Astronomers discover powerful aurora beyond solar system

Washington DC (SPX) Jul 30, 2015
Astronomers have discovered the first aurora ever seen in an object beyond our Solar System. The aurora - similar to the famous “Northern Lights” on Earth - is 10,000 times more powerful than any previously seen. They found the aurora not from a planet, but from a low-mass star at the boundary between stars and brown dwarfs. The discovery reveals a major difference between the magnetic a
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Chicago May 8, 1980 by Larry Irvin
Via Flickr:

View from Sears Tower

Top: Looking north from Sears Tower. At the top of the photo, construction has begun on the new Tribune printing facility. Lower left, just in front of the green and yellow C&NW commuter cars, is the sweet smelling Blommer Chocolate Co.

Middle and Bottom: Looking down on the leads into C&NW Terminal.

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