above his life

#bellamy fucking blake #is such a tragic hero #he is atlas carrying the whole world on his shoulders #not even caring if it crashes him #bellamy blake #who values everyone’s life above his own #who didn’t think for a moment he deserved to be on that ship #that he deserved to take someone’s place #that will do anything to save everyone #and die watching them be safe with a fucking sad smile on his face #and tears in his eyes #bellamy who all his life gave and gave without asking anything in return #and who is willing to die that way too #bellamy who always read books about heroes #but never thought he was one 


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  • Bellamy: *makes a mistake that gets people killed*
  • Anti: "He has to make up for it for the rest of his life, I'm so excited that he is beaten by the person he loves most. I don't care that he has vowed to try his best to not kill innocent people or that he is shown hesitating to kill again. When he helps talk Riley down, he's just playing the victim. He should demonize himself because he is worthless and you still say he always tries to sacrifice himself for his people and always puts everyone's life above his own but he's the devil and should still have past mistakes thrown in his face all the time because he can't just be forgiven."
  • Anyone else: *makes a mistake that gets people killed*
  • Antis: "Everyone makes mistakes and we've got to learn to forgive and forget it, they dont deserve to be hurt for their past mistakes. I mean, it's okay because it was a hard decision to make and they did their best with what they knew, lets just not talk about it again, they're forgiven."
Damon Salvatore put Bonnie's happiness above his own life.

“I’d rather let you down once then let you down for the rest of your life.”

When has he ever said this to Elena? Not to mention he told Bonnie all he wanted was for her (Bonnie) to be happy.

And notice Damon said he doesn’t want to let Bonnie down for the rest of her life, just once yet he didn’t include Elena in that.

Damon’s redemption arc is all because of Bonnie. He loves her so much.


This is a Prince - sorry, EMPEROR Kai appreciation post

Because I just saw a post claiming most Lunartics dislike him and I refuse to believe this slander. I for one love Kai. He is running a country, subverting his society’s standards by falling in love with a cyborg, making the hard choices to put his duty and country and even yes, the entire PLANET’s wellbeing above his personal life, plus he is generally adorable and sweet. C'mon, guys. Reblog if you love Kai.

It was an odd thing, for a mermaid to love fire, but ‘odd’ had never stopped him before.

For anon.

Zayn | Niall

‘Axlar-Björn’ - A 16th century, Icelandic serial killer who was guilty of some 18 murders. While it is almost certain that he existed, he has become the subject of folklore and exaggerated legend. He and his wife would offer travelers a place to stay and then kill them for profit, selling their clothes and gear to anyone who was willing to buy them. He was caught after he attempted to kill his sibling, but they escaped and sounded the alarm. The plaque above commemorates his life and crimes.

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     No one ever said he shouldn’t own up to the things he wants. Even if it ends up sounding so shameless.

A child who just wanted to be loved

I honestly hate it when people say 707’s route isn’t good because he ignores her. Love isn’t all perfect and happy you know?
People need to play the true ending (secret 01 and 02) to fully appreciate him honestly. He’s so selfless in the secret endings that it’s baffling. He puts everyone’s life above his.
707 ignores her for reasons that are very understandable because of what he’s going through. He ignores her to make her dislike him, because he knows that if she likes him she’ll be hurt because he could die at any moment and put her in danger and he doesn’t want that to happen to the first person he’s ever loved besides his brother. And listen here, his brother is his everything. He worked for years with no identity, no purpose in life, and gave his everything to hacking. He even starved for 3 days in a boiler room once on a mission, his life is always in danger. Why? Because he thought that if he kept working, his brother would be able to live happily. Guess what? He just found out that all this time his brother was NOT happy and that his brother was his enemy. The brother he loved more than himself just told him that he “abandoned him” and “hates him” and can’t wait for him to be tortured and die by his own hands. That’s coming from someone who is his EVERYTHING. SO YES, SEVEN WILL IGNORE YOU BECAUSE HE’S HURT. And don’t even get me started on their past. These twins had NO childhood. The happiest moment of Saeran’s life was when he could get ice cream with Seven and not be beat or tied down by their mom.
He’s damaged and won’t trust people easily and thinks he doesn’t deserve anyone’s love because he hates himself. But after MC shows that even if he ignores her, she will stay by his side and love him regardless of everything, Seven understands that she really does love him and from then out, MC is Seven’s reason for living since he didn’t want to live before. He becomes extremely kind and caring and selfless and puts everyone in front of himself, even at the cost of his life.
So don’t you dare say Seven is cold or doesn’t care, because he cares TOO much.

#OTD 3/18/1969 - President Nixon posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor - the highest military award - to Pfc Melvin E. Newlin, USMC. Here we see the President with Private Newlin’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Newlin. (Image: WHPO-0542-06) The following citation was read aloud by Secretary of the Navy John H. Ghafee, followed by remarks from the President. Let us never forget the great sacrifices made by so many for our country.

“For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a machine gunner attached to the First Platoon, Company F, Second Battalion, Fifth Marines, First Marine Division, in the Republic of Vietnam on 3 and 4 July 1967. Private Newlin, with four other marines, was manning a key position on the perimeter of the Nong Son outpost when the enemy launched a savage and well coordinated mortar and infantry assault, seriously wounding him and killing his four comrades. Propping himself against his machine gun, he poured a deadly accurate stream of fire into the charging ranks of the Viet Cong. Though repeatedly hit by small arms fire, he twice repelled enemy attempts to overrun his position. During the third attempt, a grenade explosion wounded him again and knocked him to the ground unconscious. The Viet Cong guerrillas, believing him dead, bypassed him and continued their assault on the main force. Meanwhile, Private Newlin regained consciousness, crawled back to his weapon, and brought it to bear on the rear of the enemy causing havoc and confusion among them. Spotting the enemy attempting to bring a captured 106 recoilless weapon to bear on other marine positions, he shifted his fire, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy and preventing them from firing the captured weapon. He then shifted his fire back to the primary enemy force, causing the enemy to stop their assault on the marine bunkers and to once again attack his machine gun position. Valiantly fighting off two more enemy assaults, he firmly held his ground until mortally wounded. Private Newlin had single-handedly broken up and disorganized the entire enemy assault force, causing them to lose momentum and delaying them long enough for his fellow marines to organize a defense and beat off their secondary attack. His indomitable courage, fortitude, and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of almost certain death reflected great credit upon himself and the Marine Corps and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.”

FNaF 4: Easter Eggs

There have been several easter eggs hidden throughout the latest game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, both in-game and between nights in the form of mini games.

In the mini game before beginning Night 3, you may come across a few moments where the door to the establishment, near where you are usually seen crying (what else is new?) opens, and you see the Purple Guy.  He places a Spring Bonnie head on an employee, and the door shuts.

The interesting thing about the Purple Guy in this scene is that he seems to be wearing shorts and a yellow name tag. This is the only time we see the Purple Guy in the entire game, and he seems to be working as a higher-ranked employee, seeing as he’s far above risking his life in a Spring suit.
Clearly, there are tremendous precautions that need to be taken in order to safely operate the Spring suits. The Purple Guy, who presumably assists the employees in and out of these suits daily, cannot be as careless as your character’s older brother. Additionally, the Purple Guy is taller than your brother, further confirming that they are not the same person. 

In the mini game before Night 4, if you approach the television at your house, you may see this series of images on the screen.
The show is titled Fredbear & Friends!, which supposedly originally aired in 1983. This does not fully support nor refute that the game takes place in 1983, simply because reruns exist. The show features a screen of Fredbear and Foxy together, possibly dancing to the music that Bonnie is playing and Freddy is singing. Chica is just standing on the grass.

A little bit of history is revealed with these few short frames. It may have played out like this: Fredbear & Friends was a local television show popular enough to at least have plush toys and masks/costumes of them produced. This is why your character’s brother and his friends have masks, as opposed to full head covering costume heads.

On Night 4 of FNaF 3, the cassette recording of the Phone Guy says that “after learning of an unfortunate incident at a sister location, involving … spring lock failures, the company has deemed the suits temporarily unfit for employees… Until replacements arrive, you’ll be expected to wear the temporary costumes provided to you.” After the Spring suits were put out of use, the four main animatronics were brought to be used in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. This is why, at the beginning of the very next Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, the Toy animatronics are marketed as the newer versions of what had been at the old location. 

Throughout FNaF 4, when taking a look behind you at the bed, there are an unsettling array of objects around your bedside table. An orange pill bottle, a hanging IV bag, and flowers can all be seen. We will be tackling that in an upcoming theory this weekend, but here are the images!

Many FNaF fans, us included, had been upset with the lack of phone calls giving us tips and stories. HOWEVER! Throughout the nights, you can hear a garbled voice play. When the sound file is played backwards, you can hear a very familiar voice go “Hello, hello? Uh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night.” which was the first ever line from the Phone Guy back in Five Nights at Freddy’s 1. 

We’ve laid out most of the necessary information to have from FNaF 4 in preparation for our biggest theory yet. We’re about to get into some controversial territory, so if anyone has any questions about gameplay or history, feel free to ask us, and we’ll definitely get back to you! We just want to make sure everyone’s on the same page. We won’t be answering anything publicly, however, so for the next day or so, we will be turning anon asks off. :)

Thanks so much, everyone!

– G & H

too lazy to finish *lies down* past!Allen & Nea!

man i do really want to find out what their relationship was like - past!Allen’s sacrifice does make sense considering how present!Allen values his friends above his own life. unless lost memories do change a person…



Commander David McCampbell, USN, (1910-1996)

Rank and organization: Commander, U.S. Navy, Air Group 15.
Place and date: First and second battles of the Philippine Sea, 19 June 1944.
Entered service at: Florida. Born: 16 January 1910, Bessemer, Ala.
Other Navy awards: Navy Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross with 2 Gold Stars, Air Medal. 

Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as commander, Air Group 15, during combat against enemy Japanese aerial forces in the first and second battles of the Philippine Sea. An inspiring leader, fighting boldly in the face of terrific odds, Comdr. McCampbell led his fighter planes against a force of 80 Japanese carrier-based aircraft bearing down on our fleet on 19 June 1944. Striking fiercely in valiant defense of our surface force, he personally destroyed 7 hostile planes during this single engagement in which the outnumbering attack force was utterly routed and virtually annihilated. During a major fleet engagement with the enemy on 24 October, Comdr. McCampbell, assisted by but l plane, intercepted and daringly attacked a formation of 60 hostile land-based craft approaching our forces. Fighting desperately but with superb skill against such overwhelming airpower, he shot down 9 Japanese planes and, completely disorganizing the enemy group, forced the remainder to abandon the attack before a single aircraft could reach the fleet. His great personal valor and indomitable spirit of aggression under extremely perilous combat conditions reflect the highest credit upon Comdr. McCampbell and the U.S. Naval Service.

Commander McCampbell was also the third highest scoring ace in the Navy in WWII, with 34 aerial victories and the highest scoring ace to survive the war.  He served in active duty until 1964 and the Arleigh Burke-class AEGIS guided missile destroyer, the USS McCampbell (DDG-85) was named in his honor.

  • boy to girl: I will protect you with my life. You are everything to me.
  • girl to boy: I will protect you with my life. You are everything to me.
  • tumblr: wow.... that is SO problematic for her to put his life above her own, because she's too dependent on him to be her own person.. she is such a weak character and an obsessive stalker whose life revolves around her boyfriend wow truly disgusting.. he is her everything, which implies that she would probably commit suicide if he died or be miserable for the rest of her sad life. she shows too much emotion and her protectiveness borderlines obsession - what a shitty, flawed, and misogynistic female character. she has such little self worth that she would sacrifice herself for someone she cares about. her characterization is so problematic and sexist it is ridiculous - why can't we have a strong female character for once? her overdependence on her love interest renders her an overemotional and clingy whore. honestly this is such an unhealthy and terrible relationship it's disgusting

KABBY WEEK:  Day 1 - June 20: favourite season, episode or scene:

2x13 - “Resurrection”

The lighting in this is incredible. It’s honestly the dream to achieve this balance of reds and blues while still feeling so natural. And yes, Abby is determinedly saving Kane’s life (although at this point it’s not entirely about him - she’s righting Clarke’s wrong), and yes, we have the “do we even deserve to survive” conversation coming up, but look at them.

Marcus thinks he’s about to die under that rubble and all he can think to do is take Abby’s shoulder (look at that thumb in the bottom left! God bless that thumb), hold onto it, and tell her to go find her daughter. He’s literally putting Abby’s life above his own. Meanwhile, she’s heaped onto his chest like personal space ain’t no thing between them - but remember, these are early days! They’re not really at that point yet, but because there’s a chance this could be it for them, they’re not afraid to put aside whatever remaining hostility and - finally - care openly about each other.  

God bless this scene.