I embarrass jerk customer in front of date, forcing him to eat crow.

Just saw the other post on the front page, reminded me of a story during my time as a waiter.

So the place I worked at was pretty nice by normal standards, but for my area it was basically one of about 3 nice places to sit down and eat in a 30 mile radius.  HAd a guy come in shortly after open one day, said he wanted to reserve a table for that night and wanted to know if we could “make it special”

He had flowers he’d purchased, and he asked if we could bring them out during the meal.  I said it was no problem, and even let him fridge the flowers in back so they’d be nice and fresh for that evening.  He also wanted a “secluded” table, I looked at the reservations and he was the only one, so reserved about 6 tables around the fireplace for him, and told the other servers to only use those tables if we got busy.   This was all in front of him, I felt like we were sort of helping him plan, it was fun, and you don’t get a lot of chances to do something nice and rewarding waiting tables so we were all on board to make it an awesome night.  When they arrive I’ve got the table done up with candles and we ended up being really slow so I was able to give them the entire fireplace room to themselves, and put everyone else in the main dining room.

The dinner went off without a hitch, I gave them a free wine tasting, free dessert, brought the flowers out, the whole bit.  The guy’s date was positively beaming.  I felt great, and the rest of the staff just thought it was a really neat little evening we’d thrown together for these folks.

I saw them get up to leave, and grabbed the little black book we’d put folk’s bill in to see if I’d gotten a nice tip or even a nice little thank you or something.   So naive!

There was their ticket, and the tip line had a big fat line drawn through it.  This was 100+ dollar meal.  I’d been stiffed plenty of times, usually you just shrug it off and on to the next, but the fact that this guy had asked for service above and beyond made me see red, before I could even think about it, I was fast walking up to the happy couple, I caught them right at the front door.

“Was everything all right with your service today?’ I heard myself asking.

The lady starts to beam, "It was SO wonderful thank you SO much!”

Dude gives me the look.  That look of, “Oh shit, don’t fucking bust me out dude.”  The panic in his eyes seals his fate.

“Are you sure about that?” I ask, and flip the bill book open, and point at the tip line.

The lady gasps, “You didn’t tip him?!”

“I uh….forgot….I have money in my car”

She looks at him incredulously.  He “runs out to his car” and grabs me a wadded up five, that almost certainly came from his pocket, not the car.  Put it in my hand while giving me a death stare, and they walk out awkwardly.

TLDR: Ask for over the top service and leave zero tip?  I will ruin your date.

Thank you Cheritz

A little doodle to show my appreciation for a company that goes above and beyond for it’s fans and customers. It’s incredible that they’re still making new content, especially a whole new route.

So thank you Cheritz, to most of us you’ve given us more than just a game.

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Happy birthday @dreamsaremywords !!!!!!!

You are kind, smart, incredibly talented, funny, and I am so happy and proud to call you my friend. I hope you have a great day, which turns into a good week, which becomes a wonderful month, which starts off an inspiring year, which turns into an amazing life. You are the best writer I have ever met, and I can’t wait to read your book. 

For those of you who don’t know, she is the author of this fanfiction, which is above and beyond the best HP AU written in the history of fandom. These mood boards are inspired by that masterpiece. 

The purest of blogs!!!

In these dark times it is hard to look forward to a brighter future! However, I had the greatest luxury to come across one of the most superb blogs that has ever existed!!! @hoofclid has renewed my spirits, and reassured me that good hearted people truly exist!!! It is people like him that motivate me to greater heights, and I couldn’t be more grateful for his skill and influence! I could live a hundred lifetimes and still couldn’t repay his good inspiration and kindness towards me! I wouldn’t be the person I am today if not for the gracious people who have influenced my life, such as @hoofclid, and others who have been so kind to me!!! I will always remain indebted to people like you, @hoofclid, for going above and beyond to make sure that all of your viewers witnesses positivity and self reassurance!!! Thank you so much @hoofclid for bringing optimism in our lives!!!

Have I mentioned that I love @feylen? Because I do. Doesn’t matter what I throw at her or ask for patreon she goes above and beyond and delivers!

Eerie and her girls (Dusty on the left belonging to @juuneaux and Liv on the right belonging to @princetheirins) would be ALL OVER that ChocoMog Festival like you wouldn’t believe. You probably wouldn’t get them to leave honestly and don’t leave them alone with the chocobo chicks. They may try to smuggle one back into the city

anonymous asked:

how can you "stand with seaworld" when they are keeping orcas and marine animals in such small areas? they need to be in bigger areas. they need to be in the ocean. not in a pool with other that have become aggressive because of said pool and having been taken away from their family. i can't believe you people are for captivity and seaworld. it's sickening.

I waited until I wasn’t on mobile so I could answer this properly.

SeaWorld is held to the highest standard with their associations with different organizations that regulate the minimum of what animals need. SeaWorld goes above and beyond what the minimum space requirements on exhibits. Is it perfect? No. Should the animals be given more space? Absolutely. But when SeaWorld tried to set up permits to rebuilt and expand the orca’s exhibit, PETA and other animal rights activists blocked them. SeaWorld WANTS to give them bigger areas, but other organizations stopped them. They don’t want the animals to have better conditions, better exhibits, better animal welfare, they want them “free”. Also the sea pens that they want to release the orcas into, the same one the Keiko was “released” into, are smaller than the exhibits they’re in now. When he was moved from Mexico, his medical conditions improved, and then he was moved to a sea pen smaller than his exhibit in Mexico, with worse conditions. So yeah I’m all for bigger areas, help SeaWorld give them bigger areas.

There is just as much aggression in the wild as there is at SeaWorld. But the at SeaWorld they are able to redirect and manage behavior with training, enrichment, fixing family dynamics.

SeaWorld doesn’t “tear apart families”. They move animals when its appropriate for them to move and leave a family. (Individuals move around and leave pods more than activists let on). The only time they broke a family bond too soon. They realized the mistake and FIXED IT! That’s what Blackfish doesn’t tell you, they brought the baby back to its mother. We are still learning and improving the care for the animals.

Activists have turned captivity into a dirty word. It means under human care, which means all pets, your dog or cat, is living in captivity. Having animals under human care is helping research to learn more how to protect their wild cousins and helping keep the species from extinction when we eventually completely destroy our oceans because we are more focused on whether the 23 whales at SeaWorld are “happy” rather than the entire fate of the ocean. The pro-cap vs anti-cap debate takes away from all the education and rescue work SeaWorld does.

If you would like to discuss more about animals in captivity, feel free to message me.

Controversial aspect of his heritage? Ali being a muslim is controversial, how? The word you’re looking for is inconvenient. The media doesn’t want to promote anything positive about Islam, not when it went through all the trouble to portray Islam as a synonym to terrorism. Acts of terrorism are just that.. terrorism. Islam clearly, absolutely prohibits such acts. When a white guy shoots dozens of kids in a school, the news says ‘an armed guy.’ Period. But if it’s a muslim, the media goes above and beyond to emphasize on their religion. Why?

Midoriya and his many parents

Not a Dream Daddy post.

 I’ve mentioned this briefly in Aizawa’s profile, but BnHA is just chock full of father figures. There’s a big emphasis on mentors and fatherhood, more so than in a lot of other manga and anime I follow.
Now, the idea of the ’sensei’ is fairly classic, the old master who teaches the young hero their secret technique and all that. But the young heroes in BnHA, with their high stakes environment, do have a lot of them.

 This is especially true for Midoriya.

 Inko Midoriya

Surely I’m not the only one who thinks it’s super interesting that we have not seen Midoriya’s biological father? Like… he wasn’t even on the couch watching the Sports Festival.

Considering his mother appears to be a house wife in a fairly nice apartment, I think it’s safe to assume that he at least exists. Maybe he’s a salaryman with a lot of overtime, more likely he’s working overseas.
Whatever the case, he’s very much an absent dad. 
Now, absentee parents aren’t that much of a deal in anime. The ‘16-year old living alone in Tokyo’ is a bit of a trope, after all, but here, with the emphasis on several characters parents, it feels like a statement. This is the manga in which we know the entire family set-up of Tsuyu, and the names and appearance of Jirou’s parents. Much as I love Jirou, she’s a side character.
For the main character to have a blank space like that, is a Thing. It means that growing up, Izuku had one parental figure, and that parental figure was his mother.

And give the woman credit: she did amazing.
It is not easy to raise a child practically by yourself. Certainly not a child that is considered an outcast by society. The amount of love Midoriya receives from his mother is heart-warming, their relationship is one of the better ones portrayed in shounen and as a result, Midoriya is a kid with an incredible amount of mental fortitude, capable of handling some pretty devastating circumstances.
His mother has been a supporting pillar in his early childhood, which, remember, was pretty rough on account of all the bullying. As such she has shaped a lot of his personality. She’s equipped him with confidence, with an unshakable belief in himself.
However, she is very much not a hero.

Her love is one of katsudon and hugs and kind words and worried tears. She wants him safe, above all else. She’s never going to teach him hand-to-hand and going by her advice alone will not make him into the hero he desperately wants to be.
Him quite literally leaving the warm nest she made for him to learn how to fight evil people is a big part of him growing up.

 All Might

Maybe that’s why Izuku puts so much of his hopes and dreams on All Might.
Here’s his ultimate hero taking an interest in little old him.
It’s a fairy tale. A manga trope.
And I really believe that he sees an alternate father figure in All Might once he gets closer to him. They have their wax on, wax off moment on the beach, with All Might encouraging him to get stronger. This is the trope. The sensei, mister Miyagi thing where the kid gets prepped to receive the ultimate technique (in the form of a lock of… hair, whatever).
But unlike traditional masters, and unlike his biological father, All Might sticks around. He is a presence in his life. He cares for Midoriya and his continued success in a way that, at this point, no other male figure does.

Dad Might gives Midoriya a whole bunch of very important advice, but it’s good to note that this isn’t a rough or distant sort of male mentorship.
All Might quite literally opens himself up to Midoriya.
He shows him his weaker side. The skeletal side. The broken side.
Because All Might, let’s not forget, is a friggin mess.

I mean, I know he’s going through a lot, but this man is Such a Dork. It’s definitely endearing and it is also one of his best traits as a character. However: as a person, he’s really not very well equipped to be raising a teenager. He lacks, in a way, the stability and level-headedness that comes with the position of a teacher.
He cares too much. About everything. All the time.
And he nurtures that side of Midoriya, when Midoriya already has plenty of that.

He can’t help but admire Midoriya’s selflessness. Can’t help but praise the very foundation upon which his own heroics are based: helping people.
When he saves Todoroki. When he saves Bakugou, All Might is there to tell Midoriya that what he did is all right.

And this is certainly important for Midoriya to hear, but at this point it’s also not the only thing he needs to hear. 

 Aizawa Shouta

Luckily Midoriya also gets a more traditional teacher figure.
It’s interesting to note that, despite being the younger of the two, and despite the fact that he sometimes teaches from an honest to god sleeping bag, Aizawa is a much more stable mentor and general Adulting Adult.
He still cares about his students, but he’s also much more likely to Act as a Teacher.

Because Aizawa immediately picks up on Izuku’s self-mutilation.
He watched the entrance exam, he knows that Izuku’s quirk is, at this point, extremely flawed. That Izuku doesn’t have control over it.
He explains it in a pretty standoffish way, and certainly this early in the show it comes across as cruel, but he’s not wrong.
Izuku is breaking bones every single time he uses his quirk at this point in time. If he does anything with his quirk, he’ll be a casualty.
Him using only a single finger is framed as a feat of intelligence,
but it is also INSANE.
'Oh you only broke one finger, you have nine attacks left’.
That is NOT a good plan. Don’t do that. For fuck’s sake.
I hope we all realize that what Midoriya is doing is Not Healthy.
He is eating away at himself, destroying his own body over and over again.

When Aizawa tells Midoriya to get a grip on his powers he’s not just being an ass. He’s being a responsible adult, a teacher that cares about the general well-being of the students assigned to him.

Manga spoilers under the cut.

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Voltage Inc. Developer Interview!

Want to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek at what goes into creating your favorite characters and stories? Well now’s your chance!

Part one of our new Developer Interview series is here, featuring the creator of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, Scandal in the Spotlight, My Last First Kiss, and many others!! 

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What she says: I’m fine

What she means: If you think back to the videos “Alone on Valentines Day?” and “My Negative Thinking” Do you think Logan learned that phrase in Spanish because Roman knew Spanish? That maybe before hand Roman teased Logan and made him feel inferior because Roman knew Spanish and Logan didn’t. Which is why Logan went above and beyond to learn “Prince is stupid” in not only Spanish, but a multitude of languages. To prove that he’s smart? That he knows more than Roman and Patton and Virgil? To prove that his existence isn’t meaningless and he’s a valued part of Thomas? Do you ever think he feels like his existence isn’t needed? And whenever he makes a mistake he loses all his dignity and feels like a failure because he feels like the others are better at fulfilling his one purpose. Do you think he’s constantly awake trying to come up with ways to help Thomas achieve something great with his intelligence? Because if he does he won’t feel like a waste of Thomas’ personality. WHICH IS WHY HIM AND ROMAN DISLIKE EACH OTHER SO MUCH. BECAUSE THEY TRY TO GET THOMAS TO GO INTO DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS WITH HIS LIFE. BUT, ROMAN IS WINNING AND HE CONSTANTLY THROWS IT IN LOGAN’S FACE. WHICH IS WHY LOGAN IS SO EXTRA IN VIDEOS TRYING TO GET HIS POINT ACROSS SO THAT PEOPLE WILL SEE HE’S VALUABLE AND SMART AND NEEDED


No one’s really talking about it (because everyone is just talking about Tom Hardy and Harry Styles), so I’ll say it.

CILLIAN MURPHY KILLED IT; my boy really went above and beyond, and it still drives me crazy how underrated he is. Give my boy some love.

FIONN WHITEHEAD KILLED IT. I have to admit I had never heard of Fionn before Dunkirk, but I have a lot of respect for him now. He did amazingly well, and it’s extraordinarily sad how little attention he’s getting considering how well he did.

James D’Arcy was also great. The last scene he’s in was absolutely amazing.

Mark Rylance was ALSO great.

And all the young actors whose names I do not yet know were also absolutely incredible.

This film was stock full of phenomenal actor, so let’s not only sing the praises of two of them, even though the two of them were phenomenal as well.

PSA: Go see this film