“Does that bother you?” I loved the flirtations that went on and on in season 1.. and we knew better not to expect them to get together right away.. and that was Fringe to u, anything but ordinary. Ps: See he check her out while she leaves?

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Lamar Abrams (storyboard artist & voice actor on Steven Universe) made some interesting commentary about how we present our characters in media a while back.

You guys should follow his twitter, it’s great.

Exceeding Reward - original print from The Worship Project.

Based on meditation of Genesis 15 - God’s promise to Abram “Do not be afraid, I am your shield and your great and exceeding reward”.

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I think part of the reason I was chosen to accept this award on behalf of Laurence - who is unfortunately not able to be here - is because I work very closely with Laurence. There’s several scenes where he yells at me because I’m an idiot, but also partly because I’m so close with Laurence in real life … where he yells at me because I’m an idiot. He did give me a speech, though, so it’s short, I think, I think, so we’ll read it and then we can do the rest of the stuffs.

January 6th - Scooby: Concerning Abram and Lot

Man, I need to post these a lot earlier. I just get caught up in investigating the details! Oh its so fun.

Genesis 11-12, Psalms 14-16, Matthew 8

Today I will be focusing on Genesis. But before I start that, I want you (in Chapter 8 of Matthew) to pay attention to a few things in Christ’s interactions with people: 1) they worship Him. When they do, He does not object - consider the verse He used against Satan’s temptation. 2) He speaks on His own authority. Said and done. 3) Faith of those seeking Him is rewarded.

Genesis: As interesting as the story of Babel is, and the many Questions that pop up in my mind when considering it, I wish to bring you to the section of today’s reading concerning Abram (Abraham before the name change).

In being called by God, God gives Him the commands to:

“Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you. 

In doing so, Abram leaves, but the Bible also says “and lot went with Him.” Now for some reason, I payed considerable attention to the lineage. Lot, being Abram’s nephew, is not part of Abram’s household, but I am assuming (maybe according to family custom of the time) He was “adoptedby Abram as Lot’s father, Haran, passed away early on (before Lot’s grandfather). That said the LORD says to “leave your people and your fathers household”. 

Does this also mean Lot should be left? 

I ask this because, Lot fits into the category of his people and his fathers house given Lot’s loss. Im sure an investigation of cultural practice would help here. 

The reason I consider this as significant is because the Bible’s Old Testament, as written, tends to be very specific in God’s commands. Note the repetition in what is done in Genesis. Consider how, in later stories, when God tells His people to kill everything (in a time of war) even the animals, that when they save animals to sacrifice to Him (which sounds like a good plan and something good would make an exception for), that God rejects them and condemns them for not heeding His Words. (God tends to supply for himself as is - consider why there were 7 each of Clean animals in the Ark: post flood sacrifice!)

Unless Lot is absorbed into Abram’s family, officially, Lot going along with Abram is against God’s Word.

*(Note that Abram - like every profit in the Bible - isn’t a perfect man, the next few verses show how he lied to Pharaoh to protect himself).

The reason why I think Lot was not supposed to go, is because he wasn’t specifically mentioned by God. God says that He will give the land of promise to Abram’s offspring (not Lot’s), and because Lot and his descendants become a problem for God’s people in the old testament all the way to today!

As Lot joined Abram, we see Lot’s presence (or his removal from Terah’s land in Haran) causing problems immediately!

Note* Moses was supposed to do the work alone when God called him to free God’s people from Egypt, but when Moses complained God reluctantly gave Moses Aaron as a spokesman. Aaron then caused problems later for Moses (the Golden calf). Im working off a similar prognosis In the case with Lot.

Lot’s tagging along with Abram leads to:

1. Lot and Abram could not fit in the land, so they have to divide (making Lot vulnerable whereas he was fine in Haran).
2. Lot has to be rescued from from Captivity in Ch. 14 by Abram
3. Lot places himself in a sinful city, and he has to be rescued by God from Sodom before it’s destruction.
4. Lot’s wife is turned to a pillar of salt
5. Lot’s daughters commit incest with him (while drunk) creating the Moabite and Ammonite People

These Ammonite (see link for details) and Moabite become an absolute pain for the Israeli people (descendants of Abram) throughout the old testament! On top of that, their general areas of existence during the time suggest they may be very much the same people giving Israel (the Nation-State) problems today (East of Jordan and around Jordan on present day map).

Insane. Details are important. The sacrifice rituals established later point at that for sure!