Besides I really do not take anything the same guy who is constantly lying about women’s ages posts seriously

Like the dude constantly posts photos of 32 year old women and captions it “these women are 73 and still beautiful!” Which is weird.

Spare me from your faux outrage at the quote I used. I used it purposefully because the exact sentiment is correct. I hope you two anons are in Larries’ inboxes daily being outraged at their shitty behavior denying Louis’ child, harassing him while his mother was dying and accusing him daily of lying about his sexuality. You’re not fooling anyone with your fake concern.

i used to be acquaintances with a girl here on tumblr and she ended up becoming a legit porn star. talked to her on kik a few times about guns. she wanted a keltec ksg. she also made it no secret that she had herpes and now i see her doing nothing but unprotected scenes which leads me to believe she was either lying about it or everyone in porn just has herpes

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i only see my pisces bff once in a while and that's good because i love her to pieces but she's always talking about spirituality and visions and her 'intuition..' and telling me convoluted stories, then waiting for my reaction and saying 'jk that didn't happen' (which tbh doesn't bother me that much but i NEVER know when she's serious??). or she'll like quietly insult me and when i say 'excuse me?' she denies she said anything?? like girl come down to earth. my aqua ass doesn't understand

Fuck I lie all the time about fucking stupid ass shit, I like going to parties where I barely know people and lying about myself to see what I can get away with (a new name every time)…. but I wouldn’t lie about spirituality and stuff. But yeah it can get annoying if you’re not in the right mood and considering how intuitive pisces are we really can misread a room during conversations

Also lol @ conservative columnists who bitch about lying media but don’t mention that a rumor spread by the son of the new national security advisor almost led to another shooting massacre

My McDelivery is almost 40 minutes late and it says it’s been successfully delivered. WTF McDonald’s–where are my pancakes?! Some driver is out there lying about his orders. *rage*

Update: It was an hour and ten minutes late (cold) and arrived as I was calling to ask about it.

8 times out of 10 I dead thought about lying on a gofundme account and scam people to donate so i can pay my school bill to get my transcript but the way how karma and the internet works on here….I rather not take that risk

Do you think there’s an exercise culture anywhere in the Shire? Do you think there’s like a handful of hobbits who are uncomfortably swole