OK CONCERNING THE WHOLE HEADCANON THING IM WRITING THAT PPL KEEP ASKING ME ABT, i was talking to @chompiee abt a ~love confession~ and then @cryptidsp00n abt the aftermath of said confession concerning them kissing

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when i was a tiny baby queer (aka a 24-year-old), i went to my first pride festival probably three months after i kicked ex-gay therapy to the curb and came out to my parents. being the people they are, my parents came with me. they weren’t really sure about this whole gay thing, but they loved me and wanted me to be safe and happy and wanted to be involved in what was important to me, so they came along. (i also think my mother still might have thought i might get drugged or murdered or beaten by a protester of which there were plenty.)

anyway i wanted a memento of my first pride, you know, and this one vendor was selling keyrings, and i liked it, so i bought one. do you remember those italian charm bracelets that were all the rage like 10-15 years ago? it was a keychain like that, and it had a rainbow rooster, a rainbow cat, and then just a rainbow, and so I bought it.

i run into my mom a couple of vendors over and she goes oh you bought something? what’d you get? so i showed her, and i was like, “I’m not sure why it’s a rooster and a cat. Seems kind of random. But I liked the rainbows.”

and my mom, who was some form of minister’s wife for most of my childhood and teenagerhood, stares at me like she thinks i’m joking.

“What?” i say.

“…it’s a cock and a pussy, Jules,” she says flatly, and that is the story of how i died at the age of 24 while attending my first pride festival.

10 Songs You Didn't Know Bleachers' Jack Antonoff Helped Make: From Taylor Swift to Carly Rae Jepsen

Whether or not you’re familiar with Jack Antonoff by name, you’re guaranteed to have had his music stuck in your head over the last seven years.

As the main member of Bleachers, he’s releasing his band’s second album Gone Now on June 2. As a reluctant celeb, he’s known for being BFFs with Taylor Swift and for his long-term relationship with Girls star Lena Dunham. As a son and brother, he’s known for “forgetting his wallet” when it comes to paying for bagels.

And as a songwriter? Well, he’s everywhere. From his prior bands (inlcuding the Grammy-winning Fun.) to the songs he’s co-written/produced for others, Jack has helped create some of the most prominent pop songs of the 2010s. For him, it’s his music hobby to take a break from his music job.

“I need a hobby, and I don’t want it to be basketball. I want it to be music,” he told Vulture in 2014. “So to get away from music, I do other music. If I’m producing someone’s song or writing with someone else, then doing a Bleachers song or a fun. song is an escape and it keeps me creative and it keeps me locked into what I want to do. If something’s making me crazy, I need to go somewhere else and I don’t want that thing to be yoga.”

Check out some of Jack’s most famous hobby work below:

1. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” Zayn & Taylor Swift [2016]

The only way to avoid having this earworm stuck in your head is to keep your radio off at all times. Jack teamed up with Taylor to co-write this track for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. This isn’t their first time writing together, but more on that later.

9. “Out of The Woods,” Taylor Swift [2014]

As well as being close friends, Jack and Taylor are also ongoing co-writers for many of Swift’s releases. They co-wrote her Golden Globe nominated track “Sweeter Than Fiction,” along with a handful of tracks off of 2014’s 1989. The two recorded the songs in his apartment, which would normally seem unorthodox, but seems to be where Jack does most of his work. When they won Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2016 Grammys’ pre-telecast ceremony, Jack phoned Taylor from on stage to let her know they’d won while she frantically asked him to tell James Taylor she loves him.

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"..have Erwin wake up with a scruffy beard in a hospital. Hange would give Levi side eyes and say, 'Tell him, and don’t hold anything back.'” <-- make a fic out of this, won't you?

Ahhh, I wish! I have this little problem called Deplorable Lack of Talent.

The idea came from this panel in 85 with Levi telling Eren, “Tell him. And don’t hold anything back.” 

I imagined Erwin recovering from his injuries, waking up in a hospital room, and Hange saying those same words to Levi. I love the idea of Levi trying to explain his thought process on the roof and why the serum went to Armin. I have thoughts about how the conversation would go, and even what it would look like. See my sloppy photo edit:  Levi a bit anguished. Erwin concerned but kind.

…actually, now that I’m thinking about, there’s a ‘fic called Real by Cherry that has this conversation. It’s a modern au but I think the canon conversation would be nearly identical. Go read that instead!

  • me: *spends an hour on wikipedia reading about trees and flowers for maximum accuracy in my dear evan hansen fic*

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Jikook go to the zoo to see the monkeys! XD

“Come on! Hurry up or else we are going to miss the baby monkeys.”

Jimin was practically stumbling to keep up with the excited puppy that was Jeon Jungkook. He was doing his best to avoid crashing into other fellow pedestrians as they dart their way to the monkey exhibit.

“You know Jungkook, I took you to the zoo so that we could have a peaceful day enjoying the birds and giraffes or something—not getting my ass dragged around and run over small children,” Jimin grumbles out.

Jungkook juts out his lip and that has Jimin shutting up because, god, how could this brat be so cute?

They quickly made their way into the exhibit and Jungkook makes a beeline towards the crowd of people who were lining up to be able to hold one of the baby monkeys and take pictures. Jungkook was bouncing on his feet while they were waiting, an excited smile plastered on his face.

Soon enough they were at the front, and Jungkook was being seated, a young light-orange monkey placed in his arms soon enough as the worker explained how to properly hold it.

Jungkook beamed up at Jimin with the most endearing smile, and Jimin’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of his boyfriend with a tiny baby monkey.

“Take a picture of us, hyung!”

Jimin couldn’t keep the smile off of his face as he pulled his phone out of his back pocket.

God, he loved him.

Send me a Jikook prompt and I’ll write you a 3-10 sentence fic