Hey guys, so let’s talk for a sec.

I know I’ve been completely lacking in presence on here for probably three weeks now and there is a reason for that. I’ve been dealing with a lot lately and figuring myself out and I happened to come to terms with my sexuality this past month.

I am bisexual. 

And it feels really amazing to admit that. It kind of came out of me at the wrong time and I had this week where I wanted to flee back into the closet and I completely regretted coming out because I worried what my friends/roomies would think. I was stressed, my anxiety was going crazy, BUT then my friends (most of whom are gay haha GO EMERSON) were completely supportive and wonderful. I started feeling this complete sense of relief an openness and just confidence. I’m already feeling so much better about myself and more true and BLAH BLAH sorry this is boring.

I have told a bunch of my friends and one family member. I know my parents will understand and be supportive and I am extremely lucky for that, however I’m not quite ready to tell them. 

SO YEAH I’ve been focusing on myself a lot and haven’t really been spending much time on here. Midterms are also this week so I’ve been preparing for those. Next week is my spring break and I plan on one hundred percent throwing myself into writing more pynch, andreil, and answers for your asks. 

I’m not ignoring anyone, I have read all the messages and I want to answer them with my fullest attention, so expect those to start popping up this weekend. 

*BIG DRAMTIC SIGH OF RELIEF* Okay so yeah I won’t bore you with the trials of me figruing myself out but if you do want to talk about anything feel free to message me.

I’ve been living on Twitter lately so I apologize for my Tumblr absence. My KuraSawa entry for the Daiya Rare Pair Big Bang will be posted on August 9th and then Song of the Sunshine Child should be getting a chapter on Monday. Another new large-scale story should be revealed soon for Daiya (It’s Chrisawa) whenever SotSC wraps up and then another big MiyuSawa story will be dropping soon after. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading! <3

Get to know me tag

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Rules: tag 20 people you want to know more about

i always tag the same people so im going to switch it up a bitttttt let’s see @carswell-thorne-is-my-precious @poze-laceen @vex-vern @muutant annnd okay now im lazy so if you wanna feel free

Name: Tessa

Nicknames: T-Bell, Tink (both short for tinkerbell), King Charles

Star Sign: Capricorn

Gender: Female

Time right now: 2:27 AM

Average hours of sleep: 5  :(

Lucky number(s): 8 and I have no idea why

Last thing I googled: panera’s website (got me some mac n’ cheese fo dinner)

Number of blankets: 1 in winter and 1 in summer bc im hot all the damn time it’s terrible

Favourite fictional character: HA okay well picking one is not realistic or possible so i’ll list a few; dustfinger, fire, ronan lynch, YEAH THERE ARE TOO MANY IT’S HARD

Favorite books: Fire, TRC, Inkheart triology, once again there are too many to list

Favourite musicians: amber run is currently at the top but i listen to absolutely everything and anything

Dream job: film editor :) working on getting there

When did you create your blog: WELL this past summer HOWEVER i had another blog for about 4 years until i got locked out of it (im bitter) ((the url was eyeoftheangel)) (((it still exists but ill never be able to get back into it :’()))

What do you post about: TRC and pynch, although lately aftg/tfc have been regular

Have any other blogs: YES see above (still bitter)

When did your blog reach its ‘peak’: ummmm i think im at my peak rn prob??? idk

Do you get asks on a daily basis: yes but im slow as fuck answering them woops

Why did you choose your url: i am slightly obsessed with trc

Whoawhoa hey its a wild homo

Hullo u3u

  • My name is Steph
  • I’m 16 and im a girl and i like girls
  • I also really like pink things and Pokemon and WTNV and Fantasy books
  • My star sign is Sagittarius, my personality is ENFP
  • I like being social with people but i also have issues with an eating disorder and ADHD so if I seem unfriendly do not be scared friend! I probably love you just be gentle with the things
  • my favorite smell is autumn because cool air and falling leaves and pumpkin pies
  • please talk to me I need friends it is how I survive
  • send me an ask or chat me up on skype! (coyote.lord7)

now have some of my face

lemme link you to some of my best people… 

this is my sister, she’s really cool and pretty adorable and also really gay

this is like my bfflsie you should shower her in love because shes incredible at art and being a person and stuff

im kind of in love with this girl but shhh nobody knows

this guy is the best bro imma ever have. what a boss

haha you see this bitch? shes just the best that there is

it would be mean of me not to put this lady here she has a boner for me