Heir of Fire: “She’s alive,” he said, to Ren, to Aedion, to himself. “She's―she’s truly alive.” Aedion’s heart stopped. Stopped, then started, then stopped again.

Queen of Shadows:  “Your cousin Aedion has been imprisoned for treason—for conspiring with the rebels here in Rifthold to depose the king and put you back on the throne.” The world stopped. Stopped, and started, then stopped again.

when people want to see your phone and you say no and they ask what you’re hiding and you’re like “ummmmmm nothing actually but i still dont want my privacy violated”

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I could definitely use a part 3 or 4 or 5 to the doctor au haha. I love your blog!!

doctor au part 5

  • the rest of Annabeth’s elevator ride was spent in stunned silence 
  • she worked off auto pilot for the rest of the day, unable to fully process the predicament in which she found herself 
  • that night she poured herself a large glass of wine and called her friend Silena who was a marriage and family counselor who also happened to be in the 7th year of a disgustingly healthy and happy relationship
  • “Tell me what to do,” she plead 
  • Silena laughed lightly, “You know exactly what you have to do, Annabeth.” 
  • Annabeth grunted in frustration, “I knowww. But is there any scenario in which I can avoid sharing my feelings completely? Cause I feel like that would just work a lot better for me.” 
  • she could feel Silena rolling her eyes through the phone, “Annabeth, I was ranked the 2nd best relationship counselor in the country. You know who the first is?” 
  • “Your mom,” Annabeth offered. 
  • “Yeah, my mom. So listen to me when I tell you there is no scenario where you get the guy without explicitly sharing your feelings.” 
  • “I hate when you pull the ‘second-best-in-the-country-legacy’ card” 
  • “I know. That’s why I use it.” 
  • the next day on her lunch break Annabeth headed down to the 10th floor 
  • she caught Hazel at the nurses station, “Hey, Hazel. Do you know where Percy takes his lunch?” 
  • Hazel smiled knowingly and nodded towards the hallway, “The terrace.” 

One time I was reading a fic, and in it Natsu stole one of Lucy’s unfinished stories and then Levy passed it around the guild. Everyone was teasing her about it and laughing.

I clicked out of the story because i was pissed.

If anyone–anyone–ever took my work and passed it around like that, I would never trust them again. You would be out of my life in two seconds flat if you did something shitty like that.

First of all, that’s not yours, so don’t fucking touch it. And if you do touch it, don’t share it with other people. 

Don’t laugh at someone’s expense if you’re reading/looking at something that you know will embarrass them. I have a friend who likes to tease me about writing fics. Don’t. Do. That.

I never asked you to read them. I never wanted you to read them. Don’t joke about them with me. 

I would hate someone if they did this to me. I would hate them so much and I would probably never write again.

I’m not sure who wrote that fic, but I don’t think they realize how horrifying that would really be. This isn’t a joke for people to pull. This isn’t something funny.

Doing this makes people uncomfortable and angry.

So if you don’t want your friend to hate you, DON’T FUCKING DO THIS.


I know that it sounds absurd now, but I thought I’d prayed him alive. That *is* absurd, isn’t it?… But people don’t come alive; when they’re dead, they’re dead as mutton. Well, at any rate, I prayed, I… I made that stupid promise, and then he… he walked into the room. So it was all a mistake… - The End of the Affair (1955)

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