Good lord, I finally have Stars Above!

I know I promised myself during the beginning of this year that I will tackle my TBR and start with the unread books in my shelf, but this is an exception. I mean, it’s a Lunar Chronicles book with 9 novellas and an excerpt for Heartless. How am I supposed to resist buying.

I mean, just look at it! It’s gorgeous!

anonymous asked:

OK BUT WHAT IF the "if they don't save her, stiles will never be the same" is malia talking to Kira, like cause her and Kira are not down there so it makes sense for Malia or Kira to refer to "they" omg. And because Maria knows how stiles really feels and omg it would amazing OMG.

I am a firm believer that Malia is totally aware and just doesn’t know how to handle it. Doesn’t know if she should stop having this connection with Stiles because of this instinct that she has that he’d rather be kissing someone else. His heart doesn’t speed up when he sees her, his chemosignals don’t smell the same. And Malia doesn’t understand why, but there’s something else… it doesn’t feel like it did at the start. Before she started noticing stuff.

She’s not sure what’s more odd– that she doesn’t say anything about it, or that she’s more curious than jealous. 

My name is Brett: truths from a trans Christian

My Name is Brett: Truths from a Trans Christian is the story of a transgender Christian finding his name, voice, and strength. The book holds humorous stories of his upbringing, tough stories of addiction, and the stories of hope he has found in his transition. It centers on his journey toward his name—Brett—and how foundational finding and being called Brett is for “naming” the big truths in his life. A transition is never easy, and the book refuses to water down the difficult complexities of being transgender. But, it simultaneously refuses to deny the continually regenerating hope found in loving family, friends, recovery, and in the ability to tell one’s story honestly and boldly. Most simply put, My Name is Brett: Truths from a Trans Christian is a love story; it’s a love story about a man finally falling in love with himself.”

More about the Brett Ray, who is currently studying at a divinity school to earn his Master of Theological Studies, can be found on his website, where you can also purchase the book: (x)