((OOC: Considering creating a separate sideblog for Barks/Rosa/comics.  This way all the comic fans who have a problem with DuckTales can unfollow this or if you unfollowed me before you can follow the new blog, while those only interested in DuckTales can stay on this blog, and all the comic fans who wouldn’t follow me because I posted DuckTales stuff now you can.  Of course those in the minority like myself who appreciate both can follow both.  Ordinarily I would make the comic blog the main blog since that is actually what I prefer but I’ve done so many RPs taking place in the DuckTales canon on this blog so it would be pain in the tail to reblog or delete.  Anyway it solves my problem of playing in two separate canons since I have some people asking about Scrooge and Goldie who are living happily together in the DuckTales canon in the 2010′s while others are asking about Matilda and Hortense who exist only in the comics and live the ‘50′s.))

There are NO books on Louise de Kerouaille. There are basically NO books on Hortense Mancini (or Marie Mancini. I would potentially read a book on all of the Mancini sisters but I only care about Hortense and Marie rly)…this is outrageous. Louise lived for 85 years, I think we have enough scope for a book lmao