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  1. What was your reaction to Real Madrid winning La Liga yesterday?  Well..first I was angry because they were playing in my city and they always win here..and that can’t be posible! haha and then I was idk angry again becuse of Cristiano’s celebration and after that happy haha :)
  2. Honestly do you think they deserved this year’s title?  Umm..well..obviusly I don’t want them to win but well..they came to be 1o points above ..and that’s achieved with work..=$ so I would say yes..
  3. If at the beginning of this season I told you that I would buy you tickets to any game this season, what game would you want to go to the most?   Wow I would say one of the Clásicos..the one in the Camp Nou..I think to see all the fandom and do the mosaic :)
  4. If you were making a poster to hold up in the Camp Nou this saturday, what would the poster say?  2OMG..Idk I have a lot of things to tell Pep..=’( It would say,.: hours ago
  5. On a scale of 1 to Barca how much do you love the Cules on Tumblr? BARÇAx1000000000000000000000000000  :) ( I really love you guys <3333)
  6. One a scare of 1 to Barca how bad to you want all the Cules on Tumblr to meet up at the Camp Nou one day? BARÇAx1000000000
  7. When someone says shit about Barca, do you 1.) lol  2.) prove them wrong or 3.) say something about their team that will shut them up?  haha it depends of my mood at the time, haha but I really do all of them hhaha 
  8. If you could ask me any question, what would it be? (lol ya see what I did there?)  Umm I woulds say: “you’re really lovely :)" 
  9. If you could describe a Cule in one word, what word would it be?   Indescribable.I can’t say only one..but If I would choose one it would be one of gratitude,admiration or affection.Because that’s what you mean to me guys ^-^
  10. Do you see yourself liveblogging football matches in a senior citizen center when you’re 80? YESSS *-* 
  11. Bayern Munich or Chelsea for Champions League final? And porque?  I would say Chelsea because of Torres..or Bayern because they play in their stadium, they eliminated Real Madrid and they play a really good football :) 
My questions:
  1. If you had 5 minutes with anyone of the F.C.Barcelona what would you tell them?
  2. Who’s your favourite player? Why?
  3. If you could meet a culé from Tumblr who would it be?
  4. How do you think will go our season next year? Do you trust Tito?
  5. Write a sentence you would say to Pep :)
  6. Who’s your Real Madrid’s favourite player?
  7. What place in Spain would you like to visit the most? (Isn’t possible to say Barcelona)
  8. What’s your favourite song? Why?
  9. Have you ever been in the Camp Nou? (If it’s yes when was it, what did you feel)
  10. If you had to describe me in one word or a sentence what would it be? ^^
  11. Do you respect Madridistas or are you one of those who hate them?(because of their actitude..etc..) and why?

it’s february and it’s time to spread some love! <3 so i’ve created this blog for a while now (since august 2014), it’s been more than half a year since the world cup and more than half a year since i grew to love football. even though i’m a (relatively) new cule and most of you are so much more knowledgeable than me you guys still treat me like family. some of you i’ve been following since my first url l10nelmessis, while some of you i’ve just started following.  i’ve met many many amazing people here and you guys are all talented and sweet and lovely and amazing, so this follow forever is dedicated to all the wonderful people who’ve made my time here so enjoyable!

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i think i included everyone but if i missed you out it definitely wasn’t intentional, please let me know and i’ll add you! lastly just remember that you guys are all special snowflakes and you’ve all brightened up my dash and my days in one way or another, so thank you <3

I recently hit 700 followers so i decided to make a Follow Forever.

You’re all lovely and just afsjdfksj awesome, and i really enjoy all of you guys’ presence on my dash. Thank you. ♥

Here’s my list of blogs that everyone should follow

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So it’s almost Christmas (aka my most favourite time of the year) and it seems like a pretty good time to do a Follow Forever because I follow so many awesome blogs (everyone I follow are amazing I love you) and I just wanna acknowledge some of my favourite blogs (I attempted an edit but it looks kind of terrible oh well moving on)


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That’s it. Sorry if I’ve missed you out. I love everyone I follow and everyone who follows me!

Have good Christmas to all that celebrate it, if not then have a good winter I guess!


So now that the holidays are over and I am back to my normal url I would like to post my 1K FOLLOW FOREVER!

It’s kinda unfathomable for me to think I would ever get to 1k because that’s A LOT of people for me, like just over a 1000 people think I’m funny enough to want to see daily. I’m flattered really.

So let’s get on with it. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday that you celebrate because I’m not niave enough to generalize you all into what I celebrate. ANYWAY, I had a point right? I hope your holidays were filled with maybe some Oscar or Thomas or even some Spanish babes… am I right???

Also a more than special shout out to h-ugolloris for making the wonderful Oscar banner!


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Appreciation post - although I have not been well for the past couple weeks and I’m currently in hospital, I’d like to give these lovely people a shout for entertaining me with their wonderful pics and imagines when I need it most! You all mean they very world to me, I love you all! x


andresmessii aboutmessi aufootball barca-penguins brazilnts bartra-marc blaugraneymar campnou-s campnouforever cakebossneymar chiicharit-hoe david-luiz-4 dopeneymar davidluiz4nt everythingaboutneymar emma-neymar elshaarawys edenhazardo fcbmessi fzneymar goldenboyneymar goldenneuer holaleomessi haapenasneymar heynjr


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Thanks for everything guys ❤️

okay hello my friends i’ve recently hit my next hundred but i’ve been really busy with school and i’m not going tomorrow so i might as well do this tonight



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okay i’m done this is the first follow forever i did sober, i’m sorry if i forgot you sometimes my list doesnt load properly and i’m kinda tired. but you guys all have really nice blogs i love you all goodnight

It’s december, which means that it’s time for a follow forever. First of all I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and also a (early) Happy New Year!

I follow 200 amazing blogs, so don’t forget to take a look at my blogroll. I probably forgot to add some people to this list because I always do that. Anyway, these are my absolute favourites. Thank you all for lighting up my dash with your amazing edits, gifs, funny posts and wonderful personalities!

aboutmessi | blaugr4na | barca-penguins | campnouforever | cellador

cruyffsbeckenbauer | d-villas | emmabarca | everyonelovesiniesta

fcbarxcelona | fc-bootylona | fireisscatching | fyeahmessi | football-s

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ohmygeripiquequepuyols | rpatriciosecretariats | teambarca


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Hi everybody!! I want to thank you for all the support I recieved during all this year. I’m very happy to meet such amazing people, really!!  Today I do my second follow forever here and I want to do a special mention to many people who helped me or just made me happier with their flawless blogs.


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fathermessifederersroger football-s​ fuckneuer funsteiger gauchom03gairethbalegareth–wales​ germanyntlover gothzeus gunnerproud hbadstubers hcetorbellerin heromanu heyalaba heymuller hoewedes holger-badasstuber holger-badstubitch hulkmels iniesta-s iniestand itswilsherepants jackswilshere javierpastorie jordii-alba jordialbaes jordii-alba juanbrnt juansteiger juliebjohnstons


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papapoldi permertesackers piqueque piszczk piszczy pocholavezzi podollski poldies polditu ppiquechu pppper punkschweinsteiger radiomuller rafinhasalcantaras ramseysgibbs​ reneeisabarcafan reusment reusmuller riberriesrobaertlewandowski rpatricio rr4mbo sassycesc sassycesc scarlett-madridista schweinsteigeres schwein-ski​ schweinstgr secretariats sergiobusquets5 sergiobusquetsburgos som-i-seren stayforeverbarca sunshinesovertherains t0nikroos teambarca ter-stegen thebayern thecatalans thecruyffturn thefrenchgunners thomasandbasti  thomasmuellerfcbayern thoumasmuller thomasxabi totsunitsbarcelona


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Sorry if I forgot someone… There’re lots of blogs that I love!!