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Imagine you wake up in the morning and he is already lying on the couch, because he wanted to read but he also wanted to let you sleep. And you come to the living room and there he is, looking at you as you eat your toasts and have your tea. You then kiss him goodbye and leave for work, wishing you could have the day off, like he does, and both of you could stay home, cuddling and reading to each other. And you come home late and he is still lying on the couch, the book he was reading when you left spread over his chest, his head to the side, sleeping peacefully. You come closer to him, putting your things on the floor and removing your shoes, and you take the book off his chest and kiss his dishevelled curls. He wakes up, his shiny eyes still swollen from sleep and, despite the fact he is still barely conscious, he smiles at you. You then kiss him on the lips softly and he pulls you closer, locking his arms around you and making some room on the couch. He is warm and you are cold, and lonely, and tired. He strokes your hair, taking a deep breath and looks into your eyes, your noses so close they could touch. He asks you how the day was and you complain and he smiles. You ask what is he smiling about and he answers that you look lovely when you are angry. And you are not upset anymore, all you want is to get lost in his embrace. And he senses that and holds you closer, kissing your lips gently. The sounds of the street come through the window but you don’t even notice them. All you hear is the way your hearts beat in unison and how he makes you feel so vulnerable and yet so safe. You lean your head on his chest, that goes up and down to the rhythm of his breathing and you fall asleep like that, warm and happy. He smiles, looking at you and kisses your forehead. Hours later you wake up with his arms still embracing you but you don’t move. It may break the enchantment. He sleeps again now, and somehow you know that, the two of you squeezing on that couch to make room for each other, here and now, is the most perfect thing you have ever had.

Hello everyone! Happy holidays! Now that 2013 is coming to a close I feel like I should go ahead with tradition of posting a follow forever and here I am! The picture is super crappy but I whipped it up in like four minutes so I think it looks pretty snazzy for four minutes! I did some gallery surfing to find pictures of people we all love a lot on Tumblr (and it’s missing some I know!! I had to cut a lot of people out to fit under the 1MB limit D:) so I hope it’s okay~ This follow forever is dedicated to ALL of the amazing and lovely and flawless people I’ve met and followed! You make Tumblr a wonderful place and you deserve the world :) I love youuuuuuuu! ♥ And as I usually do on my follow forevers, I COMMAND EVERYONE WHO SEES THIS TO FOLLOW THESE FLAWLESS PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY AND YOUR LIVES WILL SHINE BRIGHTER EVERY DAY BECAUSE OF THEM!

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