abra catastrophe

So I was talking to my friends about that new 10 years after Danny design, and I talk about how surprise I was when I see that Future Timmy is stronger than future Danny (and taller maybe?). Like Danny should be 24 there but he’s still looks like a teenage? But then I realize I don’t know how old is future Tim…..was it mention in the show? 

If the live action movie Tim is 23 when he met Tootie again, and they get married a year later? then a year after they got kids…..and If Tommy and Tammy are 10 years old when we saw them, that means future Tim is 23+1+1+10= 35? And it’s only if Tommy and Tammy are twins. Well…he’s been 10 for over 50 years in canon so 35 years old wasn’t so old?

But then again, in the third live action movie Timmy turn into a fairy so…..that must be in a different timeline I guess? Humm but FOP wiki does said Future Tim is 30, so…I guess he’s 30? I think he’s between 28 to 32 though.

Anyway, because these, I wanna put different ages Tim picture here for future reference, and talk about stuff~

Here’s baby Timmy from episode “Good Old Days”, “Baby Face”, and “Channel Chasers”. Age about between few months to 1 years old???

The 5 years old Timmy and Gary from episode “Imaginary Gary”….but he looks the same as 10 years old Tim….

8 years old Timmy from “Abra-Catastrophe!”. He looks a bit younger than the 5 years old one.

From “Channel Chasers” we can see 12 years old Tim, 15 years old Tim and 16 years old Tim…..but wait!

Remember “GAH”? He’s supposed to be 16 years old as well? 

?????? That looks different….???

Back to the “Channel Chasers” again, Here’s Tim when he’s …..uh…17 and 18 years old maybe? 

Now here’s the muscular badass looking future Timmy. Supposedly around 30 years old.

And juuuuust a few years later~

He will turn into this cutie? lol Age probably around 45?

He seems shorter and lose hair here but that make sense he would looks like that consider the 60 years old Tim will be even shorter and more hairless??? 

60 years old Tim here seems as tall as the 10 years old Timmy, which is cute~

Please tell me if you know the actual age for these~ I’m curious to know!

Top Ten Anime Battles (in no particular order)

10. Nacho vs. Ramses in Nacho Libre

9. Batman vs. Superman in The Dark Knight Returns

8. Robot Chicken vs. Everyone in Robot Chicken (that one season finale you know)

7. Hank vs. the Cousins in Breaking Bad

6. Padre vs. Osiris and his crew in Machete

5. Anakin vs Obi Wan in Star Wars episode 3

4. Peter vs. the Chicken (finale) in Family Guy

3. Rocky vs. Ivan Drago in Rocky IV

2. The Punisher vs. the Russian Hitman in The Punisher

1. Timmy vs. Mr. Crocker in Fairly Oddparents: Abra-catastrophe