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Can I follow you and reblog your art even if I am a multishipper? :O (I wanted to ask first, because some artist do not want people who ship klance and sheith to follow them and stuff) If no, your art is still hella amazing and I love it and thank your for making it <3

I don’t mind at all! While i’m not the biggest multishipper, I am totally cool with whatever anyone ships. Thank you so much!! 

  • Me: I am the ruler of all the land! A princess above the rest, you are all my peasants and I am you're adorable princess!!I am the law and above all others! Cake for everyone!!
  • Daddy: Young lady, get off the table right now!
  • Me: Yes daddy *carefully gets off table *

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hi do you have like, an all-time favorite anime? like, if u had to pick only one! :D

Hi! If I have to choose only one anime, right now, I’m going to choose without any doubt The Tatami Galaxy.

There are many reasons why I would choose it above all the rest but to put it in a simple way, is probably the only one which I remember with a smile on my face. Is not complex at all, but it’s just wonderful in every way, the animation is a miracle and the characters are a blessing without any exaggeration, the soundtrack is very good and it’s completely different from everything you’re going to see in your life. 

For me, this anime is like the lovechild of FLCL and Welcome to the NHK, to give a simple and weird idea about it. Every episode is a possibility, every episode is a travel and each of the characters is presented in a way so consistent that you can’t avoid falling in love with them. 

The way the story is told is accurate and adequate, it is not complicated and focuses more on detailing the life of a University student in a way that you may never see again. Explore things from the modern day life of the average young adult like: relationships, friends, work, sexuality and many others.

The main character is an anti-hero but still can be developed with personality and fixed objectives, his best friend is a very singular character and a perfect catalyst for the protagonist, the main girl was perfectly well written and her personality goes out of everything seen, the same for the rest of the characters, they’re colorful, represent different ideas and are very unique. Absolutely all are deep and charismatic, you are going to love them.  

This anime is an artistic journey that never loses its point of view of reality, maintaining a perfect balance between them. It’s a mature series with a bit of dark comedy, legitimate romance, real drama and the conclusion being simply fantastic and satisfactory. 

The Tatami Galaxy is a rarity, something different that breaks with the stereotypes and saturated archetypes of the anime. A perfect mix between presentation and script, that makes you get the message very satisfactorily. 

It’s one of the best experiences that animation could offer to you as a whole.

Please, everyone, watch it. And listen to this.

Achievement Unlocked.

I’m an avid gamer. I’m totally hardcore. I am what many call an achievement whore. I will play any game: shooters, racing, and more, though there are quite a few I must say I abhor. There are plenty of games where I’m mentally sore, as in all of these games there’s never a high score.

You see, most indie games make me fully depressed, as who can really say who is really the best? No achievements or scores? Well then there is no test! I must rank at the top, above all of the rest. I will be the greatest. That is my final quest! And with my innate skills I am truly quite blessed.

Now I know what you think, “this guy’s totally mad!” And to hear things like that, well, they don’t make me glad, but don’t worry too much! It’s not like I’ll get sad. I’m not one of those guys who plays games and are bad - I don’t play DOOM then go shooting schools, moms, and dads. I just sit in my room tapping on my keypad.

Although, recently I haven’t felt quite the same. All the games that I play are becoming quite tame, like the vigor has died. Like my lust has no flame. I have played less and less, friends no longer exclaim that I’m truly the best, that perfect is my aim. But fortunately now, I have found a new game.

It happened yesterday driving home for some fun when I looked at a text without seeing him run. From the crosswalk he flew, landing hard; he was done, and as I reeled in shock, something changed my vision: words appeared in my mind. Since then I’ve bought a gun, as the moment he died the words showed my score: 1.

The Care and Maintenance of Your Potsie

Your potsie is delicate and prone to falling. Make sure that they have been properly medicated and hydrated before starting their day. It is advised that Gatorade be administered before any upright activity is endeavored. If your potsie is still wobbly, a cane may be required. Know that your potsie is doing their best, but may still need several breaks to rest throughout the day. Above all, what your potsie needs is your love and understanding . And maybe some salt.

{PART 8} Being on a reality T.V show with GOT7 & BTS

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (featuring members of GOT7 and BTS)

Genre: Fluff // Angst // Drama

Summary: You are the leader of a very popular idol girl group. You are taking part in Koreas version of “Big Brother” where you will live with GOT7 and BTS for three months. You start to get close to Jaebum, GOT7′s leader. What will happen?

{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 3} {PART 4} {PART 5} {PART 6} {PART 7} {PART 8} {PART 9}

Jungkook flinched at his name falling out of Jaebum’s mouth, tightening his jaw as he forced a smile while strutting over quickly before taking place beside Jaebum. He had to, above all keep his cool and show face to the rest of the house. He had no idea what game Jaebum was playing, but he knew that he had to think carefully before showing any kind of reaction. For the first time since starting this ‘war’ with Jaebum, he felt threatened. “What is he up to?”

After you had all finished picking teams, it went as follows;

The Red Team: Jaebum, Jungkook, BamBam, Taehyung, Eunyoung + Soonyi

The Blue Team: (Y/N), Hyemi, Jackson, Yoongi, Mark + Haewon

You all stood nervously in your teams on either side of the room, quietly speculating on what would happen. You took sneaky glances over at Jaebum’s team who were pretty much doing the same.

Mark however, was taking glances over at Jaebum’s team for different reasons. He knew there was high tension between Jaebum and Jungkook. He was extremely confused as to why Jaebum chose the younger boy to be on his team. He tried to understand the logic behind his decision; surely he wanted Jungkook to be eliminated so that he could have a fair chance with you? But at the same time, he knew Jaebum would of course want to win this challenge too…everything was too confusing for him to comprehend at this point. “This is all going to end in tears, I just hope it won’t be (Y/N)’s tears” he thought quietly to himself, looking at you.

“I wonder what we’re supposed to do now?” BamBam muttered.

And, as if on cue; Big Brother’s voice came on over the speakers through the house.

“Hello again housemates! Thank you for picking your teams so quickly. Now, if you could all make your way out into the garden you will see a type of assault course set up for you all. Just like before, there are a list of rules awaiting you so please pay careful attention to them. Big Brother is watching and will be on standby. Thank you for your co-operation!”

Everyone nodded and filed out one by one into the garden. Jaebum waited behind his team to watch them walk out before following them, but was quickly pulled aside by none other than Mark. Startled, Jaebum jumped back a little before realising there was no threat. Mark stared at him, his eyebrows knitted together trying to find the words to question him with.

“Jaebum…look. I don’t know what type of game you’re playing here, but it’s dangerous. You may think I’m overreacting but…I just have a bad feeling about this. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Jaebum exhaled sharply, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorframe slightly.

“I refuse to be threatened by him. He has the complete wrong end of the stick and he thinks that I’m doing all of this to win this goddamn show. Of course, that’s how I felt in the beginning but now…I have genuine feelings for (Y/N) and if I don’t do something then he’s going to ruin everything. I can’t – I WON’T let him do that.”

Mark studied Jaebum’s expression, sighing and quietly realising to himself that there was no point in even trying to talk him out of this. Jaebum was the type of person that he would do ANYTHING to get what he wanted, and he wanted you.

“I just hope you know what you’re doing. But I’m going to stand by you, whatever your plan is. You can count on me”. Mark held his arm out to Jaebum, giving him a type of “bro” hug before joining everyone else in the garden.

“Fraternizing with the enemy, Mark?!” you shouted playfully as the boys returned. Jaebum chuckled, putting his arms around your waist and tickling you on to the ground, his legs on either side of your body.

“No! This is fraternizing!” he shouted over your pleas for him to stop. When he did, he helped you to your feet, everyone else laughing and making “Oooooo” sounds from your overly affectionate display of skinship. Jungkook, however was not best pleased as he sat in one of the garden chairs with his face screwed up, trying to ignore the both of you. He had no idea what Jaebum was planning and he was fast running out of time trying to find a way to combat it.

Just like Big Brother said, the garden looked like some kind of army assault course, complete with rubber tires on the ground, skipping ropes, climbing walls made of rubber webbing to climb up and over on and various other equipment that looked very physically demanding. You took a deep breath, before noticing the sheet of instructions laying on the garden table. As you went to pick it up, so did Jaebum; causing both of your hands to clash together. You both giggled and apologised at the same time, simultaneously telling each other to go ahead and read it causing you both to laugh again. Jaebum lifted the sheet of paper and gently placed it into your hands, letting his hands linger on yours for a few seconds more. He bit his lip nervously, watching your cheeks don a bright shade of pink. He couldn’t help but wish that he could just kiss you now; the look of your soft lips, your cute expression, the feel of your soft skin. But the timing wasn’t right, as he pulled away gently, smiling back at you. “You read it, angel” he said, making you blush even harder.

You cleared your throat and began;

Attention housemates, we are at war now! So we must prepare our bodies to make sure we are ready for the physical demands that war brings! In your teams, you will battle head to head to see who can complete the assault course in the fastest time. You will be required to split into pairs in your teams, and each pair will go against another pair in the opposite team. This is a test of teamwork between two people working together to get to the opposite end of the course in the fastest time.  This time, your pairings have been chosen for you, and they go as follows;

1.       (Y/N) and Mark VS Jaebum and Jungkook

2.       Jackson and Haewon VS BamBam and Eunyoung

3.       Hyemi and Yoongi VS Taehyung and Soonyi

When the first teams are ready, please make your way to the starting line. When you hear the claxon sound, please begin the race. We wish you good luck. Remember, you can only win this challenge with TEAMWORK! So please keep that in mind! FIGHTING!

You finished reading, smiling nervously as everyone made their way to be beside their partners for the race. You reached Mark, both of you smiling at each other.

“So I guess we’re gonna have to do some amazing teamwork here huh?” Mark said softly to you.

“Hell yeah, I wanna beat Jaebum and leave him in the dust!” you quietly exclaimed.

Mark shared your enthusiasm, but knew that Jaebum had ulterior motives for this ‘war’ challenge. He wondered if him being paired with Jungkook was playing right into his palm.

Little did Mark know, everything was going exactly how Jaebum wanted it to go.

Jaebum walked over to Jungkook who was still sitting on the chair, fiddling with his fingers. Jungkook looked up at him, rolled his eyes and stood up to meet the taller male.

“Looks like we have to be ‘best buddies’ for the next few minutes, teammate.” Jungkook sneered at him while walking straight past him towards the starting line.

Jaebum chuckled, exhaling a breathy moan of disbelief.

“Oh, you have no idea.” He replied to no one, as he followed the younger boy towards the starting line and you and Mark.

“It’s game time”.

I was too drunk to remember to take a picture of the entire line up. All were fantastic but 3 were Head and shoulders above the rest.

Top three in this order
1. Bonded Old Schenley Rye from 1975
2. 5yr Bonded Old Overholt from 1937
3. Weller 107 from 1989

things to think about instead of letting weak people drag you down:

  • zayn’s nose
  • zayn’s nose piercing
  • zayn smol ears
  • zayn’s smol ears piercing
  • Zayn’s lotus tattoo
  • Zayn’s waist
  • Zayn’s eyelashes
  • “get off the phone then before I start crahying”
  • Zayn’s sniffling
  • Zayn’s eye freckle
  • When Zayn hugs people he tucks his chin above their shoulders and just rests there all warm and soft
  • the way his whole face scrunches up when he laughs
  • look at him

  • zayn’s always so eager to share his work (remember the periscope)
  • actually the zeriscope deserves a point all on its own cuz nothing will ever be as cute as those 16 minutes of unadulterated joy
  • zayn says his fans are his validation 
  • zayn always goes for halloween it’s no joke he made halloween his b*tch
  • “did the cat win”
  • his laughter
  • his voice is so pure and soothing
  • zayn has a facebook folder for fanart cuz he’s that kinda dude
  • zayn is probably the kinda person who thinks that respect is due and not earned

*look into the distance* i love zayn

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   Sleep. Sleep above all. That sounds wonderful. I wish you plentiful rest, bountiful coffee, and more breakfast foods than you can devour. 

I’m sincerely becoming concerned about how sleep deprived we all seem. I’ve read so many fics that revolve around insomnia and then finding that one special person they can actually nap in the presence of. (Which, admittedly, has been a romantic plot point in my own life, so I support this. But we’re all so tired.)

Preference #2 How he cuddles


He cant sleep unless he is next to you, his arm has to be around your waist at all times, the other arm rests above your head. Throughout the night he manages to pull you closer to him so you are held firmly against his chest. He finds it hard to sleep when you aren’t there by him, your warmth calms him down and reminds him he will always have you to lean on no matter what.


He isn’t much of a cuddler, being alone all his life he just has adapted to sleeping alone and keeping to himself. Some nights he is there when you fall asleep but most he comes sometime in the middle of the night. When you wake up and spot him next to you a smile spreads across your face, you inch toward him before taking his arm, lifting it up so you can sneak under it. When you both wake in the morning you find him in the same position, looking down at you with smile “I don’t cuddle Y/N.” He always teases playfully.

We often seem to value activity above all else, but like all beings we need to rest and recuperate.  I suspect the widespread occurrence of depression in our culture is linked to our refusal to allow ourselves quiet time.  Feeling the need to remain constantly busy - mentally or physically - in socially productive activity can prevent us from turning inward to simply be with ourselves.  Such inward turning requires time and might lower productivity and social standing.  It is not that all activity is bad, but many of us are far out of balance and our activity does not come from a place of stillness and wisdom.
—  Robert Kull, Solitude
Not Ready

Every night spent with Harry was a good night. There was something about his presence, a heavenly combination of modesty and undeniably sexy confidence, that always made for the perfect partner in crime. But there was something about that night that earned a special place in your heart above all the rest.

It was the end of a beautiful day in early spring, the evening air fragrant with the first blooms of the season. You and Harry were sprawled out on a blanket in his backyard, drifting in and out of conversation when you weren’t distracted by the stars’ beauty. Or in your case, Harry’s beauty.

His large frame lay there comfortably, his head resting on his hands where they were folded above him. You snuck a glance in his direction and were mesmerized by the perfection of his profile. Long, dark eyelashes outlining sparkling green eyes, caressing the tops of his cheeks as he blinked. High, chiseled cheekbones that cast a delicate shadow on his skin. Pink pillowly lips that were always begging to be kissed. And dimples, dimples as prominent as ever.

Harry felt your gaze on him and turned his head so that you were now face to face.

“Why’re you looking at me? The stars are much more interesting,” he rasped in his deep voice.

“You’re the one that shines the brightest,” you whispered and felt the heat rise in your cheeks with your cheesy confession.

A laugh escaped from Harry’s mouth, seemingly loud against the stillness of the night.

“C’mere,” he beckoned, pulling you closer so that your head was nestled within the crook of his armpits. Your hands roamed his body, one retiring above his heart and the other lazily yet purposefully making its way to the zipper of his jeans. You dipped your fingers in and lightly drew circles on his lower stomach where his happy trail began. You heard Harry’s breathing hitch and you revelled in the way his heartbeat thumped faster under your hand.

“Baby,” Harry breathed. “What are you doing to me?” he sighed as his head rolled back under your gentle assault, giving you tempting access to his strong jaw. You peppered kisses along his jaw all the up to under his ear lobe and felt yourself grow more confident with each whimper that escaped Harry’s lips. You saw that his black jeans were straining even more than usual in the crotch area and felt the moisture pooling in your panties.

Much sooner than you would have liked, Harry gently sat up, prying your body off of his own. His cheeks were flushed a deep pink, and his eyes were a wild pool of black and green. You couldn’t imagine yourself looking any different.

“I-, what-, are you sure Y/N?” Harry struggled to get out. Seeing as this was the most physical contact you had ever initiated with Harry, you understood where his concern was coming from.

“Harry, I’m ready. I want this,” you said, your hands on either side of his face.

You leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips, an innocent gesture compared to what you started and wanted to finish. “I’m ready,” you repeated, deliberating speaking the words as you looked straight into his eyes.

“Are you sure?” Harry asked again, ever the perfect gentleman.

“You- don’t you want me, Harry?” you asked in a low whisper, voice thick with shame and self-doubt.

“Of course I do. I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry for making you think that way,” Harry quickly reassured. “Good God, do I ever want you,” he said, his low voice dripping with lust.

With that, he pushed himself off the blanket covered grass and extended his arm out, which you gladly used as leverage. Wordlessly, he led you through the back door and into his bedroom.

His bedroom. With a very large bed in the centre. Was it always that big, you wondered? You had been in this very room countless times before, but now that more than sleeping was about to take place, the bed suddenly seemed a lot more menacing.

Hand still in yours, Harry could feel your nervousness through the light moisture collected on your palm.

“You okay?” he whispered, concern in his voice.

You nodded nervously, with a smile that didn’t quite reach your eyes. A long time ago Harry had memorized your expressions and mannerisms and could sense that you were more nervous than you were letting on.

“Do you still want this?” he asked. “Because if you don’t, it’s okay, I can just put on a mo—“

“Harry, I’m ready. I want this,” you said in a voice Harry knew was final.

“Then just relax, baby. I’m going to take care of you,” he rasped. Shivers ran down your spine and you felt the area between your legs lightly throb with desire.

With a surge of bravery, you walked over to the bed and when you felt the mattress hit the back of your knees, you lay back, pulling Harry so that he was on top of you. In one swift motion, Harry grabbed your legs and twisted your body so you were both now fully on the bed. Your legs became a quivering mess under his touch.

You felt the nerves getting the best of you, and you suddenly questioned your ability to kiss.

“Relax, Y/N, it’s only me,” Harry reassured. You nodded, which Harry took as permission to make your lips acquainted with his own. His tongue lightly massaged yours and you pressed the small of his back into your body in a desperate attempt to be closer to him. You always wanted to be closer.

Your hands curiously explored his warm, firm tummy under his t-shirt and felt goosebumps rise on the skin of the man you were in love with. You gently tugged on the fabric. With the hint well taken, Harry lifted the clothing off his head, leaving him in his shirtless glory. Your eyes took in the ink permanently decorating his skin and your mouth watered at the way the art seductively danced with the movements of his torso.

Not confident nor graceful enough to be considered sexy, you removed your shirt and self-consciously your arms formed a shield across your stomach.

Harry’s lips turned into a small frown. “You’re beautiful, absolutely beautiful,” Harry whispered, caressing your cheek. “Do you know how beautiful you are?”

You settled for the honest answer, rather than the one Harry wanted. “You make me feel beautiful.”

Harry nodded, making a mental note to remind you of your beauty more often. Several times a day would no longer suffice.

Harry’s fingers dipped into the front of your jeans and began to massage your core with two long, slender fingers. Your mouth opened in pleasure and your back arched off the mattress into Harry’s bare chest.

“It might be easier without these,” you moaned and began to remove the dark denim. Harry’s hands replaced yours and as he slid the material down your legs he peppered kisses along your thighs. He stood up and removed his own jeans, eyes never leaving yours. The front of his boxers was noticeably strained and your body shook with equal parts pleasure and nerves with the thought of relieving him.

Joining you on the bed, Harry continued to provide pleasure to your most sensitive area, but with his fingers on bare skin, the sensation was magnified. His fingers expertly massaged the particularly sensitive bundle of nerves which left you seeing stars for the second time that night. Your legs quivered and you couldn’t contain the moans escaping from your parted lips.

“It’s okay, baby. You can come for me, you’re safe.” Harry coaxed you through your climax.

Once you had caught your breath, Harry removed your soiled panties, your bra becoming your only clothing. You had never been so exposed before, and even though it was only Harry, the feeling of embarrassment coupled with the high from the orgasm left you extremely vulnerable. Without warning, tears fell from your eyes.

Horror flashed in Harry’s eyes as he realized your sudden distress. “Oh, God, I’m so sorry, baby. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry. This is new to me. But please continue,” you begged.

Harry didn’t look convinced and you knew it would take more initiative on your behalf to show him otherwise. Your hands gripped the waist of his boxers and you pulled down, exposing his entire body. Foreign to the art of pleasuring men, you gripped him in your hands and began to pump gently. Harry sucked in a harsh breath and your name was spoken among a string of curses. A transparent liquid oozed from his tip which you cautiously wiped away.

“Oh, God, baby, do that again and I’ll be done,” Harry moaned.

You relaxed your grip and shifted your body in a comfortable position for when Harry would enter you for the first time. Harry hesitated a moment but went into the drawer beside his bed where he quickly put on the contents of the small foil packet.

As Harry moved above you and you felt him brush against your side, you became unbearably nervous. Your heart was hammering against your chest and your fingers were gripping the sheets tightly. Relax, it’s only Harry, you reminded yourself again. In your anxious state, you didn’t quite realize that your entire body had gone rigid. But Harry noticed.

With a sigh, Harry removed himself from the bed, discarded the unfilled condom and slid on his briefs. Just as he was about to cover your body with the duvet, you sat up, panic thick in your voice.

“Harry? Harry, why’d you stop?” you cried out.

“Baby,” Harry began, placing a kiss to your forehead. “I could tell you weren’t ready, and you don’t have to be. We can wait as long as you need.” He paused, his eyes scanning the room as if looking for a distraction. “I’m going to go make us some tea,” he decided.

As he exited the room you flopped back on the mattress, tears falling down your cheeks. Here was a man, made out by every magazine and tabloid to be a classless creature, disrespectful of women, when he just walked away from sex with his girlfriend who clearly wasn’t ready, despite having thought so.

You swiped angrily at your tears, hating the pressure and accusations Harry faced on a daily basis.

“I got the tea,” Harry said as he entered the room. “Hey, no tears,” he said as he brushed them away.

“Everyone has the wrong idea of you, you know that right?” you whispered.

Harry wasn’t naïve to the direction of your thoughts and nodded solemnly towards the floor.

“I know, baby, and it used to bother me a lot more. But now I don’t care what others think. I can only worry about what the people I love think,” he said, then paused. “So what do you think of me?” he asked coyly.

“I think you’re the most amazing man I’ve ever met and that I’m not worthy to be your girlfriend,” you answered, meaning every word. “And I’m really sorry about tonight,” you said, gesturing between the clothes strewn on the floor and your unclothed bodies.

“Well, I for one, think you are completely wrong. Don’t you know that I’ll wait forever for you? Whatever you decide to give me is already more than I deserve.”

Harry wrapped his strong, tattooed arms around you and you both got lost in the feeling of being in your lovers’ arms. Harry retrieved the pair of pajamas he kept for when you stayed the night and you quickly changed, your body happy to be covered in the cozy material.

You and Harry decided to get some sleep and you caressed his forehead in an attempt to make sleep come faster for him. Soon enough, the green of his eyes was hidden from you and light snores filled the room.

The night may not have gone as planned, but it went as how it should. And it was a good night. In fact, it was the night that earned a special place in your heart above the rest.

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I applaud everyone who has been successful and go above and beyond what most people achieve academically, but it also rubs me the wrong way when marginalized folks, specifically different issues among PoC are only seen as “real” when a super academic achiever goes above all the rest.

Like undocumented/black/brown ppl only matter if they get a full ride to college or graduate or do something extraordinary in academia and therefore a “model citizen”.

I am so happy when I see those types of posts cause those individuals obviously worked really hard to break through barriers that were systematically against them.

But what about the high school dropout that had to work extra jobs to help with their family? What about the college student flunking grades due to mental health issues? What about the kid that doesn’t want to go to college because it’s not for them? 

I will always root for and celebrate PoC that have survived and thrived through life’s obstacles but this celebration shouldn’t be contingent on their success in academia. Their worth shouldn’t be based on what they contribute to the public, but because they exist. “Underachievers” shouldn’t be thought of as less deserving of a full life just because they don’t compare to what society sees as “success”.

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👊 - all

AISHA: * I don’t start fights but I’ll finish them. And there’s a reason why I’m a cut above the rest. Don’t test me. 

ANDY: * Life is all about fighting! And I’m all about life. If I wasn’t good at it I’d be dead! Again! 

GABE: * I’m not a big fan of fighting. I don’t know if I’m good or bad at it, but I don’t care to find out. 

TEDDY: * I got to agree. I can dish it out and take it tenfold, but I know most conflicts can be resolved by talking it out. 

KAYLA: * I’m a lover, not a fighter. But don’t start none and there won’t be none. 

DOLORES: * I don’t get into pointless fights, but you best believe I am not the one.