strong Power, Thank You” jokes and Jin-hyung
  • Has no plans for anything ever
  • Has always been good at swimming
  • Loves his teammates to death
  • Likes teasing Jimin about his height versus his jammer suit size
  • “Your thighs are 99% of your body”
  • Gets hit b/c he speaks informally
  • Makes sure everyone has enough to eat
  • Is either swimming or gaming
  • Relies solely on Namjoon to pass his classes
  • Has never even thought about dating a girl
  • Almost eats more than Jin
  • Has serious swimsuit tanlines, does not care
  • Always wears sweats to school
  • Watches his nutrition like a hawk

Originally posted by saliechelon255

Bangtan Swim (BTS) Elite Squad
  • Seven dorky guys
  • Functions like a well oiled machine
  • Has traveled to a shit load of meets together
  • Will go to the olympics together
  • Didn’t even entertain the thought of going to different Universities
  • Could be models
  • Or a reality T.V. show
  • Might send Coach to the looney bin when they leave
  • Will probably have their kids swim together wherever they end up
  • Will live in the same neighbourhood when all’s said and done
  • Best Friends Forever

Originally posted by kimnamboobs

BONUS!Coach Bang
  • Lives alone
  • His whole life was swimming
  • And now it’s these seven swimmers
  • Will follow them all the way to retirement
  • Can probably predict the future
  • Loves his swimmers like they were his kids
  • Wrights the hardest sets ever
  • Only takes shit from his swimmers
  • Is the most boss ass bitch on deck
  • Commands the attention of all
  • Is the best
  • THE HEART EYES (Is it possible to get more excited?)
  • The flashbacks were amazing. A+ acting on Stephen’s part (when do I ever not say that). 
  • I didn’t think i could love Malcolm again, but during that part by the car…I may or may not have had feels. 
  • THE HEART EYES (oops I brought it up again but whatever) 
  • Curtis is a big, dumb pine tree but I still love him. 
  • Lord Mesa is my favorite guy on Instagram (not to brag, but he’s liked my commenets a few times), and it is SO cool that he got mentioned and (I’m assuming) got to design the cake. 
  • “Being happy doesn’t mean you don’t have issues. It just means you’re working on them.” HELP ME!!!!! 
  • Oliver’s hair was GORGEOUS 
  • Adrian literally has a girl band backing him and that gives me life. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have vid/gif when chan was broadcasting himself watching baek showing his abs in one performance? Spam us pleaseee..

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm It’s probably because of my awful memory (oh whey meeee) but I can’t remember if Chanyeol broadcasted himself when Baekabs revealed themselves. Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong things but you mean either this



this. But I doubt it’s this one

Now for the solo performance Baekhyun did, I don’t remember there being a moment showing that Chanyeol was broadcasting himself ;^^ if anyone thinks of something could you please send it to me~?


mmmmmm chan abs

I love this. When fans asked Baekhyun to show his abs Chanyeol legit bolted towards Baek like “This is my chance!”

sorry for not giving you what u wanted T-T

Feedback celebrates its 4th anniversary with this deep and soulful episode from Technolog recorded for East Forms Drum&Bass to set you in the mood for the upcoming gig at a brand new venue, tune in via SoundCloud, HearThisAt, MixCloud, iTunes, TuneIn & more


Calibre - Give It Up [Signature]
Villem & Phase - Kaiko [Metalheadz]
Technimatic - Cold Shoulder [Shogun Audio]
Metrik – Signal [Hospital Records]
Technimatic - We Look for Patterns [Shogun Audio]
Subwave – Mirror [Authentic Music]
In:Most - I Can’t Do VIP [Soulvent Records]
Airtek - To the Sky [Absys Records]
Air.K & Cephei - Savannah (Gerra & Stone Remix) [Fokuz Recordings]
Foureye - Be Free [Default Recs]
Malaky - Speak Low [Celsius Recordings]
Anile – Your Way [Medschool]
Bert H & High N Sick - Kiss Me [Fokuz Recordings]
Anthony Kasper - Misery Loves Company [Fokuz Recordings]
Surreal - Money Honey [Celsius Recordings]
Satl, Lurch, Anthony Kasper - Sky Turns Black [Fokuz Recordings]
Dephzac - Survive [Soul Deep Exclusives]
Malaky & Satl - Her (Zero T Remix) [Soul Trader Records]
BCee & S.P.Y - Is Anybody Out There (The Vanguard Project Remix) [Spearhead Records]
Blu Mar Ten - Singularity feat. Kite [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Whiney - Teddy’s Gate feat. LaMeduza [OWSLA/NEST]
Subwave & The Dual Personality – Falling [Galacy]
Metrik - Penggemar [Hospital Records]

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Jika tujuanku adalah tujuanmu juga, maukah kau berlari bersamaku? Tidak perlu bertaruh siapa yang lebih cepat, asal kita sampai dengan selamat. Kita tidak sedang berlomba, kan? 


Apakah ini perlombaan dimana kita harus saling mengalahkan, atau ini adalah awal perjalanan dimana kita berlari berdampingan. Tak perlu berlari sayang, kita berjalan saja, pelan-pelan menikmati perjalanan sambil berpegangan tangan. Mungkin kita beruntung ketemu angkot, untuk mengantar ke finish lebih cepat. 


Kita diawali dari banyak arah. Tapi menujumu hanya ada satu jalan. Awalnya kulihat begitu lurus tanpa hambatan tapi nyatanya jalan kita penuh gelombang. Namun kuyakin kamu adalah tujuan akhirku tanpa cabang lagi di depannya. 


Terima kasih kau telah mengikat tali sepatuku, tuk menantang jalan yang telah ditelanjangi dari aspalnya. Tampar tanganmu masih terasa di punggungku, pencatu dayaku tuk terbang meninggalkan yang lalu. 


Apakah aku sedang berlomba dengan waktu, atau mungkin dengan jarak ini. Mungkin di ujung sana akan ada temu untuk rindu kita. 


Hidup adalah pertandingan lari. Setiap kita punya lintasan sendiri dengan jarak dan rintang masing-masing. Bertandinglah sampai akhir dan berlarilah sampai menang. 


Aku berlari menuju sebuah akhir yang pasti. Aku berlari hendak menemui sebuah tepi yang selama ini kucari. Aku berlari, berlomba dengan waktu dan para penyanjungmu. Aku melaju semakin cepat, kali ini tuk merengkuhmu dalam satu kepastian rasa bukan tuk mengacuhkan kembali. 


Aku sedang berlomba dengan Rahwana dalam diriku. Nyanyikanlah gending sinom, duhai perempuanku. Akan ku kalahkan raksasa itu, dan ku bawa pulang Ksatria Rama untukmu. 


Biar saja hari ini kita harus berpisah jalan, biar saja hari ini kita harus bertahan di jalur masing-masing. Bukankah esok lusa kita akan bersua di ujung yang sama? Bukankah esok lusa kita akan bersatu di tujuan yang sama?


Pada lintasan itu, pernah aku berpacu dengan rindu dan juga temu. Namun kita kalah dipecundangi jarak dan waktu. Kini aku berdiri kembali, meniti ulang lintasan ini sendiri. Barangkali nanti aku bertemu seseorang yang padanya aku ingin berpacu (lagi).


Kau akan melihat tarian-tarian awan dengan gerak tak beraturan, menyapa lembut kenangan yang tersisih oleh kenyataan. Seperti itu isi kepalaku, yang mencoba berdamai dengan waktu, menyelinapkan sedikit ketabahan yang dipaksa. Di sana akan kau temukan makam keberanianku, jalan sepi yang tak seorang pun berani melintasi, jalan yang namanya adalah namamu. 


Perjalanan adalah menikmati emandangan di tepian jalan. Bukan soal seberapa mudah jalan yang kita pilih, bukan juga soal seberapa cepat kita sampai di tujuan. Karena setiap jengkal tapak kecil kita yang tertinggal, setiap detik waktu kita yang mengkristal, menyodorkan pemandangan berharga yang saying untuk dilewatkan. Jadi mari kita nikmati perjalanan ini nona. 


Lihatlah awan yang menggantung dengan satu titik sebagai tujuan. Lihatlah bagaimana aku menunggu tuk mencapai apa yang kurindukan. Tempatku berdiam di antara jawaban yang tak selalu benar. Itu kamu. 


Katamu kau sedang dipacu waktu. Sebab segala dalam semesta seperti arena berlari dalam satu lintasan panjang penuh halang rintang. Soal hati pengecualiannya, kataku tak perlu terburu-buru. Jika Tuhan berkehendak hatiku menghadap padamu, tak lagi ada peluru penyangkalan yang memburu.


Mulai dari garis ini perjalanan kita bermula, menggapai cita meski tak lagi bersama, Nampak beriringan namun tak lagi sejalan, ada kerinduan namun tak berharap perjumpaan. 


Kita di sini, memandang jalan yang akan kita lalui. Walau kita tak melihat di mana ujungnya, tapi kita tahu kita pasti bisa menikmatinya. Kita hanya bisa memandang rumput yang bergoyang dan awan yang bergelombang. Mari melangkah sejauh apapaun itu jika denganmu aku yakin aku mampu.


Perjalanan kita bermula dari tempat yang sama. Pun dengan tujuan yang tak berbeda. Namn bukankah bisa saja kau berganti arah? Sementara aku tetap menunggumu dengan tabah. 


Kamu mau ajak aku berlari untuk tujuan bahagia? Aku sanggup, sayangku. Bahkan bila lintasan ini diguyuri sinar matahari dan harus berlari tanpa alas kaki.Asal bisa bahagia bersamamu, apapun akan aku lakukan walau harus tertatih. 


Nak, percayalah mimpi itu tak berujung. Pun semua orang yang kau anggap mengerti tentangmu. Mungkin kau akan terbata-bata menapaki jalan tak berjejak itu. Tapi kau taulah kemana kiranya harus pulang, ikuti saja alurnya.


Kau ingat? Aku tak pernah membiarkan kau berlari di belakangku, pun ketika sebenarnya aku bisa dengan mudah meninggalkanmu. Aku memilih membersamai kamu, karena aku ingin kita sejajar, bukan saling menarik dan ditarik, atau digiring dan menggiring. 


Apa kau masih menimbang angka untuk berlomba meniadakan ‘kita’, berharap kau lah sang juara dan aku tertinggal di belakang sebagai pecundang ? lalu kenapa dulu kau minta aku berjuang, berharap kau dan aku bisa sama-sama jadi pemenang atas takdir yang dipersatukan? 


Tentang aku yang berlari namun terus dijarakkan dengan waktu bahkan garis finish enggan menampakkan pita kuningnya. Tentang ia yang berlari dengan kamu yang menyambut penuh senyum di garis finish. Semua orang, semua penonton, bahkan angin pun tahu siapa pemenangnya. Hanya saja aku tidak peduli, aku akan terus berlari meskipun tak ada apapun di garis finish, toh Tuhan lah yang akan memberi hadiah dari prosesku. 


Pernikahan bukanlah lomba, melainkan peristiwa. Bukanlah akhir cerita, justru lembaran baru dibuka. Kau mendahuluiku, silakan saja. Walau sungguh hati ini tergores luka saat ku genggam undanganmu dengan pria yang dulu kau ku kenalkan dengannya. 


Bagaimana bisa disebut perlombaan, jika kita memulainya dengan start yang sama. Dia dengan semua kelebihannya, pasti menang dengan semua kekuranganku. Dia yang selalu kau bukakan pintu sementara aku yang sejauh seratus meter menjaga jarak darimu. Tapi aku tenang, karena aku yakin menang dengan semua do’a yang kupanjatkan pada Tuhan di sepertiga malam. 


Aku pernah mencoba berlari dan mempertahankan, tak hanya satu kali bahkan ribuan kali. Lucunya kamu tepat di depanku tak menoleh sama sekali saat ku terseok. Perlu kamu tau ada saatnya aku lelah dan berhenti. Mungkin saja kamu tak peduli jika ternyata aku sudah lama berhenti dan yang tersisa hanya keeping-keping jejak kaki yang akan segera terhapus hujan. 


Hidup adalah pelarian. Berlari ke arah tujuan yang diinginkan. Tak usah berlari sekencangnya, secukupnya saja, sambil tengok sebelah kiri kanan. Siapa tau suatu saat, kau dapatka teman yang menemani di perjalanan.


Dulu, aku dibuang oleh Tuhan dari surge-Nya, kampung halamanku. Lalu aku mencari, berjalan kembali untuk pulang, di tempat yang katanya bernama dunia, juga fana. Kata Tuhan, di ujung jalan sana ada sosok yang akan memberitahukan arah jalannya. Aku tak tahu siapa, sampai seseorang yang bernama kamu datang dan membawaku ke KUA. 


Perjalananku adalah perjalananmu apakah aku berlari atau aku merangkak membunuh waktu. Apa yang kau cari sehingga raga ini menjadi sangat lelah tuk menunggu? Kali ini biarkan ku melaju dengan kecepatan yang tak pernah lagi kau belenggu. 


Pada lintasan ini kita bukan sedang berlomba saying, jika tujuan kita serupa, menggenapkan hati. Biar saja gumpalan awan berarak dan rerumputan hijau jadi saksi bisu. Inginku sederhana, tak ada jejak yang tertinggal sendiri. Sebab perjalanan ini panjang, perlu beriringan, pun penuh rangkai cerita dari lika-likunya. 


Berawal dari garis start yang entah berdampingan entah di tempat yang berbeda absis denganmu. Di perjalanan di bawah langit biru kita dipertemukan lalu diizinkan beriringan, aku sudah lama memandangmu. Hai, kamu yang di sampingku, apa kabar? Bagaimana perjalananmu, semoga kemenangan selalu ada di pihakmu dan jika dimungkinkan bersama aku. 


Ayo kita berlari bersama Tuan! Melintasi jarak untuk sebuah tujuan. Jalan ini terlihat lurus memang, namun tak ku janjikan akan selalu mulus. Asal kita selalu bersama, aku yakin kita bisa. 



Selamat siang  @curhatmamat dan seluruh keluarga @tumbloggerkita, salam panas dari keluarga KITA Jateng..

Jangan lupa minum ya, cuaca panas

Salam cantik anti-sepik !















Strict II Rozdział 10

Tytuł i link do oryginału: Strict II

Autor: happilylarry

Zgoda: jest

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan/Liam Payne

Banner: za dwa cudowne bannery dziękuję awhmyl0ueh ;)

Spis rozdziałów: (x)


To był wyboisty rok dla Harry`ego i Louisa i teraz mają ich syna, którego Harry nie zamieniłby za nic na świecie. Jednak, jeśli chce zostać w życiu swojego syna, musi szukać pomocy. Nie tylko dla niego, ale dla miłości jego życia, również. Po wszystkim, chce szybko poślubić Louisa.

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Grief |

This is one word that comes to mind today along with heartbreak. Today I woke up to the news that my niece, only 1 week old, had taken her final breath and departed from this world. Doctors had worked tirelessly to try and save her, but medical complications and more importantly the will of Allāh, the Exalted, would prevail - exactly how it is meant to.

Trying to let the reality sink in - I just felt numb. It then dawned on me that at sometime today I would have to face members of my family and would have to try and offer words of consolation and condolence. This filled me with a sense of dread, it’s easy to write things - then edit, google and alter - but words that are uttered matter. I felt my words would be empty, lacking in worth, I wrangled with my inability to intellectualise the phrases that mattered - when I needed them most, it seemed I would be betrayed by my own heart and mind. I mean what does one say to a mother that has lovingly carried her child for months, only to be left with an empty cradle? For some reason I remembered a poem by Heaney called ‘Mid-Term Break’ where an older brother shares his own grief at the lost of his baby brother. My heart sank, and the grief intensified. Grief stems from an Old French word grever meaning ‘to burden’ - and when something burdens something or someone they begin to contract, emotionally, and at times physically too. So I did what I always do when in dire need for help, I closed my eyes started with a Fātiḥah and then a ṣalawāt - I then recalled that it wasn’t about me at all, it never was. I was reminded that our tradition is not one of contraction but expansion - “Have We not expanded for you your breast?” [94:1], I was reminded that our Majestic Lord does not burden a soul with more than it can bear, I was reminded that our beloved Prophet (ﷺ) would console others even when his own heart was broken. Subḥan’Allāh.

The thing about mercy, particularly Prophetic mercy is that it is ceaseless - it continually churns out mercy for all - at every single moment of our lives: joy, distress, anguish, pain, bliss - it’s present in every moment of our lives. Jabir ibn ‘Abdullāh said, “I heard the Messenger of Allāh (ﷺ), say, ‘If anyone has three of his children die young and resigns them to Allāh, he will enter the Garden.’ We said, ‘Messenger of Allāh, what about two?’ ‘And two,’ he said.” Maḥmūd ibn Labīd said to Jabir, “By Allāh, I think that if you had asked, ‘And one?’ he (ﷺ) would have given a similar answer.” He said, “By Allāh, I think so too.” [Bukhārī, al-Adab al-Mufrad]

Khālid al-Absi said, "A son of mine died and I felt intense grief over his loss. I said, ‘Abū Hurayrah, have you heard anything from the Prophet (ﷺ) to cheer us regarding our deceased?’ He replied, 'I heard the Prophet (ﷺ) say, 'Your children are roaming freely in the Garden.’” [Ibid]

Our scholars mention that children who pass away at a young age will intercede for their parents and lead them into the Garden on the Day of Judgement. This life is cluttered with infirmity and trials, but the next is one of prodigious bounty, and perpetual joy for those that attain the Garden. It is so vast and astonishing that when the believer is asked if they experienced any difficulty in this world they will reply "No, O Lord.”

At our darkest, deepest and bleakest of moments the words, teachings, and way of our Prophet (ﷺ) shine through, always. They are truly a gift from Allāh, Exalted be He, of His never decreasing Bounty, a reminder of our ignorance and an affirmation of His Limitless Reality.

May peace and blessing be upon the Prophet (ﷺ) - do remember my family in your prayers, especially the parents. And Allāh alone knows best.

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo EP1

I am so excited for this drama for many reasons. 

It’s the first drama in a long time that I am posting about which makes me excited to share what I think of it.

I am excited because of the actors especially Lee Joon Ki although having Baekhyun in the drama is also great. I have to say that I love almost all the actors playing the princes so be prepared for some fangirling moments. 

I’m happy she is in another drama and man she really is pretty although I don’t like her hair color that much on her.

It’s great to see him in this drama because I’ve recently been rewatching Reply 1988.

This scene was very creative and made me think she was floating in space. 

for some weird reason this scene made me think of the cover of the Halloween 3 DVD cover, maybe that is because I saw the DVD around the house.

I would be able to recognize these eyes from a close up anytime. 

The characteristic of Lee Joon Ki that I find the most attractive are his eyes or in this case his right eye. 

Talk about the production and he music just makes everything more grand.

The 4th Prince and my love hehe

hehe the cutest prince ever

Kind of sad that we didn’t get to see his Nutella abs

I get to see Ji Soo again 

I am so glad that he is in this drama and I wouldn’t mind seeing him like this

I don’t like that Jong Hyun looks scary but very very attractive. 

Seriously they have some of my favorite actors in this drama 

It kind of shocked me here because I see Ha Neul as a shy little kid

I am already loving Baekhyun’s character and his interaction with Ji Soo’s character.

I swear this is the second drama I’ve seen where they have been transported through water or have I seen more?

I need to find me a body of water from a puddle to the ocean to test it out. 

I was laughing so hard when Baekhyun was screaming and freaking out.

So there was someone who looked like her in this place.

Why did he have to kill the horse I mean it’s not his fault that he represents going back to where he came from.

he be walking in like the king of the place while everyone fears him.

I would be freaking out 

So this is why he wears a mask

Why would a mother and even the father place in danger their son.

So he is also present here

Aww don’t be so mean to the 10 Prince he is just a special case

of course he isn’t done growing.

He walks in like a lost puppy while everyone is scared shit because of him OK maybe not all of them.

What is going on here????

I just found this scene funny 

I knew I didn’t like the idea of mixing the glue.

I think I would die if I was here especially during the part where I’m just staring back at his beautiful eyes.

I can no wait for the next episode. 

What did you guys think of the first episode?

A Poem for My Fandom

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

If you’ll bash my bias

I’ll fight you

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

I’ll definitely


Roses are Red 

Violets are Blue

I don’t mind effing

Jongin too

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Sehun’s nice ass

Now that is true

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Luhan’s in China

Wu Yifan too

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Joonmyeon is Daddy

He’ll spank you

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Jongdae is Bae


Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

BaekYeol’s in the closet

Saying oooh ahh oooh

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Xiumin got abs

I had no clue

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Tao don’t say Sorry

We love you too

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Zhang YiXing is mine

This might not rhyme

But if you’ll hurt him

I’ll kill you

jean having abs in a modern au (especially a largely comfortable/normal one) is so funny to me sometimes because like 

this fucking loser started out just wanting a comfy life in the inner walls in the context of the canon series itself

in a modern, comfortable setting he’d practically need to be sent to boot camp to have any motivation to get abs

i almost want to write a fanfic now

jean about to frickfrack marco but just when his shirt comes off marco is just “…You have abs?!”

and jean is all offended like “YEAH OF COURSE I DO”

“I’m sorry I just… You don’t seem like the kind of-”






and so, that’s how marco accidentally ruined that day’s frickfracking