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You didn't answer my question :( If it really necessary to go to the gym to be fit/lose ab grease? Sorry to bother you u.u

Hey dear! 

I’m sorry I missed your message. Sometimes if a message sits in my inbox for a while, I miss it. 

In answer to your question: It is by no means necessary to go to the gym to lose weight. 

Being fit isn’t necessarily about being super cut. It’s about physical stamina. I know some guys who have done Ironman triathlons, but they are just scrawny little guys. Yes, you can’t be super cut without also being fairly fit (unless you have implants), but my point is that fitness isn’t about looking a certain way.

As for losing fat from the abdomen, the best way to do this is to eat healthy. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the quote “abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym”, but it is 100% true. Even if you do 100000 sit ups and crunches a day, you will not see those abs if you eat junk. 

Hopefully this helps you out a bit! Again, I’m sorry I missed your message!  

FLAB-U-LOST 💪🏼 I’m not normally one for the old changing room selfie at the gym but this is something I’m proud of achieving • For as long as I can remember I have suffered with bloating (and maybe a little excess fat) • I’ve tried all the ‘fixes’ and well I’m sure you can guess that they’ve never worked • Why would they, I was putting more toxins into my body to try and eliminate toxins • What has worked is cutting out the excessive amount of crap I was trying to fuel my body on, reducing my carb intake to make sure my body is burning fat not muscle & generally just living a happier, healthier lifestyle • Don’t expect miracles living off of energy drinks and chocolate bars, abs may be styled in the gym but they’re made in the kitchen!
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Abs loading and it’s all because my son said he needed to see it to believe it. I’m using my body to show him a lesson about healthy food choices, personal care, and the power of writing down what’s important to you. I’m down 57lbs total. 10x more energy, better spiritually, just growing as a student of life. As my facial expression explains, today’s workout was tough. Lol. If you have any tips that don’t involve the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” let me know.

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