abraham lincoln high school


INTERESTING FACTS: Abraham Lincoln High School is Vallejo, California what Elmore Junior High is based off of. And The Watterson house and whole neighbourhood based off a house at 1026 York Street, Vallejo California, USA. The house is not inhabitated but also not for sale. So it’s just there. Ben Bocquelet have visited multiple times and taken pictures of the neighbourhood and has climbed the roof of the house to take pictures. As for Abraham Lincoln, I’m not sure if he took photos there but I’ve talked to the people who work there and told them how their school is in TAWOG and they loved that. I think they already know. And if you checkout some of the pictures, some high schoolers who are Gumball fans have dressed up as Gumball and Darwin and made TAWOG signs and stuff. So they know they’re going to the “Elmore Junior High” in real life.