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Save Me A Dance

Pairing: Y/N/Calum

Rating: All

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: Y/N is sad at her best friend’s wedding when realizing that she’s so behind, she doesn’t have a future with someone and most probably will end up alone. That changes when Calum catches her at the hallway ready to leave and proves that it doesn’t take the title of husband and wife to have the best dance of her life

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What gets me about Captain America: Civil War is the absence of blame for the villains. Tony didn’t kill the woman’s son in Sokovia; Ultron is the one who lifted the city and planned on destroying as many people as he could.  Wanda tried, and failed, to contain a bomb, but it’s Rumlow who set that bomb off.  Loki opened a portal above New York City; the Chitauri soliders did most of the damage. Steve dropped three helicarriers in the Potomac River to stop HYDRA from killing millions. 

It pisses me off every time I watch the movie. 

The Manhattan address algorithm to help you find cross streets in New York City:

1. Drop the last number of the address you want to find. (So, if you want to find 260 Park Avenue South, drop the number 0).

2. Divide that remainder by 2. (26 becomes 13).

3. Now add or subtract to that that number according to the “key number” in the chart above, provided by DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: New York City. The answer will be the nearest numbered cross street (Add 8 — the key number for Park Avenue South — to 13 to get 21. The nearest cross street for 260 Park Avenue South is 21st street).

Mess with one Stark....Mess with us both.

Request from anon:Can I request something with tony stark x sister reader? She stopped returning his calls and been avoiding everyone. He’s concerned so he pays her a visit. When she doesn’t answer the door he breaks it down and finds her chained to a pipe in the bathroom covered in bruises. She tells him her bf has been holding her hostage beating her so he moves her to the tower with 24/7 security and beats the living daylights out of the guy.

Tony Stark x Sister!Reader

Words: 2,015

Warnings: Anger, violence, mentions of blood and swearing.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

You have reached the voicemail service for [y/n] Stark. Please leave your message after the tone or hang up now.

“Damnit [y/n]!” Tony was in his suit flying above the city sky line of New York and this was his tenth attempt over the last few days to get hold of you. “F.R.I.D.A.Y can you patch me onto Nat please?”

“Yes sir, doing that for you now.”

As he started to head a little further out from the city his internal comms rang through to Nat back at Stark Tower.

“Hey Tony what’s up?”

“Have you heard anything from [y/n] over the past few days. I know that even if, for some reason or another, she was in a mood with me she will always at least speak to you.”

“No I haven’t. I just assumed that she might have gone away with that boyfriend of hers. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about but if it makes you feel any better why don’t you see if she is at home?”

“You’re right. I’ll head back to the tower soon.”

He disconnected the line and then asked for F.R.I.D.A.Y to lock him in on the location of your home. The second he touched the ground a large swarm of children who had been playing in the street raced over to where he was stood. By the looks of sheer shock on their faces they had never expected someone like Iron Man to end up in their neck of the woods.

“This is totally awesome!”

“Iron Man you are like THE coolest superhero!”

One of the little kids shoved the one that had just spoken out of the way.

“No! Captain America is! He has that shield!”

A soft chuckle escaped him as he held out his iron clad hands to separate them before they started some kind of brawl in the middle of the street. Last thing he wanted was a group of angry mums on his hands….although…..the more he thought about that the more he was actually coming round to the idea. Nothing like a good excuse to use some of that Stark charm of his.

“Kids, kids…..” For a moment it looked like he was about to scold the children but then underneath his mask a smirk tugged at his lips. “We all know that I can totally kick his butt.”

The kid that had shown enthusiasm for Captain America was appalled by his comment but the others cheered in excitement at such a prospect.

“My mum said she would pay good money to see you and Captain America wrestling.”

“Oh really now? Well isn’t your mum quite the delight….now if you’ll all excuse me I need to visit a friend.”

Moving himself around the numerous kids Tony made his way towards the slightly more secluded house on the street. If you didn’t already know that it was there you would never have noticed it thanks to the large canopy of trees that bordered it.

“Uh Mr Iron Man? Are you going in there because of the shouting and screaming?”

He didn’t even stop to ask more about the screaming the kid had clearly heard because before the child could speak another word he had already closed the gap between himself and the house. There were no attempts to knock to see if anyone was even home as he raised his right leg up before driving it into the wooden door with such force it was ripped right off it’s hinges.

“Are there any life signs inside the building that you can detect F.R.I.D.A.Y?”

“Aside from yourself Mr Stark there is only one. Pulse is weak and blood pressure is dangerously low. From my scans it is a young female.”

“[y/n]….it’s [y/n]. Where is she?”

“She has been detected in the basement sir. I recommend that you get to her as quickly as possible.”

When it came to you, his sister, the only family he had left he didn’t need to be told twice. He may not have visited you much here, thanks to that oh so lovely boyfriend of yours, but he knew enough about the majority of houses in America to be fully aware as to the location of the basement door.

It took mere seconds for him to be through the door and down the steps. The darkness of the basement was thick having no windows to allow any source of light through, so he raised up a hand and fired up the repulsor inside of it so that a shaft of light filled the majority of the room around him. It wasn’t long before he heard your voice; although only just considering it was so hoarse it was barely even above a whisper.


Out of pure instinct he spun round to face where your voice had sounded from only to end up almost blinding you from said action as the light hit your directly in the eyes. Had he not been faced with the sight of you chained to an old and rusty radiator he would have apologised profusely to you but instead he stood there in complete shock for a good few moments as he heart broke in two. This pain was far worse than when he’d had shrapnel threatening to pierce his heart on a daily basis.

He should have been untying you, sweeping you up into his arms, but the shock of seeing you in such a state was wiping any logical thought from his mind. He saved the world every day, faced aliens without even batting an eyelid, and yet stood here and seeing you in such a state had him frozen to the spot unable to do anything.


The desperation in your voice was all the motivation he needed to snap himself out of the daze he had fallen into; his mask opened up to reveal his worried face as he knelt down to you, one of his iron hands reached up to cradle your cheek.

“Jesus [y/n] what the hell happened? Who did this to you? In fact where the hell is Chris?!”

Your boyfriend should have been here protecting you, stopping anything like this happening to you, and yet he wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“It….It was Chris wh-who did this to me.”

The worried expression that had been etched onto his face faded completely when you uttered those words, anger swiftly taking its place, his jaw clenched itself tightly but before he could do anything to release it he knew he needed to get you out of here. With one arm he shielded your face before blasting a hole into the radiator so that your bound hands were released and he picked you up into his arms.

“I’m taking you back to the tower. Banner will check you over and make sure there isn’t too much damage. You’re not coming back here again.”

                                           * * * * * * * * * *

Tony waited outside of the infirmary as Dr Banner looked over you. He was no longer in his Iron Man suit but had pulled the long sleeves of his top down over both of his hands as he clenched and then unclenched them over and over again. He needed to be here for you but there was still a huge part of him that was just itching to get out there and make Chris pay for the damage he had done to you.

The fact that a man had treated a woman in such a way was bad enough as it was but this…..this was his sister! How could he just stand idly by while….

“Tony?” His thoughts were cut short when Bruce wandered out from the room you were being treated in and grabbed his attention. The look on his face was more than enough to confirm that the news wasn’t all that great but Tony nodded his head for him to continue anyway, needing to know just how bad you were. “Some of the injuries we found on [y/n] have been there for a number of weeks, I’d say around four to five at a guess, those ones are healing so there is nothing we can do with them; however, the fresh ones are the ones that will require treatment.”

“What did the bastard do to her Banner?”

Bruce seemed a little nervous now, his feet shuffling on the floor as he prepared himself for Tony’s reaction.

“He broke four of her ribs, one of which punctured her right lung, and the swelling of her brain indicates that her head suffered numerous blows to it. She was also severely dehydrated which means that her kidneys aren’t functioning at 100%.” He could see that the man stood before him, quite rightly so, was becoming more and more infuriated with each word that escaped his lips so he quickly added the more positive news to the conversation. “All of which is treatable. It will just take time that is all. She will need to remain here for at least a couple of months.”

“That’s fine with me. At least here she will be safe from that prick. I have somewhere to be. You carry on doing your thing and look after her doc.”

With that said he turned on the balls of his feet and headed towards the elevator. If this guy thought he was going to get away with this he had another thing coming.

                                            * * * * * * * * * *

“Please! Please for the love of God don’t hurt me!”

The man that had been more than happy to beat you was currently cowering in a corner as Tony stood before him in his Iron Man suit. He hadn’t even lay a finger on him yet but clearly once he had come back home to find you gone he had been expecting for your brother, aka Iron Man, to show up…..and now this situation was becoming all too real for him.

Tony reached out a hand, grabbing the pathetic little cockroach by the throat, as his face inside of the suit showed just how angry he was while the mask itself remained expressionless.

“Is that what [y/n] said as you beat her huh? Did she plead for you to stop as you were bashing her head against the wall like it was nothing more than a child’s toy?”

He gritted his teeth, eyes blackened with sheer hatred for the coward he was stood in front of, all he wanted was to make him feel the same pain that you had…..and he wasn’t going to leave until he had achieved it.

His free hand balled up into a fist before he drove it into the whimpering man’s chest, breaking a number of his ribs upon impact, his pained cries filling the room they were in didn’t falter Tony’s actions and didn’t once make him wonder whether he was doing the right thing or not. This was the least he deserved.

When he was done with the ribs he grabbed a handful of the man’s blonde hair, gripping it so tight that it would only take one simple pull to drag it out from the very roots, and threw his head into the marble worktop behind him. The impact caused his nose to break, blood pouring from both nostrils, and his cheek bone was left shattered much to Tony’s satisfaction.

Taking a hold of his chin he forced the bloody mess of a man to look him in the eyes as his mask folded away to reveal his face so that he could speak these words to him with his own voice.

“You mess with one Stark…..you mess with both of us.”

Throwing his inured body down onto the ground Tony turned his back on the man before he launched himself up into the air. You probably weren’t going to be happy with what he had done once you found out but in your brother’s eyes the man got some of what he deserved….

….an eye for an eye and all that…..

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my paper for my lighting design class about my favorite play/musical
  • Teacher: I love drama. Make it dramatic.
  • Me: "My very favorite moment with the lighting design in Newsies was at the very beginning of the Musical. Jack and Crutchie are on the rooftop of the lodging house, just standing on Jack’s “penthouse” admiring the view, looking at the stars, breathing fresh air, high above the stinking streets of New York City. Jack put his arm around his friend, his best friend, his brother, Crutchie, with a wide grin, talking about how much better the new town of Santa Fe is than New York. He told him that if he wanted, he could see it too, Jack’s dream place, Santa Fe. The minute he began to sing, “Close your eyes, come with me, where it’s clean and green and pretty-” the background lighting went from a dull, boring blue grey, to a bright vibrant orange, yellow, and red. It was like the scene was so powerful and wonderful, it shook my soul to my very core when the colors changed like that, because I too, like Crutchie, could see it too, and my eye’s weren’t even closed."