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The Signs and Cities:

Aries: A city of ripplling marble walls that stand fast against the sea. A city of hidden gardens.

Taurus: Vast umber halls now buried. A grand courthouse now a necropolis that guards sacred remains.

Gemini: Cities separated by a great bridge, the methods of its construction now lost to time.

Cancer: The streets of an old port city reclaimed by the sea. Host to new dwellers.

Leo: A city tied in knots. No map will be of use.

Virgo: A city carved from the bones of something titanic and long dead.

Libra: A holy city cloaked in iron and coffee.

Scorpio: A market district so vibrant it has a language and an embassy all its own.

Ophiuchus: The city of pipes, shafts, and poverty. A refuge from the shining city above.

Sagittarius: A city on rails. So many shifting parts it feels as if it may depart any moment.

Capricorn: A city of srtorms. A city powered by a thousand funnles, aquaducts, and dynamos.

Aquarius: A grand capital. A headstone to every city like it that came before.

Pisces: A palace now pinned to the earth by trees. The dusty crown worn by wolves.

Punk/Pastel AU: Chapter 2

GUYS I SWEAR. There were so many people that asked me to continue this - I did not anticipate it, thank you so much guys! Since you asked for it, here it is. There will probably be at least one other chapter, most likely two more. Sorry if this isn’t as good as the first one. 

Chapter One 

Lunch becomes his favourite part of the day. Sometimes, jerks will harass them by shaking the metal rails above them, or dropping scraps of food on their heads, but normally they’re left alone. They have strength in numbers.

“You should totally let me dye your hair!” says Trixie one day. “You would rock a pink hairdo.”

“But his hair is such a nice black! You know how I wished I had dark hair,” Kerris complains, fiddling with the end of her mousy brown ponytail.

Baz scowls at Trixie. He likes wearing pastels, but he can’t change out of it if he dyes his hair.

“We could have a hair dye party!” Penny says excitedly. “I’ve been thinking of trying red.”

“Who decided I was dying my hair?” he interjects.

‘I did,” Trixie says.

“You’re coming, too,” Penelope tells Simon, who looks at her like she’s grown another head.

“Like hell I am.”

“If Baz is dying his hair, so are you, young man.”

Baz glares. “I don’t remember agreeing-”

Penny drops her head into her hands dramatically. “What is with the lack of individuality in this staircase?”

Baz raises an eyebrow. “Are you really faulting me for not being individual enough?” he says, gesturing at his purple jeans and black-and-white striped tank top.

“You have to be dedicated to it,” she says.

“Well, I’m not even allowed to dye my hair,” he replies. Which isn’t technically true. He and his father have never talked about it. Then again, they never talk about anything. But he doubts that he would be okay with it. “My father would kill me.”

“RIP, Basilton,” whispers Simon.

Baz doesn’t understand what he means by that until he’s sitting in Trixie’s bathroom, surrounded by a gang of staircase kids, getting sick from the smell of bleach.

“I can’t believe you talked him into this,” Keris giggles.

“Neither can I,” grumbles Baz.


Two hours later, they’re nearly done. The bleach has already been washed out, and Trixie is blow-drying his sopping wet - and newly hot pink - hair. Penelope, Keris, and Simon were kicked out of the bathroom about an hour ago after they accidentally started the dryer (while Keris was in it).

“And… we’re done!” announces Trixie. She turns off the hair dryer and spins his chair to face the mirror. “You can look now!”

He looks. The pink doesn’t look that bad, honestly; he kind of likes it. Thankfully, it isn’t his whole head that’s now pink, just the bottom. Trixie called it “dip dye.” Whatever it is, it looks good, probably because of the nice contrast between the black hair and the pink.

“Damn, I’m good,” proclaims Trixie. “Just wait until Simon gets a load of you.”


He spends another few minutes in the bathroom, staring at his reflection, before he works up the nerve to go out and face his friends.

(The fact that he has friends now still seems strange.)

Eventually, he decides to go for a dramatic entrance. Baz tromps into the hall, wearing his best irritated expression. With a dramatic flourish, he pushes open the door to the kitchen and lets it hit the wall with a loud bang.

Baz’s heart speeds up when he sees Simon staring intently at him. He and Kerris had obviously been in the middle of an arm wrestling match before he made his entrance, and from the looks of it, Kerris was winning. Neither of them move now, though. Everyone just stares at Baz.

Except Trixie, that is. She’s grinning proudly as she throws an arm around his shoulders with quite a bit of difficulty. (She’s at least a foot shorter than him.)

“Pretty great, huh?” she asks.

A nervous feeling is uncoiling in Baz’s stomach, because nobody is saying anything. Most of them are looking at him critically, like they’re trying to dissect him with their eyes. A few, including Simon and Kerris, are regarding him with shock.

Penelope speaks first. “Holy shit.”

“What?” he snaps, feeling defensive.

“Holy shit is right,” remarks Kerris. “You and I are both gay, but I’d make out with you right now.”

And just like that, the ice is broken. Baz smiles. “Sorry, Trixie.”

“That awkward moment the queer guy steals your girlfriend,” snickers Penelope.

Trixie pretends to be offended, but she’s clearly pleased. (Which she should be. She did a truly amazing job.)

He feels even better about his new look when he makes eye contact with Simon. The other boy shoots him one of those oversized grins of his, accompanied with two thumbs up.

He hates the way his heart speeds up in his chest.

so i swapped rooms w my sister’s temporary room (she sleeps in the spare room in the colder months instead of hers above the garage because it gets freezing over there) and I LOVE IT it’s so small but i have my own lil ensuite now and it doesn’t feel empty and the sun doesn’t come glaring into my room in the day and i get to look over at the woods and i have a freaking working radiator wtf!! i’m so happy!!!

Doctor Who AU: Part 3

I need to stop for the night this is getting worse and worse


“So, time machine?”

Sunny asked this from the floor of the … time machine. Somehow those smoky shadow things were even worse during the day. Daylight was supposed to be safe from those nebulous, hiding-under-the-bed sort of monsters. So Sunny decided that it wouldn’t hurt to just stay on the floor and take a breather. Try and process recent developments.

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Dean Winchester-Blast from the Past

Title:Bring the past to the future. 

Pairings:Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:1539

Request:Hey! can you make another one shot with Dean where they meet another hunter in a hunt and she’s completely bad ass and then Dean realizes that she was the girl he was dating in high school and he left without saying a word, please? :)

Brushing the locks out of your eyes, you pressed your hands to your thighs, gripping the knife tighter as you peered around the corner. The wall held you, hiding you from the monster you were hunting, and all two large hunters who you had come to recognize as the Winchester brothers. 

And Dean Winchester.

You smirked watching as he tugged on the harsh bonds, trying so desperately to break free. He wore a scowl upon his face as he shared a look with his younger brother. 

You looked up at the rail above you. Quietly you slipped your knife up your sleeve, reaching up and gripping the rail before hauling yourself up. You stalked quietly above the rail making sure you were directly above them. 

You went unnoticed to everyone, including the Winchesters. With a small run and kick off, you expertly flipped of the metallic rail and landed behind the shifter before running the sharp blade through it’s peeling skin. 

Both Winchesters stared at you in shock, their mouths popping open like a gold fish. ‘’Ello, Boys’’You smirked winking at the older one. 

‘’That’’He breathed out, eyes glazing over in awe. ‘’Was, fricking. AWESOME!’’He yelled, whooping. Sam took in a deep breath through his nose as he bit his tongue to keep him from lashing out at his brother. 

‘’Could you-’’Sam grunted, gesturing to the ropes that rubbed his skin sickly sore. You licked the corner of your lip, tilting your head to match your cocked hips as you crossed your arms. 

Dean’s eyes squinted like Castiel’s always did as he looked at you in thought. He recognized those eyes. He recognized the twinkle of mischief and how they didn’t match your face. They didn’t match your face because they looked older than your actual self. 

Your eyes looked full of wisdom, pain and misery. Years of torture. He knew someone like that, someone who no matter how hot they were, the only thing you really saw was their eyes. 

You and Dean had been staring at each other for quite a while now but with a quick flash you had turned back to the younger brother, hair shielding your face from being recognized. 

‘’I don’t know’’You smirked licking away the dry cracks on your plump lips. ‘’I kinda like seeing you tied up like that’’You teased, joking obviously. Sam was attractive you wasn’t going to deny it, but you had eyes for one person. Unfortunately that one person had bailed on you years ago. 

Sam gulped, Adam’s apple bobbing slowly as he looked at you with wide eyes, chest sucking in a nervous breath. You laughed maniacally as you walked towards him.  You still held the smirk twitching in the corners of your lips. 

Sam shuffled slightly with what room he could in the tight bonds. He too noticed how you were extremely gorgeous. Out of this world beautiful, but all he could concentrate on was how your eyes pulled him in. He had to look away, scared you would have him under your spell and reveal his deepest darkest secrets. It scared Sam how he felt like he was looking into your soul. 

And you was looking into his. 

Sam didn’t think of you that way, as soon as he heard you speak, he knew you were more his brothers type..wait scratch that, DEFINITELY Dean’s type. You sighed silently, careful not to show your distress as you put you walls up, brick by brick. 

You always hated how no one would look you in the eyes. You remembered when you would have your victims thrashing to get away from you, you pinned them down mostly since that was a strength of yours, but whenever you did that, you noticed they were always looking away from you.

Except one. There was only one person that you had ever met who could look you straight in the eyes. 

Dean Winchester. 

A shaky breath sneakily escaped your mouth, you tried to catch it in the walls of your throat were all the others rested. But this one got out as you untied his ropes. Dean’s thick brows furrowed, forehead creasing in smooth lines as he watched you. 

‘’Do I know you?’’He asked, face inching closer towards yours. You ducked your head, you were all about the eyes. Everything had changed but your eyes, your eyes were the only thing that gave you away. You could have a stone cold face but your eyes showed you were grieving. 

Luckily for you, no one ever looked in your eyes. You eyes shown when you were lying, it was like a neon sign flashing, but like you said. No one looked. Scared you were searching their soul. Except him. That’s why you ducked your head whenever you were around him. He would be able to see you want. You need and sadness swimming about in the deep depths of your iris. 

‘’You’ll get wrinkles, Old man’’You smirked putting back on what you liked to call your Doll face. Plain and empty. Dean now, like you had hoped, was distracted as he stopped frowning and shook his head as if he wasn’t shaking his frown literally off his face. 

They both stepped down rubbing their sore wrists. You glanced at the red etched into their tanned yet scarred skin. ‘’Erm, thanks’’Sam muttered awkwardly. Dean continued to stare at you from the corner of his eyes as Sam dragged his large hand through his shaggy hair, not knowing what to do. 

‘’Don’t worry. I’ll clean up’’You grumbled slinging a heavy body of your shoulder effortlessly. 

‘’Oh, we’ll help’’Dean said. Sam frowned, eyes widening for a split second before shaking his head. His brother never wanted to clean up, and if was offered a chance of getting out of it…. well it was normally Sam who offered to help. 

Sam smirked when it hit him. He shook his head, rolling his eyes gently at his brother but held happiness as he clapped his brothers shoulders. 

‘’No, I wanna do it alone’’You whispered. The Winchester brothers both looked at you confused. One minute you were smirk-y and witty. Next you sounded empty and angry. 

‘’Okay, then. Erm… thanks. For today’’Dean called out as he walked through the dirty warehouse and made his way to Baby. Just before he got in, keys halfway into the lock, he glanced up hoping to see you one final time before they dissapeared. 

‘’Dean?’’Sam called out, confused to why his brother wasn’t getting in. Dean heard Sam’s voice, shaking his head as he glanced back at the warehouse before jumping in. He turned the engine to Baby and pulled out. 

He drived away from the warehouse, glancing in the mirror as he watched it fade further and further away from his vision. ‘’Dean’’Sam called again, watching as his brother just completely zoned out. 

‘’Dean!’’Sam yelled, palm flattening on his shoulder as he gave his brother a gentle shove, careful not to make him crash. Dean yelped, surprise showing on his features as he glanced over at his brother. 

‘’You okay?’’Sam asked, concern marking his soft features. Dean scoffed as if Sam had asked him if he was a ‘Mermaid’. Sam sighed leaning back knowing he was in for a lot of ‘I’m okay’ crap. 

‘’I’m fine man, it’s just-’’Dean started, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth as he looked around nervously. 

‘’What?’’Sam asked, pushing his brother to continue. Dean rarely talked about how he felt, he grew concerned if Dean was going to tell him without Sam having to threaten him. 

‘’Nothing’’Dean shook his head. Sam grunted falling back on the Impala chair a little to harshly, making his brother scowl at him. 

‘’I’ll put you in the back seat’’Dean warned. Sam rose both brows and scoffed but turned serious when he realized his brother wasn’t joking. 

‘’How ‘bout that girl huh’’Sam started, trying to ease the tension as he flicked through his phone. Dean gulped thickly, turning to face his younger brother a he rose a brow, waiting for Sam to continue. 

‘’Yeah..’’Dean trailed off, shaking his head for Sam to contiune. 

‘’Well.. she was just a bit strange wasn’t she. Not very trustable.’’Sam chuckled, oblivious to his brothers narrowed eyes. 

‘’No, she’s fine. We can trust her Sammy’’Dean said, ignoring his brothers uneasiness and turning back to stare at the road ahead. Sam stared at his brother, Dean had said that as if you were best friends or something As if you had know each other for years. 

‘’How do you know, Dean. You only met her today’’Sam stuttered, confusion merging on his face. 

‘’I dunno, Sammy. It’s weird. I feel like I know her from somewh-SON OF A BITCH!’’Dean screamed making Sam jump, his hunter instincts coming out as he he yanked his gun out. Dean swerved the car, tires screeching in process as Dean drove back to the warehouse. 

‘’It’s (Y/N)!’’Dean yelped. Sam continued to panic, not sure whether he should be scared since his brother looked so panic or whether he should reamain calm. 

‘’So!? Dean, who is she?’’Sam yelled. Dean glanced over at Sam guiltily. ‘’Dean, how do you know her?’’

‘’I abandoned her’’ 


You wake up at the sound of shouts and crashes coming from downstairs. Putting on a jacket over your pajamas, you creep out onto the landing, gun in hand. What? You were still a trained hunter after all.

You notice Jessica, Sam’s -your brother- girlfriend, coming out of her room too. She saw your gun and looked immediately shocked, you put a finger to your lips and crept down the stairs.

You and Sam decided to quit the hunting life a long time ago, wanting to go to Stanford and have normal lives. You’d made it. 

But, desperate times.

You coked your gun when you reached the bottom step and saw Sam fighting with someone. He stopped and mumbled a name you hadn’t heard in a while: “Dean?” 

You lowered your gun.

“You’re out of practice.” Dean chuckled to Sam.

You then shot the curtain rail above him, it fell down and the curtain covered Dean almost completely. A muffled “You’re not.” Came from inside before he threw them over his head.

You smirked and put your gun back in your jacket pocket. “Hey, Dean.” You greeted, leaning on the door frame and crossing your arms over our chest, still not completely in the room.

“Dean what the hell are you doing here?” Sam asked, still out of breath from the combat.

“Well I was looking for a beer.” Dean chuckled.

What the hell are you doing here?” Sam repeated, this time more coldly and serious.

“Okay, alright, we gotta talk.”

“Uh, the phone?” Sam suggested.

“Like you’d pick up.” You mumbled.

“Sam?” Jessica silenced your bickering as she turned the lights on, revealing your three faces. “Jess, hey, uh…” Sam began, noticing Dean’s grin.

“Dean, this is my girlfriend Jessica.” Sam said sternly, making his point.

“Wait, your brother Dean?” Jess questioned.

“That’s the one.” You nodded.

“Ah I love the smurfs,” Dean began “You know, I gotta tell ya, you are completely outta my brother’s league.” He winked and you groaned at his attempt.

Jess bridled a little and mumbled “Just, lemme put something on.”

“No, no! I wouldn’t dream of it…seriously. Anyway, I gotta borrow your boyfriend and my sister here to talk about some private family business, but uh, nice meeting you.” Dean hinted at her cue to leave.

“No,” Sam walked over and stood next to Jess “No, whatever you want to say you can say it in front of her.” He insisted.

“Okay, uhm, Dad hasn’t been home in a few days.” He declared, you raised an eyebrow.

“So..he’s working over time?” You roll your eyes.

“I’m sure he’ll stumble back home sooner or later.” Sam agreed.

“Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days.”

Requested by anon

Can you do one an that takes place in the pilot episode, where the reader is the little sister and she decided to go to college with Sam. So she lives in the Sam apartment as Sam and Jess. When she hears the noises both brothers were making when they were fighting each other the reader comes around the same that Jess comes to see what the heck is going on. And that’s when Dean starts flirting with Jess but then mentions that he needs to talk to bother reader and Sam about Their missing dad.
Sure thing, anon! Thanks for requesting!

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when u look up and see matty healy 20 feet above u thrusting into a railing same

We Aren’t a Fairy Tale: Lipstick Stains, Part 6

Word Count: 1.1k+

Song: WILD - For You

Warnings: I don’t thing there are any, tbh.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

Dean certainly didn’t expect to see the words ‘poets read every Friday night at 2 AM’ painted above the steep stairwell you were currently padding down. Then again, everything with you was always a surprise, so he questioned why he was in such a state of awe.

On the wall above the railing were plenty of papers advertising local events and meetings for various topics, and right at the bottom was a girl and boy standing in front of the closed door.

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Dexholder Height Comparison

So, @pokeeeeeeee just realized that there’s already a canon height comparison pic of all the dexholder’s up to Hoenn in the E arc. So they went and found it, and….

So, by the end of the Emerald arc, the order of tallest to shortest goes like this; Green, Red, Gold, Blue, Crys, Silver, Ruby/Sapphire, Yellow, Emerald. 
Although, in this picture we can’t tell how tall Sapph and Rald as compared to the others.

For Sapph, the other picture doesn’t count since her feet aren’t touching the ground. So, compare her to Roob. Unsurprisingly, they’re around the same height (If you account for the fact that Ruby’s hat gives him a bit more height, whereas Sapph’s is pretty tight)
And now for Rald.

Here he is next to Sapph without his gadgets, but with his hair still in the croissant. MAN IS HE SHORT. Sapph and Roob are already pretty short, and you can see their heights in comparison to Gold and Crys here, and then there’s Rald next to Sapph. Also, his hair is big. 

Here he is when his hair is first down. That lump right there is his head. LOOK AT HIM COMPARED TO ROOB AND SAPPH. I MEAN, THOSE TWO ARE SHORT, BUT BRO. HE’S BELOW THEIR SHOULDERS BY A GOOD BIT.

LoOk At ThIS sHoRtY

In conclusion, the Hoenn trio are TEENY! And the Kanto kids are huge! So, this’ll hopefully clear things up, because even if we don’t have official heights, we can still compare them!

Also, by the time we reach HGSS, Silver has caught up to Crys :D (Accounting for the marshmallow hat, of coz)

(Gold’s still the tallest in Johto, though)

anatomy of an “oh sh*t” closet

we all have one. or at the very least, we all need one. here’s how to prepare for spontaneous tidy-ups.

“the morning of a party, i wake up and think ‘oh sh*t.’ there’s either a mess i made from last night’s prep work or a new mess from one of the kids. everyone should have an ‘oh sh*t’ cupboard or closet where they shove random things before the party.” — mrs. lilien, designer, blogger, and very admirable hostess*.

identify a closet that, on any given day, is only partially in use. designate half that closet space to shelving—some lined with large, empty baskets, others left bare—so you have room to throw unsightly messes, chores, unmentionables and major projects when unexpected guests arrive. if this is your coat closet, arrange the shelving above the hanging rail and below the hems of your coats.

*for more entertaining, style and manners tips, pick up a copy of our new book, all in good taste.


Calico M-950

A semi-auto handgun that uses a massive helical tube magazine with a capacity of 50 or 100 hundred rounds of 9x19mm. The one in the photo has the 100 round transparent magazine that gives a quick visual indicator on how many rounds you have left. The 50 round magazine would be flush with the frame. Note the rail above the barrel. It’s a factory accessory for mounting a flashlight or laser. (GRH)


She had a few requirements… if the shoot was to be in bed then the sheets had to be silk, Champagne must be at the ready, and Frank Sinatra must be playing on the turntable. Marilyn arrived 3 hours late to the no-frills studio in Hollywood . She giggled and joked with Kirkland, maybe sensing his anxiety. Then she disappeared for a moment and returned wearing nothing but a robe and slipped it off hoping into the bed. There was no strobe light, just a simple steady floodlight that helped produce the lateral shadows. Kirkland photographed Marilyn while dangling from a railing above her. What Kirkland ended up with was a series of dreamy, intimate and legendary images of Marilyn. Marilyn twisted and turned, smiled and laughed, and sometimes even acted bashful by glancing away from the camera, and sometimes the opposite.. staring directly into the camera.

A Japanese bullet train just topped records at 374 mph.

Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai)’s maglev train — short for magnetic levitation, meaning a train that moves along by magnets and “hovers” four inches above the train’s rail-less path — reached a top speed of 374 mph for 10.8 seconds. The fastest train in America, comes pathetically no where close.

Give Your Walls a Watercolor Look

Color washing gives your room a beautiful look.

  • Materials
    • 4-in color washing brush
    • Large sponge
    • Level
    • Straightedge
    • Pink or orange colored pencil
    • 1-in and 2-in painter’s tape
    • Painting supplies
    • Gallon Valspar Signature eggshell paint, Apricot Ice
    • Quarts Valspar Signature eggshell paint, Coral Mist, Simply Coral, and Polar White
    • Quart Valspar Signature clear mixing glaze
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  • Materials
    • 4-in color washing brush
    • Large sponge
    • Level
    • Straightedge
    • Pink or orange colored pencil
    • 1-in and 2-in painter’s tape
    • Painting supplies
    • Gallon Valspar Signature eggshell paint, Apricot Ice
    • Quarts Valspar Signature eggshell paint, Coral Mist, Simply Coral, and Polar White
    • Quart Valspar Signature clear mixing glaze
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Step 1

Plan any painted frames around the art or objects you’ll display. (The ones shown are 32 inches wide, 39 inches tall, and start 6 inches above the chair rail.) To lay out the frames, mark their location on the wall using a level and tape measure. If necessary, start your lines with the level and extend them using a straightedge.

Good to know: before you start it’s a good time to clean the old painted finish and patch any nail holes or wall damage. Apply two base coats of paint and let the last coat dry for at least four hours.

Step 2

Tape along the lines in the area between them. Then trim away excess tape on the outside strips to square the corners without cutting into the wall surface. Run your finger the length of each tape strip to press the adhesive firmly against the wall. Repeat for any additional frames.

Step 3

For the inside of the rectangle, use a single-color wash (Coral Mist shown). Mix ½ cup of paint with 2 cups of glaze (a 1:4 ratio if you’re mixing larger or smaller quantities). Lightly moisten a medium-size sponge and wring it almost dry. Dip the sponge into the glaze-paint mixture and apply it within the rectangle using a mix of X and Y shapes up to the edges of the tape. Reload the sponge as needed, but avoid completely covering over the base coat of paint. Repeat for the other panels and let dry. (Glazed paint will take longer to dry. If necessary, ventilate the room with a fan.)

Step 4

Mask any woodwork with painter’s tape and apply tape to adjoining walls at the corners. This time, mix 1 cup of paint and 4 cups of glaze in two batches of colors (Simply Coral and Apricot Ice shown). Use one foam roller to first apply the darker paint-glaze mix in random-pattern groups from the ceiling to the chair rail or floor, leaving gaps between the groups. Then use the second roller to apply the lighter color within the gaps.

Step 5

Immediately use a dry 4-in color washing brush to blend the glazes together. Avoid brushing more than what you need to just blend the colors. Clean the brush frequently to avoid loading it with glaze-paint. Although the glaze dries slowly, you may need to divide the rolling and brushing with a partner.

Step 6

After the glaze dries, remove the tape from the adjoining walls and around the frames. Repeat to color-wash the remaining walls in the room. Then apply new tape with the edges even with the color-wash paint lines around each square or rectangle. This time, trim the inside tape strips for square corners.

Step 7

Roll on the frame color (Polar White shown) in the area between the tape rectangles. After the second coat of paint dries, remove the tape. Repeat for the remaining frames.

Step 8

Center your art within the painted frame and add the necessary hanging hardware.

These “How-To’s” are provided for informational purposes only. The information contained in lowes.tumblr.com is intended to provide general guidelines to simplify jobs around the house. Because tools, products, materials, techniques, building codes and local regulations are continually changing, Lowe’s assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein and disclaims any liability for the omissions, errors, or the outcome of any project. It is the responsibility of the viewer to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, codes and regulations for a project. The viewer must always take proper safety precautions and exercise caution when taking on any project. If there is any question of doubt in regards to any element of a project, please consult a licensed professional.