When you look at religions, 90% of them have 3 main characters that are glorified.. or somewhat of a ‘Triune God or Trinity’. Egyptians had Isis, Horus, Osiris. Christians have Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Hindus have Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Judaism has Abrahm, Isaac, Jacob. Ancient Babylonians had Semiramis, Tammuz, Nimrod; and the list goes on and on and on. When you look back on these Trinities, each of these 3 deities(entities) served a particular purpose: CREATOR, PRESERVER, DESTROYER. For example in Hinduism, Brahma was the Creator - Vishnu was the Preserver - Shiva was the Destroyer. The universe operates in 3′s. Things start, persist, then stop.

  Another place that we see this factor of 3(Trinity), is in the Zodiac. We’ve got 12 zodiac signs and they are divided under 3 distinctions: Cardinal (creator), Fixed (preserver), Mutable (destroyer):
Cardinal signs are the initiators. They love to start NEW adventures, love to jump into things headfirst, they love taking the lead on things, and they’re usually the most outgoing. They are the CREATORS because they’re the first, the generators. {Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn}
Fixed signs are the stability. They often have a solid foundation, confident, they’re able to see things through, strong, often hard to change their minds, and they really know how to make things last. They are the PRESERVERS because they are determined and resolute. {Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)
Mutable signs are the chameleons. They’re all about change. They may easily get bored with being in a certain situation for too long, and they want to experience all of what life has to offer…even if sacrifices have to be made. Change and growth is a necessity for them. They are the DESTROYERS because the old must go!..and it’s in with the new. {Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces}.
So as we see in the zodiac, the idea of a Trinity also exists.

  Some ancients also say that 3 is the first sacred number, and the first perfect number. 3 represents the Pagan Trinity. It is represented geo-metrically in the triangle, and spiritually as the Third Eye Of Hinduism. Number 3 points to the intellectual and spiritual order, the divine qualities in cosmos and people. The holy mantra “Om” includes three letters, AUM, signifying three different states of development. 3 is a very mystical and spiritual number featured in many folktales as well; (3 wishes, 3 guesses, 3 little pigs, 3 bears, 3 billy goats gruff, etc.)

  • Femt: I got a letter from your school
  • Despair: A fire? I didn’t start a fire in the teacher’s lounge! I mean, what fire? I mean. what letter?

FAIL!! AUSTRALIA OPEN 2015 - Djokovic v Abrams Tank

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Have you seen/read JJ abrahms comments about Rey/Ren scenes from the directors commentary yet? If so - any thoughts you'd be willing to share?

Yep, I’ve seen the commentary. Apologies for not jumping on this the day of - my schedule’s been tied up. There’s some pretty big posts about it going around, which you can see here and here. I recommend that you check out both of them.

Without further ado:

(So you’re all aware how much tea I’m drinking)

Kylo’s Background

We made our bad guy aware of Vader, as he would be living in a post-Vader time and made him the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo. And in doing so, continued another Star Wars tradition of having really screwed up families

We got hints of this in Bloodline, but this basically confirms what I said both in My One and Only and Death and the Maiden re: Kylo’s family situation and how it impacted him. So that’s one for the “correct predictions” list.

This scene (with Han and Leia), like many in the film, was actually shot twice. And the scene as it lives now is a kind of amalgam of the two versions. In fact, if you watch their performances, you see the backgrounds shift a bit throughout the scene. You’re watching two parents grappling over an incredibly difficult child. 

Again, this confirms what I said about Kylo’s background. It also bolsters the theory of redemption.

I think, the idea of killing Han Solo was a crazy, painful idea. […] People have asked me if I think that Kylo Ren was just playing with him the whole time, if he meant to kill him from the beginning. And the truth is, I think that Kylo Ren in this moment is actually being convinced to walk away from this. Snoke is, as Han says, using him. And I think that somewhere Ben knows this. […] I think that Ben is legitimately going to give up. But then, the idea was that in this moment, where he’s taking the lightsaber and offering it to him as a gesture, the sun finally is drained from the sky. And you see the light go away. And now they’re in this darkness. And darkness takes over. […] And I think, the instant that he’s done it, he regrets it.

This basically confirms the sort of redemption arcs that I talked about in my meta. It also confirms what Kylo-Ren-Redemptionists have been saying for a long, long time.

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Rey “Skywalker”

But this moment, I think, is actually lovely and the idea that these two women (Rey and Leia) who’d never met knew of each other, and they’re both Force-strong and they’re both bound by their loss and their strength.

This was debunked months ago, but for those of you clinging onto a thread: Rey is not a Solo. This also points to her not being a Skywalker, for reasons that I stated in my meta.

Originally, they (Rey and Finn) were much more angry at each other. And truthfully, it wasn’t working. Originally in this scene, Finn revealed that he was a Stormtrooper. And in this scene she had never heard of Luke Skywalker

This puts yet another nail in the coffin of Rey Skywalker. I made a prediction about this too, btw.

And then she hears a voice. “Rey” And that’s Obi-Wan Kenobi (In the Force Vision)

Deader than dead. Sorry, but the Reysky theory is essentially a weeks-old corpse.

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Finn and Rey

So, this scene wasn’t like it was on the original draft. […] we changed it after we felt that the original relationship (with Finn and Rey) wasn’t really working. They needed this kind of excitement. This kind of joy and bonding. And they simply weren’t having the kind of fun that felt appropriate. […] and I rewrote this scene so that they would have a little bit more of that kind of buoyant energy and where they would get to meet and have a sweet moment.

This (and other comments about their relationship) basically points to the fact that Rey and Finn being friends was a last-minute change. I love that they’re friends, and I think this increased connection between them is an excellent addition, but it implies that the two of them being together - or sharing a lot of time together - was/is not the End Game.

The earlier version of this scene (where Finn and Rey say goodbye) had a Finn that was much weaker, much more in retreat, unsure, afraid. We wanted Finn to own his decision, to have the intention of someone choosing not to be part of this any more, not to get involved in the First Order, a group he knows all too well. So, he’s saying, “Come with me and let’s get away,” and she’s saying, “Come with me and let’s fight.” So, they can’t stay together.

This basically predicts what most of us knew via clues in TFA and through leaks that came afterwards (as to what will happen in Episode VIII): Finn and Rey will not be together, at least physically. Their arcs are going to diverge, probably in dramatic and startling ways.

Kylo and Rey (Aka the dreaded Reylo, alternatively titled: “you delusional shippers”)

And now we go to this scene, where we actually get a very different side of Kylo Ren. Where we see how unlike Vader he is. How tempestuous he is. How uncontrolled he is … This is the moment of course where Kylo Ren learns about Rey. And now, these two disparate pieces come together.

I think this is very telling, both of Kylo Ren’s mental state/personality, and of his relationship to Rey. Now I don’t necessarily read the last line as overtly romantic, but I absolutely think it confirms that the dynamic between the two of them is incredibly important and will be a crux/driving point throughout the entire trilogy. This “coming together of disparate pieces” also implies there’s something… lacking… when they’re apart, which is made whole when they’re together (for lack of a better way to describe it). Again, I’m not saying this particular line is overtly romantic, but I think it confirms a major connection between them (maybe Force Bond?) and we’ll see it played up in later movies.

This whole location of Maz’s, of course, mirrors the cantina from A New Hope, as this Starkiller Base mirrors the Death Star. These were the kind of locations that felt like a given in Star Wars. For example, we looked at it like a Western or a fairy tale. What are the elements that you’re going to see that makes it this genre, this specific genre? And clearly, in a Western, you’re going to have the dusty main street, the saloon. You’re going to have cowboys. You’re going to have the bad guy, who’s probably dressed in black. You’re probably going to have a castle, and a prince and a princess, if you’re looking at a fairy tale. We wanted to give these sort of, fundamental, not cosmetic, but, sort of, prerequisite elements. These locations in which we can set our new story and our new characters.

This confirms what I was saying in Death and the Maiden - what many of us were saying in many meta, about the archetypal western fairy-tale themes in TFA. How they were a driving force behind the movie and shape a good deal of the narrative.

When JJ talks about fundamental (rather than cosmetic) elements, he’s basically saying “this is not literal, but it’s the subtext of the story.” I think what the castle would be is up for debate, but Rey’s very much a princess and Kylo Ren is very much an archetypal figure as well. Depending on how his arc plays out, he could either cleave to a prince or a dragon-like character (I don’t mean literal dragon, btw), or even someone like Mordred.

I know antis are going to hate hearing this, but we were right, and ignoring the basic structure of narrative dynamics (because you personally find them squick) does not mean they’re not going to happen.

Originally posted by funnyordie

One of the new relationships that we were focusing on was between Kylo Ren and Rey. They’ve never met but he’s heard of this girl. And so, now comes a moment when their meeting is inevitable. […] And now we’re back to our heroine. And this moment where she is about to, for the first time, be confronted by Kylo Ren, a character who she’s going to have a very interesting relationship with moving forward. […] It really is a very specific kind of talent to be able to perform a character when your face is completely hidden. His (Adam Driver’s) body language was very specific.

Again, this confirms that the relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey will be central to the story, and it will be complex and atypical compared to previous Star Wars dynamics. We’re not going to get the traditional relationship between adversaries, a la Luke and Vader, and it’s going to occupy a huge amount of screen time.

When JJ says “His body language was very specific” he’s basically talking about how it’s coded (as sexual, cough). I don’t know if this is enough to confirm a mutual romantic relationship in future films. But a relationship with sexual undertones, and one side overtly sexual? Absolutely.

This also confirms that Rey and Kylo Ren have never met before, which means that - unless Luke was a horrible father - there’s no way Rey’s a Skywalker. This also means the Jedi-Academy theory is dead. So that’s two theories that were just axed.

Again, Death and the Maiden, and the countless other meta that were written in the early days of the fandom. Again, all those meta writers who were laughed and sneered at because oh god, it’s reylo. They’re disgusting and delusional. Again, we were right.

But when his mask comes off, you see Adam Driver, and he just looks like a sort of prince.

Oh gosh. What was that I (and others) said about princes? About archetypal narratives and fairytales? Hmmmmmm. Golly gee whizz, I wonder.

But in this scene she (Rey) is drawn to this place (the lightsaber), almost like Cinderella.

Hmmm. No fairy tales you say. No princesses either. You’re right: we’re terrible human beings for applying literary theory to a film that depends upon it almost exclusively. Please, continue your campaign of harassment.

So the idea here is that Kylo Ren’s gotten inside of Rey’s head, sees that she has seen the map and is now letting go of the droid as his goal, and focusing just on her. And clearly you think, well he must be able to just extract the information he wants now. But because he’s taken her, you get a sense that there might be something else going on here.

I literally wrote a couple thousand words on this scene alone, and how there was “more going on”. Between myself and the other meta writers (who also wrote extensively on this scene) we have several dissertations in length. It’s lovely to be vindicated, but to the naysayers:

Remember how you vilified me (and the fandom at large) for simply calling out on-screen dynamics between the characters (dynamics which we weren’t responsible for putting in the film)? Remember that extended campaign of harassment, abuse and hate we were subjected to, simply for stating the facts? Remember how when we tried to ignore you, you didn’t stop? Remember how you’re still doing it?

Hmmmm. I wonder.

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D6 Strangers on the Road (with plot hooks?)

By Applejaxc:

Here’s 6 quick NPCs to encounter on the road, in the tavern, or wherever else your PCs decide to be a good place to test your improvisation skills. The descriptions are short. If a profession/item/ability doesn’t fit into your campaign setting, the NPC could just be lying about it. All are meant to be friendly (or at least indifferent) to the party.

1 Abrahm Putsk

Dwarf. Old, with fading ginger hair and a beard striped with gray. He walks with a slight limp and his voice his gruff. A few hundred years ago he worked in the “Office of Remittances and Awards” for a kingdom that no longer exists, paying bounty hunters and adventurers. Hearing their tales and trouble in the region inspired him to abandon his desk job and explore the world. His adventuring career was short, but eventful; alongside others, he participated in the killing of a red dragon and captained an airship for a few years before it crashed into a land overrun with the undead. He’s the only survivor, and while he travels to find something to make of his life still, he warns others that “There’s just no sense in a life o’ adventure.” He will share a meal and campfire with anyone that can trade a story of heroism.

If the party impresses him, Abrahm explains that he wants to return to the wreckage of his airship to recover a personal effect, to find the bodies of his crew to be put to final rest, and/or to get revenge on those responsible for the crash.

2 Eric Decieval

Kobold. Young, with dull green scales and big eyes. He’s a shifty merchant that claims to be the proprietor of a successful general good’s store in a town too far away for fact checking. He peddles mundane and low-quality adventuring gear for fairly low prices. A few items in his collection appear to have dried blood or other signs that they were separated from previous owners unwillingly. He is accompanied by a suit of animated armor, which carries his inventory.

Eric does not want to admit it, but his business venture was a total failure and he was run out of town for his shoddy wares. The few blood stained items he carries were traded to him by a mysterious figure the party may later encounter on the road, who they can question…

3 The Dread Pirate Gallowhands

Half-elf. Gallowhands wears a tri-point hat and a captain’s coat no matter how far inland he’s encountered, as well as an intricately basketed cutlass. He ends almost every sentence with a triumphant “Ha-HA!” and puts his hands on his hips, throwing his chest out confidently. He claims to have lost his ship and his crew over a game of cards, and the poor fool who took control sailed directly into Daggermouth, a vicious monster that has made Gallowhands think twice about a life at sea. He offers to share many stories of dashing heroics, great cunning, and defeating impossible odds.

Gallowhands would like the party to deliver a sealed letter to a woman who lives along the way to their next adventure location. Supposedly it was written by Gallowhands’ first mate, who knew the new captain was reckless, and expresses the mate’s true feelings. In reality the letter is actually from Gallowhands; it’s an apology from him to the widowed wife of the first mate, explaining that the death of her husband was his fault. When the party arrives, however, they discover the “widowed wife” is newly married-to the “dead” captain of Gallowhands’ ship! It was all a conspiracy to get the crew killed so they could marry and live off of the ship’s gold.

4 “Princess” Astrela DeLyz, Champion of Elyz, Hero of the Elves, Guardian of Freedoms

And many more accolades.

Astrela is a self-declared eladrin princess and paladin of Elyz, an elven god no one has ever heard of. She grows incredibly frustrated when anyone questions who “Elyz” is (as if it should be common knowledge), or if anyone points out that she’s just a normal wood elf. Far from being a paladin, Astrela is a Fighter with the Arcane Initiate feat, and can cast Cure Wounds as well as basic cleric cantrips. Despite her apparent lack of power and immaturity, she boasts many (credible) stories of great battles against evil, and she is quickly enamored with any party member who can also claim to be a champion of justice of virtue. Every time Astrela introduces herself, she manages to add another title to her list.

As far as what Astrela is a princess of, she has many conflicting answers, sometimes claiming territories that sound completely made up and sometimes claiming that “Elyz does not recognize the jurisdiction of mortals, and neither do I.”

If Astrela is humbled by the party, she might have two reactions: If the party crushes her spirits, she gives a necklace to them (roll on the random minor properties table) and retires from adventuring ashamed. If the party convinces her that she could become the hero she thinks she is, she offers to join the party (like an NPC hireling; after the party gains 1 level or she does something significant, she leaves them again to become an independent hero).

5 Trolfgar the Terrific Technomage

Young half-elf, dressed in expensive silk and wearing a feather capped hat. Trolfgar Tragyarhand the Terrific Technomage claims to be the curator and inventor of the “Trainseum,” a fantastical feat of magic and engineering that transformed a museum into a train. Unfortunately some weeks ago, a heist was attempted that resulted in the destruction of the train, and now he seeks a new venue for his entrepreneurial skills. If the party is particularly impressive, he offers to invest his last 50 gold pieces in them, in exchange for a “comparable reward in the near future.”

Two sinister possibilities:

  1. One of the “coins” given in the investment is marked for scrying. Trolfgar spies on the party or works for someone who wants to spy on the party.
  2. The party’s next adventure ends in a ridiculous payment that blows way past their WBL guidelines. As they’re gathering treasure, however, Trolfgar teleports in, takes his “fair share,” and disappears again.

Non-sinister possibility: The PCs encounter Trolfgar again 1-2 levels later. He asks how his investment has panned out. If the party pays him at least 51 gold, he walks away happy.

6 Roll twice

The party finds two of the above NPCs-in the midst of a heated argument! Each is accusing the other of being a liar, slanderer, or the perpetrator of a heinous crime! What a mystery! What intrigue! Let your PCs talk to each NPC (if they’re interested), and whatever conclusion they come to is correct. Short RP experience with some sleuthing the party can’t fail.

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Hey! I wanna start reading the sw books. Could you say me what's the order? How many books there are? Please and thank you.

Hello Nony!

I’m not sure I can help you with your request. Before Disney and Lucasfilm decanonized the entire EU there were hundreds if not a thousand books within the Star Wars canon.  

I, myself, haven’t read much in the new canon books since a.) I can’t stand the way Chuck Wendig writes and b.) I don’t particularly care much about Snap Wexley or any of the other named face characters JJ Abrahms shoe horned his friends into. (Do not EVEN get me started on Greg Grunberg or I will blow a gasket.)

If you want to get into SW books I would suggest starting with the novelizations of the movies, which give added depth to the story you already know. Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover is a high point in Star Wars Novelizations and really adds to the emotional depths and pathos of Anakin’s eventual Fall. 

I also enjoyed Lost Stars and Bloodline by Claudia Gray. Lost Stars covers the life and times of two Empire Day babies who grow up parallel to the Empire on an Outer Rim planet. They both go off to the Imperial Academy on Coruscant but eventually their paths diverge, one joins the Rebellion and the other stays loyal to the Empire. It’s a YA book but a good one. 

Bloodline is all about Leia doing her politician thing, making Padme proud in the afterlife. The new republic senate is having problems I am uncomfortably familiar with live in the States and while Leia investigates the beginnings of what will become The First Order, someone lets the cat out of the bag about who Leia’s biological father is. Cue shock! Cue scandal! Cue thoughtful character development about Leia and Han and important bits of the overall Sequel Trilogy narrative. Also, cue Feels about Bail Organa and a poor doomed guy. It’s a great story and I enjoyed it a lot.

What’s nice about Star Wars is you can jump in just about anywhere and find your way through it. Except maybe TFA. I don’t think TFA would work as well without the bulk of Star Wars canon to support it. 

I hope that helps, Nony! I’m sure there are other people out there who have read more than I have and have better recommendations. If y’all want to drops some comments or leave them in my ask box I’ll make sure to reblog them so our friendly neighborhood grey beachball can see them.


Creation Energy and Source Wells (drunk edition)

Some cool kids write drunk posts so I was like “hey, I have alcohol, I should do that!!!” so here tf we are boys. To maintain that Drunk Aesthetic I’m probably not gonna fix a lotta misspellings, don’t wan t people on tumblr dot com accusing me of being a fake alcohol : (.. if something’s jank af don’t worry I’ll fix it though. UI’m gonna be sorta coherent. Sorta

This topic popped back up in my head bc I ran into @nobodyandheartless by coincidence on a server I’m in! A while ago they sent me this ask and was all “wtf is life energy what is this bull shit” and, you see, I didn’t have a lot of the vernacular I needed to quite explain what I was talking about. In the past I’ve talked ab life energy and void energy having diametric opposition, but life energy is so vague. Like… w life energy, are you talking ab essence, vitality, shi, prana, what the fuck are you DOING MATE you know?? So for a while I kinda quietly sat and tried to figure my life out. Bc even talking and answering a lot of these questions I felt like something was off. Like I was missing pieces of information I needed.

Well this just in: I got it now!! B))) And it’s funny how this answer kinda marriages to a subject I was already interested in.

So something I’ve been interested in a lot of my “deity meta” pursuits is this idea of a source well. That almost every paradigm has some sort of connecting piece to some larger “source” thing. A lot of times it’s a deity of some sort. See. Okay. So within most paradigms, there are plenty of deities or entities or w/e tf that can create shit. hell, we can create shit, so what makes source wells so special??? Why’s this shit even matter? And wtf is this New Age source bull shit what does that even MEAN

@chaosjelly i mentioned him too lol

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Old Article from June 15, 2013 on JJ Abrahms talking about romance in Star Wars. http://www.contactmusic.com/jj-abrams/news/j-j-abrams-wanted-michael-arndt-before-star-wars_3721042 The 46-year-old super-producer was careful not to give too much away about the hotly-anticipated film's plot, but revealed there will be a central love story. Quizzed about the possibility of on-screen romance, he said: ''No doubt, even if I already know I want to approach this project in a different way ... We're only in the initial stages [of making the film] and it's difficult to talk about it other than to say it's very exciting.'' The movie - which is expected to be released in 2015 - will be the first new entry in the series since the prequels, which ended with 2005's 'Revenge of the Sith'.

Wowwwwww there is some crazy nerd rage tornado forming over the new Star Trek: Discovery Trailer.  Personally I’ve always been generally okay with Star Trek but not into it the way I am with Star Wars… but this show visually looks like a mix between the JJ Abrahms Trek and Mass Effect… and I’m okay with that?

Apparently a shitload of ST nerds aren’t, though, as the comments are inundated with raging pissy man-babies.  Show hasn’t even come out yet and they’ve already proclaimed that “it sucks” “it ruined Star Trek” etc etc…  it’s the kind of hyperbole you’d expect from the typical blind fanbase.   Whatever happened to at least watching the freakin’ pilot before jumping to conclusions?

Sort of funny though that a lot of comments are complaining about what they perceive as “forced diversity” and SJW this and that… but wasn’t diversity what Star Trek was supposed to be about?  Or is it only okay for them if it’s a diverse cast but a white, male captain?

I mean, I shouldn’t really be surprised, but this just sort of reinforces why the average public will always see nerdy fans as these frothing-at-the-mouth immature neckbeards.

You know it’s bad when a lot of them are saying that cringey The Orville from Seth MacFarlane looks better than Star Trek: Discovery

Tell everyone you know: “My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.” And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they’re doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what.
And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel—and then, you’ll love them all. Because the only reason you don’t love them, is because you’re using them as your excuse to not feel good.
—  Abrahm Hicks