absent performance

I never need to see another Reboot where they cast a high profile actor as the villain and everyone is like “okay, so they’re playing Iconic McNemesis!” and the writers and directors are like “NO THEY ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT, THIS IS A NEW CHARACTER WE MADE UP FOR THE MOVIE” and literally no one believes them even when you’re near the end of a movie that’s gone well out of its way to convince you that This Is A New Original Character, and the hero is like “you’ll never get away with this, Genericus!” and the villain is like “actually, my name is ICONIC MCNEMESIS!!” and the writers are like “haha!! Got you!! You totally didn’t see it coming!! What a twist!!” and then the character spends the last ten minutes doing all their recognizable quirks and mannerisms (which have been absent from their performance up to this point) and receiving all of their iconic scars or distinguishing characteristics that they couldn’t have before or else the poster would’ve revealed their identities

Like not to name names here, but Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness, Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises, Liam Neeson in Batman Begins, Christoph Waltz in Spectre, Andrew Scott in Sherlock, Timothy Dalton AND Derek Jacobi in Doctor Who, and the entire A-plot of Batman: Arkham Knight

Jongin: posted his apology when he is injured and unable to perform for the fans when it is clearly wasn’t his fault

Jongin: injured and is allowed to be absent from performing, but still attends the concert anyway to meet his EXO-Ls

Jongin: teared up every time he received so much love from EXO-Ls

Jongin: keep showing EXO-Ls signs and always proud of EXO-Ls no matter what

To think of it, all these happened at the same time he is dating.. his love for us never changed even though he has someone special in his life, right?

Jongin never left us. This never changed a thing. He is always there to give us his love and happiness. So what we could do for Jongin now is to fully give him our support and give him our happiness, just like how he always been for us :)