Executive decision: create an awards show exclusively catered to fantasy and sci-fi movies

all the films that don’t ever receive an ounce of respect at awards shows because they aren’t taken seriously as a genre finally get the recognition they deserve

the Harry Potter movies are praised for their visionary production designs and a music score more iconic than most movie soundtracks released in the past two decades

Force Awakens and Rogue One aren’t swept under the rug because they’re only seen as nostalgic entertainment and instead are recognized for their incredible acting and special effects

Pacific Rim is awarded the highest honor for editing and production work and CGi design because holy shit did you even see that movie?

The makeup and styling team for the Star Trek movies finally get their moment to shine after spending years designing and building intricate prosthetics and makeup looks in order to bring a diverse galaxy to life

John Boyega and John Cho host the night and everyone has a great time and I don’t end the night fuming over movies robbed of the love they deserve

I wrote this on Facebook at 5:30 this morning

I woke up super early this morning and I think it’s just now fully hitting me that I actually finished the whole damn challenge. Yesterday I was proud, but right now, thinking about all the crap I’ve put my body through this year, the fact that I pushed myself far enough to finish is nothing short of a miracle. For that I am BEYOND proud.

And for those that don’t know, because I don’t broadcast it to the world, this last year was hard. I really struggled with depression, I laid in bed all day and binge ate like it was my job. I put off running a ton and spent my days napping instead. Between July and January I gained 70 pounds. I’ve lost a little bit of weight again, but I’m still up 30 pounds from where I was last year and not in as good of shape. But none of that matters right now because I finished. I may have ended up behind the scary Balloon Ladies at the end there, but I’m almost proud of that fact. I did it and I can’t believe it.