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thebluntprincess  asked:

Do you think the 70s was the era of the ugliest architecture? The 70s aesthetic always seemed gaudy to me

The 70s is such a weird time in architecture, with the ideals and utopias of the 70s confronting the reality of a tumultuous world. Brutalism on the way out, PoMo on the way in, and so many different styles and aesthetics that is impossible for me to make such a blanket statement. Maybe it is because I grew up in architecture at a time when Faux-Historicism was being kicked to the curb, but I have always consider much of the 80s a wasteland (although I bet if I look close enough there would also be classics to feature).

Here are some of my favorite projects from the 70s… and the last one, a preview of what was to come!

Douglas House Richard Meier

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