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I was reading some good meta™ some days ago that brought up Scorpius having a dark mark in the Voldemort day alternate reality. (I think the actor that day rubbed his arm a lot? Don't really remember). My question is... Would he? I'm still not sure about how the time travel works regarding the persons involved, like clothes and stuff. (Scorpius returns in the lake in black robes but Albus has Slytherin ones?). I would like to hear what you think. Love the Cursed Child positivity of your blog!

Hmmmmmmm…. Okay. Do we think it’s reasonable to imagine that all the kids at Hogwarts, at least the pureblood kids, were Marked? I could see that. It would be a mark of ownership and loyalty and give Voldemort a way to magically control them all. It’s also possible that only a chosen few were Marked. Basically, I think it’s reasonable to imagine that Scorpion King Scorpius had the Dark Mark. (And reasonable to imagine he didn’t, we obviously don’t know for sure.)

However: as you point out, a character arrives in a new timeline in the same condition in which they left the previous timeline. Scorpius arrives back in the main timeline wearing his Death Eater robes. But he arrives in the Voldemort timeline unmarked, wearing his Slytherin swimming costume. So, regardless of whether or not Scorpion King was marked, Scorpius wouldn’t have been marked in that timeline. (Unless it happened while he was there for some reason, and omg, can you imagine? Like if Scorpius arrived just in time for the Marking Ceremony and then had to go through with it. And he’d carry it back with him to the main timeline and have it forever. Actually, someone should write that. I think maybe you already did, @torestoreamends ? )

Why did Albus’s clothes change? Bloody hell. I mean, the obvious answer is “So Scorpius would notice and the audience would know that Albus was back in Slytherin”. Albus hadn’t done the actual time travelling, given he didn’t exist in the Voldemort world. It would mean that when Scorpius changed history back to the main timeline, he erased the second reality in which Albus had been in Gryffindor. Albus still remembered that reality, but when he emerged from the lake he’d come from the main time line in which he was in Slytherin. 

I’m like 99% sure I haven’t posted this yet?? (no pun intended) So I’ll do that now!

Made this around when MP100 S1 was ending, I’m not terribly happy with it now, but I put a lot of work into it and people seemed to like it when I sold it! (back during the mini-comics expo at SCAD) so why not share the finished thing here?