dear maxine,

you managed it. the impossible. you took a storyline that had been sinking lower and lower into the gutter, and you not only patched up the barest threads of what it had been, but you made it infinitely more poignant and emotional than anyone could have anticipated or even hoped for. you were balanced in your narrative, you allowed the characters to react in the most natural and believable way possible, and you brought about a resolution that was satisfying and beautiful to watch. truly, it was a masterclass in writing and it showcased your understanding of the characters, your love for the show, and more than any of that, your unparalleled talent.

i salute you.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything Namjoon is doing in these English language interviews:

  1. Translating the questions for the whole band 
  2. Translating the members answers back 
  3. Making sure that questions are sufficiently answered (often going above and beyond by replying with complex concepts)
  4. Monitoring if a question should be answered by the whole group, directed to a certain member, or answered by himself 
  5. Making sure to get as many members as possible speak up throughout the interview
  6. Pushing members to speak in English if he knows they can do it
  7. Doing all of this live so it is in real time, no hesitation
  8. Doing all this alone

So please don’t forget that not only the band but the fandom owes a lot of gratitude for the attention and dedication he has given to international fans for years :)

Why representation is important and an example of really good representation

It’s such an amazing thing to have a character that you can relate to and see parts of yourself in. As an autistic person I don’t often get to see representation of autistic characters in media and even rarer is actually good representation. I’m going to use the recent Power Rangers movie as an example. As some of you might already know the blue ranger (yes an unfortunate color choice but whatever), Billy Cranston, is autistic in the movie.

Now I had already been planning on seeing the movie but after learning about Billy being autistic my anticipation and excitement for the movie went through the roof. I honestly could not stop mentioning it to other people, Billy being autistic that is, leading up to the release of the movie. And then I actually saw the movie and it went above and beyond all of my expectations when it came to its representation of an autistic character. There were so many wonderful nuances to Billy’s portrayal of an autistic character and watching him on screen just made me so incredibly happy. Towards the very beginning of the movie Billy straight up tells Jason (the red ranger) that he is autistic and that was one of the first moments that I started to fall in love with this movie. There is no shame in Billy being autistic in the movie, it’s just who he is and the movie doesn’t make him out to be a burden to the team or anything like a lesser movie might do, instead he’s just as big a part of the team as everyone else.

There were just so many moments in the movie where I was just like “that’s so me, I can relate to that so much!” when it came to Billy. And that is a feeling that I do not get to experience very often in movies or TV shows. It’s just such an amazing feeling to have a character that you can relate to so much. Also the character would actually stim in the movie, like whenever he was excited about something Billy would happy stim by clapping his hands! Now to have an autistic character stimming like that and to have it be treated so positively was just amazing.

Now I just want to say that a movie has never managed to make me as happy as 2017’s Power Rangers did. I have never before left the theater with such an incredible feeling of pure joy. I was literally bouncing in my seat with happiness while watching the movie and could not stop talking about it for hours after I saw the movie. And even now, months later, I still talk about the movie and how amazing it was. So yeah, don’t underestimate the effects representation, especially good representation, can have.


Honestly I would have been satisfied if all we got was the two of them sitting so closely together. Bless Kubo-sensei and Team YOI for going well above and beyond for us. I can’t wait to see how extra considerate and generous they will be to us with the official movie. I hope we get more of these two cuties and of course lotsa Viktuuri love, on and off the ice.

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I-! I mean… th-that is…

Akko certainly went above and beyond what was necessary to assist me… and I am very grateful to her for that… It made me very happy, that she would go through the trouble…

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So, I've been reading about the shit that went down in Manchester and my heart is just broken. But I gotta say, Ariana is really holding it together well and is going above and beyond what is typically expected of a celeb in this type of situation. I'm so proud of her and how she's handling the tragic situation. She's a damn queen.

She is, and I have so much respect for her right now (I always have done though).

I don’t know why people keep saying she’s making things about herself when it’s the media invading her privacy and leaking the photos of her arrival in Florida. She looked broken. She didn’t ask to be photographed.

I don’t know if it’s true but apparently she’s offered to pay for the funerals of the victims 😞

The whole situation is terrible and I can’t even imagine what the families are going through right now 😓

Reacting to Harry Styles by Harry Styles
  • Meet Me in the Hallway: HARREHHH YOU INDIE LIL FUCK
  • Sign of the Times: Above and beyond everything ever
  • Carolina: BOP BOP BOP
  • Two Ghosts: *tries not to think about Larry* *fails*
  • Sweet Creature: Cutest little song so pure i love it
  • Only Angel: Oooh this is so nice and pretty waiT WHAT THE
  • Ever Since New York: Oh yep I know this HOLY SHIT HARRY'S VOICE he sounds so angelic im in love
  • Woman: lol Robin had a point about that duck noise
  • From the Dining Table: HARRY IS WHISPERING IN MY EARS WHAT THE HECK I DID NOT NEED TO HEAR YOU TALK ABOUT PLAYING WITH YOURSELF (I TOTALLY DID) and who the hell made harry feel this way i wanna punch someone ...or cry.
  • holy shit this album is everything

the spy kids movies went above and beyond its premise in a way no other movies do today. like, it could have easily been just “what if kids became spies” but no it also has to have scenes like this:

and of course the sequel which has this part:

Fascinating Social Experiment: These Millions Of Women Tried Cheap Drugstore Makeup For Their Entire Lives

Every day, we are bombarded with ads telling us that we need top-of-the-line makeup to look beautiful, and anything less is unacceptable. But is this stigma surrounding low-end cosmetics really deserved? These millions of women decided to find out in a totally interesting way: They tried using cheap drugstore makeup for their entire lives.

Wow. What an absolutely incredible social experiment.

Ranging in age from 11 to 63, these millions of women have been walking into their local CVS or Walgreens, selecting some budget eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick straight off the shelves, and using those items as their exclusive sources of makeup. What makes this even more amazing is that unlike most social experiments, which only last a week or so, these millions of women showed complete dedication by being willing to spend their entire adult lives using these non-name-brand foundations and concealers. Incredibly, at no point over the decades that they’ve been illuminating how the cosmetics industry manipulates the way we view ourselves did these brave social experimenters drop more than $100 at Ulta to try out a new look.

Though it’s hard to imagine how anyone would be comfortable using $6 blush for even seven days, the scores upon scores of women went above and beyond, suffering through makeup hauls that didn’t even top out at $35 for years on end to prove a point about society.

While this undertaking already sounds crazy difficult, it gets even more impressive when you think about the many events that these women attended while wearing drugstore makeup. From job interviews to first dates and even weddings, these millions of women never caved and used an Urban Decay Naked eye-shadow palette or a Kylie Jenner lip kit. They simply toughed it out while contouring their faces with cheap drugstore highlighters and even cheaper drugstore beauty blenders, all in the name of a fascinating social experiment.

Simply amazing. To all the women who have been participating in this eye-opening trial, your point is well-made and totally inspiring. Now go treat yourself with a shopping spree at Bloomingdale’s. You’ve earned it!