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Name: Jennifer
Nickname: Jenn or Bitch
Birthday: Dec. 20
Star sign: Sagitarrius

Height: 5′2″
Favorite color: Purple
Time rn: 6:00 pm
Last thing i googled: Wintershock manips

Blankets i sleep with: None atm
Favorite fictional character: Bucky, Darcy, Tony and others
Favorite famous person: Kat Dennings
Favorite band: Green Day & NIrvana

Last movie i saw: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Dream trip: New York City (because I freaking miss it so much)
Dream job: Movie Make-Up Artist

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Name: Sanaa.
Nickname: Banana.
Birthday: May 6th
Star sign: Taurus

Height: short
Favorite color: black
Time rn: 01:47am
Last thing i googled: London weather

Blankets i sleep with: one
Favorite fictional character: pssh - just one?
Favorite famous person: Robert Downey Jr.
Favorite band: Green Day.

Last movie i saw: at the cinema: Jurassic World, at home: Only Yesterday
Dream trip: California.
Dream job: Editor for Empire Magazine.

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How normal people react to FNaF 4 Nightmare Animatronics:

Nightmare Freddy: WHAT THE FUCK

Nightmare Bonnie: SCOTT NO

Nightmare Chica: HOLY FUCK

Nightmare Foxy: WHY THE TONGUE

How I reacted to FNaF 4 Nightmare Animatronics:

Nightmare Freddy: What the hell?!

Nightmare Bonnie: Oh…okaaay?

Nightmare Chica: Pffft…devour my hot bird ass freddy

Nightmare Foxy: Yay, another demonic hellspawn to roleplay as <3

  • Me:Yesterday, I watched three men die because one man sneezed in a room full of blood and shit and light. Today, three more men go in, cheap mops and each other's lives in their hands. Yesterday, I watched a man I admired gunned down for leaving a rose for a girl whose life was tattered by trauma she never deserved. Today, she doesn't remember, and three halls down I can hear her screaming. Yesterday, I watched a group of soldiers go down fighting against the corpses of comrades who'd died before them. Today, we test another sample, this time on children. Yesterday, I watched five men and women gunned down in an abandoned factory no one cares about. Today, it happens again and again. Every eleven seconds. Forever. Yesterday, I watched a man sit comfortably in a nice armchair, sipping scotch and laughing as he ordered a woman to simply stop breathing. Today, he gets the day off of work detail for good behavior. Yesterday, I watched hundreds of men and women in orange jumpsuits herded like animals into empty rooms that filled with gas and fire. Today, hundreds more are told they have a chance for a lighter sentence, and a chance to serve their country. Yesterday, I watched the world nearly die in a thousand thousand terrible ways. Sometimes we would have had time to scream. Today, I'm alive to write about it. You want happy endings? Fuck you. You're alive to read it. God help us all. Secure. Contain. Protect.
  • Cashier:Your total will be $21.44 ma'am would you like that in a bag

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[★] B A S I C S
Name: Jesse
Pronouns: He/him/his
Sexuality: Lithromantic and somewhere on the spectrum between homosexual and asexual
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Taken or Single: Single, but buncha queerplatonic buddies hella
Three facts: I am a RENThead, Videogames and Netflix are my life, I am an only child

[★] E X P E R I E N C E
How long (months/years?): This is a tough question. I’ve been roleplaying on several mediums ever since I was around 12. Tumblr specifically? Two years.
Platforms you’ve used: Windows Live Messenger, Forums (For a very short time), Skype, Kik and Tumblr. I still use Skype and Kik if anybody wants to roleplay over those.
Best experience: Nothing really sticks out to me, but Shawn has been my favorite character to roleplay on tumblr so far.

[★] M U S E   P R E  F E R E N C E S
Gender: I prefer writing male. Sometimes I do write females, but male muses come more naturally to me most of the time.
Favorite face: This is a toughie too. Uh, probably Chris Evans? Him or Joel Mchale.
Least favorite face: I don’t really have one? Sometimes commonly used FC’s annoy me, but none specifically come to mind.
Multi or Single: I prefer writing on single blogs because each muse wants their own theme, I’ll write with multis though. 

[★] W R I T I N G   P R E F E R E N C E S
Fluff, Angst or Smut: I do better with angst if I know the mun and it’s plotted. That said, fluff is also adorable. With those in mind, my favorite thing is probably hurt/comfort because it’s a mix of the two. Smut is a very rare occassion and it won’t happen unless I’m very comfortable with someone.
Plots or Memes: If I’m comfortable with someone and chat with them OOC, plots. If I don’t know them, memes are better and make for great ice breakers. 
Long or Short replies: While I love doing long replies, they come so few and far between that it’s easier to get me to reply to shorter things. 
Best time to write: Early afternoon or late at night. Late afternoon and early evening, I’m almost always doing something else.
Are you like your muse(s): In some ways yes and in others no. I require just as much attention as he does but I’m not over the top about it like him. He’s very much an extrovert and I’m not. I can’t put on a confident front like he does. Other than those things, pretty much.

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name: fel
age: 22
how old were you when you first started playing?: I think I was… 17?
height: 155cm/ 5'1" (i’m a cutie shorty)
OCs or canons?: both! but i constantly think i can’t play canon characters properly.
females or males?: i’m more comfortable playing females due to the fear or wrongly portraying other genders but! i’m opening up to playing males nowadays. :D
least favourite face claim: i’m mostly okay with any faceclaim tbh, but if i really have to mention fcs that i might not be comfortable playing, they would be people who have passed, members of bands (this is flexible tbh since i’m all cool beans with K-pop cuties urgh i’m so biased) and well, justin bieber because i just don’t like him sry. 
worst rp experience ever: the first ever rpg i joined was so amazing and i was totally in love with it but after thinking back to it, i realized that i was ignored ooc and plot wise despite the awesome lively ooc chat that was present. and as i had just started rp-ing at that time, it was a bit disappointing to know that nobody was willing to let me know that i was accidentally god modding their characters. ;A;
worst character you’ve ever played: i don’t think i have any?? i love my own OCs and the characters i’ve played from bio roleplays are just so lovely.
at what time of day is your writing the best?: i would think it would be late at night since that’s when i have the ~feel~ to write but idk there’s no guarantee about that since life can come and slam into me and BAM no more muse for writing.
are you anything like your muse?: most of them have parts of me somehow intertwined in them since well, they’re my muses and i find that it’s easier for me to play them if i could relate to them. if i have to choose a muse i’m most similar to, it would probably be Odette.
worst thing about RP: taking a break or delaying replying when there’s a lack of muse because i feel guilty about it and i just urgh gosh.
best thing about RP:  meeting so many fabulous people, looking through awesome plots that i’ve never thought of before, seeing such amazing fcs all over the place and just the best feels ever.
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Uhh, so–I was tagged by for5yen for the um…oh, what was it? *checks* 20 Beautiful People Challenge? Well goodness me, there are more than 20 beautiful people, but that’s just the title I suppose. uwu

These are old-ish, but I really don’t have any ones from the last couple of months and seeing as I am camera-less, this is the best I can do. (I think I posted one of these before–but gosh, my face is all broken out right now, anyway!)

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Birthday: August 27th

Star Sign: Virgo

Gender: Bigendered

Height: 5′5″

Sexuality: Lesbian (still figuring that out???)

Favourite Colour(s): Black and green

Time Right Now: 12:38 PM

Average Hours: 4

Lucky Number: 8

Last Thing I Googled: Incognito Tab

Word that Comes To Mind: Baklava 

Happy Place: Don’t have one

Number I Sleep Under: 1, all year around

Favourite Celebrity: Felicia Day

Celebrity Crush: Felicia Day

Favourite Book: Too many, currently reading Antony and Cleopatra 

Favourite Band: Fall Out Boy

Last Movie: Jurassic World

Dream Trip: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland

What I’m Wearing: Boxers, grey plaid leggings, a science club shirt that says ‘shift happens’, and my glasses

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eye color : Brown
hair color : blonde
something interesting about you: I am a black belt in karate, but I quit that to take figure skating lessons.
favorite color : Purple
favorite place : Library
favorite celebrity : Sophie Aldred

avorite song : Hmmmm. Dont Rain on My Parade
favorite book : Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

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What’s your name: Olivar

Nicknames: Ollie, left boob, french fry…

Where are you from: I live in Washington state

What’s your favorite colour: Maroon

Write something in all caps: EM I FREAKING LOVE YOU OKAY? <3 <3 <3

FAvorite artist/band: Taylor Swift, Echosmith, Tove Lo

Reasons to smile: scandigayvians, Ice cream, the song uptown funk, the Jurassic Park meme, all of my tumblr friends, and my cat 

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