abraham licoln vampire hunter


Okay so many people know that the famous director, Tim Burton(if you don’t whohe is- go die) puts his partner, Helena Bonham Carter in most of his films. (again, if you don’t know who she is- die.) BUT THIS TIME IT IS DIFFERENT!

Tim is now working on the movie adaptation of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, a false or true biography of the well known President, revealing he is one of the ost BAMFTASTIC vampire hunters of all time ad that a vampire had killed his mother, leading to this rampage.

Now there would have to be a small role for the amazig Helena… but alas! I am wrong! She is no where in the cast list or any news about her in this… I am slightly dissapointed in this… There has to be even a small one liner! But NO. I think she would be a great Nancy Lincold or Mary Todd!!! God!!!


abraham lincoln was a badass.

i choose to think that this is how it really went down at Gettysburg.