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Lygerastia with Bucky pretty please <3?

This is so short and shitty, I’m so sorry! 

Lygerastia - The condition of one who is only amorous when the lights are out + Bucky

It’s exactly 3 in the morning when Bucky finally settles down on your bed.

With his body only clad in a pair of pants and hair pulled up in a bun, he’s showered and patched up after his arrival from a mission with the team.

You try to not fuss too much upon him but the amount of bandages around his torso worries you and as soon he completely lies down, you found yourself leaning over him.

Your chin is resting on his chest as you trail your fingers through his abs, hearing a small sigh escape from his lips as you do so.

“Everything okay?” You mumble as quietly as you can, looking up to him and catching his eyes easily even though the darkness is pretty much filling the room. “You’re too quiet and I don’t like it.”

Bucky just chuckles and wraps up his arms around you, squeezing your frame against his without worrying about his wounds.

“I’m fine, doll.” Bucky sighs out, pressing his lips against your hair before taking a deep and slow breath. “Just’a couple of rough days.”

He’s likely to talk about whatever is bothering him in the next day but it’s been two weeks and you’re missing him way too much, missing him way too much to let him escape this so easy.

“Well, just let me look at you, then.” You protest, trying to sound as cool as you can before leaning over him to light up your bedside lamp but just to be stopped by his hand grabbing yours. “Bucky.”

The bastard has the nerve to laugh at your whine but he doesn’t do anything to help your case, instead bringing your hand to his chest and keeping it there with soft caresses.

“I just want to be with you.” He whispers, his voice suddenly sounding so broken and weak that you can’t help but feel your heart clench in sadness. “We can worry about me tomorrow. Please?

You don’t even think twice before nestling closer to his body and gently pressing your lips against his neck.