above clouds

Your beautiful in every way possible.
From the way you sway your limbs side to side,
Singing with the wind,
Is a blissful sight to me.

I love that my cold heart thaws to the gentle touch
of your supple hands.
as you caress my cheek with
an adoration.

Your eyes tell the tale of a man in love,
awaiting the opportunity to wed his emotion
in a holy communion.
A goal that has been set since childhood.

Your gaze leaves tears in my eyes,
for I am not used to these extraterrestrial feelings.
It’s as though I have reached nirvana with
you by my side.

I see it now.
We walk to the clouds above,
amazed at it’s fluffiness,
and tender spirit.

We touch it,
and it’s power irradiates itself
onto our palms,
engulfing our auras.

I lift my tender hand to your
cheek and allow it to hover.
You feel my energy,
and I feel the vibrations from your aura,
pulsate my system.

The heat makes this moment,
the most intimate of embraces.
We walk hand in hand,
but our energies are so powerful,
We need not hold onto the other.

Our hungry palms,
turn towards one another,
feeding upon the other
in an adjoining matrimony.

Our eyes lock,
as our essence floats above us.
Our minds rests upon the clouds
bringing to life the words and thoughts
that were once forsaken.

The buried emotions and feelings,
and beings that we attempted to drown
in our spirituality,
rises with vehement valor.

But by my side,
with an army of love and nirvana,
we prevail,
shunning away the venemous emotions that once
proclaimed our very souls and minds.

—  ladypheonix5 
Fic: I Want To Hold Your Hand

My contribution to the Klaine Book Project 2015. I had the opportunity to work with the amazing animateglee on this, and she created some beautiful art which can be found here. Our theme was vintage!Klaine, so have some 60s Beatlemania…

“It’s definitely George.”

“You’re crazy. How can you say anyone but Paul?”

Blaine shakes his head in amusement and sticks his hands in his pockets, walking backwards along the empty street in front of Kurt. “You’re just saying that to upset me. I know you.”

Kurt scoffs and tilts his head back to look at the stars peeking through the clouds above. “It’s Paul.”

“Kurt!” Blaine stops on the spot and Kurt nearly walks into him. “Look, Paul is cool and all, but George is without doubt the sexiest member of the band. End of discussion.”

Blaine is looking at him challengingly, but Kurt simply shakes his head at him and brushes past to keep ambling along. After a couple of seconds Blaine is at his side again, and starts to whistle the chorus of Help!

They’re jumping up and down like crazy, signing at the top of their voices to the lyrics they know so well. Kurt crashes into Blaine’s side and laughs, grabbing onto his shoulder to keep himself steady, completely unconcerned about their proximity or the way their shoulders are pressed against each other. The park is so packed that no one can see them enough to care, everyone already too engrossed in the concert and the music.

“That concert was really boss. I wish we could go back.” Kurt sighs and bumps his shoulder into Blaine’s. “Favourite song they did?”

Blaine is quite for a moment, remembering, then hums a melody that Kurt would recognise anywhere.

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Friend among strangers

Hippogriff flew above the cloud player, using it as a cover. When he was above the changeling district, Vindicar paused, observing the ground before going into dive. Unsurprisingly, noone seemed to try and intercept him, so he landed onto the balcony of the small two-story house he and Pine moved into.

Opening the balcony doors, hippogriff stepped into the bedroom.

Endless, by jaychong

“Endless” ** ok uploaded the wrong file the first time ** First time up at Russian Ridge with the #escaype crew #blueraspberry. The sunset colors were pretty good near the horizon where the sea of fog is and it did light up the clouds above us. The challenge was in the grass. Every time I looked at the raw file, I had difficulty with the grass as it seemed so bland. This file sat for more than a month when I decided to finally give it a go for processing. I found some inspiration from the movie “Gladiator” when the general was walking through the fields of wheat. So I knew then how I wanted to process the grass and the look I was after. Techy info: This is a 3 shot focus stack. 2 for the foreground and 1 for the back. Blended the sky for dynamic range with 1 more. Shot with Canon 5D MK II /w Samyang 14. Processed with Adobe CC /W TK Actions. Thanks for the love and likes!

Write the first ten songs that come on shuffle - no skipping, no cheating.
A new twist has been added on - quote a favourite lyric from each song, and at the end tag 10 people.

i was tagged by the two sweetest peas childishvangogh and fruitsykid to do this and it sounded fun so here we go!!!

One Way Trigger by The Strokes
//I wish that I’d been noticed, but it never goes that way. The silence that you brought has gone, gone, gone.

Flying Model Rockets by The Front Bottoms
//It’s hard to say what I would do if I was back a year or two. Look at our plans, try to understand what could have happened to all of them.

The Weekend by Modern Baseball
//You got a smile that could light this town and we might need it, cause it gets dark around here, real dark around here.

Clouds Above By Head by Tiny Moving Parts
//Signs for good luck are never good signs. They higher your hopes up just to see you die inside. Please lie to me and tell me that I am okay, because it’s getting worse.

Macie Lightfoot, I’m Broken by Flatsound
//Take a step outside, put your feet on the ground. You said if you left now he won’t hear a sound.

Backflip by The Front Bottoms
//Teach my rolling veins where there’s a will, there is a way. Just cut me open, let me drain, oh let me drain, oh let me drain, oh let me.

They Want My Soul by Spoon
//Let’s go lose track of time, somebody’s gotta. Let’s get the stars to align, for lambs to slaughter.

Yes Yes by The Colourist
//Take my hand, you’re slipping, it’s so dark out where you’re trying to walk. But you’ve been talking like life is rushing past while we’re just sitting tight.  

Trippin’ The Life Fantastic by WeatherBox
//Let’s talk about your real fears, like that you might actually be all alone.
No happy heavenly home to return to god, dispenser of judgmental pencil shavings. He’s got baggies full for you but I’ve got a planet packed with proof.

Shield Your Eyes (Acoustic) by Dry The River
// I’m burning like an effigy in here: the summer’s come to haunt me. And I know I’m not the sacrificial deer, but I wish you could’ve warned me.

i tag: eurekada freaklinqs momagrl myperfectsonnet lushfull mrs-morbid the-sloaneranger soyvirgo sky-kiddo pois0niv3y and all my other pals in the picasso pals net and anyone else who wants to do it!!


‪#‎Orbital‬ ‪#‎Sunrise‬ and ‪#‎Sunset‬

The astronauts and cosmonauts on the International Space Station witness around 15 sunrises and 15 sunsets every day.
The International Space Station orbits about 354 kilometers (220 miles) above the Earth and travels at approximately 27,700 km/hr (17,211 mph), so it takes about 92 minutes to circle the Earth once. For this reason, every 45 minutes the astronauts on-board see a sunrise or a sunset, with a total of 15 – 16 of each every 24 hours.
A space sunset is said to be a spectacular sight that shows in vivid detail the many layers of the Earth’s thin atmosphere. The first layer displays the dark part of the Earth experiencing night. Above that, in deep orange and yellow is the Earth’s troposphere, which contains almost all of the clouds in the sky. Then the pink to white region above the clouds which gradually turn to a light blue band, essentially the stratosphere, which is that part of the Earth’s atmosphere where airplanes fly. The layer above the stratosphere appears as a darker blue band that gradually fades away into the cold dark vacuum of outer space.

I climbed the entirety of sulphur mountain last night. It was extremely difficult at some points due to the constant incline upwards, but boy, getting to the top and seeing the view and the feeling of being above the clouds and the sunset was satisfying as hell.

This morning in Ohio, people are waking up with the sun. Their closest friends lie next to them, and everyone is shivering a little–Ohio summer mornings are misty and chilly. There’s a feeling of dread and a little unreality: everyone sleeping together is novel and fun, but soon the first camper will get in the car and leave. 

This morning in the mountains where I am, I watched the sun rise. I woke up outside before 6, stiff and sore (just like campers who slept on the floor all night) and was greeted by a spectrum of sunlit clouds above me, shining over the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ravens spoke to each other from behind me, where the moon floated above the trees. My friends were stirring next to me, just as they were (and still are) in Ohio. I stood, wrapped in a blanket, on a rock, and I looked out over mountains and a river as far as I could see.

The differences are many: here, I woke up surrounded by beer and cider bottles, next to a couple who’d been spooning all night, snuggling a friend five years older than I am. There, you wake up on the floor of a lounge, a polite distance (unless you’re sneaky) from the people you most want to hold.

Yet so many things are the same. No one wants to leave. Everyone is rubbing their shoulders, stiff and sore from sleeping on the ground and from a month of partnership with our instruments and our own tension. Everyone is beginning to embrace their friends; “goodbye” is in the air, and no one wants to say it. People hum string quartets and symphony pieces, stretch their tired hands, and rub tired eyes; we all held on to every possible moment of last night. We are all tired and sad, and this part of our journey is complete.

This dramatic example of Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds was taken near the Galapagos Islands last week. The shark-fin-like clouds are the result of two air layers moving past one another. The velocity difference at their interface creates an unstable shear layer that quickly breaks down. The resemblance of the clouds to breaking ocean waves is no coincidence – the wind moving over the ocean’s surface generates waves via the same Kelvin-Helmholtz instability. In the case of the clouds above, the lower layer of air was moist enough to condense, which is why the pattern is visible. Clouds like these don’t tend to last for long because the disturbances that drive the instability grow exponentially quickly, leading to turbulence. (Image credit: C. Miller; via Washington Post; submitted by @jmlinhart)


Help us do some science! I’ve teamed up with researcher Paige Brown Jarreau to create a survey of FYFD readers. By participating, you’ll be helping me improve FYFD and contributing to novel academic research on the readers of science blogs. It should only take 10-15 minutes to complete. You can find the survey here.

Human Civilization in Steven Universe Is Older Than We Think

At the beginning of Sworn to the Sword, when Pearl first takes Steven and Connie to the sky arena, we see and hear some things that, at first, don’t seem that out of place. Gems can build astounding tall/flying arenas that exist above the clouds. Obviously. Pearl is familiar with human knights. Obviously. But when I started to connect that with what has been shown and said in previous episodes, they seemed to contradict each other…. (spoiler warning)

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