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Challenge: Find me one precedential case involving closeting in an entertainment context under the UK Equality Act. Absent that, find any reference in the legislative history to indicate the Act was intended to cover such activity. Absent that, identify how the UK Equality Act substantively differs from other non-discrimination acts in other jurisdictions such that the illegality of closeting in the entertainment context is a colorable claim.

And if you don’t know what any of those words mean, you don’t have the authority to say what the UK Equality Act does or does not cover.

Norwegian idioms

I want to share some of my favorite Norwegian idioms with you all. If I screw up (I’m not a native speaker), someone tell me!

“Ut på bærtur” - literally means “off on a berry[-picking] hike”. Used to refer to absent-minded tangents people go off on sometimes while speaking.

“Ikke sett meg på pinebenken!” - literally means “don’t put me on the pine bench”, but is used the same way we say “don’t leave me hanging” in English.

“Jeg driter i det” - literally means “I shit in it”, but used to mean “I don’t give a damn”.

“Å ha svin i skogen” - literally means “to have pigs in one’s forest”, but used like the English phrase “to have skeleton’s in one’s closet”.

“Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær.” - “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” Often used as an excuse by Norwegians to go on a hike in torrential downpours or icy blizzards.

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To ease your boredom.. If sebaciel were to be cannon, how would you imagine it to happen? ^-^

Hmm if sc were to become canon…
Let me preface this by saying that it may be because I’m biased, but it’s basically canon in my eyes already; all the implications and subtext and their interactions just scream it. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking.
Anyway, it would not be explicit. It would be like everything else thus far; subtle, implied, indirect, and mysterious. There wouldn’t be a panel with an affectionate embrace or them sneaking kisses in the carriage. It’d be revealed in some off-hand way, something Finny absent-mindedly says in reference to Sebastian staying in the young master’s room almost every night. Or Bard complaining in the kitchen one morning that he didn’t get much sleep because he kept waking up, thinking he heard the young master screaming. Sebastian tells him he is only imagining it. Maybe one of them would ask what this frilly pink dress and corset are still doing laying around, and Ciel blushes and can’t come up with an excuse quick enough, and Sebastian slides in to say something disarming and snide, and then they share one of their surreptitious glances. The way they look at each other already… Goddamn. Bless you, yana toboso for giving us such a beautifully dark story. Believe me, I’d love to see her draw our boys awkwardly holding hands or sharing a bath together and confirming their scandalous relationship, but it just wouldn’t happen that way, unfortunately. We’d only hear it in the dialogue. I don’t think we’d ever get to see it, expect for maybe at the very end, when everything’s come to a close and it’s time for Ciel to give up his soul, and he offers up his lips to Sebastian, and the demon kisses him so deeply and honestly as he takes his soul that Ciel doesn’t even care; he dies with a smile on his face and Sebastian’s taste on his tongue.

His Heart Beats Too

Requested by @lupinschocolatefrog​ : Hey. Could you please write one of Remus x ravenclaw girl who’s from a prejudiced pureblood family? thanks :)

Word Count: 2403 

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In the first year, you met him while waiting to be sorted

He was the scrawny boy behind you in line, his eyes apprehensive yet so hopeful. He wasn’t talking to anyone, his eyes darting from person to person.  You looked at him curiously, and when he saw your eyes on him, he quickly looked away.

“Don’t you have any friends?” you asked bluntly, puzzled.

He did not answer at first, not quite sure if you really were talking to him. When he looked back at you, his brows furrowed before he answered timidly.

“I haven’t had friends in a long time,” he said, slightly tripping over his words.

“Oh,” you replied, and smiled at him encouragingly. “You’ll see, once you’re sorted, you’ll be friends with everyone in your house! At least that’s what my cousin said,” you tried.

“Really?” he asked, the hopeful twinkle in his eyes shining brighter at the idea.

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Hey ice bear do u like horror movies? If so what's ur favorite l?

There’s nothing scarier than reality.


So I’ve been absently looking for picture references for my Ryder, because Mass Effect Andromeda is only 4-5 months away, and I wouldn’t want to be unprepared when I could spend hours obsessing over what she’ll look like and storing images.

I found the color image first. I love the heart shaped face and the big eyes and the soulful look and the bow mouth, and I filed the image away (okay I buried it in my like folder and it just took me a quarter of an hour to find it).

And then a few days ago I found the black and white picture of a silent screen star, Sylvia Sidney, and I was struck by the resemblance between the two, so Miss Sidney went into the like folder also, along with several other pictures.

But it was when I went looking for more pictures that I made a discovery. The name was familiar, but I couldn’t think of anything I’d seen her in.  Until I realized that this is Sylvia Sidney:

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And now of course I’m in love with the idea of a Mass Effect protagonist who starts out bright eyed and optimistic and sweet and ends up a fiesty old curmudgeon who scares the crap out of everyone (and survives to a ripe old age in order to do so).

So you know how The Search For Spock has a toasting scene in Kirk’s apartment, delivered ‘to absent friends,’ in reference to those who were lost in the battle with Khan, most notably Spock?

Yeah… Take a look at who’s in that scene.

Uhura, Sulu, Kirk, and Chekov.

After 2015, these four are the only major characters from the Original Series whose actors are still alive.

And they are there, toasting to absent friends.

If I’m crying about this, I’m making sure you are too.

from the rubble

how about some ladrien for mlfandomweek day 3: love square?

“Look out!”

Adrien whipped around at a raw-throated scream. His blood froze. He had never imagined Ladybug could sound that way.

Who was she yelling for? What could make Ladybug so scared?

Then he saw the crumbling building, the rubble ready to bury him alive.


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