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I completely agree on what you said about Arima! I wanna add that the fact he forced Kaneki to leave his death wish behind by using his desire to protect others is the opposite of Touka's wishes. She left him because she wanted to avoid exactly what happened. She wanted Kaneki to live and to fight for himself and not to protect others. I like Arima, but his wish to die by Haise's hands is selfish as much as Kaneki's wish to die by Arima's. You don't force a person who cares abt you to kill you.

To be fair, anon, Touka didn’t leave anyone so much as Kaneki decided to up and at’em with Arima because he wanted to play the martyr. Again. Touka has consistently been the one person who hasn’t tried to manipulate anyone (so far) and completely respected other people’s right to make their own choices, whether or not she agreed with them (Hinami, Kaneki, Ayato). Touka is one of the healthiest people in this goddamn manga. She did want to avoid exactly what happened, but she’s apparently grown up enough to let Kaneki make this choice, too.

I agree with the rest though. Making someone do your dirty work for you is not a good relationship make.

I don’t know, the line “I finally created something” also rubs me the wrong way. You don’t talk about people that way. How about “I’m glad to have known you” instead of something that implies Arima only liked Kaneki because he considered him to be his own creation, and now has cemented the fact that he thinks of Kaneki as a thing to be manipulated by dumping some unnamed post-mortem “wish” on him.

There’s a line in a poem about Kaneki’s mother Ishida posted once: “she wanted to love, but didn’t know how to love”. I think that was Arima’s problem, too.