abracadabra rose

Bella Sogno Rose

The Bella Sogno Rose is a magical breed of rose, originally bred in Italy in the 1840s, by renowned Herbologist Aritimi Ricci. Ricci was known for her skill with plants used in sleeping, dreamless sleep, peaceful sleep and soothing draughts, and the Bella Sogno was her first venture into dreaming magics. The plant itself has a two tone cream and maroon colour, which turns iridescent with morning dew, and with the rising and setting sun, and it’s scent can send the one who smelled it into rich and surprisingly realistic dreams, often of guilty pleasures, more questionable delights, and similar such things. Sometimes called “The Flower of Forbidden Delights” it has become especially popular in America, especially with the elite, though it is grown in the gardens of some magical schools, for the education of the older years.

The rose itself blooms rarely, only for a few months out of the year and only under very specific conditions. each bush only grows a few flowers (usually between five and eight) and of those only three or four will fully bloom, though the the unbloomed flowers can be and often are, still used in potions to give one good dreams. Despite the various merits of the flowers - it’s beauty and it’s use in potions most notably, the Bella Sogno Rose is sometimes considered restricted, and indeed is, in some jurisdictions, due to the effects of an “overdose” of scent from a Bella Sogno - that of a coma which can last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks, while the individual dreams through all their various hidden - or sometimes unhidden - desires.

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(Image is actually of an Abracadabra Rose or possibly a Black Dragon Rose. Identification varies. Original ideas for this post come from Here on americanwizarding. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR MY CAPTION.)