“I can’t do this. I’m not what I once was.”

“No one is, that’s just evolution and not ending up dead.” After a beat, nonetheless, they tugged their companion to lay back. “And those,” the protagonist pointed up at the shining spread of stars above them, “are just bits of fading, dying light too. Are you going to try and tell me that they’re not spectacular?” 

Four in the Morning

Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning. Paper spread out around him, pencil in hand and behind his ear. Taking shape on the white, gray and black, stark lines, city buildings and the moon above them. The world is quiet, not quite awake, aside from Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning.

Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning. Bruised knuckles, split and bleeding lip, wincing as he tried to quietly clean himself up. Blood falling on the rooftop, softly glowing in the starlight. Black eye blooming, hungry, hurting. The world is spinning around Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning.

Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning. Running, breathing hard, terrified. Yelling coming from behind him before he trips, and pain is flaring from his knees and elbows and then from his stomach and head as he curls into a ball, trying to avoid the boots that kept hitting Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning.

Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning. Sniffles coming from around him, hurried whispers from bunk to bunk, rats scrabbling across the floor and bugs squirming into his blankets. I stump of a candle lighting his scrap of paper as he drew the horrors of the refuge around him, Jack Kelly awake at four in the morning.

Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning. Planning, scribbling, getting ready to run. Blanket nested around him, candle sputtering and almost dead, almost ready to run. Boys all around him watching him silently, either knowing or guessing what he was planning, while he was Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning.

Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning. Frozen on a mattress, back on the roof he knew so well, fists clenched at his side and silent tears running down his cheeks, awake from a nightmare and the knowledge that while it was only a nightmare for him, others were still living it, making him Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning.

Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning. Crouching on a fire escape, carefully passing food and water and blankets and clothing through the bars. Whispering instructions on how to hide the supplies he brought, starting and running at the sound of familiar boots on the stairs. Jack Kelly, terrified and doing what he thinks is right, awake at four in the morning.

Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning. Once again on his roof, drawings spread out around him, drawings of bunks lined up too close, rats’ noses sticking out, of boys with black eyes and cut faces and ribs showing through their clothing. Rather than crying over nightmares, not sleeping at all. Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning.

Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning. Pacing back and forth, mind racing, scared and guilty and alone for the first time in a long time. Guilty of losing his head, of losing his brother and hurting his friends, scared of never getting him back and of being alone on his roof forever, Jack Kelly, terrified, awake at four in the morning.

Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning. Lying on a mattress with his best friend next to him, whispering comforts as he cries and shakes, terrified from the same nightmares that wake Jack up. Holding him close and kissing his hair, wishing he could give up anything to not have this reason to be Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning.

Jack Kelly, awake at four in the morning. Looking out at the city, his brother, best friend, next to him, wishing and dreaming together. Wishing to leave, to escape, to run and be free, dreaming of a big moon and a wide river, knowing they won’t ever go, knowing they really are happy where there are, Jack Kelly and his family, awake at four in the morning.


middle-earth meme: two couples [2/2] ->melian and thingol

But he came at last to a glade open to the stars, and there Melian stood; and out of the darkness he looked at her, and the light of Aman wa in her face. She spoke no word; but being filled with love Elwe came to her and took her hand, and straightway a spell was laid on him, so that they stood thus while long years were measured by the wheeling stars above them; and the trees of Nan Elmoth grew tall and dark before they spoke any word.  (The Silmarillion: Of Thingol and Melian)

[Drawing of a stick-figure girl sitting behind a table talking to three other stick-figure girls standing opposite her. Above them are the words, “POTS Problem #45: Losing People!” The girl behind the table says, “Hey! It’s been forever since I’ve seen all of you!” The other girls say, in turn, “Yeah, I stopped texting when you got…weird.” “I didn’t understand your illness and didn’t bother to try to figure it out!” “I’ve always been a flake, so you’re not missing out on much.”]

Slightly salty. ✌️

Prompt #469

“Please don’t hurt me.” The villain cringed as the hero loomed above them. “I didn’t mean- I didn’t-”

“Do you think ignorance is a valid excuse?” The hero raised a hand.

“Hey! Knock it off!”

“Yeah, leave them alone!”

Both the hero and the villain turned, surprise written all over their masked faces.

Oh my god

Me and my friends bought balloons into school and blew them up and and theyre sitting in our common room and these two students in the year above us just saw them and started smiling and laughing and joking about them and im so happy bc they dont know who did it and the balloons all have different faces on and Ill add a picture hold on

Like Im gonna cry I love making school a bit brighter we are probably gonna get in trouble or something or someones gonna pop them but i dont care because its just so great seeing people confused but happy ahhhhh

An oldie but a goldie

Found this old content on my Reddit – TheMcCuckqueans. We found her on Fetlife – more accurately she found us. She actually started conversation with us, but I honestly don’t remember this experience. I’m sure I wrote the story way back when, but alas, it’s gone now. 

My memory really sucks but I remember one time went supperrrr long with her. By the end of it Gary couldn’t even cum anymore but he was still rubbing his cock all over/in her pussy…and she was just laying there exhausted and shakey, slightly moaning. I’m pretty sure it’s the time in the picture above(or maybe below? I don’t know how this shit will post :D) because I was laying above them…just waiting for it to finish. I couldn’t believe they were still going – I’m sure I came twice, if not more. I was starting to get jealous because at this point come on, you’re basically cuddling with your privates. 

This is the same girl who I had my worst emotional experience with. Now I know it’s because I let my emotions win…but back then I felt trapped in the lifestyle. 

But on to better things, isn’t that picture so sexy? :) – We haven’t had a girl in over a year now but I remember how much I loved watching. Being able to see everything, experience everything. Touch who I want, where I want. I remember the more I exited the more personal it became them two(any cuckcake) which always drove me crazy, in a good, soaking wet pussy kind of way. I would play with myself(I very rarely use my fingers, fun fact. I always use a vibrator or my hitachi) and I remember my favorite was always watching his cock go in and out, in and out..

based on this post

this is for you @quasi-quasar

persephone’s head jerks, startled by the distant sounds of thumping, thumping coming from — oh, that can’t be right.

hades is still speaking, sighing about how hageus has been hounding pallas again, nagging about something or another (most likely about how all of the dead are supposedly equal and yet why do you still receive such preferential treatment?). 

and normally, normally, persephone would never be able to tear her eyes away from her beloved, completely captivated by the manner in which the goddess of the underworld spoke, the way her eyes light up, the way her hands gesture. 

but that sound

unable to bear the noise any longer, persephone lifts a hand, effectively catching hades’ attention, her words tapering off. 

she arches a brow. “is something wrong, persephone?” 

persephone frowns and points to the ceiling sitting high above them. “is that,” she pauses, tongue clicking irritably at the ceaseless knocking, “do you hear that banging?”

hades stills, angling her head toward the banging in question. her eyes widen slightly before she grimaces, gaze narrowing as she pinches the bridge of her nose.

“not again,” she mutters.

persephone wants to ask what she means, but her mouth snaps shut at the growing volume of the clamor, her eyes closing as she exhales sharply, nostrils flaring.

hades glares at the ceiling, as though the heat of her gaze could be felt through the many layers of the earth.

and oh, she feels the exasperation fall away, quickly replaced by adoration and fondness because hades — hades looks beautiful even with her arms folded over her chest, her expression caught between crossed and amused.

(mortals are trying to get my attention, hades tells her later, the black depths of her eyes twinkling beneath the low light of the torches. win my favor.

and persephone laughs and laughs and laughs.)

anonymous asked:

what are your favourite books and why?

  • ‘The Power of Now’ to understand my mind and my thoughts
  • ‘A New Earth’ to understand why people interact in the ways they do
  • ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ to understand human history from the beginning of the universe to where we are today
  • ‘Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think’ to understand where the world is headed. 

These are the books that have given me the perspective that I have, they’re all filled with epiphanies, I highly recommend them.

‘Sapiens’ above is recommended by President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates. The follow-up, ‘Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow’, is equally stunning.

And not a book but I really recommend watching a documentary called ‘The Hidden Secrets of Money’ to understand our modern economic system, how America became a superpower thanks to WWI & II, and why we are headed toward a catastrophic economic collapse in the next few years, akin to the fall of Rome. Something we should all be aware of. Check it out on Youtube.  

#cuddles #weasleys #blushing

Prompts: @hermione-omega-annabeth
Author: @queenofthyme

Draco felt out of place. His platinum blonde hair stood out amongst the sea of red. He had met so many Weasleys in the space of twenty minutes that he couldn’t even remember a single name.

Harry had left him alone as soon as they’d arrived so he had been forced to introduce himself awkwardly to all the Weasley cousins. They all seemed to know who he was already. And not in the usual he’s a death eater kind of way, but in a giggling oh, you’re that Draco kind of way.

It made him wonder what Harry had told them and if he’d mentioned…the incident. Draco had been friends with Harry for most of eighth year, and in love with him for most of his teenage life. And two weeks ago, one of his wildest dreams had come true – Harry had kissed him.

They’d been sneaking down to the kitchens late at night in Harry’s invisibility cloak when Draco had accidentally knocked into a suit of armor and brought about a racket enough to wake everyone in the castle up. Knowing a teacher wouldn’t be far away, and not trusting the invisibility cloak to save them, they’d dashed into the first broom cupboard they could find, both stifling their laughter.

Draco hardly had time to consider the situation they’d gotten themselves into, particularly the proximity of Harry’s body to him in the small space, when Harry had leaned up and kissed him. Just like that. No warning. Draco’s face flared red immediately of course. Harry Potter was kissing him. And Draco was – at least he hoped, he was a little too dazed to concentrate properly – kissing him back.

It was perfect.

But then the door had swung open and a hand pulled the invisibility cloak off him – the teachers weren’t stupid – so they’d stopped. And they hadn’t talked about it since.

Harry was acting exactly the same as before, as if nothing had happened. And Draco didn’t know what to make of that. Didn’t know how to behave now he had fallen even deeper for Harry Potter.

And worse now, Harry had convinced him to come to the Weasley’s Christmas party and then had left him alone. It enough to drive anyone up the wall. And Draco wasn’t known for being particularly patient.

After being introduced to a middle-aged lady who called herself Muriel the second, Draco excused himself into the house. He had to find Harry and tell him he’d had enough. That he was going home.

Draco finally found him in the attic with Ron and Hermione. They were talking in hushed voices and Harry was holding something in his –

“Draco!” Harry said standing up and hiding whatever he was holding behind his back. “What are you doing here?”

That stung. “You invited me remember. But don’t worry, I’m leaving now.”

Harry hurried forward, his hands still behind his back. “But - But you can’t leave.”

“I can do whatever I want, especially when I’m being ignored.” Draco turned and headed back down the stairs. He wanted to run away but he had to preserve his dignity. Instead he would walk calmly to the apparition point, disapparate to the Manor and never leave home again. Perhaps he was being dramatic, but what else could he be when he felt like his heart had been stomped on?

Leaving turned out to be a lot more difficult than he’d anticipated. Everywhere he turned, there was another Weasley in front of him and they’d all remembered his name.

“Have you tried the fruit cake, Draco?”

“Would you mind awfully taking a photo of Philias and I, Draco?”

“Draco, be a dear and help me move this table?”

“I insist we discuss Potions, Draco, I’ve been told you’re quite the prodigy?”

Being well graced in polite society, Draco was forced to delay his departure to appease all the Weasleys – somehow, they seemed to be multiplying.

He had almost reached his way across the yard when Ron and Hermione caught up to him.

“Are you really this daft?” Ron started, but Hermione shushed him.

“Harry hasn’t been ignoring you,” she said with a gentle smile.

“Then why – “

Ron pulled a small plant from his pocket with bright red berries. “It’s mistletoe,” he explained. “Harry was going to use it as an excuse to kiss you again.”

There were so many things Draco wanted to say, wanted to ask. But the only words he could manage were, “That’s not mistletoe.”

“Yes it – “

“Actually, Ron,” Hermione interrupted. “It’s Holly. Mistletoe has white berries.” She turned to Draco. “But that hardly matters, does it? Harry likes you, Draco. It’s obvious. He invited you here as his date, you realise?”

“His date?” Draco repeated. There was a roaring sound in his ears that he didn’t particularly mind. Harry liked him. Harry wanted to kiss him again.

And then through the mass of redheads, Draco saw, behind Ron and Hermione, a jet-black head bobbing towards them. He acted instinctively with a wordless Wingardium Leviosa.

The Weasleys parted and there was Harry, as frustratingly gorgeous as always, staring at Draco as if, as if he really did like him. Shit. Draco was already blushing.

“Draco,” Harry said moving forward to stand in front of Draco, “You’re still here.” He sounded relieved.

Draco let his eyes dart up to the holly above them, so Harry would notice. “I’ve been waiting for something. Or someone.”

When he looked back down to Harry, he was pleased – and relieved – to find his cheeks were flaming as well. They may not have had the red hair, but they were certainly colour-matching the Weasley clan now.

The loud Weasley chatter around the yard had quieted. Everything was still. It seemed everyone was watching Harry and Draco.

Draco supposed he would have to be the brave one. He had never been before. But even though he was in unfamiliar territory with unfamiliar people, he somehow felt comfortable. Felt safe. So, he leaned forward and planted a kiss on Harry Potter, to the cheers and applause of the entire Weasley family.

When they split apart, Draco had no time to talk to Harry, as they were both pulled into separate hugs by Weasley family members. And it kept going – Draco received hugs and pats on the back from what seemed like everyone at the party.  There were words of encouragement too:

“Good on you, Draco.”

“Always knew it was mutual.”

“We’d heard enough of Harry’s pining, you know?”

And Draco’s favourite:

“Welcome to the family.”

Draco caught Harry’s eye – he was currently enveloped in Molly Weasley’s arms – and smiled. For the first time, Draco felt like perhaps he belonged.

more like this l @queenofthyme

I Think about @destiny-islanders ​ Crossover a lot. I have a lot of thoughts on it and not nearly enough time to draw them all out. There’s just so much to love about their comics, their humor, and especially their art style. Seriously, the clothing DI designs are ridiculously cool, and I love the eye thing they do. A few headcanons below.

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Blue Bucharest

Originally posted by sxy-seabass

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader

Request: So I had the idea where Buck still lives in Bucharest and your’re his girlfriend but recently he feels sad because he cant give you the life you deserve but you reassure him all the time that you’re happy as Long as he’s with you. So one time he feels down again and you decide to cuddle him but this cuddling soon turns heated and he makes love to you? :) Just some fluffy smut would be lovely

Warnings: smut/NSFW (18+) - unprotected sex (wrap it up, kiddos) - angst - fluff

Word Count: 1.5K

A/N: i’m doing my best to keep up with the requests, but i’m still not doin’ too great, so it may take some time. anyways, i hope this is what you were lookin’ for 💕

Iubire - love

The warm sun outside was beginning to be clouded over by thick, heavy rain clouds. Distant thunder rumbles in the distance, and you pick up your pace, walking faster as you try to balance the bags of groceries in your arms. Carefully reaching for the door handle, you dip under the overhang above the door just as the first few raindrops being to patter onto the thin material above you. You stumble up the stairs to your apartment and fumble with the keys. When the door swings open, you’re greeted by darkness and silence.

“Bucky?” Your voice rings through the small apartment. “Are you here, Iubire?” You kick the door shut behind you, sliding off your shoes and padding over to drop the bags of groceries on the counter. “Hello?” You shrug off your jacket, hesitantly setting it over a kitchen chair as you listen for a response. Flicking on a light, you take in the room. Bucky set on the edge of your bed in the corner, his head cradled in his hands, his long locks of hair shrouding his face.

“Hey,” you warily whisper, slowly walking over to him. “Are you okay?” When he doesn’t respond, you gradually lower yourself onto the bed next to him, gently placing a light hand on his back. “Iubire?”

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he weakly mutters.

“For what?” You start to rub soothing circles on his back. “You’ve done nothing wrong, Buck.”

“I just…,” his voice trails off into nothingness as he gently sniffles. “I…I can’t give you what you deserve…And I’m sorry for that. You deserve so much better than this.”

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