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What is an upcoming project/mission you're most excited for?

It is likely that I’ll be assigned a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) within the next few years.  We’ve had a continuous presence on the Space Station for 17 years now, along with our international partners (Russian Space Agency, European Space Agency, Japanese Space Agency, and Canadian Space Agency).  Missions on the ISS typically last 6 months.  I’m incredibly excited to contribute to the impressive array of scientific experiments that we are conducting every day on ISS (I am a scientist after all!), and very much look forward to the potential of going for a spacewalk and gaining that perspective of gazing down on the fragile blue ball that is our home from above.  Beyond that, being part of test missions on the Orion spacecraft (currently under construction at NASA!) would be an extraordinary opportunity.  The current NASA plan is to send astronauts in Orion in a mission that will go 40,000 miles beyond the Moon in the early 2020s, reaching a distance further than that ever travelled by humans.  I’d certainly be game for that! 

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I don't know if you'll understand my request but here it goes. You and JB are in a serious relationship and the scenario would be little snippets of the boys observing your relationship w/ their thoughts/reactions of their leaders relationship

I’ve decided to do this as a lengthy reaction instead of a scenario as I feel I can pack more information dedicated to each boy!

Mark: At first, I feel Mark would be a little reserved about you being in a relationship with Jaebum because after all, he is the leader of GOT7. Of course, he would be nice and respectful towards you, and I think as time goes on and he see’s that you and Jaebum are actually really serious about each other he would be so over the moon for his leader finding someone that makes him as happy as you do. It would depend on how you actually interact with Mark as a person, but generally I think he would try his best to get to know you and be friends with you. He would know that Jaebum would only be like this if he were 100% serious about you. I think Mark would also start to wish for this type of relationship for himself seeing as he is older than Jaebum (assuming he has no one at the time). Not that he would be jealous - not at all. But I think it would make him want to have that type of serious, intimate relationship with someone who he loves and trusts with the same intensity as Jaebum does with you.

Jackson: Jackson is someone who trusts Jaebum’s judgement and decisions, so when Jaebum introduces you as his girlfriend, I feel Jackson would automatically take to you and become just as friendly with you as he is with everyone else. Jaebum seems like the type of person that his gf having good relationships with his band or friends is pretty much a deal breaker, and you would have no issues here with Jackson. He would see how serious the relationship is getting and I feel like he would be the type to make jokes like “When are you and (Y/N) gonna get married then? Hm? Have you thought about a wedding venue yet? And of course I’m invited hyung, right?”. He would love that fact that Jaebum has found someone to call his own, and he would always go above and beyond to make you feel at home and comfortable around him always. Like Mark, I think Jackson would maybe wonder about himself and his own life - seeing how happy you and Jaebum are together and he would sincerely look forward to the day when he could bring back his own girl and introduce her to everyone.

Jinyoung: I think in the beginning, Jinyoung would possibly be questioning the relationship and Jaebum’s decision to be involved with someone and continue to be an idol and lead GOT7 - not because he doesn’t like you or anything, but because he knows how serious Jaebum is as a leader and how he always dedicates himself to the group. Jinyoung and Jaebum also have a lot of history - I’d say Jinyoung would know Jaebum pretty well in this respect so I feel he would address any concerns directly with Jaebum. After seeing that Jaebum is in fact serious about you, I feel Jinyoung would still worry about the group situation, but trust his leader nonetheless. When he sees you both together though, and sees how happy you make Jaebum - I think this would be a turning point for him as he would be able to see that Jaebum is more than capable of being a lover and a leader at the same time. He would probably confide in Jaebum or one of the other members and regret that he thought the way he did in the first place, but I believe that he wouldn’t be afriad to admit he was wrong and forgive himself for thinking it.

Youngjae: Similar to Jinyoung, I feel that Youngjae would have some concerns about GOT7 in the beginning and how things would maybe pan out in the future, but this would all be dispelled as soon as he seen just how in love and involved Jaebum is with you. He would be so happy for his friend and when he seen you both together, I feel Youngjae would be glad to see the soft side of Jaebum that you bring out in him and take his stress away - which is good for the whole group as you would cause a rippling effect thus making Jaebum a lot more of a calmer person when it came to leading and making decisions for GOT7. In this sense, I believe that Youngjae would count you as a blessing and be glad that you are with Jaebum, and of course he would be so happy to become your friend in the process of it all, becoming more comfortable around you and being able to talk to you freely about anything.

BamBam: I think BamBam would love to see his hyung so in love with someone. A lot of people think of BamBam as either a insensitive dick or a sex crazed idiot, but I firmly believe that BamBam is actually a deep thinker and quite possibly a bit of a hopeless romantic underneath everything. He would constantly be teasing Jaebum when you both are being all lovely or cuddly, thus resulting in Jaebum triyng to kill him as usual and you trying to mediate while dying from laughter. I think BamBam would find it amazing at how loving and soft Jaebum is around you - as if you were an instant mood changer for him. I think any time Jaebum get’s angry, upset or frustrated, BamBam would just very quietly say to Jackson “Hyung go get (Y/N) quick” in jest. I also feel that when BamBam sees how serious the relationship is, he would quite possibly ask Jaebum for advice about his own life and decisions when it came to love and dating. Despite everything else, Jaebum is the type of person that would always be there for his members or people he cares about - so I believe he would be more than happy to give BamBam some first hand dating advice.

Yugyeom: I think that Yugyeom wouldn’t really know what to think in the beginning of your relationship. When he first sees both of you together, I think he could quite possibly be slightly confused seeing how Jaebum interacts with you. I believe that in some respects, our baby Yugyeom is still severely wet behind the ears which is only natural because he’s younger - but he’s the type of person to sit and observe things with a faint, lost smile on his face. I think out of all the boys, Yugyeom would be the one to ask his hyungs about your relationship with Jaebum. I could see him and BamBam talking a lot about it actually, discussing the ins and outs of a proper relationship and the amount of love and dedication it takes to actually devote yourself to someone. Yugyeom would probably think a lot about his own future and ask himself whether he would ever find someone like the way Jaebum has found you. He would observe how trusting you are of each other, while being happy that Jaebum could finally find someone who he can be himself with.

I Have You

Warning: Swearing

Summary: It’s just nice to be in his embrace.

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You stepped out of the bus and made your way to the boys’ practice room. Yoongi called you earlier when they had landed, after weeks spent abroad for their photoshoots and filmings, to tell you that they’d be heading there to learn some new choreography because they just didn’t have enough dances to memorize, and that he’d love it if you could drop by.

“You don’t have to come if you’re busy. I know you’ve got school. You’re probably at the library right now, aren’t you?” He chuckled.

“Haha yeah. Where else would I be, if not my second home?” You chuckled back. “I’ll drop by. It’s been too long since I’ve seen that adorable face of yours, even if it’s scowling more than half the time.”

“Yah. I don’t scowl that much. Did you forget that you’re talking to the aegyo genius?” He tried to sound angry.

“Right. Please accept my sincere apologies,” you replied as you bit your tongue.

“You’re forgiven, but don’t think I can’t hear you laughing.”

“Thank you, kind sir,” you barely reached the end of that sentence before you started giggling.

“Alright,” you could hear him sigh. “Hobi is waving at me. I’ll see you later, then?”

“Yup,” you nodded. “Tell the boys I say hi.”

“Nope. They don’t deserve any of your attention. You’re all mine. Only mine,” he declared.

“So. Rude.”

“Loud and proud, sweetheart,” he retorted. “Ok I really need to go. See you soon, babe.”

“Right back at you,” you ended the call with an unconscious grin on your face. To say you were excited about seeing your boyfriend again after so long would have been an understatement. Despite your fervent attempts to keep each other updated through 1 AM calls and messages left at even more inconvenient hours, you missed his company, and you were sure he felt the same way. There was something about the comfort of your lover’s arms and the way he ran his hands up and down your arms when you were lying together late at night that you could never replace, even if you fell asleep with your phone tucked beneath your ear as his voice lulled you into dreamland.

Looking at the textbook in front of you, you figured that you’d be ready to leave this library in two hours. With that in mind, you put your phone face-down on your desk, and plunged back into the world of isostatic rebound, tectonic plate movement, and coastline erosion.

A cool breeze hit you as you walked down the stairs of the library. Glad to be done with your work, you hummed absentmindedly as you walked to the bus stop with a bounce in your step. On the way, you passed one of your favourite supermarkets and decided to pick up some snacks for the boys…and for you. Now, standing in front of the cookies, you felt like a little kid in a candy shop as you surveyed all the options. Deciding on a little bit of everything–chocolate, strawberry, nuts, no nuts, all that jazz–you heaved your shopping basket to the checkout, spotting the wide eyes of the cashier as he took in your selection.

A few moments later, you plodded out the market. If only I didn’t know that they eat so much. Feeling your grip starting to slip, you placed one of the bags on the ground so you could readjust your grip, but right when you were about to take off again, you raised your head to see the face of–

“How come you didn’t come home last week?” Your dad asked. Scratch that. He growled.

For a second, you didn’t know how to reply. Your mom had sent you a text last week, telling you to come home for your dad’s birthday dinner. You deleted the message as soon as you saw what it was about. As much as you loved your mom, you couldn’t get over the fact that she still chose to stay married to this monster of a man.

“I said, how come you didn’t come home last week? Do you not recognize me as your dad anymore, huh? You ungrateful trash. I raised you, and this is how you repay me? You are just like your mom. Garbage, the two of you,” he snarled. Nostrils flared, chest pumped, eyebrows furrowed. What a sight to be seen. What a familiar sight to be seen.

“Why would I go if I knew that you were just going to yell the whole time?” Calm down. Breathe, “You’ve said that you’re done with treating me like a daughter, and that’s fine by me. I go back for the holidays, or for mom’s birthday, because my mom is still my mom. But you, I’d be damned if I have to suffer being your daughter any longer. So no, I had no intention of showing up at your door just so I can listen to you berate my mom and me.”

He scoffed, “I’m not your dad anymore? How much have I done for you? How could you ever repay me? I’m telling you, without me, you could not be where you are right now. And you dare disrespect me?”

That bastard. “You think you’ve done so much? You know what? You’re right. You have done so much more than any sane parent would you. You’ve kept me up at night when you decided that your wife is no more than a punching bag. You’ve kept me in constant terror for days on end because I was afraid that one wrong word, one wrong move, would send you on my heels. Yeah. You’ve done a lot. Do you feel proud?” Memories of my childhood and teenage years came back to me, along with the frustration of not being able to convince my mom to leave that hellhole. Glaring at the person in front of me, I realized that I’ve moved on, but it’s come at the cost of leaving my mom behind.

“You know what? You are so damn lucky she still lives with you. She, the one with the job, the one who is financially independent, is choosing to endure living with an abusive parasite because she is scared that you wouldn’t be able to survive without her.” Lowering your tone, you added, “Congratulations, you bastard. You’ve taken away all the happiness in her life.”

His eyes were ablaze as you saw him take a step forward, lifting his right hand in the process as he barked, “what did you–”

“Don’t. You. Dare. Hit. Me,” you asserted through clenched teeth. Even after all these years, he still scared you, but you couldn’t let him see that. “You’ve officially ruined my day. I’m going to go back to living my life, which is something I suggest you try sometime.” You side-stepped your way around him as you added, “Goodbye.”

On the way out, you heard no shortage of offensive words coming from his general direction, and urged your feet to carry you faster. You didn’t stop until you reached the bus stop. Setting your bags by your feet, you took a deep breath as you dropped onto the bench and recounted what had happened. It’d been about two years since you’ve moved out of the house. You booked it out of there as soon as you got into university, and although that decision meant an even greater debt to pay off, there was no way you were going to live with that monster if you had a choice.

For as long as you could remember, your father had always been explosive. When you were younger, you didn’t recognize that it was abnormal. As you grew older, however, you realized that while it was expected of parents to discipline their children, what he did went above and beyond what was necessary. You often came home to a stifled silence, with him sitting in his usual spot in front of the TV, not even giving a glance your way. Growing up in that household, you naturally picked up on these signs quickly. You knew when to stay quiet and when to just endure what he had to say about respecting him, however unreasonable it may be, because you knew that defiance only made things worse.

It wasn’t until the last few years of high school when you decided that you were done with being treated like trash, and started to take a stand for yourself. It was never easy when you talked back to him, and more often than not, your individualism only angered him further. You didn’t let that stop you, however. You had decided that you would do whatever it took to get the respect you deserved. Your tactics never worked, and you couldn’t even be disappointed because you had seen it coming. What disappointed you, however, was that your mom never listened to your pleas to leave him. You remember the numerous times when tears ran down your eyes as you did your best to convince your mom that she was worthy of love, and that he wasn’t giving it to her.

Over the years, you had dozens of such conversations with your mom, but none were successful. You remembered the betrayal you felt each time after realizing that your mother repeatedly chose your dad over you, over her, and over everyone else he hurt. Eventually, those conversations solidified your decision to leave the house, whether your mom was coming with you or not.

She did not.

The soft screech of the bus tires brought you back to the present, and you sat the rest of the bus ride trying not to let your tears slide down your cheeks. It annoyed you that the memories still affected you in this way, after you had vowed not to let your past take away from your future.

You met Yoongi a year after you had moved out. It was 3 AM when you decided to slip out of your one-bedroom apartment for a walk after your phone call to your mom informed you that he had been hitting her behind close doors for the past week. You didn’t want to see her, angry that she still chose to stay, even after knowing she could leave. On countless occasions, you had offered her room in your apartment, but she always refused. You didn’t want to go check up on her, and you hated yourself for it. What kind of daughter am I if I hold grudges even when I know my mom’s hurting? You kept your head down, letting your feet take you wherever they pleased. Unknowingly, you were rounding the corner just as Yoongi was doing the same, with earphones on full blast so they blocked out the sound of your footsteps.

He only planned on apologizing for bumping into you, but when he saw your tear-stained cheeks, he had a change of plans. He asked what you were doing out by yourself at this time of night, saying that it wasn’t safe for a girl to be out so late. You said he was a sexist hypocrite. Then, you laughed at how high his eyebrows had jumped.

You stayed with each other until 5 AM that morning, which was when he had to return to the dorms so that his manager wouldn’t find out he had left. Before he left, he got you to enter your number into his phone, with a promise to call you soon. You walked home feeling much better, after you had told him some condensed version of what was on your mind. He listened, nodding at the right time, offering words of sympathy whenever he could, but he never downsized your troubles, or dismissed them by saying overly optimistic words. You appreciated the honesty. For some reason, you opened up to him that night, which was something you didn’t do often, not even with your closest friends. You tended to avoid talking about your family, working hard to keep that aspect of your life separate from the rest.

With him, though, it was different. And for whatever reason, he opened up to you as well, disclosing the troubles that were keeping him up that night. At first, he thought that you didn’t recognize him and for that, he was grateful. However, you surprised him once again that even when you blurted “wait. You’re Min Yoongi? As in, the guy–”

“From BTS?” He finished for you. “Yeah. I thought you didn’t know me, actually.”

“Sorry, it was really dark, and I couldn’t see your face well,” you admitted. Realizing that you had just interrupted him in the middle of a very serious conversation, you felt your ears heat up as you quickly added, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. Please ignore what I just said and continue. I promise that I won’t stop you this time.”

“Haha. It’s alright. I was almost done, anyway,” he assured you with a gentle smile, one that showed a little bit of his gums. He’s got a cute smile. And cute eyes.

You looked down at your hands that were in your lap, “I’m so sorry.”

He chuckled, and you felt him ruffling your hair. “Don’t worry about it. I live with six other people. We interrupt each other all the time, even in the bathroom.”

With that, you smiled. Then, you started giggling. For some reason, you couldn’t stop drawing up the strange mental image, and you ended up clutching your stomach as you threw your head forward, laughing a bit too loudly for that time of night.

“You’ve got a pretty smile,” he commented as he smiled at how much you enjoyed his joke.

The bus halted, and you scrambled off after realizing that you were at your stop. It wasn’t a long walk to the building the boys were in, but with so many bags in your hands, it felt like you were a delivery girl who had gotten a call from someone who lived on the Great Wall of China.

During the walk, you kept thinking back to the encounter you had with your dad earlier. You were so happy when you moved out, thinking that you would be rid of him, at least for the most part. Unfortunately, in one way or another, he always managed to squeeze himself into your life. These days, it had been the speed at which your mom refused any video calls with you. Why? You had asked, but you already knew the answer. She didn’t want you to see her face.

After what felt like decades, the building finally came into sight. Security buzzed you in, and the staff who saw you helped take some of the bags out of your hands. The boys welcomed you with bright smiles, and some even declared that you were an “angel sent from heaven.”

On a good day, you would have joked around with them, but today was not a good day. You just wanted to see Yoongi. A quick survey around the room revealed that he was probably in the studio. Too tired to say goodbye, you trudged to his studio door and without knocking, you let yourself in.

He was sitting by his desk, head bent over the keyboard by his computer and headphones on his head. Before you could process what you were doing, your legs had carried you to his side, where you pulled his chair just enough to let you in, and you sat on his lap, burying your face in the crook of his neck.

Quickly recovering from his initial shock, he circled his arms around your waist and boasted, “I guess someone missed me,” just as he placed a kiss to the crown of your head. When you didn’t respond, he furrowed his eyebrows. “Babe, are you okay?”

Again, you didn’t say anything. With all that had happened today, you just wanted to be in his arms. As much as you hated to admit it, for fear that you were growing to be too dependent, you felt safe there. 

“Babe, what’s wrong?” He asked, as his hands began to draw circles on the small of your back.

You knew that you should respond soon, but you were tired, and at the moment, you just wanted to savour his warmth. He removed one of his hands from your back and gently stroked your cheek. With just as much tenderness, he tilted your chin and turned his head to look at you.

“Look at me, babe. Tell me what’s going on,” he tried to keep his voice steady, but you could tell he was getting worried.

“It’s just… I saw my dad today, just before I came here,” you mumbled into his collarbones.

You felt his body tense before he asked, “what happened?”

“Just…I don’t even want to think about it,” you sighed as you sank further into his embrace. His hands never left your back.

He waited for you to talk, knowing that it always took you a while to organize your thoughts. When you were ready, you recounted your encounter with your dad. As he listened, he couldn’t help but feel his heart rate quicken, and struggled to unclench his fists.

When you were done, the two of you sat in silence as he gave you another squeeze. After a while, you whispered a soft “thank you, Yoongi-ya, for listening. I feel a lot better.” This time, it was he who didn’t reply. You sat up to look him in the eyes, and noticed that his lips were pursed and his jaw was clenched tight.

“Relax, Yoongi. You know this happens,” you said, before you gave him a peck on the nose.

“I’m just glad that I have you here with me to talk to.”

A peck to one cheek.

“You make my life better in so many ways.”

A peck to the other cheek.

You moved your hands to cup his forehead so you could smooth out his frown before you told him to “stop agonizing that you can’t do anything to stop my dad from being my dad. It’s not your fault, Yoongi. You’re here for me, and that’s all that matters.”

This time, a peck to the space between his eyebrows.

“Yah. Kiss me already!” He feigned irritation, but his obvious amusement showed when you saw the way his lips curled just before you snooped your head down to meet your lips with his. 

This time, he didn’t get just a peck.


A/N: This is the first scenario I’ve ever written. I hope you all enjoyed it!

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How would Toshinori, Aizawa, and Hizashi deal with an s/o who is forgetful?

All Might: He has his own moments of forgetfulness so he really feels for you but he’s the type to go above and beyond for his s/o so expect your home to be covered in sticky notes. They’re about everything from the things you need to remember to the things you remember anyway. 

Aizawa: Knows exactly when you’ve forgotten something, he just knows from the way you look. He’ll wait a minute or so to see if you get it yourself and then he’ll offer a small prompt. He knows that it can be annoying to have everything given to you on a plate, that it might upset you because it insinuates that he thinks you’re incapable of these things.

Present Mic: Sometimes he gets to the front door, ready to go to work, and you gotta stop him because he’s still in his pyjamas. Honestly between you both your lives are a chaotic wreck but at the same time this can lead to new experiences. Like when he forgets the way to the restaurant you’re going to and takes a wrong turn, but this leads to you two finding a completely new part of town you didn’t know existed that has amazing markets and cafes.

im gonna go on another jb rant because fuck everything!!!

there is no way that jb wasn’t meant to be a romantic relationship in the show!!! there’s no way that this was built as platonic and let me tell you why: because show!jb is based on book!jb, and show!jb in comparison is a fucking romcom, and that was a conscious choice on d&d’s part.

I mean, if they didn’t want to go this direction, if they wanted to keep this relationship simply platonic and go on their merry way (which considering their obsession with larrol would ve right up their alley), they would have kept the book scenes as they are and toned down the elements that can be read as romantic. Voila! Since there is no internal monologue in the show you just take jamie being an asshole and brienne stonewalling him, amp it to eleven, and then maybe go from there to establish the ~platonic bonding.


you know what they did?? they completely removed jaime calling her wench, they added a scene with jamie trying to convince roose bolton to let brienne go back to kl with him, they added a heart eyes goodbye scene, they added locke taunting jaime about keeping her to harrenal, they added cersei saying “you love him”, they added jaime looking at Tarth and probably a million other things that I can’t even remember. those things were either ambiguous in the books or straight up didnt exist, and yet they went out of their way to put them there

and say those things are tiny little details (lol) and the big things remain unchanged


seriously, if they wanted to kill jb and write their jc fanfic, the oathkeeper scene from the books would have been a perfect opportunity.  it’s kinda awkward, there’s barbs exchanged,  and it basically ends with jamie telling her to gtfo because he doesnt wanna look at her. since they already knew they weren’t doing stoneheart, and since what we get after that is all in internal monologue, they could have shafted jb right there and then and the show watchers would be none the wiser


what they did instead was write a fucking 3 minute long scene that is choke full of longing looks, tension, swelling music and beautiful light, the goodbye brienne that murdered all of us, him watching her go, and her turning around for one last look while she rides away

like this is somthing pulled out of the most sappy jb fanfic, and they chose to do it like that. they had no obligation to do so, this wasn’t how it was written in the books, and yet they did it

oh and jamie’s rivelands arc in s6 had basically no point other than them reuniting and saying shit like “it will always be yours” and watching each other go AGAIN

“do you think they’re fucking” I mean seriously???

I know we’ve all been burned by d&d’s complete lack of logic and follow through before, but this is kinda too big for them to ignore? they set up jb since s3, they went above and beyond to hammer home the romantic tension, there is absolutely no way george hasn’t told them it’s endgame

they’ll keep milking the jc cow until it dies, but even if it’s at the very last minute, we’ll get jb, and i stand firmly by that notion

also they wouldn’t break nik’s heart like that

I came home from holidays early to find the maintenance guy mowing my lawn in this uniform.
Let’s just say, when he saw that I was home, he was happy to go above and beyond with his customer “service”

First Date - Derek Hale Imagine

Prompt by Anon: Just anything light and happy with Derek he’s gone through so much lol maybe like a first date or a anniversary

Word Count: 2,331

Author’s Note: I have a small ‘hearts-in-my-eyes’ crush on my pharmacist. Needless to say, he inspired this imagine. I hope y’all like it!

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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They say being patient is the best thing to do when it comes to love, because the greatest things happen to those who wait. Except, how long should one wait? A couple of days? A few weeks? Several months or years?

Derek Hale never had the patience for anything and he wasn’t one to play games when it came to women. If he liked a girl, he marched right over and asked her out. Plain and simple. Except, when it came to Y/N, he felt like he was a teenage boy in high school again. His heart racing, palms sweating, and suddenly forgetting how to talk. 

In his eyes, she was everything he was looking for in a woman. She was absolutely stunning, which constantly left Derek breathless every time he saw her. Her emerald eyes were like looking into a galaxy, something he could look into for hours and get lost in. Her wavy brown hair flowed down to her lower back so elegantly. Derek always imagined playing with her hair, twisting a strand between his index finger and thumb, running his fingers through her hair as they cuddled, and rubbing small circles as he cradled her head when he kissed her. 

As beautiful as she was, what really attracted Derek was her confidence and intelligence. With those three characteristics, she’s everything Derek had been looking for.

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the mercy, reaper, genji, s76 s/o having a existential crisis because they are some type of monster(can you make more close of body horror, like 4 eyes or a third Eye, sharp teeth, they nail will be sharp enogh to cut someone if they dont trim them enough and a tummy mouth you can change these characteristics if you want) i really want to see how they'll comfort the s/o (bonus: s/o ask mercy to "cure" them/ reaper s/o say they envy reaper because he is a human and they arent)

Soldier: 76

During the first omnic crisis, you’re one of the soldiers under Major Reyes’ command. You don’t belong to the strike team itself, there’s nothing special about you that would secure you a place there, but you still follow his orders, no matter how rarely you see him in person. Captain Morrison is more of a familiar figure, as he makes a habit of checking up on the troops in person whenever he has the chance. Which is increasingly often as the war thins out the people and forces them closer together. And once, towards the end of the crisis, he leads what remains of your platoon in person. The major delegated the task to him and from the second he walks up to you, orders in hand, you know just completing the mission won’t do. Captain Morrison flew up the career ladder and this, despite his rank, is his first real command.

He’s nervous, eager to please, bent on going above and beyond the call of duty. He sees you all walking home with medals.

Barely any of you walk home at all.

It’s not his fault, you admit even at your most bitter. For all his enthusiasm and pathos he’s a good officer. It couldn’t have gotten worse, but you’re still glad it was him who led you into hell.

The moment you infiltrate the omnium, tasked with disabling the god program, shit goes up arse over tit. The omnic forces divide and conquer and as you flee towards the main frame you are accompanied by the agonised screams of your people. At the end it’s just you and the captain and neither of you expects to survive this.

“Specialist.” he says to you with the gravity of a man who’s about to send someone to their death. “Complete our mission.”

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high school shizaya au with honors student shizuo and delinquent izaya

  1. they know of each other’s name through shinra but have never actually met or crossed paths because it’s high school and high schools have cliques
  2. shizuo’s quiet and grumpy and it scares people off a little but sometimes someone will ask him for help on a problem or while studying and he’ll answer and try his best to tutor him because he’s an angel
  3. he seems like the sort of student who just effortlessly gets top marks but he does study diligently at home and is the type to go above and beyond because he loves learning and helping others
  4. izaya used to be a pretty good student too, but then opportunities presented themselves and now he barely shows up for class. and when he does, it’s just enough to scrape by
  5. shizuo finally meets izaya one night because izaya’s limping home after a bad scuffle with some people he probably shouldn’t have pissed off. shizuo recognizes him because he sees izaya talking to shinra occasionally and helps him to shinra’s house
  6. he does this because izaya passes out just before shizuo finds him so he can’t say anything annoying to make shizuo mad
  7. izaya finds him a few days later to “thank” him (in which he says a thank you but the way he does it is so annoying, despite the actual sincerity) and they talk a little
  8. they keep bumping into each other and izaya pretends to be interested in schoolwork so shizuo starts tutoring him. but it doesn’t take shizuo long to figure out that izaya already knows how to do everything and if he put in a bit more effort and time, he’d pretty easily match shizuo’s test scores
  9. so he asks him why he doesn’t focus on school and izaya asks him ‘are you doing this for yourself or for your parents?’ ‘i mean it’s for my future–’ ‘what fun is it to follow a predestined, absolutely normal path? live a little, shizu-chan’ ‘…ditch class and pass out in alleys?’
  10. ‘tell me, shizu-chan, does this actually make you happy?’
  11. ‘…it’s enough for now’
  12. more things happen and izaya hadn’t been intending on going to college but he nearly dies one night and shizuo’s the one who saves him again
  13. izaya undergoes an epiphany, realizes that what he’s doing is more self destructive than living life. and, at the same time, shizuo undergoes an epiphany that he has people who love and support him and shouldn’t solely be doing things to make them proud and should also consider what he wants
  14. izaya starts going to class again, struggling but making it through because of shizuo, and shizuo reevaluates his life and what he wants to do
  15. they end up going to the same college
  16. izaya still does his shady stuff but not as intense and dramatic and lethal as before
  17. they’re together
  18. they’re happy
  19. ‘tell me, shizu-chan, does this actually make you happy?’ izaya asks because he wonders if straight laced, good boy shizuo actually likes being with him or if he’s only staying because he doesn’t want to make him sad
  20. and shizuo smiles and izaya feels his heart threatening to jump out of his chest
  21. you make me happy.’
Dating Ray Palmer would involve:

-Romantic candlelit dinners every weekend and Ray makes your favourite.

-Always holding hands in public. 

-Ray always making a big deal out of your birthday, valentines, Halloween, Christmas and anniversary, he always goes above and beyond for you. 

-Coming home to each other after a long day and snuggling up on the sofa drinking hot chocolate. 

-Ray always ending up on your side of the bed because he just wants to cuddle you all the time. 

-Random gifts every so often just to show you how much he appreciates you. 

-Always saying I love you at the end of the day. 

-Ray isn’t the confrontational type but if anyone steps over the line with you, he will be the first to say something about it. 

-Him being a general cinnamon roll.

wait for me | a transistor x red mix

young and beautiful (patrick reza remix) lana del rey without you dillon francis tether chvrches hanging on ellie goulding thing called love (singularity remix) above and beyond gold adventure club ocean star conclave carry me home the killers born to die (wize remix) lana del rey wait m83

» listen here

Above and Beyond

One of the most beautiful songs ever, to me at least!

Here I come to find myself, catch the tide.
Looking for a peace at the end of the line.
Sometimes I can’t help myself, fever’s high.
I’m all at sea and so unwise.

I’m so afraid I’ll lose your love, as time goes by.
But courage is a fire and a beacon so bright.
The sunset built a memory, our love sign.
And all at sea we come alive.

Will I wash away, turning like a stone?
I need a place where I belong.
Call the setting sun to throw me down a rope.
And take me to a place called home.

I close my eyes I know you’re there, love of mine.
Standing on the shore in a world I design.
The sunset fires a lonely flare into the sky,
and all at sea we say goodbye.