absent performance

you didn’t know how to tell them that your life looks good but you don’t wish it on someone else. that yes you had a roof overhead and got birthday presents. you remember opening boxes with nothing personal inside of them. makeup when you were 15 because that’s what “all teenage girls” wanted. sometimes a dress in the wrong size, sometimes tickets to a band concert you no longer listened to and hadn’t in a while. no talking at dinner tables, missed performances, absent student-teacher meetings. no hugs unless it’s in public and only then by necessity. no conversations about real things, only requests for chores or screaming. it’s a house you don’t know anyone in, it’s a family who couldn’t care less, it’s never knowing love.  it’s empty things that slowly add up. but your home was fine, right? it was fine enough.

Everyone was worried about Jimin. He had been silent for days ever since those hateful tweets against him had spread on the internet. He barely ate too. He always sat away from the members and was absent-minded.

After their last performance, Jimin sat on the couch, head drooped while fiddling with his fingers. Jungkook was the first one to notice him. Jimin didn’t touched his lunch and he noticed how pale the older male looked. He sat beside him, heaving a deep sigh.

“You haven’t had a decent meal for days.” he said in a worried voice. “You’ll get sick.”

Jimin shook his head, letting out a soft laugh. “I’m fine Jungkookie.”

“You’re not. Go eat hyung.”

Jimin looked at him with teary eyes. “I can do this, I’m a pig…I got a lot of—”

“Stop.” Jungkook said, turning his head to face him. “You’re not a pig. Don’t…don’t let them ruin you. You’re a beautiful person. I love you, fat or thin, whiny or manly, jealous or happy. I love you whatever your hair color may be,” Jungkook chuckled. “I love you and your small hands, your cute cheeks, and your minion-like voice.”

“Hey!” Jimin complained.

Jungkook placed his fingers between the male’s lips. “Shush, I’m talking.” he pulled Jimin closer to him by the waist, letting him sit on his lap. “I love you for who you are. The hyungs too, Taehyung, and your other friends. Your parents and brother are proud of you. Don’t let those bullshits eat you.”

“B-But why are they doing this to me.” Jimin asked voice cracking.

“I don’t know. But we are here for you. We are proud of how you’ve changed the past years.”

“You’re making me cry, Jungkook.”

The younger chuckled, kissing his forehead. “I love you, Jiminie. Do you want me to feed you baby?”

“Fuck you.”

“Yes, I love you too.” Jungkook laughed, earning a hit on his chest from Jimin.

rmmbr that one time yoongi wore a hoodie (that namjoon’s fans gifted to him) for a festival performance and namjoon was Absent from the performance what’s the percentage possibility that yoongi called namjoon after the performance to ask if he saw him wearing namjoon’s hoodie

Imagine Loki proposing

Technically it wasn’t a proposal. A proposal is normally a question - Loki doesn’t ask, he takes. You were both in your shared SHIELD suite - you and Loki had officially been a couple for just shy of 6 months, and had requested shared accommodation from Fury. You had agreed to live with him, not because you love him (even though you really do!), but as a sort of compromise - Loki had been asking you to marry him for a few months, but you had repeatedly said no because ‘most couples on Midgard don’t marry so quickly’. The two of you sort of met in the middle and agreed to live together. You were in the kitchen and Loki sat watching TV in the living space on the other side of the counter. 

“Y/N, how does marriage on Midgard work?”

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16 Days of Outlander - Day #2 Castle Leoch

I think I’ll keep posting my favorites based on where they occur within the episode rather than by what they are. Some of my categories are ones I’m going to try keeping consistent each day but others are definitely situational.

Anyway, diving into 01x02 Castle Leoch…

Favorite Book-to-Screen Adapted Scene: Claire tending Jamie’s wounds, Jamie explains his back, “You needna be scairt of me.” The whole scene flows so seamlessly and their chemistry together is undeniable. It carries the necessary dramatic weight but they hit the humorous notes perfectly as well (”Chickens are verra poor company.”) It’s one of the most important scenes from their relationship - especially in establishing their connection - and it comes very early in the episode, setting the tone for a lot of what happens. It’s clear to see the way his words regarding “You needa be scairt of me - nor anyone, so long as I’m with ye” play out. She is visibly more confident and relaxed when she’s around him or when she’s just been with him, slightly more anxious, nervous, and wary when he’s absent. 

Favorite Performance: Gary Lewis as Colum MacKenzie. I’m going to try really hard to not have either Sam or Cait be my favorite performance every week - they knock it out of the park so consistently that I think that’s kind of a given. So for Castle Leoch, I’m choosing Gary Lewis and his performance establishing Colum MacKenzie as the Laird of Clan MacKenzie. The gears begin turning as soon as Claire arrives and tells her dubious story. He’s agreeable to her throughout the episode, inviting her to reveal more about herself and her circumstances than she intends and succeeding. The character of Colum is subtle and Lewis’ performance is as well, especially contrasted with Dougal. By the end when Colum decides she will not be leaving but rather staying as his guest, so long as she doesn’t try to leave, the full cunning of his character has blossomed for the audience and its clear he’s as much a force to be reckoned with as Dougal, perhaps more so.

Favorite Music Moment: Claire watches Dougal play with Hamish. As Claire looks out on the landscape from a castle parapet and then catches Dougal joining Hamish and his young playmates in a mock sword fight, the music just… I love the Castle Leoch theme here. It grounds her in the castle life in a way we don’t really see her grounded in the 1940s back in Sassenach. She looks genuinely content and pleased with where she is, even if it isn’t where she thought/wanted/expected to be and the music emphasizes that beautifully.

Favorite Line or, Favorite Foot-In-Mouth Moment: “I’ve made an error.” Given the affection with which she saw Dougal playing with Hamish and the fact that she is a stranger to Castle Leoch and its inhabitants, it isn’t such an offensive error for Claire to have thought Hamish was Dougal’s son but saying so aloud at dinner the way she does clearly hits a nerve and for once the MacKenzie brothers are shaken. Claire picks up on it immediately but instead of brushing it off lightly with a, “must be the family resemblance” or something along those lines, she turns quite self-conscious and responds with, “It seems I’ve made an error,” a statement true on so many levels. 

Favorite Location: the paddock and stable where Jamie and Claire have their picnic. We don’t have many opportunities to see the grounds at Castle Leoch - the castle and courtyard, sure (and later we’ll see a bit of the woods) but not the open grounds of the place. The field as Claire walks to find Jamie is just gorgeous and the small stable structure away from the castle help to create the feeling of freedom Claire has with Jamie at this point in the episode. It isn’t a cramped area like the castle with shadowy corners for people to lurk and hide and watch her. It is open and she can see where she’s going and it’s pleasant weather and Jamie is there helping her feel safe. 

Favorite Scene: Claire tells off Rupert. I liked Rupert in the books well enough but the way he and Angus have been adapted for the show is just amazing and I love Rupert’s dynamic with Claire. He’s more laid back in it than we will see Angus (he’s more annoyed) and the way he reacts when Claire confronts him about his spying on her is to basically just shrug and say “I’m just following my orders.” His line, “I am Dougal’s eyes, no his heid” is one of my favorites of the episode and then as he goes on to warn Claire about how she should be grateful when it’s him following her and watching her because Angus will be worse is perfection. “He willna ken what to make of that.”

Honorable Mention for Favorite Music Moment: 1940s music. Starting with Claire humming the music as she dresses for one of the intervening days before she’s supposed to leave with Mr. Petry, the 1940s music helps convey Claire’s mentality and goals with subtle brilliance. It is music that sounds like’s it’s being played on a record player or over a radio connection, with those slight imperfections in the sound quality. Then abruptly ending the track with Claire hitting her head after Geillis speaks unexpectedly becomes the perfect transition into Geillis’ introduction.

Favorite Minor Character: Geillis Duncan. Well, minor at this point in the game anyway. She injects a bit of levity to the second half of the episode with her immediate teasing of Claire that is so different from the teasing she’s received from Rupert, the immediate trust and friendship she’s found with Jamie, and the outright suspicion and awkwardness that have categorized her encounters with Colum and Dougal. Geillis offers Claire help in her own way when she invites her to the hall and translates the proceedings for her, even helping her to sneak out without causing too much of a stir. It was a presence Claire desperately needed at that point in the episode. 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: the look exchanged in the hall. It’s such a small moment of connection where they seek and find each other with no larger communication necessary. He immediately finds her in the crowd as Murtagh leads him out and as soon as she locks eyes with him, she starts to follow, heedless of anyone else in the hall. Luckily Geillis is there to help her escape in way that will keep gossip down. She is just so concerned for him and his expression is a mixture of “god I hope she’s impressed” and “please let me get to talk to her some more.” 

Favorite “This wasn’t in the book” Part: Jamie and Claire exchange goodbyes. In the book there is no Mr. Petry. Colum never tells Claire that she can leave at the end of a week and continue on her way. It’s always clear that she is there until he says otherwise. As such, there is never a moment this early in Jamie and Claire’s relationship where a potentially permanent parting is imminent and so, no need to bid one another farewell. When Claire announces to Jamie in the episode that she’ll be leaving the next day, his face falls but with such subtlety as he tries to hide his disappointment. Claire is perhaps oblivious to just how disappointed he is, but we in the audience certainly aren’t (especially when you compare it to the look of impatience and reluctance that appears when Claire walks off to let Laoghaire have her word alone with him). It’s also - I believe - the first time Jamie uses Claire’s first name (instead of Sassenach or Misstress Beauchamp) and it comes out so tenderly (clearly something he wanted to save for a time in their friendship/relationship when they were more intimately acquainted but since it is probably the last time he’ll have a chance, he’s determined to use her first name at least once) and it’s his use of her first name that seems to give Claire a little moment of pause (regret?) before she puts on a polite smile again and leaves. 

Favorite Costume: Claire’s “I’m supposed to be leaving” outfit. Much as I like the costume mirroring in the picnic scene, I really love Claire’s accessories here and the color of her bodice and sleeves (it’s just difficult to get a good still shot of this particular outfit). The fur neck piece just looks so warm and those wrist warmers are one of the many pieces of knitwear that I don’t really need but would love to have in my wardrobe nonetheless. 

Catching Feelings - Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

A/N: Warning: Contains physical violence and offensive language. 

‘He’s weird, that’s for sure.,’ Hyunjung fluffs her hair, tossing it over her shoulder, before picking up the wine glass resting on the table. ‘Don’t tell him I said that, though.’ She eyes you intently as she sips her wine, her pink lips pursing delicately against the glass.

‘I wouldn’t… You don’t even need to tell me not to.,’ You shake your head, your fork moving to push the densely creamed pasta around the plate. Both you and Hyunjung hadn’t been hungry when you’d ordered. It was just that this restaurant had the best selection of wine in Seoul, so you often came here together to chat and drink, ignoring the food on the table you were required to order to get a seat. ‘Where is he tonight anyway? I saw him post something on instagram earlier.’

‘He’s on a company night out. I assume it’s at a strip club because I wasn’t invited. Girl, you’ve got it bad stalking his socials…,’ She smirks deviantly at you from behind the rim of the glass, nudging your foot under the table. Her mention of the outing to a strip club was casual, rolling off her tongue without a blush like she’d said it a thousand times before. She knew in her line of work it happened more often than not. ‘Who would have thought you’d be banging my boss when I got signed to AOMG, let alone catching feelings for him.’

‘I don’t have feelings for him!’ You snap quickly - too quickly to be natural. You can’t deny some of the truth in her words, though. She - Hoody - had been your best friend since high school, and the sole reason you had met Jay. She’d been the one who had invited you to your first ever AOMG party - the exact one you’d met Jay at. The rest had been history.

‘Whatever you say, y/n.,’ She lets the smirk linger on her face, her shoulders shrugging in feigned disinterest. ‘I guess you don’t really have much interest in the fact that I overheard a little birdie saying he has feelings for you too.’

‘Stop.’ You protest, unable to hide the annoyance creeping into your voice. ‘I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to talk about this.’ You pick up your wine glass, draining the remainder of the liquid in a second, the tang of the alcohol lingering long after the liquid had been swallowed.

‘He’s been weird lately, right? A little extra cautious? Treating you a little bit nicer than he usually does post fuck?’ She peaks an eyebrow at you, her gaze unrelentingly drilling you for more information. You place your wine glass down on the table with a heavy sigh, reaching for the bag you’d slipped under your chair.

‘I’m done.’ The words slide off your tongue coolly as you make your way to stand once you’d latched onto your bag.

‘Okay, okay… I know I’m hitting too close to home with all this. I just overheard him talking to Simon in one of the halls outside the studio. Girl, he’s into you something bad.’

‘I don’t want him to be, though.,’ You release your bag, turning to face Hyunjung. You knew you could tell her anything. She’d been your ride or die since you’d met in elementary school. She’d been there for you every time you’d needed anything. And, most importantly, she’d never told a secret you’d shared in confidence to anyone else. Ever. ‘Hyunjung… He’s adorable and sweet. But he’s Jay. He’s a good friend and a good time, but he’s nothing more than that… I know what he does. He goes to strip clubs and bangs random girls. That’s not the kind of guy I want to be around.’ Your phone vibrates on the table, as if on cue, drawing both Hyunjung and your own gaze towards it. You take in the picture of Jay, shirtless, his tongue poking out of the cheeky grin plastered on his face. He must have changed his caller display picture while you weren’t looking. Hyunjung stares blankly at it for a moment, snapping into action to rapidly reaching her hand out to pick up the phone and answer before you could ignore the call. She waits, before a giggle escapes her lips.

‘You can call me baby again tomorrow when you come into the office to work on my song at 7AM.,’  Her relationship with Jay was just as playful as yours, except the boundaries were much more defined. They had to be, for professional reasons. ‘Y/n? Yeah, this is her phone… You called the right number.’ She winks cheekily at you, and you reach across the table, stretching over the pasta dish to snatch the phone from her.

‘Give it to me!’ Unable to hide your agitated tone, you instantly regret speaking.

‘We’re just hanging out drinking some wine at a restaurant. She’s begging me to give her the phone… Should I, Jay?,’ She lets out a reaching laugh. ‘Okay, I’ll pass you on.’ She hands the phone over toyingly, and you snatch it angrily from her outstretched palm.

‘Jay?,’ You question nervously. ‘What’s up?’

‘My dick.,’ He replies abruptly, the alcohol dripping from his words already. ‘Come around, we can finish off what we started the other day.’ It takes you a minute to decipher his sentence due to the slur of words, but when you do a wave of displeasure washes over you instantly. He was booty calling you.

‘I’m with Hyunjung.’ You respond shortly.

‘She won’t mind… come on, baby girl.’

‘No.’ The word slips out wrapped in angry finality.

‘Everyone else went to a strip club, and I didn’t even go so that I could hang out with you… Now you won’t even come and see me.’ He moans impatiently.

‘Jesus, Jay… I’m not sex on tap. I don’t really care that you didn’t go to a strip club. I’m busy, and I’m not coming over.’ The volume of your voice had subconsciously increased with your growing anger. Hyunjung breathes a quiet sushing sound as you draw looks from the table opposite you.

‘You won’t even come and cuddle me?’ He pleads gently.

‘No.’ You reply.

‘I miss you… I miss you every night you’re not in my bed.,’ His slurred words are interrupted by a hiccup. ‘When they said let’s go to the strip club, I missed you. I’m laying here on my back in my bed missing you. I told everyone, you know? It kinda just came out… but it’s true.’

‘You told them what?’ Dread was creeping through you. He was too drunk to be telling anyone anything.

‘I told them I thought you were beautiful. And I told them I thought you were funny… then I said you were cute. Then someone asked me if I liked you because I wouldn’t stop talking about you. And I said I do, because I do. I really, really like you, and I want to stop missing you all the time but I can’t because I like you. I think I might even love you.’ You’re stunned into temporary silence by his admission. Even though you’d known, and even though the signs were there, you hadn’t realised how much you’d led him on.

‘Jay, I’m not coming over tonight. You’re too drunk.,’ He starts to mumble a protest, but you cut him off, refusing to give him any more airtime. ‘I’ll call you tomorrow. Maybe we can meet for lunch, okay?’ You say the first thing that might appease him enough to get you off the phone, despite the fact there was zero chance of you wanting to meet him for lunch tomorrow.

‘Okay. Goodnight, Y/n.’ Defeated, he resigns himself to the fact you would not be visiting him.

‘Night, Jay.’ You hang up the phone swiftly, returning it to it’s position face down on the table. Your elbows rest gently on the top of the wood, your head coming to sink into your hands, a deep groan escaping your mouth.

‘Was it that bad?’ Hyunjung asked sympathetically.

‘He told me he thinks he loves me…’ You peek out from between your fingers, registering her shocked expression.

‘Oh, shit.’ The words are all she can manage as she blinks dumbly back at you.

‘Oh, shit is right… What the fuck am I supposed to do?,’ You complain. Hyunjung sits for a second, contemplating.

‘What if we get you a boyfriend…,’ The loud laugh that escapes you draws the err of the guests next to your table again, and Hyunjung shakes her head. ‘Okay, maybe just a date. If we get you a date, he might back off a bit.’

‘How am I meant to get a date? And how is Jay even going to see me on a date?’ You groan.

‘Honey, you would have no issues getting a date… I have someone in mind already.,’ She tilts her head, gazing at you contemplatively. A spark flashes across her face in the visible representation of the conception of an idea. ‘Bring him on Saturday! We have Jay’s concert! Ahhh, It’s the perfect excuse for Jay to see you.’ You sit back in your chair, your eyes admiring Hyunjung’s bravado and quick thinking.

‘That just might work…’

True to her word, Hyunjung had found you a date. Not just any date, but an attractive date. Not just an attractive date, but one that had a long and rich history of friendship with Jay, stemming back to his time spent in the United States. The perfect candidate. She’d even managed to rangle two backstage passes for you - not that it would’ve been difficult. Jay had expected you to come regardless of whether you bought a date or not. So you found yourself standing side stage peeking out at the performance clutching a beer. Charismatic was the only way that you could describe the show. The energy the boys had was captivating, and your eyes had been barely able to steal themselves from Jay as he swayed around the stage, luring the crowd in with his dramatic swag. Tonight, he was somehow different to the many other times you’d seen him. His words were coming out with a throaty growl that was a touch deeper than usual. His hips were twisting with a subtlety that was absent from previous performances. His aura was addictive and you were sure he was throwing quick glances in your direction throughout the entire performance, everyone causing a flash of longing in the lower pit of your abdomen. He was on fire tonight, and it was all building to complete realisation that you’d fallen for him. Massively.

‘You alright?’ Derek’s hands snake around your shoulders as he leans close to your body, speaking directly into your ear. The smell of the beer on his breath overpowers you slightly, your body reeling away from him subconsciously.

‘Yeah. Just enjoying the show.’ Your voice comes out as a shout over the loudness of the music. His hand remains draped over your shoulder, despite your uncomfortableness with his closeness. You attempt to shimmy slightly with the music to get him to release his hold, but he doesn’t. The song comes to an end, and you catch Jay flicking a quick glance in your direction. A blush rises in your cheeks at the closeness.

‘Alright, aliiiiighhhht. Everyone feeling a little hot in here? It’s about to get even hotter, y’all.’ The crowd starts screaming as Jay launches into the next song, the opening bars of arguably his most scandalous song - Mommae - vibrating through the room. In an instant, he is peeling his shirt off, exposing his toned torso glistening with the wetness of his sweat under the stage lights. His hips grind against the air, smoothly repeating a motion you’d become so familiar with feeling against your hips. He moves towards one of the back up dancers, and she bends, her ass mere inches away from his crotch. A flash of jealousy shoots through you as you watch. You redirect your gaze to Jay, his eyes staring intently at you as he presses himself into the dancer, his hips jutting against her in a sexual motion. His hand reaches to slap her ass, and you look away as Derek’s hands wrap themselves around your waist, swaying gently against you. You shift uncomfortably as they slide higher around your ribs, his crotch pressing into your ass. You attempt to shift away, your displeasure visible on your lips, but his grip crunches around you, stagnating any kind of movement you attempt. You scrunch your shoulders towards your ears as he attempts to plant a kiss delicately on your cheek.

‘Hey, hey hey…,’ Jay’s sharp voice echos in a yell over the song, the music continuing despite his voice losing beat with the lyrics. ‘Hey, man, stop… She’s not into it. Don’t fucking touch her if she’s not into it.’ His pace moves quickly towards you, his arm raised and index finger singling you out. You blinky dumbly at the fury spouting through his eyes. Derek releases you instantly, stepping back with his arms raised in the air in defence, and you understood. Jay was looking out for you. He’d been doing it the whole time he’d been on stage. Kiseok’s hands wrap around Jay’s torso, struggling to prevent him from advancing further in your direction, and he presses his head against the side of Jay’s whispering something to him which distracts Jay, who turns his head to take in Kiseok’s worried face. He nods, losing the momentum he had built, before casting a final look in your direction.

‘Don’t fucking touch her.’ He said before dropping his hand, pivoting on the heel of his white nike sneaker and returning to the crowd.

You hear the argument before you see it. Escalated voices coming from a small group near the drinks table.

‘Take it back.’ Jay’s voice is raised, his anger evident. Your lips purse in surprise. Usually alcohol made him laid back, his reaction was ridiculously out of character.

‘Why? It’s true.’ The voice of your date causes your heart to jump slightly, and your head turns towards where they are.

‘It’s disrespectful. I’m not going to have you come here to my show and talk shit like that.’ You briefly make out Jay move towards Derek in the thick of people. The entire party has turned their attention to the drama. You stand, quickly making your way over to the two. Derek, as annoying as he was, was someone you had brought along and therefore your responsibility.

‘I’m not taking it back. I bet she’d do it.’ Your ears perk at the use of the feminine pronoun. Could they be talking about you?

‘I can’t even believe you’re saying that… It’s your first fucking date.’ Jay confirms your suspicion, and you slip between two people in the circle.

‘Jay, calm down…’ You try to dispel the tension in the air.

‘Me? Calm down? Your date needs to leave.,’ Jay shoots you a look, the anger on his face evident. ‘You need to take him and go somewhere else.’

‘Yeah, she’ll take me back to my place and I’ll know for sure if she really does.’ He smirks at Jay, and before you see it coming, Jay has connected a punch to his chin, knocking him temporarily off balance and spinning him into the circle. People scatter to avoid him.

‘Jay! What the fuck are you doing!’ You step towards Derek, but before you could see if he is alright, he has sprung up, charging towards Jay and connecting with his abdomen, pushing him sideways into the drinks table. A crash of bottles is heard as they both collapse into it, throwing punches in a desperate attempt to connect with skin and inflict harm. You run forward, tugging on Derek’s shoulder, who is laying on top of Jay, pinning him to the table. In an instant, Jay has over powered him, flipping him around in a swift motion. A shard of glass flies from the table, connecting with your arm, causing you to withdraw it instantly. You feel the sting of sharpness, followed by the warmth of blood dripping. You put your hand up to clutch it, stepping backwards. A pair of hands grasp you, pulling you back from the circle, guiding you backwards to the corner of the room. You can’t tell who it is, so you struggle against their arms to return to the table. You had to stop them fighting.

‘Shhh… Y/n, it’s fine.,’ Kiseok’s deep voice soothes you. ‘Just stay here…’

‘Kiseok… I’m bleeding.’ You manage in a quivering voice, the shock of the incident still raw in your memory. You glance down at your arm, a deep, thin slice of scarlet dripping blood onto your leg. His white t-shirt is speckled with your blood, stained in red dotted along his torso.

‘I know. I’ll get HyunJung… Just stay here, promise?’

‘I’m here.,’ You look to the sound of your best friends voice as she takes a position next to him, her face churning in paleness as she sees your arm. ‘Shit.’ The word is all she can manage. Simon nods from her to your shaking arm. Hyunjung moves to try and help you instantly, and Simon dissapears again to deal with the fight.

‘What happened?’ You question numbly as she lifts your arm, holding it upwards to stem the flow.

‘You’ve got two men acting like completely fucking idiots over there is what happened.,’ She looks around the room desperately, her eyes falling on a box of tissues left on the corner of a table near both of you. She grasps a handful, her eyes looking at yours sympathetically. ‘Y/n, this is going to sting.’ The pressure of her hand attempting to stem the flow of scarlet from your arm shoots through you like hot needles.

‘Fuck…’ The white hot sting of pain is clouded by the approach of Jay through the sea of people in the room. Your eyes glance away.

‘Jay, fuck off.,’ Hyunjung snaps bitterly as he nears the both of you. ‘She sure as shit doesn’t want to talk to your stupid ass right now.’

‘Hey, I’m your fucking boss.’ His white t shirt is ripped, his hair dishevelled, jeans dotted with spots of what you assume to be your own blood. You can already identify the welt of a deep bruise rising in his arm.

‘Well you aren’t fucking acting like it, you idiot.’ She snaps back with renewed vigor. Jay changes tact, refusing to engage in conversation with her.

‘He was being fucking ridiculous, Y/n. This whole thing is bullshit.’ You can feel the weight of the whole party’s ears listening to your conversation. You didn’t know where Derek had gone, and frankly you didn’t care to find out. In an instant, you realise how truly exhausted you were. You just wanted to go home.

‘Jay, stop. I don’t want to talk about it.’ Your voice is drained, your weakness causing your head to sag in tiredness.

‘That’s the fucking problem, though. You never want to talk about it. Every time I try and show you I like you, you just ignore my feelings. Fuck, I even stopped mid-blow job for you and I still got nothing.,’ You feel Hyungjung’s body tense tightly next to you. ‘You owe me an explanation. You can’t keep fucking with me like this. I’m not a damn toy. I know there is something there.’

‘Jay, she doesn’t owe you shit.’ Your friend bites back furiously at his comments.

‘Hyunjung, fuck off. This has zero to do with you, huh?’

‘She’s right. I don’t owe you shit. I don’t owe you an explanation. I don’t owe you anything.,’ You stand, your hand taking over from Hyunjung, your fingers linking over the tissue already damp with your own blood. ‘I’m so fucking done.’ With that, you turn on your heal and leave the party.  

Maud de Braose, Baroness Mortimer (1224 – shortly before 23 March 1301)

Maud was born in Wales in 1224, the second eldest daughter and co-heiress of Marcher lord William de Braose and Eva Marshal.Maud had three sisters, Isabella, wife of Prince Dafydd ap Llywelyn; Eva, wife of William de Cantilupe; and Eleanor, wife of Humphrey de Bohun. Being a member of the powerful de Braose family which held many lordships and domains in the Welsh Marches Maud was a wealthy noble heiress.

In 1247 Maud married Roger Mortimer of Wigmore, the eldest son of Ralph de Mortimer and his Welsh wife, Princess Gwladys Ddu, member of another important Marcher family. Maud was seven years his senior, and they had been betrothed since childhood. He was the grandson of Llewelyn, Prince of Wales, the man who had ordered the execution of Maud’s father when she was 6 years old. Roger and Maud had been married for 35 years (until Roger’s death) and had at least 6 children together.

Maud was described as beautiful and nimble-witted. She, like all medieval women, was expected to govern her husband’s estates, manage his business affairs, arbitrate in tenants’ disputes, and defend the family property during the times he was absent. These tasks Maud performed with great skill and efficiency.

It was Maud during the Second Baron’s War who devised a plan for the escape of Prince Edward (future Edward I) after he had been taken hostage by Simon de Montfort. On 28 May 1265, when the Prince was held in custody at Hereford Castle, Maud sent a party of horsemen to carry him away to Wigmore Castle while he was out in the open fields, some distance from the castle, taking exercise by racing horses with his unsuspecting guardians as she had instructed him to do in the messages she had smuggled to him previously. At a signal from one of the horsemen, Edward galloped off to join the party of his liberators, and they escorted him to Wigmore Castle, twenty miles away, where Maud was waiting. She supplied the Prince with food and drink before sending him on to Ludlow Castle.

At the Battle of Evesham on 4 August 1265, Maud’s husband Roger fought on the side of Prince Edward, and personally killed Simon de Montfort. As a reward, Roger was given de Montfort’s severed head and other parts of his anatomy, including his genitals. Roger sent these gruesome trophies home to Wigmore Castle as a gift to Maud. Maud evidently being proud of her husband’s success held a great feast that very night  and de Montfort’s head was elevated in the Great Hall, still attached to the point of the lance.

Maud died on an unknown date shortly before 23 March 1301, and she was buried in Wigmore Abbey.  Maud was grandmother of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March, de facto ruler of England  from 1327 to 1330. All the monarchs of England from 1413, as well as Mary, Queen of Scots, were directly descended from Maud, as is the current British Royal Family. Queen consorts Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Catherine Howard, and Catherine Parr were also notable descendants of Maud de Braose through the latter’s daughter Isabella, Countess of Arundel. Queen consorts Jane Seymour and Catherine Parr also descended from Maud’s son, Edmund Mortimer, 2nd Baron Mortimer. (x)

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"Okay then, catch me." With Dickiebird

“Dick, you have some really messed up ideas of what constitutes as good date places.” An old circus tent left pitched up by a troupe that had to skip town earlier than anticipated. Who else would think that was somewhere good to take their significant other?

“C’mon- you know what they say-” Dick grins, hanging upside down from a parallel bar. “You can take the boy out of the circus-”

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Today, March 28th, 2016, would’ve been the 106th birthday of Denmark’s beloved Queen Consort, Ingrid. 

Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margareta was born as an Princess of Sweden on March 28th, 1910 to Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden and his wife, Princess Margaret of Connaught. At the age of ten Ingrid’s mother passed away from meningitis during her eighth month of pregnancy with her sixth child. Ingrid was raised to a sense of duty and seriousness. She was well educated and interested in sports, especially horse-riding, skiing and tennis. Because of her mother’s ties to the British Royal Family, many believed that Ingrid would someday marry her second cousin, King Edward VII, but after meeting in 1928 no engagement was announced for the pair. However 7 years later, it was announced Ingrid would be married to her third cousin, the Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederick. 

The Princess married Frederick in her homeland of Sweden at Stockholm Cathedral on May 24th, 1935. The wedding was covered by the media so much so that they were criticized by all of the attention it was given. Ingrid gave birth to three daughters; Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (b. 1940), Princess Benedikte of Denmark (b. 1944) and Princess Anne-Marie, later Queen of Greece (b. 1946). 

During the German occupation of Denmark during World War II, Ingrid was known as the “silent resistance and public patriotic moral” to the people of Denmark. Her open defiance of the occupation forces made her grandfather, King Gustav of Sweden, worry about the risks, and in 1941, he sent a demand to her to be more discreet “for the sake of the dynasty” and its safety, but she reacted with anger and refused to obey, and she had the support of her spouse, who shared her views. One display of defiance shown by Ingrid was her positioning of the flags of Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom in the window of the nursery at Amalienborg, the royal residence in the centre of Copenhagen. 

On April 20th, 1947 Ingrid became Queen of Denmark after her husband’s ascension to the throne. As Queen, she reformed the traditions of Danish court life, abolished many old-fashioned customs at court and created a more relaxed atmosphere at official receptions. She was interested in gardening and art, and renovated the Gråsten Slot according to her own historical research about the Palace’s original appearance. 

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Jongin: posted his apology when he is injured and unable to perform for the fans when it is clearly wasn’t his fault

Jongin: injured and is allowed to be absent from performing, but still attends the concert anyway to meet his EXO-Ls

Jongin: teared up every time he received so much love from EXO-Ls

Jongin: keep showing EXO-Ls signs and always proud of EXO-Ls no matter what

To think of it, all these happened at the same time he is dating.. his love for us never changed even though he has someone special in his life, right?

Jongin never left us. This never changed a thing. He is always there to give us his love and happiness. So what we could do for Jongin now is to fully give him our support and give him our happiness, just like how he always been for us :)

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In Korean music shows, for the live sessions (when we're streaming and watching live) the performances shown, those are all pre-recorded ones are they? Can you enlighten me in how they work? Like during that day when Kookie was not in the prerecorded one of Butterfly then I saw another one with him innit. Does it mean they're gonna perform twice for a music show? Thank you Anne.

Yes those are pre-recorded. Music shows for example starts at 5PM KST. As early as 7AM all the groups that will be performing on that show will be in that studio getting ready. They all have time slots to film their stages for each performance. They have rehearsals, and then they perform first on their own to get necessary shots depending on the stage design or what. They usually film several times for this not just once or twice. And then they do another set of performance with ARMYs in the audience (those who get to go are chosen in the fancafe, it’s one of the official membership perks). All these footage are then cut and edited and is the one we watch on live streams.

Now the thing is the winner announcement at the end of the show is filmed live. Of course we don’t know who wins until the end of the show so they can’t film that in advance. But since we’re watching pre-recorded/edited footage, during that same time, all the groups that performed must stay around until the end of the show when they announce the winner.

The one with Jungkook being on a live performance but absent on the recorded performance is a rare occasion actually. While we watch the recorded performances they’re not obliged to perform again live or anything. They just wait around in their dressing rooms. All those Bangtan Bomb of them playing around or sleeping in dressing rooms… those are when they’re waiting around during music shows.

I hope I’m able to explain it in a way you understand :))) this is how I understood it hehe~ I tried I guess. ^_^

I never need to see another Reboot where they cast a high profile actor as the villain and everyone is like “okay, so they’re playing Iconic McNemesis!” and the writers and directors are like “NO THEY ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT, THIS IS A NEW CHARACTER WE MADE UP FOR THE MOVIE” and literally no one believes them even when you’re near the end of a movie that’s gone well out of its way to convince you that This Is A New Original Character, and the hero is like “you’ll never get away with this, Genericus!” and the villain is like “actually, my name is ICONIC MCNEMESIS!!” and the writers are like “haha!! Got you!! You totally didn’t see it coming!! What a twist!!” and then the character spends the last ten minutes doing all their recognizable quirks and mannerisms (which have been absent from their performance up to this point) and receiving all of their iconic scars or distinguishing characteristics that they couldn’t have before or else the poster would’ve revealed their identities

Like not to name names here, but Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness, Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises, Liam Neeson in Batman Begins, Christoph Waltz in Spectre, Andrew Scott in Sherlock, Timothy Dalton AND Derek Jacobi in Doctor Who, and the entire A-plot of Batman: Arkham Knight