above treeline

Stray Marigolds

The campfire crackled in the quiet night, the flames stretching towards the darkened sky littered with gleaming stars. Haeyin stifled a yawn as he leaned back against the tall tree he’d claimed for a camp site, his body aching from the day’s travels as he sat on his bedroll beneath it. Perhaps it was time he invested in a horse after all, he thought, rubbing his stiff shoulder. 

A gentle breeze rustled the tree’s branches, shaking a few leaves loose, and Haeyin turned his attention upwards. In the distance, he could see the moon rising above the treeline. It would be full in a few more days time, but for now it resembled a smile, wide and bright. The expression on Haeyin’s face, however, was anything but. He stared forlornly at the sky, at the moon, reaching to touch the golden pendant around his neck. While the night brought him comfort in ways he could not fully explain, there was always a certain sadness that mingled with it; memories of days long past, of a life he had once lived.

Rummaging through his rucksack, Haeyin withdrew a small jar and a clean white cloth before setting them on his lap to unfasten the clasp of the necklace. He held it carefully in his hands, tracing the spiraling designs with scarred fingertips. With a weary sigh, Haeyin unscrewed the jar’s lid and dabbed the cloth with its contents. He adjusted his posture, finding a comfortable position, and set to work on polishing the precious metal, allowing himself to be consumed with the fleeting memories of its previous owner, of the friend he had lost so very long ago.

It wasn’t long before Haeyin’s vision began to blur, the exhaustion in his limbs coupled with the warmth of the fire effectively drawing him closer to sleep. He stubbornly rubbed at his eyes with the back of his hand, dipping the cloth into the jar again and yawning as he did so. The fire’s light danced and flickered across the necklace’s renewed golden surface in a mesmerizing display, and after a few more moments, Haeyin’s eyes slipped shut, his hands falling slack in his lap as sleep finally claimed him.

Setting Sun

Gilford drifted lazily above the treeline above the forest. He had been hunting a group of cultists that had been rumored to be set up in the area. Knowing they would be summoning a group of demons soon..lest he had something to say about it.

Soon enough the male spotted them in the distance, dropping down from the sky to quietly land upon the ground. Expending a lower level spell to drift harmlessly to the forest floor. Taking his time then getting himself hidden to begin tracking on foot. Having to hide that aura of good he put off so as not to alert the cultist or anything else that might sense him, to his presence. 

Closed RP with ask-sorcerymon

It was a nice bright sunny day in the Digital World as a 16 year old Human Girl with long Dark Brown Hair and Blue Eyes wearing a Black Shirt, Blue Jeans and White Tennis Shoes was walking into the Forest Terminal. She was looking at a Hologramic Map generated from the Digivice in her hand.

“There is a lot of terrain to explore here guys. Let’s go.”

She said as her partner Digimon followed her into the forest next to the Terminal Station. Walking halfway up the dirt path, the girl saw the tip of something shiny just above the treeline. She had to shade he eyes by holding her hand above them to get a better look. Once she actually saw what it was she was amazed.

“Wow! That looks like the top of a Castle. I wonder if anyone lives there.”

Turning to her partner Digimon she smiled.

“Want to go check it out?”

Both her partner Digimon smiled and nodded. They both loved going on adventures with their Human Partner. With that, the three made their way to the mysterious Castle in the Forest.

Crash (Open)

  In the middle of a forest clearing out in broad daylight a voluminous billow of dark smoke was rising up up above the treeline. To a casual observer from far off it would look like the forest is on fire, close up it reveals a stranger source.
A large craft in the shape of a nautilus has crash landed into the ground, its construction warped by the impact. Something inside has set on fire and the resulting inferno was currently burning away at any flammable part of this construct.
The air was filled with the acrid smell of burning wood, metal and even flesh.

   There were some bodies strewn around the clearing most dead from impact or injuries after. A lot of them were human or similar, a few were mind flayers who fared no better then their thralls.
   Only one appears to be alive in this mess, a dark robed illithid curled up on the ground in a protective shimmering magical sphere. As you watch the magic dissipates to reveal that while it has saved this one from death it still sustained many injuries.

Mercury Moon Saturn Conjunction

Brazos Bend State Park, Texas
Most people have never seen the planet Mercury, it’s only visible when the sky is still light. (Clouds were in the way until the very last second that Mercury was in view above treeline.)

work diaries, week 3

It rains here.

It’s funny because we talk constantly about how California is in a drought, and I can rattle off lots of drought statistics and give a impromptu lecture on the Real Culprits and everything, but the thing that I’m starting to realize is that I’d forgotten what it was like to live somewhere where it rains. It rains in the afternoons, 4-o-clock thunderstorms to tempt me to sneak out of work early and meander around the parking lot pretending I can’t find my car so I can get soaking wet. It rains at night. I have stomped in lots of puddles. 

There are mountains here. Next week the whole staff who is interested gets a paid day off to hike a 14er (a mountain taller than 14,000 feet). We’ve been doing preparatory hikes, to get ready. I am the fastest. I wear long skirts and they swoosh delightfully while I’m hiking. Above the treeline you can see the whole state. Everything is green except the sky. 

My code takes three hours to compile so I’ve been watching movies on my complimentary pay-per-view. I call this ‘testing’. So far I have ‘tested’ Captain America: the Winter Soldier, twelve episodes of Law and Order, and Jupiter Ascending. 

I also tracked down a really tricky error in our file compression systems, mostly by sheer luck. My boss is under the mistaken impression that I’m competent and has given me a really big really important project I have no clue how to do. Reframing: I am being paid to learn new things! This is great! 

The interns were all invited to a Rockies game. The Rockies are dreadful. It was sunny. My favorite baseball statistic is how many pitches have been thrown, so I just paid attention to that one. Usually the team that throws less pitches wins the game. The Rockies lost. They have lost 49 games so far and are the worst in their division. We ate Dipping Dots and popcorn.

The interns were all invited to a barbecue. We stood around and did not talk; we are software engineers. Some people tried playing horseshoes but could not throw the horseshoes far enough to reach the pit; we are software engineers. It rained, lightly at first and then passionately, and we ate damp chocolate cake and then hurriedly went home.