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So I was excited as hell for the new Jem comic, and I haven't been disappointed yet, and then I found out about Blaze and I want to cry because as a trans girl it's very very very VERY hard to find good representation, and like... I'm in love. I love everything about your work, and I'm finding so much more to love from it every time I see, read, or learn more about it. Thank you <3

thank you so much!! i hope you like Blaze when she’s introduced. :D

Everything is wrong

I will forever wonder how two things with such beautiful styles 

Could give birth to something so hideous.

Seriously this looks like neither series. I understand that the guy who did Devil Survivor is in charge of this thing (I dunno if this was always the case) which is probably why it looks nothing like either series; and if I ever play the Devil Survivor duology it’ll probably be the very last in the Megaten franchise I play because the designs for the women pretty much offend me. A style I’m not fond of is okay but when the designs offend me I just can’t get into it. I really don’t understand why Atlus didn’t just hire the guy who made Megaten IV to do it since at the very least he seems to understand the mainline Megaten series and Megaten IV reflected the first three (and in particular the first two) to a t. At least then we would have some accuracy to one of the franchises in question; and who knows he may have handled the Fire Emblem aspect quite well too. But this just looks kind of… bad. A lot of people rag on the Persona subseries a lot because it has kind of bright colors and its done in a more colorful style, but say what you want about Soejima, but the dude can draw and his designs are usually very pleasing and effectively simple.

 People say this thing looks a lot more like Persona, and plot wise I can see that, style wise and art wise, definitely not. But since it is so much alike plot wise, maybe Atlus should just plan the next six Personas in advance. It just kind of sucks for me because I’ll probably have to wait another ten years for Atlus to make another game in the mainline series. 

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What is your name? you can call me ro or mia i dont really mind ! i mainly go by ro now but i use mia on my cosplay page so ???

What is your favourite colour? turquoise

Write something in all caps: I SHOULD BE REVISING

Favourite band/artist: i like bastille and twenty one pilots

Favourite number: 8 i think

Favourite drink: cream soda >w<

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Asexual, panromantic Ray, purely because. "I'm asexual. More like Raysexual though, amiright? And panromantic. All about that kitchenware. Pans. Pot. BLAZE IT." "More like RAYze it, amiright?" "Shut up Gavin."

friend until this moment i had no idea how badly i needed asexual ray repeatedly making the “raysexual” joke to virtually everybody he meets

(eventually after the twelfth time he hears ray make that awful pun michael’s cheerfully like, “hey, i’m asexual too!” and ray’s like “what” and michael goes complete deadpan scowl and says “because i don’t give a fuck.”)