I always find some joy out of remaking some older artworks, just to know how they would look in this time and age. This, however, has to be one of the most notorious examples of it.

I created this character almost 11 years ago, and I never did a fully fleshed out version of it until now.

What originally was a delirious illusion of a daydreaming kid, is now a reality. Keep that in mind the next time you’re trying to accomplish something in life.

I’m not entitled to say I’m the best artist out in this planet we call home, not even close. If anything, it probably took me more than it should to get here.

However, I wanted to condense a small sample for people that like my work, to show them I wasn’t always as good as doing this as you might think. I was just the same, if not worst, than many.

I felt it was about time I started sharing some experiences I’ve had over the years of doing this, with the hope to inspire someone that feels discouraged to keep going.

Don’t quit just yet, It takes time and dedication to get the results you are expecting.

Someday I would like to share my whole story with that same goal in mind. Until then, I hope you like this small portion of it :)

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