Interrupting the queue to see if anyone would be interested in reading chapter one of my first book (which I have just done another edit on) and let me know if anything is confusing and if there’s enough hook and stuff? Reply or message me if you wanna ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i will bake you virtual cookies

I have a confession

I really liked Gordon first.  Like Im all John now like hes so beautiful but Gordon was my first love bc in that first episode he’s got his squid sense and he’s impulsive and he’s just a little boy desperate to figure out what happened to his dad and Im a huge suckers for characters who cover up their heart with jokes and sarcasm so it was basically love at first sight but then JOHN and EOS and Skyhook and now im just a mess in general bc my heart says that John and I are one in the same but also Gordon was my first love and I’ll never get over him, but John is so much more fun to write except Gordon is also really fun to write and IDK GUYS.  IM A FRAUD.  I AM A FRAUD.

my junior year of high school i was taking two AP classes and was planning on taking the tests but my dad got arrested and my family went into bad financial times and i had to tell my AP English teacher that I couldn’t take the test and she said that she wanted me to anyway and if i couldn’t afford it then she would pay for my tests because she considered it a “good investment” so she paid the 160 some odd dollars for the tests and i was able to take them