Beyoncé: Baby and Beyond full

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Featuring interviews with her family and inner circle of friends, this in-depth documentary offers a look at what drives ever-evolving diva Beyoncé Knowles’ passion for life – from to her relationship with rapper Jay-Z to the birth of their baby.

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I’m so ashamed of what the fans are doing right now. Please leave Chanyeol alone. Leave all of exo alone. They are people, and I understand they are in the entertainment business, but that DOES NOT mean you can harass them for YOUR entertainment. I’m so disgusted that Chanyeol had to make a post telling fans to stop sending him messages.
And with this airport nonsense in Vancouver and with Kai! This is insane, I understand that you want to greet your idols, but these men are exhausted! You all should honestly know better than to make someone uncomfortable. Just… Let them be


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This one covers Character Design and how Ryan Eways and multiple other artists came up with the look for Charlie and the rest of the characters. Enjoy!