OK OK  I read @faith-xx-love ‘s fic and I drew one of the scenes that was my absolute fave part! omg go and read THIS FIC HERE!!! YOU WILL REGRET NOTHING

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My old high school has a balcony walkway on the second floor that goes over the cafeteria where everyone is eating lunch. My little brother is going there currently and had an interesting update for me. 

He said that over the past couple of weeks, a student has been printing out photos of Shia Labeouf and throwing them over the balcony during lunch time when no one is around to catch them and then running away. 

In Memoriam: Jeannie Barresi

Jeannie Barresi, co-owner of Beyond Boundaries Travel and founder of HP Fan Trips™, has passed away. MuggleNet commemorates her contribution to Harry Potter fans everywhere in a recollection of her achievements from those that knew her and attended her tours.