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Hi there ! Wanted to know... Will you guys take part in the hidekane week ? I love your art so it'd so so great if you actualy did ! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚♥

As of right now, I’m not too sure since I don’t want to make any promises and then being unable to deliver it, but maybe! If I can think up of something in time for the event, then why not?  \(´∀` )


I’m kicking myself for wasting 4 years wondering. That’s 4 years I could have had with him. If you’re waiting for the right time to take a leap there is only now. Do it.

I have one month till he gets home which is one month for me to get in ridiculously good shape. I’m going to give my box of Krispy Kreme to my neighbour.

I was panicked about my exam but it has passed. I’ve done all I can do. Let it just happen. It’s not life or death.

My iPod classic appears to have died. I need to replace it. Maybe with an iPod touch or something? I also have a huge amazon wishlist of expensive tech and games I want. Give me money. I appear to haemorrhage it.

Charlie wasn’t kidding with the Facebook thing. Out on a training op in the middle of Bosnia and he has indeed updated his status and profile photo of us together. Lawd this guy has no idea what he’s in for when he gets home.

My new job starts next week. Beth the bar manager at your service. The hours are pretty sweet and it means I have a good 4 hour window when University finishes in the afternoon so I can do things for myself again.

I need to sleep but I can’t. I’m being all emotional in a good way. Thank you karma for not being a little bitch.

since i have exams coming up that obviously means a lot of u guys do too, so i thought maybe we could have a little chat about studying and exams and any worries/tips u have which might help others or others can help u!

lets talk exams! 

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Who are you: My name is Venetia(Venice in Greek) Whats your favorite color: always some shade of blue Favorite musical: Phantom of the Opera Favorite ice cream flavor: caramel and cookies Do you have a cat: I did :( Random fact about you: I have exams for my piano degree in a month or so and I'll be done after 11 years of practicing!(unless I fail?)

Heyyy I finally know your name! Hi! :D I’m quite partial to blue myself actually, hah. And I’m sorry about your cat. I lost one of mine last week, it sucks. :( *hugs*

Best of luck with your exams though! That’s really impressive. I always wanted to learn how to play the piano, but I’m not very good, nor very diligent about practicing. But yeah, good luck, I’m sure you’ll ace it! <3

Five things which will make exams more bearable
  1. Get a good nights sleep. Look through your notes briefly in the evening then go to bed. You will feel much better doing an exam when you are rested.

  2. Drink lots of water. This will keep your brain in good condition and help you focus more.

  3. Do exercise. Getting out of the house refreshes your brain and helps you concentrate better when you get back to revision. Yoga is also great to help relax your muscles after you have been sitting at a desk all day!

  4. Talk to a friend. Choose one who is calm and talk about things other than exams, you will feel happier and more alive for it.

  5. Have a bath and read a book. Better yet have some chocolate at the same time. It will help you forget all about exams and calm you down.


first 3 hours: wah im learning so much im getting so much done!!! this is great i love learning and im so not worried about this exam

rest of the day: this system is inherently flawed; one must cram as much information as they can into their brains, parrot the words of another without even a whiff of a chance to express their own opinion of the concepts. this manner of study is harmful and, ultimately, useless.

i just realized

salad is 12 years old. she is about to take the exam. she lives alone with her mother. her fathers location is unknown. salad wants to find her father but before she has to take the exam.

might as well rename the naruto series to ninja x ninja

lauryn gave me her hoodie and it makes me happy bc it smells of her

WHY DO I HAVE TO TAKE A LEGAL PROFESSION EXAM? WHY IS THIS A THING? I took the MPRE. I sat through class.  Isn’t that enough?  Haven’t I suffered enough?  I know the basics:

1. don’t take the money unless earned the money

2. don’t mix the monies.

3. no sex unless already sex.

4. don’t be shady.

5. Re: public statements - when in doubt, shut your god damn mouth.

6. Be an alcoholic. Don’t get caught being an alcoholic.


“What if Einstein had to pass the TOEFL?”