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Joker Imagine - I can’t sleep

Anonymous said:Can you do an imagine where it’s the middle of the night and the reader can’t sleep and wakes up the joker who’s sleeping right next to her and wants him to play with her and he’s all cuddly and cute and stuff , oh and can you make it where it’s daddy kink , pretty please?

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Your P.O.V.

It was raining in Gotham city and the tapping on the window kept me awake. I stared at the window and sighed. It was late at night and my boyfriend Joker was asleep. I had rolled in bed for an hour or two, yet I couldn’t sleep. It was annoying that I just couldn’t close my eyes and relax.

So I turned to look at J who was sleeping peacefully. He didn’t look angry  in his sleep. His red lips were curved into a small sweet smile and he was breathing slowly. He was so beautiful to look at, but I’d still wake him up. I rolled closer to him and started stroking his cheek. ‘’I can’t sleep daddy’’ I whispered softly close to his ear. He mumbled something in his sleep and moved a little on the bed. ‘’Daddyy…’’I whined and played with his hair. I watched as his icy blue eyes opened and he blinked a few times to wake up.

‘’Sorry for waking you up..but I can’t sleep’’ I sighed and got his attention. He yawned and then smiled. ‘’What do you want me to do about it?’’ He mumbled tiredly and let me run my fingers on his skin softly.’’Play with me daddy’’ I encouraged him with a big smile. His eyes darkened and he looked at me more awake now. ‘’You’re always horny kitten’’He giggled and then snuggled closer to me. ‘’I can’t help it when you’re around’’ I whispered and felt his hand on my stomach, travelling down. His hand slipped under my panties and he found my clit quickly.

‘’You just love to get your little ego stroked’’ He had noticed and started rubbing my clit that loved the sensation. I moaned and bit my bottom lip as he played with my pussy. ‘’Don’t you?’’ He asked with a raspy voice, which only made me wetter. ‘’Yes daddy’’ I whimpered and spread my legs a little for him. J looked deep into my eyes and then got closer, pushing his lips on my neck as his hand did magic down under.

His warm lips left wet kisses on my neck until he found my sweet spot and started sucking on it. I shut my eyes and allowed myself to feel everything. His long and thick fingers slid into my wet walls and I let out a long moan. ‘’Yes daddy’’ I encouraged him to go on. It felt so good when he started fingering me quicker while sucking my neck.

My nipples hardened under silk gown. J moved his lips from my neck to my mouth to kiss me while finger fucking me. I could literally hear my wetness as his fingers slapped in and out of me. He nibbled my bottom lip and then pushed his tongue in my mouth. His hand started moving faster, making me moan into our kiss. I held onto his arm when the pleasure started getting more intense.

His lips never left mine and it was overwhelming. I was literally squeezing his biceps as he fingerfucked me roughly, pushing me closer to an orgasm while devouring my lips like the last time he’d ever kiss me. My heart started beating faster each time his fingers brushed against my sensitive G.spot.’’I’m..close’’ I mumbled onto his mouth and whimpered. J pushed his face closer to mine so our kiss got rougher. Then he leaned above me a little so I couldn’t squirm underneath him as he thrusted those fingers harder into me.

An orgasm ripped through my body and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. J moved his fingers slower in me as he let me ride down my high. His lips were on mine and I was moaning loudly, but he shuffled it. He slid out of fingers, making me squeeze my legs together. Just before he pulled his hand out of my panties, he rubbed my throbbing clit a few times very slowly, making me arch my back because of the sensitivity of over-stimulation.

He pulled back his face and used smiled darkly at me while I was gasping whenever he moved his fingers on my super sensitive clit. ‘’Do you want to taste yourself?’’ He purred while rubbing my clit in a circular motion. Did he expect me to talk? I just moaned a yes sound. Then he removed his warm hand from my wetness and brought his fingers in front of my face. I could see my juices on his fingers and it was kinda hot.

‘’Open up’’ He demanded and then I parted my lips. He pushed hiss two long fingers inside my mouth and I shut my lips around them. I looked into his eyes as I started sucking his fingers, something he found hot for some reason. He looked at me with  dark eyes and his breathing got heavier. ‘’You’re so sexy babe’’ He purred and pushed his fingers deeper into my mouth. I nearly choked because he got carried away, but he was rough -and I liked it

J pulled his fingers back and then pressed his lips against mine. I shut my eyes and messed with his hair while kissing his plump red lips. Damn I loved this man. ‘’You’re so good for daddy’’ He breathed out above my lips. I just smiled and looked into his pretty eyes. Suddenly he rolled onto his back and pulled me right next to him so we were cuddling. I couldn’t help but to giggle because it kinda startled me.

‘’I’ll be awake as long as you fall asleep’’ He told me and started gently tracing patterns on my back with his fingers. I rested my head on his chest and took a deep breath. His scent of cologne and expensive drinks made me calm down. ‘’Thanks daddy. You take so good care of me’’ I chirped happily and then yawned. He played a little with my hair as well and tried to get me sleepy. ‘’Well I can’t get you hurt kitten’’ He answered me softly. 

one off || stiles stilinski (!!)

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stiles x reader
word count: 1,180

warnings: nsfw; oral sex (both receiving), teasing, kissing, swearing, spanking, unprotected sex, 69. 

authors note: i haven’t written for stiles in a while, so i do apologise for the poor quality… as usual. i’m currently working on a few projects so that’s why i haven’t really written for him, because the project is stefan salvatore, but i’ll hopefully be writing for teen wolf more soon!

summary: reader and stiles loath one another, but in one heated moment, all the anger turns into sexual tension. 

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be alice angel please!!!!

Wait, what? How can I do that? I’m not a cosplayer or something liket hat (not yet).

But… okay. I can do something for you with the power of my lipstick and in my black top! 

~ People really seem to enjoy my Alice Angel … lips ! 

( Oh my god! What did I say!? Don’t think anything BAD! )


It’s my birthday so I wrote a birthday fic


When I wake up, the bed next to me is empty, but I don’t worry.  I can hear bumping in the kitchen and the sheets where he slept are still warm. I’m not ready to move yet, but I breathe in deeply and the pillow smells like him, bright and sweet and sleepy. There’s really no reason for him to keep two pillows on his bed, when I spend the night we end up entwined so close that our heads share the same one.  My bones ache to stretch out but I don’t budge.  I can still feel the ghost of his arms, of his breath on my neck.  If I move I might break the spell.

           Pathetic, I think to myself.  We’ve been dating for months and still not a day goes by that I don’t think it must be a dream, it’s too good to be true.

           The door swings open slowly with one soft creak, and my eyes have drifted closed again but I don’t bother to open them. His bare feet tiptoe across the room, there’s a clink as he sets something down on the bedside table (a glass of water, maybe) and he climbs back into bed, careful not to disturb me, slotting himself in the crook of my neck as though neither of us had ever moved. He gives a sleepy sigh as he settles into place, and the sound alone makes me smile despite myself.

           I decide I’ve been unresponsive long enough and press a kiss to his forehead.

           He chuckles quietly.  “Are you awake or having a really nice dream?”

           “You tell me.”

           “Morning, Baz.”

           “Morning, Simon.”

           I finally open my eyes as he wiggles himself higher up the pillow so we’re level, which makes me smirk a little.  The height difference between us isn’t massive, but it’s enough that he has to stand on tiptoe to kiss me.  It’s why he takes advantage of the time we spend horizontal.

           He kisses my mouth, quick and warm.  “I’ve got something for you.”

           “Oh?”  What more could I possibly need right now?

           “Yeah.  Sit up.”

           I want to protest as he pulls away from me and the air between us goes cold in his absence, but I follow as he retrieves a small plate from the nightstand, the thing I heard him place there a moment ago. On the dish are two chocolate cupcakes with immaculately swirled icing, one blue, one yellow.  The frosting is so perfect that it has to be from the bakery downstairs.  Not that I mind, cupcakes are cupcakes.

           “Breakfast in bed, eh?” I smile as he pushes the plate towards me, sitting cross-legged on the covers.

           “Yeah, well, I would’ve made you a real breakfast in bed,” he blushes, “but after last time…”

           I drop a kiss on his nose.  “I prefer the kitchen fully functional, anyway.”

           He blushes harder, but he’s smiling down at his lap.  “Happy birthday, Baz.”

           I start.  I had completely forgotten that was today.  “How did you…”

           “Mordelia told me.”  He shakes his head at me.  “I can’t believe you weren’t going to say anything.”

           “It’s just another day,” I shrug.  No one in my family ever made a big deal about birthdays. It just wasn’t that important to us.

           “It’s your day, Baz,” he insists, starting to unwrap the blue cupcake.

           “Simon, there’s really no need to -”

           “Baz.  Every day you make me feel like the most special boy in the world.  It’s your turn to feel like that, alright?”

           He says it playfully, but my throat actually closes and I might even tear up a bit.

           It’s a moment before he glances away from his cupcake and back up at me, but I still haven’t spoken, my chest is too swollen. He sees my expression and smiles almost shyly.  “Alright?” he says again.

           “Thank you, Simon,” I manage.

           “Eat your cupcake.”

           I do.  It’s soft and still warm from the bakery.  He must have snuck downstairs as soon as they opened, still in his pyjamas. I wonder if he threw on a shirt to do it.  He’s not wearing one now.  There’s a smudge of blue on the corner of his mouth from the icing, and I hope there’s not yellow on mine.  “You know,” I venture, “you have my full permission to bring me cupcakes in bed whenever you feel like it.”

           “I’ll keep that in mind.”

           We lick the icing off our fingers and brush the chocolate crumbs from the bedspread.  “So, what are we doing today?” he asks, completely oblivious to the frosting on his mouth.  I can’t look away from it, and I purse my lips to keep from laughing.

           “I hadn’t thought about it.”

           “Well, it’s your day,” he muses.  “Is there anything you want to do?”

           I decide it’s time for some fun and shift closer to him until there’s only a breath between us.  “Absolutely,” I grin.

           He goes scarlet from his ears to his collarbone, catching my drift immediately.  I want to laugh at how easily I can fluster him but I really have no right to because just seeing his reaction is enough to have me blushing just as hard.  As if I’ve never teased him like this before.  As if we haven’t been in plenty of far more compromising positions than this.  Fucking pathetic.

           “Okay, well,” he stammers, “we can definitely pencil that in.”

           I bring a hand up to cup his face and his cheek is burning to the touch.  Not fever-burning, just blushing-like-a-cherry-burning.  “Simon,” I murmur.

           “Baz?”  His voice is smaller than I think I’ve ever heard it.

           When I lean in the rest of the way, he responds immediately, tangling a hand in my hair and scratching the back of my neck with the other, gently but not idly.  His mouth is hot as always and sweet with frosting, and I purposely focus my attentions on the spot of blue at the corner of his lips.  I’ve never cared much for chocolate but I can taste it on his mouth and right now I love chocolate, would eat it indefinitely and it could never be as good as this, as my hand on his waist and my name on his lips.

           He actually tries to pull me back to him when I break away a moment and an ecstasy later, even though he’s gasping for air and falling backwards against my hands like he’s lost his sense of direction, and Crowley, I want to follow him, to kiss him into the mattress until the sun goes down, to stay exactly like this until we fall asleep, only to wake up in the morning and start all over again, but I stay where I am.  “Simon,” I say again.

           “Yes?” he whispers, eyes still closed.

           “You’ve got frosting on your face.”

           His hand whips out of my hair and to his mouth, and he rolls his eyes when he finds the icing still there, despite my endeavors. “Really Baz,” he mutters as he wipes it away with the back of his hand, “you couldn’t have just said something?”

           “My way was more fun.”

           He grins and pushes me back until I’m propped up on my elbows.  “You know, you’ve got something on your face, too,” he breathes when he’s only an inch above my lips.

           “Do not.”

           “Do too.”

           “Prove it.”

           He shuts me up with his mouth.

           I never find out if he was lying or not, but I sure as hell don’t care.

Playing Dirty

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3K

Warnings: SMUT (unprotected sex, oral sex, sex in fairly-public place), mentions of alcohol, swear words, dirty talk, stripping & Bucky being hot af, phew I think that’s it lol

A/N: This was so much fun to write, I’m kinda sad it’s ready now. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Oh and requests are open so don’t be afraid to hit me with your ideas! 

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”Natasha!” I called her name, running next to the basket, pushing Steve out of my way. “I got it!”

Natasha smirked, passing the black and orange ball to me and I jumped, throwing it through the basket.

“Oh come on”, I heard Bucky mumbling behind me as I ran to Natasha, laughing from pure happiness as I hugged her tightly, both of us cheering loudly. We had been working our asses of, with mission after mission. When we finally got a day off we decided to have some fun with the boys –and a little bit of alcohol, while rest of the group preferred to use their free time by resting.  

“We are so gonna beat your ass, boys”, Natasha laughed, glancing at Steve and Bucky, who were rolling their eyes, looking slightly annoyed.

“I wouldn’t be so cocky-“, Steve let out a laughter, changing smirks with his all-time best friend. “You might be leading but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to win.”

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In all seriousness (Damian Wayne smut)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Hi 👋 Can I request a Damian Wayne smut. Don’t really care about plot. Maybe Damian gets jealous or something idk.
Summary: Jealous Dami shows you who you belong to.
Word count: 640
Warning(s): SEX

The great Damian Wayne doesn’t get jealous, right? Or that’s what I thought. I had somehow managed to convince Damian to come out with me and a few of my friends. I hadn’t been out to party in a while so I thought it would be a good idea to go to the clubs of Gotham, keyword “thought”.

It was obvious that Damian wasn’t in to it at all, but he served more of a bodyguard function, or that’s what I convinced him of.I agreed to not drink, that was one of the things Damian made me promise when heading out, so I was completely sober all night.

I was out on the dance floor, grinding against someone behind me, having a great time. But I couldn’t shake the feeling of someone staring wholes in to my head. Soon the song changed, the strobe lights giving me more confidence, I wasn’t going to have a grumpy Dami ruining my night.

Half way through the song, Damian pulls me away, not saying anything. He even glared at the dude dancing with me, causing him to hide elsewhere in the crowd. 

He pulled me towards the unisex bathrooms, before pulling me in and slamming the door behind, securely locking it. 

Eyes wide, I’m unsure of what’s happening, Damian is always so loving and caring and not one to act upon emotions. But here I am, pushed up against the door, my hands above my head, his lips attacking my neck and uncovered shoulders.

 "Beloved, do you really think it’s okay to dance all up close and personal with those men.“ He grumbles, while sucking on the sweet spot near my ear. All I can do is moan, trying to subdue it the best I can, because we’re in a public place. 

"Those disrespectful guys that are always eating you up with their eyes.” He seethed, running his calloused hand up my thigh, before softly going over my clothed core.

 "Those ‘men’ that could never make you theirs.“ He spat, suddenly plunging two of his fingers in me, a loud moan leaving me. Dami fingers me unrelentingly, kissing me roughly to muffle my moans, holding my wrists above my head with just one hand. 

Before I could cum, he pulls his fingers out ,utter disappointment running through my body. He switches the position. 

His back is now facing the door, my facing him. He undoes his pants just enough to expose his hardened length that is now out in the open. He bends me over, pulling my dress up and moving my panties to the side. 

He plunges in me once more, not giving me a moment to adjust, his pace is  inexorable. His hands are gripping my waist, sure to leave bruises, but who cares about those, they should see what he did to my neck.

“Do you know who you belong to, beloved,” he questions between light groans.

“Yeah,” I moan out, nearing the edge of bliss, he could obviously feel it, as his thrusts become harder but more erratic.

Soon we both come undone. Damian quickly pulls out of me, making himself presentable again, his untamed locks even more messy. 

Dami can only grin when seeing my flustered and flushed face, mouth full of questions but unable to speak. 

“Go tell your friends that we’re leaving.” He says, unlocking the door and walking out.

I follow not far behind. 

After saying my goodbyes I get out of the club and walk to Damians Lamborghini, he opens the door for me and I sit in, him following not far behind. 

“I should make you jealous more often,” I giggle, as he starts the car.

Keep talking like that and we won’t even make it home,” He winks.

I can’t help but grin. “But in all seriousness, Habibti, remember that you’re mine.” 


With love,

Creepypasta #1223: I Just Woke Up And I'm Starving

Length: Long

I wake up and it’s pitch black.

I furrow my brow, confused; normally, there’s a little light leaking through the window blinds from the street light down below, so my room is never completely dark.

But this is black; so dark that I can’t see an inch in front of me.

I go to raise my hand up, to wave it around in front of my face, trying to test this darkness, when it hits the ceiling.

My confusion deepens as I press my hand up, placing it flat on the surface in front of me. It’s sturdy and soft. I run my hand up and down it, feeling the velvet beneath my fingers, hitting small bumps and feeling them fall, some bouncing on my chest and stomach.

I move my hand to the right, feeling the velvet abruptly cut off. I run my hand past it, feeling a small space of wood, before a wall comes up, stopping me. I run my hand down the new wall, feeling more softness. I realize my fingers are coated in dust.

Panic begins to well up in my throat as I raise my left hand, feeling the exact same thing on the other side to me. More velvet covered walls, barely giving me any room to move.

I kick my feet; I can hear the dull sound of them connecting with the roof. There’s no reverb or echo of the noise, just a quiet ‘thump’ each time they make contact.

You’re in a coffin. My mind whispers, cutting through the screams that are beginning to form in my throat. You’re in a coffin and you’re probably six feet under.

I can hardly swallow, let alone breath at this realization before I lose control.

I’m kicking and hitting as much as I can, hearing my struggle as I hit the velvet linings of my coffin. “I’m not dead!” I scream, the sound suddenly so loud that I momentarily pause, surprised to hear my own voice, before I pick up again, punching the lid. “Bring me up! I’m not dead!”

I’m not sure how long I fought my own coffin for; it could’ve been minutes or hours. All I could focus on was the feeling of confinement against my limbs and the rush of blood in my ears, reminding me that I was alive. I was breathing, my heart beating fiercely against my rib cage. This was wrong. This was all wrong. Somebody has to know that this wasn’t right. Somebody had to be near by, who could hear my struggle and screams, somehow through the wood and fabric and possible dirt.

It wasn’t until my arms gave out that I gave up, letting them fall limply to my side, my chest rising and falling rapidly as I caught my breath, my mind racing as I tried to figure out my next move.

Then I felt it, something crawling up my neck, barely touching my cheek before I lost it again.

I thrashed with renewed energy as much as I could in the small space, feeling it slide off me. I quickly reach up, pinching it between my thumb and forefinger, catching it. I already know what it is, so I’m not surprised as it begins to wiggle, trying to free itself. I’m expecting a worm, my mind conjuring film scenes of skeletons crawling with them.

I’m surprised as I feel little legs scrambling at my fingers and a hard exoskeleton, protecting the soft bug underneath.

Disgusted, I fling it away from me, realizing what I had thought before was bumps along the roof (of your coffin prompts my mind) was actually insects.

My skin crawls as I remember them falling on me.

But I can’t do anything as they continue to criss and cross my body, the sensation of their movement sending constant goosebumps up my arms and legs.

I lay there, trying to be completely still. I’m not sure how long I did. All I can really remember is silently begging the creepy-crawlies to stay away from my face, particularly my ears.

My mind, on the other hand, continued to race.

Can I get out? Can I get free? What if I punch my way out? Would my hand break before that would happen? If I keep yelling, will someone hear me? Will I run out of air down here? Am I going to die here? Will anyone ever know that I was alive when they buried me?

How long had I been in here for?

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Can You Teach Me [Part 7]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles


Word Count: 2,149

** This is the last part, enjoy, my lovelies! Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six **

Originally posted by loveviral

I hear a sigh of frustration and I look up from the book that I’ve been reading. Stiles is standing across the room, scribbling something onto his whiteboard, muttering to himself. I stretch out slightly, lounging on the top of his bed and I admire how he looks in his slim fitted black t-shirt and dark jeans that are slung low on his hips. I bite my lip, feeling the familiar warmth pooling into the pit of my stomach.

           “Stop looking at me with your fuck me eyes, Y/N. I need to focus on figuring this out for Scott.”

           I get up off of the bed slowly, my eyes focused on him as I make my way towards him, my hips swaying slightly and he eyes the movement hesitantly. I stand next to him, barely centimeters away from him, but I make sure that I don’t touch any part of him. I run my hand through my hair, still not touching him, and poke my tongue out slightly to run it along my lower lip, never breaking eye contact with him. He tenses slightly as he watches me, his breath hitching in his throat slightly.

           “Stay away from me, you wicked temptress,” He grumbles breathlessly and fix him with a sultry gaze. “Y/N seriously, I can’t right now.”

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Bad Girl Ch 22: A Little Show(M)

Didn’t even realize it was Baek’s birthday when I posted this! Happy birthday Baekhyun! 💕 p>Must read! Okay rushed too fast and forgot to add something to the end of the last chapter so please go back and reread the end of dinner. It’s not required but it does give you a look into what will happen in the chapter after this one!


Yixing hums as he fascines his seat belt.

“Are you okay?” He suddenly got an edge to him when he pulled away from Haneul’s hug.

He nods and gives me a small smile, “I’m fine Baby, Noona just told me a secret.”

“It looked like she was teasing you,” I try and be playful but it doesn’t seem to help at all. I try to take the edge off again by reaching out for his hand and collapsing it in both of mine.

“Baby please be careful.”

I frown, “What?”

“Noona, she… she told me that there are bad people hanging around you and I want you to be careful.”

“Don’t worry Daddy, Jiho oppa is always looking out for me,” I try to reassure him but the way his hand tightens around mine I don’t imagine it helps much. “How was your day?” I try to change the subject.

“Absolutely boring, the clock could not move fast enough. The others felt the same, Baekhyun was bouncing out of his seat he was so excited to get out and go shopping for you.”

“He went shopping for me? We were supposed to go together,” I pout.

“After our change of plans and Suho got moved to tomorrow, Baekhyun threw fit saying that you guys were going to go shopping. So after a good round of arguing it was decided that he would get you tonight and he wants you to give him a full fashion show.”

I pause for a minute, “He wants what?”

“A fashion show, he most likely bought you a shit ton of things, work related and other, and he is going to want you to try on each thing.”

“This is going to be ridiculous.”

“Yea it is,” He laughs, “Just have fun and remember to smile.”


“For the camera,” He grins at me, “We had to come to an agreement somehow. Pictures seemed like a solid agreement.” He chuckles as he kisses the back of my hand.

“You guys are such perves,” I stick my tongue out at him.

We talk more about our days the drive home, his thumb constantly drawing small circles on the back of my hand with his thumb. Randomly he would bring my hand up and kiss it, giving me a warm feeling in my chest. Yixing is so warm, his personality seems to project a rainbow when he is with me but I know better. I wonder what he is like with Haneul when they are alone.


Once again, he hums, never taking his eyes off the road, “Yes?”

“How did you and Haneul unni meet? You don’t have to give me details really, just a vague description if possible.”

“Well,” He struggles to find the right words. “The simplest way to describe it would be that I walked in when she was in a bad situation and I solved it. After it was solved I helped her get her life together and she figured the rest out on her own.”

“So did she see you when you were in your foot soldier days?”

“I meet her a little while after I started them, why?”

“I want to know about that time in your guys lives. Haneul seems to know a lot.”

He chuckles, “Noona knows everything, that is kind of her thing.”

“Her thing?”

“How about you ask her the next time you talk? I’m sure she would be happy to explain it to you. But if she asks you to make a deal don’t agree to it because her knowledge comes with a price and you never know what it could be. I’m assuming since it’s you she will give you at least a little something for free.”

I nod as we pull up to the house, “Thank you for the amazing dinner.”

“You are welcome though as much as I enjoyed tonight I would prefer if it were just the two of us.”

“Next time.”

He escorts me inside where we are attacked by a group of whining men. They all take their time to greet me, hugging me and loving me. Unni’s words ring in my ears reminding me to hug each man tighter than usual, to look up at them with wide innocent eyes like I used to. Though they say nothing, they notice it right away. Baekhyun scoops me up last, he spins me around with a big smile on his face.

“Are you ready?” He muses

I nod eagerly, though I’m not that excited to constantly change outfits, but he looks so happy I can’t even be mad. We say farewell to the others as he basically drags me to his room where at least a dozen bags are scattered on the floor and on his bed. My jaw drops at the sight of them. “Daddy, don’t you think you went a little over board?”

“This is just the fun stuff,” He chuckles, closing my mouth for me, “I already put your work clothes in your room.”

“Fun stuff?”

He nods, “Remember that dress you wore for Chen all that time ago?”

I hum, a smile coming to my face at the memory.

“Well, I was hoping you would be feeling gracious and try on some of these outfits for me. And my camera.”

I eye the bags, a bit nervous for what could be inside but once again Haunel’s words ring in my ears. Next thing I know I’m sheading my clothes in his bathroom digging the first outfit out of the bag, it’s a fluffy dress that has my little side peeking her head out for the first time in a long time. I let her take over, feeling the soft frilly fabric between my fingers and letting smile spread across my face. It’s so cute. Digging deeper into the bag I find a pair of lace stocking, I pull in on, giggling at the ridiculous outfit. I peek my head out to find him sitting on the edge of his bed, his legs bouncing with excitement, looking anywhere but at me.

I clear my throat drawing his eyes to me, “Baby!” He coos rushing to me and ripping the door open. I look down at my toes shyly, “You look absolutely adorable!” He wraps his arms around me and pulls me into a tight hug. He snaps a picture or two before letting his hands run up and down my thigh, his fingers play with the bows on the back of my stockings.

“I have a lot of things to try on so we gotta move on quick,” I note ad he runs is fingers over the dress.

He groans, “Fine, try on of the black bags next!”

I nod before going back in. I find the back bags he mentioned and pull out the little outfits in side. After I try on a few and take a few pictures, a sexy maid, a nurse, another princess dress before I see a pink bag near the bathtub. I pick it up and peek inside, both my little and I blush at the sight of it but I figure this would be a good climax. With pink cheeks I pull on the pink lace onsie and the stockings that go with it. For a minute I consider just going out like this but the last few things in the back would make it perfect so with a deep breath I put the accessories on and pull the door open a crack.

Baekhyun must not have been far from the door because he is ripping it open in no time, “What did you pick out next? Did you see the-“ His cheeks flush. His mouth opens slightly but he snaps it shut as he jaw clenches. I bite my lip as I watch him take it all in, the see through onsie, the stockings, the cat ears, and collar resting around my throat. The matte pink choker seems to take most of his attention though I understand why, the tag is what made me blush the most.

Property of Kim Baekhyun is carved into the golden metal hanging off the collar. With a deep breath I push out my bottom lip and let out the most ridiculous noise that has come out of my mouth, “Meow.”

It is so worth it though to see the utter shock on Baekhyun’s face. His jaw drops open, “Again.”

I peek up at him meekly, “Meow.”

He has me pinned against the wall faster than I thought possible, his face buried in the crook of my neck, “My sweet kitten.”

“I didn’t think you would like this kind of thing,” I admit

He chuckles, but doesn’t move away, “I’m usually not, this was a present for Yixing hyung but I think I need to change my mind. This is definitely something I can get on board with.”

I whimper when he starts trailing kisses up my neck, “Daddy.”

He doesn’t say anything, just continues his way across my jaw and hovers above my lips. Our noses brush, his hands come up to cup my face, his thumb drags across my lip. His tongue imitates the action on his own pair of pink pillows. I wait for him to come closer but he doesn’t, he just continues to stare me down.

“Kiss me already,” I whine pulling him closer.

“I will, but I’m just enjoying the view first before I completely destroy you. Picture, I need a picture!” He tries to pull away but we are this far, he isn’t going to stop now. I reach up and grab onto the collar of his shirt and pull him in closer, smashing out lips together in an almost, animalistic kiss. He is as eager as he usually is but there is a slight difference, he is clinging to me tighter than I remember. He picks me up and carries me over to the bed, never letting our lips separate until I’m lying on my back, he is in between my legs reaching above my head for something. He returns with his phone, he sits back on his heels and takes a few snap shots before tossing it away carelessly. “My picture requirement has been reached, they can go fuck themselves.”

“I guarantee that is what they plan to do.”

“I would be lying if I said I won’t be doing the same,” He hums, “Maybe I should take a video?” He leans a way and tries to dive for his phone but I catch him and pull him back.

“No you don’t need that, I’m sitting right here in front of you waiting for you to spoil me with attention, isn’t that more important than some video.”

He chuckles as he drops to rest on his forearms so our faces are only inches away. “I love this,” He purrs as he kisses my neck once again, his lips brush against the collar. “I wish I could keep it on you all the time but just for now is good enough.”

“I thought this was a present for daddy Yixing.”

“There are other collars, I bought one for each us than one that claims  you as EXO’s. This one was for me and just me.” He pauses for a moment as his eyes scan me once more, “I should have bought another one of these outfits. I don’t know if I have patients to figure out how to get this off.”

“How about you let me do it?” I reach behind me and unbutton the back of the little jumper. Baekhyun watches closely as I slide the fabric off my shoulders allowing my breasts to be free. The second my chest is free his lips latch on to my collar bone, leaving hickeys across my chest. I’m going to tell him to stop and be patient but his hands find my breasts making only a moan come out of my mouth. He ruts against me making my thighs tighten around those sinful hips of his. “Give me a second to get his off.”

He growls against my neck but pulls away for a moment to let me do it. I shimmy it down my hips before kicking it off the bed. I open my arms wide, “Now you may continue.”

His lips resume their work on my chest, licking and sucking ever inch of skin. My fingers tangle through his hair, pulling him even closer. I’m so distracted by his tongue that I don’t notice his fingers sneaking up my leg until he has two wiggling their way inside me. I gasp at the sudden intrusion, but my hips react on their own, bucking against his hand for more.

“Daddy,” I moan clutching on to his hair tighter hoping he won’t tease me.

He chuckles, “Yes Baby?”

“More,” I demand a he tow fingers pump in and out of me lazily.

“What do you want more of? I’m not a mind reader, you need to use your words.”

“Daddy please fuck me.”

“Such crude language for such a little girl.”

I groan as he crooks his fingers just right, “Pretty please Daddy Baekhyun, make love to me.”

“Of course Baby,” He purrs taking away his fingers. I whine at the loss but he shushes me. “I’m just taking off my pants, no need to whine.” With those discarded he hooks my knees over his shoulders and positions himself at my entrance. “You have no idea how beautiful you look just like this,” He hums in approval. “I can’t wait to wreck you even more.”

He slams into me, having me basically folded in half allows him to plunge deep into my heat, hitting me in the right spot that has me seeing stars. He only gives me a moment to adjust before he is slamming into me at an almost animalist pace. His hands are holding my hips so tight I wouldn’t be surprised if there were bruises tomorrow but right now it feels so good.

“How do you feel so amazing?” He groans. “You feel even better than I remember, how did I go a whole  year with out you?” He manages to go even faster, “I can never go without you again.”

The knot in my belly continues to wined it’s self tighter and tighter, my toes curl as I close my eyes and prepare myself to go over the edge.

“Tell me how much you need me,” He demands.

“I always need you,” I mumble, blinded with pleasure.

“Tell me how much you missed me.”

“So much!” I half scream as he thrusts become rougher.

“Tell me how much you-“ He doesn’t have time to finish before we are both coming, our voices mix together in pleasure. He lets my legs fall off his shoulders to rest on either side of his hips as he leans forward and buries his face in the crook of my neck.

I wrap my arms around him and whisper softly into his ear, “I love you more than you will ever know, don’t question it. I love you Baekhyun.”

He wraps himself tighter around me, cocooning me in his warmth, “I missed you so much. Please don’t ever leave us again, I couldn’t handle it again.” He chokes on his words, I feel wetness against my neck. He’s crying. “I love you.”

I hum, “I love you too.”

A/N: This is just a personal note from me to you readers, you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to but I hope you enjoyed the chapter! So as I wrote this chapter I remembered I was going to write something very similar in the early chapters of Good Girl, she was going to give the boys a fashion show when she first saw her closet but I took it out but the point is I realized how far the story has come since then and I jut want to thank you all for reading and supporting me! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story and all the other stories I post! Again thank you for reading and have a good night!

Appetite - Shawn Blurb

THIS post by @achinglyshawn inspired this, and the more explicit language. hell to the yeah

Word Count: 806

“I’m hungry,” Shawn said opening up the fridge.

I stopped eyeing up Shawn’s back as he stood in loose black shorts and nothing else.

“Well, as you can see we have food,” I said pretending to read my phone but I still thinking about his torso and how it looked as his body thrust into me much early in the night morning hours.

His head rolled back as he gave me a look with his puppy brown eyes. “I don’t want to make anything.”

I smirked. “Okay well, you starve.”

“Please, would you make me something?” He smiled.

My eyes flickered up as I glared. “Do I look like a housewife?”

He knew I didn’t like domestic roles.

“Oh c’mon. Please.” He playfully whined and I liked the way it sounded, too much so.

Stepping away from the counter I came around. “Shawn you know I’m not a good cook.”

He closed the fridge and smile. “I know but I still eat it.”

I rolled my eyes with a smirk and then looked him up and down.

Fuck he was hot.

I continued to look him up and down and then he realized I wasn’t thinking anything about making him food. He gave me a curious look when he saw my lingering but never said anything.

“I’m not going to make you anything.” I smiled as I stepped back into the counter, I placed my hands up onto it and then jumped up as gracefully as possible. Once safely on the edge of the counter, I opened up my legs, not wide but enough that he knew what I wanted.

He watched me intensely for a while as I did, before he looked up and smiled he liked what he saw.

“I said I was hungry, not horny, but now that you mention it…”

I smiled. “Well, then let’s kerb your appetite.”

I bit my lip and then slowly pulled up my white slip, letting my thighs show before looking up at him.

Shawn’s eyes watched the new skin until he slowly looked up, his eyes sinful. “Or we kerb yours.”

He stepped forwards and then looked down to my spread legs but never touched.

“If you insist..” I grinned.

Our eyes locked before he slowly inched down into a crouch. I hardly could see him but then I felt his lips. They slowly kissed against the side of my shin and it felt wonderful. Shawn’s touch always felt good on me.

Inch by inch he kissed up my leg, to my knee then my inner thigh. I opened my legs more and more as he inched up.

He paused a moment before reaching his last kiss and I knew he was smiling. I could feel it on his pretty fucking lips. When he kissed outside my pussy I let out a deep moan that was accompanied with a smile as my head fell back.

“Yes.” I breathed.

He pulled away and then I felt his hands. They came up and he pulled the fabric keeping my heat a secret aside.

“Shawn.” I breathed. “Don’t you dare just pull them aside.”

He smiled and then slowly his tongue slipped into my fold. He was wet and slippery and I loved it so much I made a small moan.

Then he kissed me. His lips plush and full on mine as they moved around the softness of my pussy. This hands came up and placed themselves on my legs as he slowly he kissed and flicked. Slipping in and out I began to hear wet sounds.

I loved when he did that.

“Eat up.” I chuckled as I looked down at him slurping me up.

He smiled in me, his nose buried into my skin above his lips and his hands then gripped hard into my leg before pressing deeper.

Falling back a little I place my hand on the counter for support and my other reached into his hair as he ate me out. His wet lips gave me physical and auditory pleasure.

Slowly after many moans and gasps as he played with my clit he removed himself and then reached for the sides of my underwear. I grinned as he slipped them down my legs.

When he was ready his eyes flicked up and I opened my legs again for him. He smirked before looking back down directly in front of him but this time his two fingers came and touched me instead of his lips.

His index and middle finger held together pressed on my cunt and glided over me.

“Fuck.” I breathed.

A moment later he pulled my folds and then pressed the two fingers right over my throbbing clit. His fingers then quickly moved over it from side to side, very quickly and my whole body tenses up instantly as I gasped his name.

Finn Balor Smut

@lisacarter2013 Hey sweetheart I was hoping you could please do me a one shot or imagine where after telling Finn I’m in love with him and running away ,some of the superstars lock us in a room on the bus because they are sick of our sexual tension and then smut happens , I’ve been trying to write this fantasy prompt myself but I’m useless at putting my words to paper Thank you xxx

Author’s note: Well hopefully I have made your fantasy come true. (Also hope that’s the right tumblr name. The one I had said 2016 instead of 2013) but enjoy!
@igobypoet ————————————————— Run.

That’s the only thing in my mind right now.

I can’t believe I just told my best friend of 7 years that I’m in love with him. The look on his face was blank when I told him so before I could bust out in tears in front of him, I decided to run away. It might have been a childish decision but honestly I could not take him rejecting me lightly.

I finally decide to stop running and slide down against a wall to rest for a minute. How could I be so stupid? We were having an amazing time together as friends and I’m pretty sure I just ruined everything because of my big mouth.

“Y/N! Where are you at?!” Someone yells. I stay quiet hoping they won’t come near me and stop looking. “C'mon Y/N, there’s nothing to be embarrassed of.” The voice says getting closer. The person starts moving stuff to look behind it but lets out a sigh when they don’t find anything. “Y/N please come out from where you’re hiding, I just want to talk to you. I’m one of your best friends and you know you can tell me anything.” The voice says again.

I debate on standing up or not but the person comes around the corner and sees me sitting there. I look up and see Seth standing there looking down at me. He sits down next to me and says, “You had me worried there for a minute, I thought I would never find you.” “I was kind of hoping no one would find me. I’m too embarrassed to go back in that arena.” I tell him. He wraps his arm around you and says, “There’s no need to be embarrassed, everyone has feelings for someone. Besides Finn’s not even mad at you or anything, he just wants to talk.” He says.

“Yeah, he wants to tell me he doesn’t like me and that we would be better off friends.” I say looking up trying not to cry. “Honestly I’m shocked that you can’t see how much that dude is in love with you, just like you’re in love with him.” He laughs. “There’s no way Finn is in love with someone like me.” I tell him. “Well how about we head back to your bus and find out.” He states standing up and holding his hand out.

I hesitate at first and he says, “Either take my hand or I’m picking you up.” I take his hand and he pulls me up. We start walking to the bus in a awkward silence before he says, “Do you really not realize the way Finn looks at you?” “No, I never sit and observe things like you do apparently.” I say laughing. “Well the whole locker room sees the sexual tension between you and Finn, but we know it goes deeper than just sex for the both of you.” He tells me. I just shake my head listening to the silence. When we finally reach the bus, he opens the door and pushes me inside. The door locks and I hear, “You’re not leaving this bus until you and Finn are together.”

“Y/N?” An Irish accent says from behind me. I turn around to see Finn standing there looking at me. “Finn.” I mumble looking down. “Angel look at me, please.” He says pulling your chin up with his hand. “I’m too embarrassed to look at you Finn.” I tell him. “Well don’t be Y/N, there’s no need to be embarrassed.” He states.

“Oh so me admitting my feelings and you having a blank look on your face should make me feel happy?” I snap. He steps back a little and says, “I was just shocked Angel, trust me when I say that you have a lot more guts than I do.” I look up at him with a questionable look and he continues, “I’ve been in love with you since we first met, but never said anything about it because I didn’t want to lose one of the most important people in my life.

I stand there and tears start flowing down my cheeks. Finn notices and brings his thumbs up to my face to wipe the tears away. “Don’t cry Angel, you’re too beautiful to be crying.” He says holding your face in his hands. I look up at him and notice a soft look in his eyes. He starts leaning in a little bit and I stand there in shock realizing that the guy I’ve been in love with for an extremely long time is finally about to kiss me.

His lips hover above my lips for a second and I’m scared he’s about to pull away, but he fills the gap and he finally kisses me. I wrap my arms around his waist to pull him closer but he moves us over to the couch behind us.

We start making out and I feel his hand slide down my shirt, so I pull from the kiss and he starts apologizing. I roll my eyes and lift myself up so I can throw my shirt off. He smiles and does the same before going back to kissing me. “I’ve thought about this so many times Angel.” Finn says against my lips. His hand takes my bra off and starts heading down to my pants.

He removes his lips and takes my pants and panties off. “You’re so wet Angel, you must’ve wanted this for a long time.” He says sliding his finger up my slit. “S-So long.” I moan. He lowers his head and flicks his tongue a couple of times before wrapping his arms around my waist and shoving his tongue inside me.

I moan his name over and over to the point where I’m pretty positive the whole locker room is standing outside our bus listening to this. His fingers slides in without warning and my nails start scratching his head. “F-Fuck Finn, I-I’m close.” I moan out. He speeds his movements and I release all in his mouth. Once I’m finished he removes the rest of his clothes and jacks his dick off a couple of times before easing into me.

He lets me get used to his size before he starts speeding his thrusts. I clench around him and he starts fucking me hard. “Ah fuck Finn. F-Faster.” I moan. He starts pounding into me and my arms go around his back while throwing my head back and moaning. He puts his thumb on my clit and says, “Scream my name, let everybody know what I’m finally doing to you.” His thumb starts rubbing me and it’s becoming too much to handle.
“Ah Fuck, Finn yes! Fuck right there, please don’t stop! Oh Finn!” I scream. “Ah shit, you’re pussy feels so good around me!” He yells. He grabs my other leg and continues to pound into me. “I’m getting close babe. Can you come for me again?” He moans. I nod and he puts his finger on my clit and starts massaging it.

“Come with me Angel.” He says as his thrusts start to slow down. I clench down on him and release on his dick while he releases too. “Fuck, I can’t believe I waited this long. I should’ve done it sooner.” He says. “Yes you should’ve, but can you two get dressed now? It’s cold and I want to head to the next town!” Seth says from outside. Finn and I laugh as we stand up so we can get dressed to let our dear friend in.