abs abs abs abs abs abs

Mood: 😏 

 God has already 

🌼 Blessed 

🌼 Favored 

🌼 Forgiven 

🌼 Approved 

🌼 Accepted Me 

🌼 Supplied my needs 

 He’s not waiting to do it, he’s already done it! There are blessings with my name on them. There’s healing, promotion, “big breaks”, contracts and more with my name on them. I may not have realized it before but as far as God is concerned, they already belong to me! The real question is “when am I going to go and get what’s already mine?” God has already said “Yes!” to me being blessed, whole, prosperous and accomplished. God loves me and wants to be good to me! It’s time to be so bold and confident in God’s promises that I just go and get what’s already mine. God has already crowned me with favor! I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I will NOT spend my life with my crown on the shelf. Blessings are chasing me! Goodness and mercy are following me. I don’t have to wait to get them, they were mine when he created me and the time to take them is now! 💕 __________________________________________________ 📚 

Notes from my journal. Lord, I don’t want to be greedy BUT I want everything that has my name on it! __________________________________________________