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Nother hint The second weird is an abrivation Your hint for it is "in order left to right" That would make it pretty easy --- Someday I'll be Pidge, Shiro or Keith

momma lion already solved it cause shes a genius, it says “it’s def slav” this is why im the leg 

I’ve had it with this shit

The fuking abrivation gets somany new letters added on frequently that it looks like someone smashed their fucking keyboard and said, “eh, that will do”

Pigs will fucking fly before any of this xim/xer bullshit gets used by anyone. English already has a gender neutral pronoun. THEY/ THEM/ THEIR and so on 

I’m pretty damn sure that like half the cases on this site are victims of Special Snowflake Syndrome.

This whole thing is about how these people can’t help who they are, you know who else can’t do that? Peadophiles, bestiality people, rapists and on and on. So why the fuck aren’t they in this protected community or do you draw the line at some point? Cause it sure doesn’t feel like it what with each new thing getting accepted so fast that in a few years they’ll fun out of letters and/or space for their fucking acronym 

Lastly, a large amount of these groups make up all together like 10% of the population of the world, at most. I think we have more important things to worry about.