Those hips

swaying back and forth

capturing your eyes

capturing your thoughts

capturing your mind

back and forth

left and right

drawing you in

closer and closer

as they swing

your eye effortlessly follow

left and right

emptying your mind

emptying your thoughts

Just these hips

just my words

as you let go

give in

focus on these hips


slowly swaying 

following them effortlessly

focusing on my words

letting go

giving in

just those hips

just my words

so relaxed

so peaceful

no worries

no thoughts

just the hips

just the words

nothing else to worry about

nothing else to care about

drifting deeper and deeper

those hips

those swaying hips

my words

so soothing and relaxed

nothing but my words

and those hips swaying

feeling my words so strong and powerful

so soothing and captivating

dropping deeper and deeper

Once all you think of are those hips and my words 

you simply reblog and type “O’s Harem Girl”

and feel so much joy

so much pleasure

so much happiness

as you drop so deep now

enjoying that thought

being in a Harem

A part of a Harem

just like them

Part of that

one of them

A harem girl

to serve the Master

their Master

your Master

just a Harem girl

let that thought fill your mind

that wonderful idea

Harem girl

one of them

Master’s harem girl

let that thought fill your mind completely

Once you completely accept and desire that idea

you simply wake up

wake up 

back to normal

feeling refresh

feeling happy and relaxed

remembering what happened and how much you enjoyed it

that thought of being a Harem girl

and you think

you fantasize 

what it would be like to be a Harem girl

Part of a Harem with a Master to serve

Think about it and tell me what you thought