Fascinating Social Experiment: These Millions Of Women Tried Cheap Drugstore Makeup For Their Entire Lives

Every day, we are bombarded with ads telling us that we need top-of-the-line makeup to look beautiful, and anything less is unacceptable. But is this stigma surrounding low-end cosmetics really deserved? These millions of women decided to find out in a totally interesting way: They tried using cheap drugstore makeup for their entire lives.

Wow. What an absolutely incredible social experiment.

Ranging in age from 11 to 63, these millions of women have been walking into their local CVS or Walgreens, selecting some budget eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick straight off the shelves, and using those items as their exclusive sources of makeup. What makes this even more amazing is that unlike most social experiments, which only last a week or so, these millions of women showed complete dedication by being willing to spend their entire adult lives using these non-name-brand foundations and concealers. Incredibly, at no point over the decades that they’ve been illuminating how the cosmetics industry manipulates the way we view ourselves did these brave social experimenters drop more than $100 at Ulta to try out a new look.

Though it’s hard to imagine how anyone would be comfortable using $6 blush for even seven days, the scores upon scores of women went above and beyond, suffering through makeup hauls that didn’t even top out at $35 for years on end to prove a point about society.

While this undertaking already sounds crazy difficult, it gets even more impressive when you think about the many events that these women attended while wearing drugstore makeup. From job interviews to first dates and even weddings, these millions of women never caved and used an Urban Decay Naked eye-shadow palette or a Kylie Jenner lip kit. They simply toughed it out while contouring their faces with cheap drugstore highlighters and even cheaper drugstore beauty blenders, all in the name of a fascinating social experiment.

Simply amazing. To all the women who have been participating in this eye-opening trial, your point is well-made and totally inspiring. Now go treat yourself with a shopping spree at Bloomingdale’s. You’ve earned it!

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To the asshole who locked the bathroom stall from the inside: I hope you had as much fun as I did sliding across the gross bathroom floor. Also, super nice manager gave me a free iced tea for going 'above and beyond'

i get that for some people isak and even are their favourite characters and their story line was the most interesting to you, but please get it in your head that this is no longer their season, people will take things out of context and will go above and beyond to make things about evak or isak and even individually when in reality it’s about sana, people took a deep meaningful clip that was supposed to be about sana feeling lonely and alienated, and made it about  sana being  is insensitive and homophobic towards isak, , and that’s just a huge reach,and if you think that way , then buddy you missed the message of the clip entirely.so please stop making things unnecessarily about evak when it’s about sana, this season is about her, she is this season’s main, and whether you want it or not, evak won’t appear on screen as much as you’d like and their presence will only serve to further sana’s plot, not theirs, this season has already taken away so much from sana’s story, giving precious screen time to characters other than sana, so please don’t contribute to this by making everything about your favourite characters



I gathered some of my beloved pixel pals to test these eyes on a basic background. I must say that these defaults are one of the most BEAUTIFUL sets I have seen thus far! I adore the great amount of detail that you put into the iris. Especially the dark ring around the cornea; making them look authentic and extremely realistic while staying TRUE to the Maxis Match feature.

Hands down, this is my new favorite eye default. I thank you for the opportunity to test them. They are above and beyond superb. n.n

p.s. Considering I don’t edit my photos, you can surely see the clarity in these irises folks. I HIGHLY recommend them. ♥


TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Sir, the door handle turns upwards...Yes, I am serious (unfortunately)

I used to work for a big-name hotel. This specific hotel was extremely busy due to corporate travel in our city.

Our front desk team was a total of six people and two night auditors, so we knew 75% of our guests by name and they knew us. This specific guest in this story was a VP of a major company headquartered in our city and would send us a gift/basket for our birthdays and Christmas (individual ones). We tried to go extremely above and beyond for Mr. VP.

We had an issue where for whatever reason, certain door handles would lift upwards, not down. This was a huge property too (450 rooms) so when a guest came down pissed that their key didn’t work (most likely because the door handle turned upwards), and some staff just said to turn it upwards and proceeded to get chewed out.

I would ask if their key was near their phone, pretend to rekey it and suggest trying to lift the handle up as well. Now, you can probably tell that was BS, but no one ever came down and complained to me. For this specific VP, he called downstairs from the floor phone and I told him straight to turn the handle up. I called him a few minutes later in his room told me had worked and then proceeded to say that “This is the shittiest nice hotel he’s ever stayed in” and that he is “Sorry that I work for such incompetent people.” This same guy slipped on the marble floor in our lobby because the wet floor sign wasn’t visible enough and the houseman laughed out loud at him.

I put the incident in the shift report and then followed up a few times with the Dir. Of Guest Services and Sales because his company was a huge account. Sales pretty much told me to pound sand.

When we had a staff meeting with the GM, other managers and maintenance, I suggested that we place labels on the doors that say “this handle turns upwards” because the GM and the laziest Head of Maintenance on Earth refused to fix each door and the GM says, “No, that is tacky.”

Sure, as opposed to doors that open in the opposite direction. Jerk

Mr. VP got his company’s account pulled a month later because so many of their guests complained and sales had a fit. I made sure I gave them my best shit eating grin possible.

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Music Library Shuffle Meme

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Bored with nothing to do, so why not! Had to take out my iPod nano to charge anyways so thank you!! x'DD

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist!! Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 20 tracks that pop up! Then tag ten additional victims.

  1. Steven Universe - We Are the Crystal Gems (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
  2. Anamanaguchi - SPF 420
  3. The Boxer Rebellion - The Runner
  4. Pogo - Truly
  5. Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
  6. Grouplove - Toungetied
  7. Kubbi - Juggernaut
  8. The Boxer Rebellion - These Walls are Thin
  9. Starbomb - Crasher-Vania
  10. Owl City - Can’t Live Without You
  11. Above & Beyond - All Over the World
  12. The Boxer Rebellion - Memo
  13. Fossil Collective - Under My Arrest
  14. Above & Beyond - Satellite/Stealing Time (Acoustic)
  15. Space Dandy OST - Star Future
  16. Radiohead - Present Tense
  17. The Killers - The Way It Was
  18. Memoryhouse - Punctum
  19. Above & Beyond - Sun and Moon
  20. My Neighbor Totoro - The Path of Wind

I really love how this shuffle playlist turned out! Thank you! ^^
I’m too lazy to tag, but feel free to do this if you like! ^^

Atlas At Last: Review

First things first, let me just say: WOW. The author @louisandthealien really went above and beyond with their work!

This fic is all sorts of amazing! The characterization of the boys and how they develop throughout the story is done wonderfully. All the boys bring something to the table and help the other boys grow and develop through their own journeys.

I also love the way it was written. We see everything through Louis’ perspective, yet everything comes together perfectly so we know what’s going on and we know who each character is.

The time and settings that appear in this fic are also written in fabulously, and we really get a taste of the late 70′s through the music that the characters enjoy as well as how everything is described throughout the story.

Atlas At Last really is a great fic and I can totally see it turn into one of the classic Larry fics that we all love and enjoy! 


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hi! i wish i could donate but things are getting harder at home, i just wish you the best!!! i'm praying for u and just imagine me & my dogs giving u the biggest hugs!!!! u deserve the best & i love ur blog soooo much u just seem like such a great person. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 sending u soooo much love!!!!!

Dude dude dude don’t donate please!!! Save your money!!! TREAT YO SELF!!! Seriously I have enough soy milk money for a month. I really just wanted a gallon of soymilk to wash my troubles away and all these insanely outgoing and amazing kindhearted human beans went above and beyond anything I could have ever asked for!!!! ♡ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT!!!! I LOVE YOU PAL!!!! ♡

This is it. This is Kara’s absolute worst nightmare coming true. This is Kara Danvers and Supergirl—the mild mannered reporter and the last true Daughter of Krypton—stripped down to their barest selves, leaving in their stead Kara Zor-El: an orphan, a refugee, a scared child far from home. Staring at that tank for two seconds, seeing Alex’s body floating listlessly—lifelessly—is that little girl coming face-to-face with her greatest fear.

Alex, who Kara loves more than anyone in the universe—more than her last living blood relation in the galaxy, more than her boyfriend, more than anyone—has given up so much for Kara. Alex sacrificed everything, has gone above and beyond what should have been asked of a child when an alien invaded her home and was forced to call her “sister”. There is only one last thing that Alex could give to Kara and that is her life and in this moment, Kara sees that become a reality.

I can only imagine, as a being that has fire in her eyes and ice in her lungs, that she had never felt more powerless than she did in those two seconds.

Because Kara doesn’t just see Alex dying; she sees Krypton exploding all over again. She’s trying to remember the last time that she hugged Alex, just like when she is alone and staring at stars that are not her own, Kara tries to remember the last time she hugged her mother before the universe stole her away from her. Kara stares at Alex and all she sees is her world ending. All. Over. Again.

Those two seconds probably felt like a lifetime to Kara—like lying in the abyss of the Phantom Zone, the dark and cold of space pressing in on her, threatening to consume her.

I love and respect that this was an important Sanvers episode and of Kara and Maggie coming together in their love for Alex, but let’s not downplay the significance of this moment for Kara.

Reacting to Harry Styles by Harry Styles
  • Meet Me in the Hallway: HARREHHH YOU INDIE LIL FUCK
  • Sign of the Times: Above and beyond everything ever
  • Carolina: BOP BOP BOP
  • Two Ghosts: *tries not to think about Larry* *fails*
  • Sweet Creature: Cutest little song so pure i love it
  • Only Angel: Oooh this is so nice and pretty waiT WHAT THE
  • Ever Since New York: Oh yep I know this HOLY SHIT HARRY'S VOICE he sounds so angelic im in love
  • Woman: lol Robin had a point about that duck noise
  • From the Dining Table: HARRY IS WHISPERING IN MY EARS WHAT THE HECK I DID NOT NEED TO HEAR YOU TALK ABOUT PLAYING WITH YOURSELF (I TOTALLY DID) and who the hell made harry feel this way i wanna punch someone ...or cry.
  • holy shit this album is everything

the spy kids movies went above and beyond its premise in a way no other movies do today. like, it could have easily been just “what if kids became spies” but no it also has to have scenes like this:

and of course the sequel which has this part: