But what about Shitty being bros with Suzanne tho?

  • Suzanne meeting Shitty that first time and initially being appalled in that chill mom way about his nickname and going through all sorts of conversational gymnastics to avoid saying it out loud. At first she calls him “Mr. Knight” when she absolutely has to, and later “B”
  • Whenever she comes to visit Samwell and Bitty has to be somewhere, Shitty always makes sure Suzanne knows where things are and that she’s all set for food. (“Bitty isn’t around to cook you something fabulous, Mrs. Bittle? My parents don’t usually come through, so I have some guest meals on my card if you want to use them”)
  • After asking Bitty how his classes are going and how Jack is, Shitty is always the next person Suzanne asks about
  • Once, when Bitty isn’t around, Shitty ropes Suzanne into a game of beer pong with the entire Haus. She drinks water most of the time; Shitty, Suzanne, and Lardo are on a team and Shitty drinks all her beer for her (though he convinces her to drink one or two). Suzanne has a great time and thinks all the boys and Lardo are just lovely. Bitty walks in and is horrified. (“Lighten up, Bits. Your mom is pro at pong!”)
  • When Shitty graduates, Suzanne sends him a card full of encouragement, plus a little sticky note he immediately crumples up that says “You should take a chance on her, B. It’s worth it, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. :)”. He smiles a bit even as he chucks it in the garbage
  • Suzanne becomes the only person besides Shitty’s immediate family, Jack, and Lardo who knows his real name and she refuses to tell Bitty, which Bitty thinks is patently unfair
Ponyboy dating a loud girl would include...

Anonymous said: Ponyboy dating a loud girl head cannon?!  

  • You trying to not be loud around him
  • Pony having to kick you out when doing homework
  • “Why do I have to go?”
  • “Because I can’t focus with you here”
  • You two having a lot of fights due to him kicking you out
  • “I get it, you can’t accept me for me”
  • “Y/N that’s not what I meant”
  • “Then, what did you mean?”
  • “I don’t know-”
  • “Exactly”
  • When you get back together, there’s plenty of hugs
  • Cute forehead kisses when you two are out and about
  • Once in a while helping him with his homework
  • Yelling at the Socs that jumped him and the Socs getting scared
  • You being able to handle yourself
ABC boss: Once Upon a Time has a 'long and bright future'

Even though Once Upon a Time will be heading to hell come March, ABC boss Paul Lee says the future is “bright” for the fairy tale drama.

Currently in its fifth season, Once Upon a Time has seen a progressive ratings drop since its 2011 debut — it averaged 11.71 million viewers and a 4.1 in the 18-49 demo in its first season, while its most recent season 5 outing drew 4.56 million and a 1.3 in the demo.

“Those guys are so inventive,” Lee told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Saturday, referring to OUAT bosses Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. “You know these great shows with strong franchises, they ebb and flow as you go through.”

With that said, Lee is feeling pretty positive about Once Upon a Time continuing on past season 5. “We had a great start to [this] season,” Lee said. “Each of their arcs they bring a new theme in. Their next theme is going to be great because Hades gives us the chance to bring back so many of the people that we lost. I think Once Upon a Time has a long and bright future.”

Among the characters returning for the season half of the season include Cora (Barbara Hershey), Henry (Tony Perez,) Peter Pan (Robbie Kay), Cruella de Vil (Victoria Smurfit) and Milah (Rachel Shelley).