Okay but I’m? Hella on board with Lilino 

  • Nino searches up Italian songs and and translates them into French just so he can make the perfect mixtapes for Lila 
  • Lila? cries because it’s the first time someone’s actually done something nice for her 
  • Nino’s crazy into languages, so he begs Lila to speak in Italian to him
  • Whenever she does, he stares at her in awe for fifteen minutes tops 
  • Lila makes it a habit to steal Nino’s hat off his head when she walks past him every morning 
  • It baffles everyone else because Nino never lets anyone take his hat but he just rolls his eyes when Lila does it 
  • Lila’s actually been playing the flute for years and she loves playing for Nino 
  • Lila starts using her story telling techniques to write stories, and Nino makes the perfect writing playlists for her
  • Someone tries to embarrass Lila about lying so much when she was new, and Nino spent thirty eight minutes chewing them off. He only stopped because Lila burst into tears 
  • Lila pretends to forget French words just so she can say them in Italian because it always perks Nino up 
  • Listen, I’m not implying anything… but it’s not a coincidence that after Lila moves to Paris, she buys everything with music notes on it 
  • I’m definitely implying something
  • Nino doesn’t like giving gifts because he thinks they’re a cheap  gesture, but he makes it a habit to give Lila a necklace every year on her birthday after she tells him she’s never gotten a decent birthday present 
  • He takes it upon himself to show Lila all the sights of Paris since her parents are too busy to do so 
  • They both procrastinate ridiculously, and instead of doing what they need to, they come up with the most outlandish excuses for why they haven’t 
  • Lila loves leaving little notes all over Nino’s stuff 

If this is true, this point in the show would be when their powers are at the absolute peak. I’m guessing that’s why they were sent to the past for the Halloween episode, when the coven needed the strongest witches of all time.

Kind of sad, huh? Phoebe will soon be betraying her sisters by lying about Cole. Their bond will be weakened, and it never has a chance to fully recover before Prue dies. And as much as they love Paige, they will never have that joint childhood experience which made them so close with Prue.

Today in "The Voltron Fandom Remains Garbage":
  • Child: *makes a "joke" post wishing someone would slap VLD voice actress Bex TK at a convention (over ships, despite their claims that it's about Bex taking a whitewashed role in Arrow) and record it so they can see it*
  • Bex: *after she sees the post* I can handle myself if someone tries anything like this. #comeatmebro
  • Child: Can you BELIEVE that Bex is threatening to attack ME, a known MINOR and 14 year old mlm, for no reason?
  • People With Common Sense: Oh my god, Kid... "joking" about wanting someone to hurt a voice actor you don't like for bullshit reasons is creepy and you really need to stop lying about what Bex said/did in fandom and to you.
  • Child: Anyway, Bex should know better than to respond to minors who say rude stuff about her. It was just a joke. I'm like... an anxious fetus and That Woman is awful for not letting me fantasize about people hitting her in peace.


Without further ado, here’s the condensed “WTeff Meghan” timeline. *Outing the relationship to Camilla Tominey after like two weeks of “real” dating. *Outing the relationship to coincide with the release of her Reitman’s “capsule collection.” *Putting pics of Arthur Landon’s dog on her IG as “proof” of the relationship. *Setting up the Elle “how to be both” article, the Rwanda pics, and unfollowing all your fan accounts in preparation for the outing of the romance. *The endless wearing of the “love bracelet” all over her IG. *Spooning bananas pics (plus “breakfast of champions,” and the elephant teapot, and all that crazy crap). *Using Toronto reporters to start rumors that Harry was in Toronto in her apartment causing a papparazi frenzy where his RPOs have to sneak out of her house. This compromised Harry’s security. Also rumors of Toronto Soho House Halloween party attendance. *Lying about the press breaking into her home and calling bodyguards for her first pap walk (to a Markus Soho House lunch, no less). *Endless Soho House promo when the relationship leaked out, plus Misha Nonoo promo and St.Laurent handbags and coats and crap. *Suits sex scenes plus that NCIS “french maid” appearance. *The “breakup” with Cory right before (to be generous) banging Harry in June. *Rumors that she cheated on Cory with Harry. *The setting up of a “date” with Pier Morgan as soon as Harry started texting and coyly telling Piers about her “persistent” suitors. *Bitter divorce with Trevor. *Her family, oh my. Her whole entire family that simply won’t shut up. *Topless Snapchat pic goes around. Megs claims it’s photoshop. It obviously isn’t. *Hockey player rumors. Rumors that she cheated on Trevor. *Rory McIlroy “bearding” rumors. *Writing and releasing the KP statement based on pap break-ins that never happened, per the Globe and Mail. *Taking time off Suits (the only actual, bona fide work days she’s had since she burst onto the scene on October and she asks for time off) to deal with “lawyers.” *Taking over Remembrance Week, pap walking in front of the DM offices in Barbour and wellies and Harry’s cap. Stupid Alleviate Poverty bag. *More pap walks. Taking over the Caribbean Tour with her stupid IG antics including a dog in a Union Jack sweater and the stupid monogrammed necklace. Messing up a whole bunch of carefully laid diplomacy by announcing to BS Weekly she would take a “romantic vacation” right after the Tour with Harry resulting in an official honeymoon invite. *Pearl of the Caribbean personal enrichment rumors start. *Leaking Toronto detour. More lying to the press. More comingling of public and private funds. More compromising of Harry’s security. *Brother’s cross-dressing pics come out. *Leaked Pippa’s wedding date to BS Weekly. *ETA: leaked stupid “tree-picking” story to press. Story featured implausible details like tree that can’t be lifted with one hand and couldn’t even fit under NottCott ceiling. *London visit and “junkie beanie” pap pic that launches a thousand drug use rumors. Seriously, there were zero drug use rumors before then, and suddenly, BOOM, that’s how powerful that visual was. *Leaking her sushi date to the Daily Mail and putting it up on the Twit. Also all the vapid idiocy in that website. Namast'ay in bed, y'all. *Airport pap walk with expensive Mulberry handbag and claims of being taken to the airport by five RPOs. So, merch promo AND bonus comingling of public and private funds in this one. *Topless beach pics! Megs claims it’s not her. It obviously is. As an added bonus, these came out the day of the Queen’s Christmas lunch. Merry Christmas, Granny! *Endless yoga pap walks in Toronto selling stupid snow boots. Leaked Skippy’s wedding date. *Her family sells tacky white trash family pics. Seriously, girl, control the hillbillies. *Putting out rumors about a NYE proposal on US Weekly. Putting out Rwanda promo. *Leaking the Norway trip and the ludicrous Killer Polar Bear Girlfriend Challenge. *Brother gets arrested for holding a gun to a woman’s head. ARRESTED. *Leaking a meet with Kate and (of all things) Charlotte. DREAM DIARY. (WTF level goes up to 11). This was probably done to distract from the brother’s arrest which makes twice as stupid. *Brother claims “Harry defense” cause Harry got a second chance after Vegas so he deserves one too. Partying and domestic abuse are the same thing, aren’t they? Also begs for wedding invite. *Scrambling to put together some kind of India trip then taking over a poor girl’s project and claiming she “set the agenda” plus meeting with India politicians. Political posts on The Twit IG. *Parental bankruptcies (multiple ones!) come out. *Leaking “Harry Hates Trump” article to US Weekly smack in the middle of the Brit state visit brouhaha. *Soho House pap walk looking totally wasted. Drug use rumors resurge. Pap walk is used as shameless SohoHouse promo. *Walking with the Wounded US walk leak. *Endless talk about how she is now “living in Nott Cott” and redecorating. Articles are used as promo for Tig “lifestyle blogger” side business. *Putting out rumors about a “Spring engagement.” *Complaining to gossip columnist bff about how Kate isn’t chauffeuring her around the London shops. *Lied to GossipCop about gossip columnist bff blind and attributed it to a different blogger to whom she was not connected. *“Spring engagement” rumors turn into Suits new season promo as her show puts up her wedding dress scene everywhere. Show actually uses Harry’s name and the BRF as official promotion. *Another pap walk in Barbour and wellies, again in front of the DM offices, this time with the “H” ring which was flagged in the pap pics that she put out. Endless press over how “British” she is now and how she has now “chosen to promote” Brit brands and talk about how the “Meghan effect” manages to sell a handful of cheap rings. *Back on IG because girl just doesn’t learn. More vapid “motivational” crap. *More talk about how she’s living in “Nott Cott” and decorating. Leaks about meeting George and Charlotte in Amner Hall. *Pap walks in Toronto with Jess. “Relatable” articles about how she was poor she couldn’t fix her car (but money for boob jobs!). There’s such a thing as “private school poor” kids–I was one, but I don’t go about whining about it. You’re still in private school, girl. *Leaked an upcoming appearance at 2017 Toronto IG. *Putting out articles about how she’s taking a private plane to Jamaica A WEEK after the “like me because I was poor” article. Seriously, she was humblebragging about her broke actor days only a few days ago. *Bringing freaking Paparazzi Seal Team Six to the Inskip wedding. *Having Lainey hype “unseen” loved-up beach and balcony pics when the wedding pics weren’t flattering enough. *Putting out photoshopped “beach” pics. *90210 blow job scene comes out. *Her sister putting out a “tell-all” book. *Pimping out her friend Jill’s book in People Mag. *Closing down the Tig in a way calculated to spur engagement rumors. More Misha Nonoo promo. *Her niece coming out and accusing her mom (Meg’s sister) of child abuse (seriously!) because Megs didn’t like the tell all book. Niece says she loves Megs who is “everything [her mom] is not.” *Inviting herself to stranger’s (read “Pippa Middleton’s”) wedding. Putting out articles everywhere about how said stranger is “nasty” and “insecure” for not inviting her. *Recycling her two-day trip to India for the third time in three months for People’s “Most Beautiful” issue. *Advertising stranger’s wedding as marketing opportunity for her bff’s Canadian designer friends. Putting out press regarding same. *Complained about Reitman’s clearance sale promo after shamelessly using it in January to promote her “designer” chops and trying to get better collaborations. *Papping boyfriend as he sneaks into her house looking like he’s smack in the middle of a red light district. Photoshopping said pap pics for maximum marketability. *Hijacking Harry’s Heads Together/London Marathon press with her unbelievable “Megs Got Him to Open Up” press. *Shameless IG glasses promo with BFF’s client/contact. Jess promos Charlotte Olympia in her IG making it crystal clear who placed that “inspirational” #NoBadVibes IG promo back in February. *Niece’s Satanic/Nazi writings (I can’t believe I’m actually typing this). Denying all connection with said niece, after niece backed Megs against niece’s own mother. If we take her promo at face value, Meghan’s tally so far since Halloween is: 5-7 “workdays,” 2 exotic vacations, 2 months of Nott Cott freeloading, 2 days of “charity” work (recycled three times so far), 2 official event leaks (WwtW and IG), 2 unofficial event leaks (Skippy and Pippa’s wedding), overshadowing 5 major events (Remembrance, Caribbean tour, Xmas events, Sapphire Jubilee, London Marathon), four major political misteps (vacation rumor during tour, meeting with Indian politician, Trump leak, political posts on IG), 3 instances of possible misuse of public funds (Toronto Halloween trip, post-tour Toronto detour, and Nott Cott stay), 3 events where Harry’s personal security was compromised (I’m jut counting the egregious Halloween the tour detour and the Easter Toronto visit but you could also add the two wedding date leaks here), and numerous instances of private enrichment (Soho House, handbags, Suits promo, jewelry, Reitman’s). Mind you, this relationship was outed at the end of October. All of this has happened in five months. FIVE MONTHS. This has got to be a record. Now, this isn’t conspiracy. This is taking her press at face value. I’m not “connecting dots” or citing NYC or JerseyDeanne here, and the only “gossip column” I quote is Lainey, someone with whom Megs has a traceable relationship and Page Six with is also a publicist outlet. The pap walks I attribute to her were all taken by the same photographers in three different countries. Yes, she set them up. There have been numerous nudes of her circulating, but the only ones I’m mentioning here are the Snapchat and the beach pic which are the only ones that have not been photoshopped. I’m only using the more “reputable” tabloid sources and the ones that Megs personally gives stories to (like BS Weekly) and I’m not even mentioning stories that hit the minor outlets like the leaked SAS security briefing (which clearly didn’t take) and the pregnancy rumors. This is all her. This is Meg’s version of a royal romance. It’s a comedy of errors. This girl is a ticking time-bomb, just on the politics and misuse of funds alone. Add in the private enrichment and it simply boggles the mind. Meghan is like the Inspector Clouseau of royal girlfriends. If they really are together this is insanity. It’s not a romance, it’s a prefrontal lobotomy.

Wow….thank you so much!  Very eye opening!❤️😊🐼

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Thoughts on the most recent bout of Joss Whedon drama?

Joss Whedon was lying about being a feminist in order to get street cred and cheating on his wife? I am SHOCKED. Who could have POSSIBLY seen this coming?

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I never used to call out or comment on what overwhelmed me because idk I thought it would be "rude", but since I'm more comfortable about being autistic now, I have, but it's led to things where when I ask an adult to stop whatever it is because it's overwhelming me (usually because sudden sensory overload), they just say "it never bothered you before though" which I guess would make sense at first, but when I try to explain they just say I'm lying about it. What should I do?

I’m glad you’re becoming mroe comfortable with yourself and with asserting your needs. That’s great! It’s hard when people try to invalidate us when we assert needs. I would suggest saying something like the following:

“While I realize this may seem sudden to you, X has always bothered me but I’ve recently become more comfortable asserting my needs so that I don’t have to suffer needlessly in silence.”

If they continue to try to argue you or invalidate you, you can try saying something like this:

“When you call me a liar about these issues, you are showing me that you are so unwilling to make a small change that you would rather cause me pain.”

I hope this helps!


“I once spent the better part of a year inside of a large stomach, being digested.”—Wit, Page 1078, Words of Radiance

“Lift noted. ‘That was being poetic. Ol’ White-hair said you can’t be crass, so long as you’re talkin’ ’bout art. Then you’re being elegant. That’s why it’s okay to hang pictures of naked ladies in a palace.’
‘Mistress, wasn’t this the man who got himself intentionally swallowed by a Marabethian greatshell?’”—Page 612, Edgedancer

One, Wit wasn’t lying about being digested for the better part of a year. Two, it was the Marabethian greatshell. Three, if we don’t get to see that Wit and Lift interaction, it’ll be a crime against humanity.

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Hey Taylor--- some advice. I'm 17, and ended up crushing on someone who was a lot (5years) older. I lied and at the time told them I was older and have since came clean about my actual age. They told me they would not feel comfortable pursuing anything romantic until I was at least 18, but is it wrong for me to still like them? I have 9 months until im 18 and I don't want them to lose interest in me but I think they are already a little upset about me lying about my age?

How you feel is never, wrong, sweets! You can’t just turn that shit off because you need to–believe me, it’d be a lot easier if you could. 

I think that you should give things time to cool down a bit. If they’re a really nice person, they’ll understand that you lied because people do dumb things when they’re crushing on people. See where things are in 9 months. If it’s just a little passing crush, then no hurt feelings at the end. If it’s something more, then the spark will still be there in a few months. Just don’t force it! Good luck!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Niall's Biography, as per your anons & twitter fans...

Niall the ableist, racist, trump supporting, fuckboy who has literally fucked every single living, breathing human and when he ran out of rando’s he took to hiring escorts! In the small portion of time he isn’t getting off, that’s when he makes time for his numerous bad habits! He’s smoking, snorting coke, missing 1D, doing a bit of fan service, whilst simultaneously being jealous of every single one of his ex-bandmates accomplishments & successes! Oh and every once in a while he “throws his money around” and purchases a new home! And the icing on the cake: he’s LYING about it all! Lying so well, I might add, that the ½ of his fans that don’t know the truth™, well they think he’s a pure virgin, sent down from God himself only to bless us with his grace & virtue! Damn…. 7 years & ppl really got him ALL figured out!

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IM FUCKING YELLING ALJKSHFJSKgha you about to get me massacred with this post woman… HAHAHAHAA

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I completely agree about what you said about lying, but on the subject of your first post I think you should've thought about it a bit better. If the Inner Circle had known, it would make them pretty bad people. Mor was clearly miserable and if they allowed her to keep making herself so by remaining closeted and sleeping with men while knowing she was gay (as she only did it to keep the secret), it wouldn't be very funny. It wasn't a very smart post.

I made that post with the following passages in mind—

Mor says to Feyre “I do find pleasure in them. In Both... But I’ve known, since I was little more than a child, that I prefer females…” and goes on to say she connects with them on a deeper level. But she also says “I sleep with males in part because I enjoy it, but … also to keep people from looking too closely.”

That was Chapter 66, Pages 558-559 (but I only have the e-book on hand, page # can change between that and hard copy).

Mor is miserable after sleeping with Helion. A one person sample size does not say that is how she is after everyone she has sex with. She grabbed Helion because he was there and she wanted Azriel pushed back after his outburst, she felt she had to sleep with him.

Also, in ACOMAF Rhys mentions that Mor and Azriel had both previously taken lovers (part of him telling Feyre not to get too shippy over them). If Mor has taken male lovers in the past (which her own words verify), anyone in the IC who has noticed her with females probably thinks she is bisexual (if she is bi or gay is a fandom debate I do not enter, I just say “prefers females”).

Disclaimer: I am not saying Mor is into guys, Mor’s endgame love & mate will be female, she even says that is who she connects to on a “soul-deep level”. I am saying she uses them for pleasure and therefore it is erroneous to say every male she sleeps with leaves her in the same miserable state she was in after Helion.

Sansa and Arya: Two Paths to Survival

I stand by my annoyance at the current relationship between these two, particularly Arya, but I do believe there is some reasoning for it.  I would also point out that I think both girls are working together and playing up the rift between them for Littlefinger’s benefit.

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But my other thoughts on the events taking place between them are as follows:

In  the game of faces  Arya seems to be lying about wearing Sansa’s face to know what it is like to be a lady, as we all know from her earlier story, this is a lie, she has never wanted to be a lady.  She points out that she watched her standing up with the Lannisters as their father was beheaded. Ironically, she attacks her for not doing anything and accuses her of having a hand in it, commenting on her pretty dress and hair.  While she was paying so much attention to the way Sansa looked she clearly did not notice Sansa’s actual behavior, which spoke volumes.  Then Sansa, fights back, pointing out that in the same way Arya claims she did nothing, Arya did nothing as well– calling into question Arya’s attack on her in the process.  In the scene it seems that Arya is a little shaken as she tries to stand her ground.

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Arya has always disliked Sansa and there has always been a rift between them.  It is Sansa who has tried to bridge that gap upon their reunion, but it seems that Arya isn’t making much of an effort.  She even immediately accused Sansa of wanting to snatch power from Jon in his absence rather than seeing the reason in Sansa trying to placate the lords and knights– which makes sense as without them they wouldn’t stand a chance or have regained control of Winterfell.  On the other hand Arya just thinks beheading them all will work better.  I did state in a previous post that this behavior really shows Arya’s lack of understanding or ability to comprehend the real game.

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The other scene that interested me is Sansa claiming that Arya never could have survived what she did.  I did see a lot of people attacking Sansa for this and her being wrong…I would have to disagree.  Both girls are very different and they found themselves in very different situations and required survival through very different means.

Sansa’s was in playing the game, a game that is largely mental.  While Arya’s was more survival of the fittest, a physical survival.  I did seem some people disagree with this idea based solely on the fact that Arya is a small child and as a result less physically strong, meaning that physical doesn’t make sense.  I would have disagree on the fact that she didn’t really do anything mental in her survival, except her metal will to survive and pretending to be a boy.

Arya: hunger, fighting, shelter, travel, training, and anything that she survived that could fall into similar categories– these are all physical things.  She may have learned to spy but again her training was mainly physical.

Even her spy and changing face skills, unlike Littlefinger’s tend to be more on the physical side.

Sansa: I am not even going to explain the things she survived because the game is clearly mainly metal, making it obvious.  But she also survived a great deal of physical things too– beatings and rape among them.  Arya is all about thinking things out– she is thinking in the long run to keep power in the North while still keeping people loyal to the Stark name for the wars to come.

Arya has always been more physically able then Sansa who always wanted to be a lady at court.  However, she isn’t specifically about thinking– her quick tempter and jumping to conclusions are proof of that and have gotten her into trouble in the past. 

It is those qualities that would make her surviving what Sansa did, trapped and surrounded by the enemy on a daily basis as they abused you, difficult.  In Arya’s situation she had the ability to avoid those dangers where Sansa would not as she was trapped in King’s Landing.  Arya did face dangers but she faced dangers she was more equiped to survive or learn to survive.  Sansa was more equipted to survive and learn to survive in another way– within the court and with her mind.

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I don’t think Arya could have easily survived what Sansa did nor do I think Sansa could survive what Arya did.   And this is one of the big problems between them– they are willing to see this or compromise with each other.

Particularly in the fact that Arya still sees Sansa as the little girl who was selfish she was and not how she has changed. Whereas Sansa can definitely see how Arya has changed. There current predicament is their misconceptions of each other.

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Wtf Alex when she said she thought Kevin was a cop because he knows about jail and gangster. Bitch he lived in the streets of Boston why does he have to be a cop to know about jail and gangsters and what does being a cop have to do with being shady??? And why is the house thinking Kevin is lying about simple things like ok lying on game moves but about a career and family?? I’m so done with Alex she is so annoying and I hope she loses the 50K and 500K. These other HGs need to see she is more of a threat then Matt and Raven ( I know we want Raven gone but at this point Alex needs to go)

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Nooooooo, the IC will be MAD! Mor /lied/ to them for 500 years!

But lying about being straight isn’t the same as lying

It’s totally different, especially in cultures/climates where people don’t feel safe or comfortable coming out. Sexuality is a deeply personal thing and so I think it’s exempt from any “lie” classification. I think if someone doesn’t feel comfortable coming out or being out, that is a strike against the climate and society they are in, not the person themselves. 

On the off chance anyone in the Inner Circle hasn’t figured it out (You *know* at least Rhys has), I think the most that will happen are hurt feelings along the lines of “You didn’t think you could trust us with this”, not even anger- just hurt feelings (and, be fair, 500 years is a long time when you practically live with these people) . I also think the longest those hurt feelings will last is a matter of weeks- MAXIMUM. Not even a month. Azriel is probably the only one who’d even have hurt feelings and you know he won’t show them.

Anyone who didn’t know will be surprised, again in the vein of “You didn’t tell us” . That might manifest as anger, but nothing permanent or even long-lasting. Everyone loves Mor, the entire Inner Circle wants nothing more than to see one another happy no matter what. If they are willing to die for one another (which we know they are), they’re willing to accept one another regardless of sexual orientation.

And I still maintain the headcanon that Rhys has a deal with Rita where she keeps an eye on the females Mor is hanging around and sometimes helps Rhys sneakily set Mor up with females he thinks she’ll hit it off with.

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You're stretching wayyyy too far into the whole Taylor hates coloured people thing. You're purposely digging at shit that isn't really that, making up drama from nothing.

1. Colored people?? Wha the fuck. What year are you living in where you think applying that to People of Color is okay and not racist? I’m not really inclined to give a fuck about what you think about Taylor and her racism since you seem to have your own unconscious or not. 

2. So I’m lying about the video? I’m lying about the Nicki Minaj thing? I even gave her the benefit of the doubt and said she’s unconsciously racist because it happens alot. 

3. Look. Just because you’re too ignorant and I dunno have chosen not to learn about this stuff and the problems behind it doesn’t mean me calling it out is starting drama.

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You know when...

A user promises you a dragon, then turns around and tries to sell the dragon to another user. Then they PM you and tell you they’re not trying to start a bidding war, but then tell you they’re waiting for your counteroffer. what 

And then you do a little digging and find out they were lying about part of the user’s offer to try to hike up the price. 

It’s people like this that make FR so enjoyable at times  -.-