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honestly seokjin is one of the most perfect men ever .... like he can sing, he knows how to improve, hes humorous, hes tall, he has wide shoulders, great features and proportions, hes social, hes really silly and down to earth, knows how to appreciate his fans, ... on top of all that hes a gentlemen like .... jin is so perfect why tho


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Oh my goooood. The picture of the basket ... I have no words. Ben's face says it all. I think his thoughts are: "Oh god, this picture is ridiculous. Shit. I look like the third wheel. FUCK. I'M NOT THE THIRD WHEEL. DARREN IS. OH COME ON STOP WITH THE LIE.... This is already too obvious. SHIT."

I go from one minute being really frustrated to the next, just laughing. The whole thing is absolutely insane. It makes no sense and they are just making this into a bigger mess.  

And I firmly believe Darren is well aware of the fact that the stunt yesterday was utterly and completely transparent.  And I think that is part of the reason he agrees.

As for Ben, honestly, what is he thinking? Do not let her take your self respect. He looks like a fool. He is a talented, successful guy.  I am sure there are plenty of women for him to choose from, none of which come with anywhere near the amount of baggage she has.

The only thing that makes sense, at least to me who is rational, is that they are going to try to angle this as every one loves each other and is a happy family and M was just a really supportive friend.  Because trying to sell that M&D is a couple, near impossible.  Literally with just a few still hanging on.  

But we all know Team Beard is anything but rational.

Calling in the Storm

Welp. Beyond the Sea now has magic. I added to the masterpost which can be seen here, if you would like a little background. Huge shout out to @thebisexualmandalorian who was sooo so fun to headcanon all the magic with, and who basically co-wrote this with me. Loudmouth belongs to Jesse <3
Also on ao3.

Loudmouth, Rabble, Wolffe and Kix were standing knee deep in the ocean calling in a storm. It was their first attempt, and so far, they were doing well.

The closest thing that one could compare what they were doing to, would be a haka; but it was different. Hakas were used for warning, warding and sending off. This? This was calling something in. Something huge, dark, and dangerous; but also beautiful.

Dark, ominous clouds started to roll in, bringing with it; rains, strong winds and rumbles of thunder.

Jesse, with Cody and Rex flanking him, were out in front of the others by about a dozen feet. They were redirecting the waves, to keep them from getting knocked over.

Rabble and Loudmouth were holding hands with huge smiles on their faces. They were moving in even closer tandem than the rest of the group. If anyone could hear anything over the winds, they would have heard both of them laughing maniacally.

Wolffe with a snarl on his face, focused on the deeper seas, currents and deeper forces. Warning the wildlife of what they were bringing.

Ruckus stepped up behind Kix and placed his hand flat, in between Kix’s shoulder blades, head bowed in concentration. Kix’s hands were in the air, as he was chanting. He pulled them down, hard. Flashes of lightning coming down on either side and behind them on the beach. A very real representation of the tattoo crawling down his arm.

Up on the beach, just at the edge of the water, was Tup. Sarong and loose strands of hair being blown around in the wind. He looked like a conductor, pulling all the pieces, and energy, that the rest of them were putting out there, and weaving, blending them together, to call in the storm.

It was a beautiful sight.

Jango was proud of his adopted family. He was there, sitting in the sand a ways back, in case things went awry. He should have known it wouldn’t have been necessary. They all worked so perfectly together, a cohesive team.

Jango leaned back on his hands, smiled, as he closed his eyes and faced up, feeling the rain pour down.

This was going to be a glorious day.

Can we go back to the days of pigtails and unicorns? Can we go back to when the worst thing was missing the catch on that pop fly? Can we go back to when you and I didn’t have to be some damned grown up all the time? Can we go back to when you trusted me to chase the monsters away?

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Did you ever read the DCAU Batman Beyond comics from 1999-2001 written by Hilary Bader?

Hi my name is Rena and I am here for Overly Extreme Fan Anonymous because I have way, way too many comics. 

But yeah I own every Batman Beyond comic/movie/episode in one medium or another. This one I’ve actually had since I think 2004?

Anyway, I want to note that of all the Batman Beyond writers for the comics and the TV shows, Hilary Bader is actually my favorite. I mean, she wrote “The Eggbaby”, “A Touch of Curaré”, and “Hidden Agenda” not to mention all the great Superman: The Animated Series, Batman: The Animated Series, and Jackie Chan Adventures episodes under her belt, too. 

I really do wish we saw more comics from her before she passed away in 2002. She was such an important writer in the industry overall and such an important voice in Hollywood  writing for multiple generations of Star Trek, Xena: Princess Warrior, and Hercules. 

Anyway, I can talk about Hilary Bader all day. She’s very missed by this particular fangirl. 

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I don't watch Superg*rl besides what I see on my dash, and I'm rolling my eyes so hard tonight. Like wtf did you expect from that shit network? A proper healthy wlw relationship? They threw out a wlw couple for the baiting, then sidelines the characters after they got what they want, good press. Strong female characters? good plot? Plz. The main female progtag and every other characters got steamrolled for the cookie-cutter white fuckboi. 1/2

It’s like you say KG. The industry is never gonna respect the community if we keep on flocking to every second- or third-rate show that hints at a gay ship. Why bother changing if what they have now works? Iunno, I’m just feeling especially petty tonight. Anyone who puts their trust in the CVV after the Flop have no business screaming unfair treatment this time around.