abs are overrated


i’m guessing you’ve all seen baekhyun’s abs by now and i just wanted to share my thoughts on this.
i hate it. i hate seeing idols get pressured by their management and/or fans to change their appearance. it’s toxic.
   imagine being a fairly skinny person and all of a sudden! someone tells you to get abs! on top of that, you have an already awful diet and a bad sleeping routine (considering that it’s common for idols to sleep 3- 4 hours/night) and never-ending tours with concerts that need you up and running for 3+ hours straight. even when you’re NOT performing on stage, you have a full schedule of daily exercice, practicing choreos and singing, while also traveling to film for different dramas and entertainment shows.
baekhyun spoke up about his diet (while chanyeol did not), and keeping what he told us in mind; no one should support or glorify this new “image” of his. he doesn’t even like it himself, he mentioned.
   if you truly support and care for baekhyun, you need to acknowledge how self- destructive this is for him.
   he was practically starving himself for three entire months (i’m guessing even during the comeback); not eating carbs, rice or any grains. he also used the “chew-and-spit” method, which actually is an eating disorder, not a “diet”. it is so very, very dangerous to experiment with diets, especially with such an active life as baekhyun’s.
   personally, i find abs just as overrated as thigh gaps. they are social constructs we have created ourselves. people beat themselves up for not being perfect, but it’s nearly impossible to be if you strive after our modern beauty standards.

   bottom line:
   to anyone who has read this: thank you for sticking with me. i hope you can realize how much suffering idols go through, only to be objectified and dehumanised.
   please love them for what they are, not for what they have been pressured into being.
i’m not gonna lie, i judge ANYONE who praises idol’s abs. i will not hesitate to cut you people out of my life.
   all of you, take care of yourselves and give our chubby idols some recognition.