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Quick overview

Clive is oddly similar to Berkut of all people, which at first you may dismiss it as him being as bad as Berkut however Berkut is somehow better, not by much but still better.  Clive has more speed at least though it only saves him from two doubles and both of these still beat him one v one. Not everything is going ideally for him and well his base kits idea isn’t put into execution very well.

Base kit

Clive has a silver lance, Escutcheon, defence +3 and hit and run.One offensive, two defensive and one which is a mix of both while his stats lead him to be a one shot with above average attack. However Escutcheons effect of reducing damage is rarely used in this meta game and defence +3 is outclassed. Hit and run is the only interesting skill in his kit which it being in his family seems he’ll be able to use it alright, as long as nothing is behind him be it man or tree, a great skill on a unit type which probably uses it the worst.

His base kit is aiming to be a unit who damages stuff, tries to take little back and then let someone else finish them off except drag back is much better for that.

If you need a c skill horse buffs or threaten defence do nicely. Then add on reposition for basic practices.

Suggested set

Idealistic Clive

No ivs on Clive (if available in the future +atk is the best option)

Silver Lance+/Firesweep lance+, Reposition, Luna

Armoured blow 3/ Fury 3/Fortress defence 3, Drag back, Horse buff or spur atk 3/any c skill

So you could run the same set as Berkut except Berkut does that much better. And I don’t think he’s worth that much investment. Ideally this set aims to fix what he wanted to be. Silver Lance gives him an impressive attack stat thought Firesweep is another option for no retaliations thus negating his poor speed on offence. Luna helps him dish out damage if need be. Though the A skill depends on what you use. If sticking with silver lance, Armoured Blow helps bulk up his defences and protect him from doubles a bit, while if using firesweep Fury is the better option as it helps boost everything. Regardless of which you use though Fortress defence is another solid option for both combat phases. Drag back is much better than hit and run for him as bringing the foe back can bring them into a range where a ranged attack can finish them, thus allowing Clive to use his defence to defend the ranged unit. Top this with a spur attack skill and the range unit benefits from more attack, while giving the ranged unit a spur of defence helps Clive. Though the C skill is based on what your teams needs. Or at least that’s the ideal outcome. Have I said Ideally too much? Because Ideally I shouldn’t have…

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