above the below

so too shall springtime call

** @shangst-week 2017 || Day Three - Above/Below (Based on @bakaandie‘s Hades/Persephone AU) **

AO3: So Too Shall Springtime Call

When the nightshades of their kingdom begin to fade with the startling warmth that sings through though the veils of death, Shiro knows that their time has come to an end. 

When the snows of the lands above melt away and trickle into the rivers and creeks, when the ice drips from dormant trees and cracks under the coming heat of spring’s delight, it means that Lance’s time to be spent with his husband, the god of the rivers that lead to an afterlife in the meadows beneath the soils and the crops, has drifted once more to the final pass.

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I can’t decide which I like better in terms of the terrain better matching the skyline. Orange-r above, or pink-er below. Opinions? Does anyone else even notice the difference? *laugh* Either way, it kind of looks like Mars, but I’m OK with that. I’m kinda leaning toward orange, but I keep going back and forth. :/

And either way, I’ll be adding green to actual neighborhood part via neighborhood deco flora and on-lot plantings. Not those stupid little saguaros, though. In the US, they only exist in Arizona and this is (theoretically) Mars a southeastern New Mexico analogue. But anyway, the greenery aspect will eventually match better, too.


Above, finished product.

Below: Painting before messing with effects.

 REALLY trying to go beyond just painting. Want digital art be to something nothing else can be, so pushing myself to do different things.

anonymous asked:

*sneaks up, cuts a lock of your hair, runs like hell*

Okay, real talk from the mun here…this kind of stuff is annoying. Please do not send asks like this anymore. The tail poking and hair cutting, well, let’s just say I have a muse who be all too happy to poke a few holes in people for stuff like this. 

Now, random hugs in my box are fine but can we please for the love of the Goddess above and below stop doing stuff that is more damaging to my muses body. 

im tired of feeling like im above or below things! i wanna feel on equal level to everythi g! nothing too high or too low for me bih!!! watch as i reblog a shitpost about sonic foot fetishists followed by a philosophical discourse on the parallels between buddhist themes and christian mysticism