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Irresistible Tribute music box to rain
Fall Out Boy
Irresistible Tribute music box to rain

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The Vongola making-out ~headcanon [includes Varia]


The majestic sky has to be the sweetest of them all. Just like his element indicates he has the power to make you understand you most definitely belong to him and only him. Tsuna’s kisses are usually slow, affectionate and romantic, but when he is in a more bossy-mood and gets more serious he can unleash amazing passion that will just make you melt right away. Hint: While making-out you should let your hands roam on every part of his body. It boosts his confidence and he takes it as a sign that he has the permission to get it further.


The man is the definition of the term “raging, restless storm”. When he is in a good mood, his kisses begin slow, with a steady rhythm, until he unleashes all those hidden feelings with passion and impatience. Because let’s face it; he is a tsundere, a bad boy and a drama queen. I could easily picture him playing the role of a werewolf in Twilight. When he is in a bad mood, meaning he is jealous, insecure or even angry, he attacks with ferocity, the make-out session turning rough and hot. With Hayato, you explore the meaning of eros. It’s a love you need, a love unexplainable which you should never approach with logic. He is unpredictable and extremely passionate. Hint: Don’t chase him. He likes feeling like a predator. Also, touch his abs while kissing, he will feel proud of himself.


The tranquil rain that washes away everything… that’s exactly how his kisses are. Just one of those sweet, loving kisses and all the troubles are forgotten. Takeshi is usually the calm and soft type, giving light to every dark day that clouds your mood. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by his cheerful and sweet demeanor. He can be surprisingly playful and dirty and allow me to say that his kisses hide a certain amount of possessiveness. When he’s serious, the passion he displays amazes you to the very end. Every kiss is a raindrop and sometimes they can hit like bullets in miniatures. Hint: He loves it when you make the first move, because he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable and he is secretly a bit insecure. He is honestly husband material.


This guy… Ryohei will seriously get you burning and not only because he is the sun guardian. His lips are rough, his tongue is fire and his hands are beams. Most of the time his kisses are hot, fervent and eager but there are days when he is EXTREMELY sweet, loving and romantic. He can clearly be a cute cinnamon roll. He is also very very playful and is able to cheer you up with just a smile of his. Hint: He can hold his breath for a long time so you better practice beforehand or you’ll probably drown in his abyss.


As the drifting cloud, he rarely takes initiative to engage in a make out session. However, when he is in the mood… run devil run! It’s not a coincidence that he refers to himself as carnivore and his catchphrase “I’ll bite you to death” is not for humor. He always has that dangerous confident smirk when he is about to attack and his tone becomes a bit more playful, but bossy nonetheless. Oh yeah, Kyoya gives orders during a make out session. “On the table”, “lie down”, “pull my tie”… the orders become more and more inappropriate as the actual intercourse approaches.  Hint: he might, just might, be into dirty talking among the kisses.


This guy is very skillful when it comes to making out. He has an incredible technique that makes you melt into the kisses as his mist dulls every corner of your mind. He is confident, playful, very naughty and likes to tease you. But the best part is his voice. Oh that raspy, sexy, breathless tone of his while he murmurs sweet and dirty nothings, with your faces only 3 centimeters apart…! He smirks into the kisses as you gasp every time his hands snake to inappropriate places of your body. He kisses passionately, rarely rough and he can be surprisingly sweet when it fits the atmosphere, kissing you softly, lovingly. Hint: You can always trap him with a challenge.  Something among the lines of “Think you can deceive me with your skills?” and he will capture you in no time.

(Adult) Lambo:

Okay this guy is totally into classic kissing. He is romantic most of the time, approaching you with a rose in hand and a cheesy pick-up line hanging from his lips. He will try movie quotes too. His kisses are mostly slow and rapturous giving the atmosphere an air of flirt and romance. He loves teasing you and he can also get pretty playful if he’s in the mood. Hint: Pretend you are actually falling for his sweet nothings. He will feel much more comfortable.


The definition of rough. His lips are rough, his movement are rough, his skin is rough, his hold is rough. Of course, what would you expect from the boss of an assassination squad, who also carries both sky and storm flames? He dominates each and every kiss, his impatience getting the best of him. But he needs competition, as his lover you have to try as hard as you can to gain control, even though it’s practically impossible, otherwise he’ll get bored and probably drop out of the relationship. His powerful kisses are those that awake all of your senses, draw out your breath and make you reach a level of existence you didn’t even know existed. Hint: he likes hearing you moan while your lips and tongues are connected, it’s a sign that he has established his dominance.


Ahh, this guy is the honest proof that there are sharks out of the water too. His kisses are hungry, desirous and sometimes rough. He is into french-kissing and has developed a rather pleasurable skill concerning his tongue. The make out session gets very hot until he can’t control himself any longer and proceeds to the next step. As his lover you should pose a challenge for him, making him unable to turn his back at the chance of getting with a confident woman.  He also likes cornering you, trapping you between his arms so you won’t have a choice but accept his kisses. Hint: You should use your teeth to bite his lips, he likes having a tough woman.


This prince belongs to the storm clan as well, meaning he is a bit difficult to deal with. He is playful and probably sadistic, his kisses being special, swift and thrilling. During a make-out session with this blond you will clearly sense an air of possessiveness. He rarely asks for permission to explore your body. His movements are haste and his tongue slips in your mouth without warning. He promises to leave you breathless. Hint: Moan as much as you can into his mouth. It will definitely feed his ego. 


Our lovable poker-faced boy is a case that requires patience. Despite being able to insult people right into their faces, his honesty getting the best of him, he is rather shy when it comes to girls, feelings and kisses. So, until he gets really used to it, you will be the one making most of the moves. The kisses are brief, sweet and neat. Nothing too complicated. Hint: He secretly likes surprise pecks, do that more often.

[Lussuria and Levi excluded for obvious reasons]

Thunderstorm Run (H.R. Wells x Reader)

Rating: M (smut)

Summary:ย Looking to get some productive work done, you, the Reader, start your day at S.T.A.R. Labs early to avoid the chaos that normally comes with Team Flash. What you didnโ€™t count on was H.R. coming in from a morning run in a torrential downpour, totally drenched, and had lost his shirt along the way, apparentlyโ€ฆ So much for productive!

A/N:ย The title is taken from Cavโ€™s Instagram caption on his photo that inspired this hell-bound story. (See photo below the cut)

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