No, but Hortense Mancini was literally amazing. 

She gets married off to this god-awful man who is physically, verbally and mentally abusive to her and the servants of the house. He’s a prude and destroys any kind of art that he deems to be erotic. He steals her money, controls where she goes, knocks the teeth out of the mouths of their female servants and won’t let anyone milk a cow in front of him because he thinks it’s perverted. He’s horrible. Then, Hortense gets a girlfriend called Sidonie and her husband is having NONE of it so he sends them BOTH TO THE SAME NUNNERY (they’re lovers but okayyyyyyy?) to clean up their act but instead, they just fuck shit up there, replace holy water with ink and other unruly escapades. Eventually, Hortense escapes from her husband in the dead of night and throws herself on the mercy of Louis XIV of France who DECLARES HIMSELF HER PROTECTOR and tells her husband to stay the fuck away, otherwise he will fight him. 

Then, an Englishman at Louis’ court sees her and thinks she’s hot so he decides to take her back to England as a gift to Charles II so that he can curry favour with him. Charles thinks she’s hot too because he actually PROPOSED TO HER WHEN HE WAS 19. She becomes his mistress BUT she also starts sleeping with his illegitimate daughter, Anne, who is so desperately in love with her and the pair dress up as 17th century libertines and sword fight in Hyde Park in full view of the public all the time. Anne’s husband is pissed off with his wife so he removes her from court so she can’t see Hortense anymore and Anne spends months on end in bed weeping over a small picture of Hortense. Aphra Behn’s got a crush on Hortense…in fact, everyone and anyone seems to be her type and this earns her the name of “The Italian Whore” but shit doesn’t faze her. The king’s “puttana” is going to do it all regardless.

Unfortunately, she is also a raging alcoholic and commits suicide in 1699. And her awful husband is still alive and decides that he’s not going to let her lay to rest, he’s going to drag her coffin around with him on a tour of Europe before dying himself. But there is nothing that ISN’T awesome about Hortense.

PLOT TWIST: What if, instead of finding Della, they end up finding Hortense?

cybra-sensei  asked:

Asking your player account rather than your character account since it's OOC knowledge: Do you think Fergus ever felt guilty for tricking Scrooge with the dime?

I honestly have no idea, Fergus had no hesitation in giving the Ditch digger the dime. He was full on ready to “motivate” young Scrooge to “make something of himself.” His intentions are very clear.

^^this last panel makes me absolutely furious at Fergus. He’s so proud of himself for TRICKING his son.

Scrooge believes he earned his dime that day, but it was just an idea planted by his father, Fergus, a man who Scrooge looked up to. It’s horrible when you think about it.

Even Hortense and Matilda are in the wrong. They let Scrooge fall down this path of believing everything he’s done up to this day is because of the dime he earned, but neither of them told him the truth, not even as they stormed out on him. 

That dime holds power because Scrooge values it so much, it’s his most prize possession (excluding the lock of Goldie’s hair)

And he doesn’t know (and may never know) that it was planted. That he truly didn’t earn it. That every horrible thing that’s happened to him in America is because of his father. 

If Scrooge finds out it will destroy him.

Okay but this was way too cute to pass up. I’m gonna do a whole thing on Webby now. 

Webby is essentially the same as she is in the show. 

  1. Webby’s Relationship with Della: These two are oil and fire in the best way. They encourage each other and Della is totally down with Webby being weird and out there. She loves that about her. Webby loves that Della never treats her like she’s different or out there. The only bad news is that they have a hard time stopping when they build off eachother. Gonna play Darts, Its Death Darts. Why stop there, lets make it interesting. Next thing you know Donald is tied up in the foyer with Webby guarding him and Della trying to get past her to save him. Donald wasn’t even playing, he got grabbed on his way to go fishing.
  2. Webby’s Relationship with Donald: Donald has always been more family oriented. As soon as he meets her, and she helps them have fun, Donald practically considers her a sister. Another sister he has to keep from getting killed, but never the less a sister. He likes being around Webby more when she’s calm and doing research. He likes learning about the family history and openly goes to her to learn more about their dad. 
  3. Webby’s Relationship with Scrooge: Her relationship with Scrooge is pretty much the same, the likely less strained as she no longer reminds him of the missing family member. He’s more likely to be around her, though he’s still definitely crotchety at first. As the kids get closer it gets harder to tell who caused what trouble, and as its almost always Della and Webby in the center of it, “DELLA! WEBBIGALE!” becomes a common shout in the mansion.
  4. Webby’s Relationship with Dewey: Her relationship with Dewey is interesting. While he wasn’t as family oriented as Huey, Dewey is still very strongly passionate about his family. He’s happy to tell her stories of adventures with Scrooge for her notes, though he does kinda gloss over Huey a bit, more because it’s still so raw than anything else. He happily reminisces about their mother Hortense, and his wonderful Aunt Matilda. As he’s always been the most adventurous, she relates to him the most, and he’s the first one that she accidentally calls “Uncle”. 
  5. Webby’s Relationship with Louie: Louie actually has a hard time saying no to Webby unless its straight up something dangerous. While Della’s perfected the doe eyes and he’s immune, there’s something about Webby’s earnestness that makes him want to be more lenient about certain things. Her disappointed face or her saying, “oh No, its okay Mr. Duck, I’m sure I’ll get to try it later.” Pulls at his heartstrings. He finds himself letting the kids stay up later, having more sweets, and taking them out for more every day adventures, like Funzo’s or the Zoo. Unfortunately, Della’s noticed this, and tries to take advantage of it, “But Uncle Louie! Webby’s never had a sleep over before!”

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Primo post: settembre 2012

Questo mese vogliamo dedicare la nostra intervista a uno dei pilastri di Tumblr: le GIF. Quindi abbiamo fatto qualche domanda a un blog che ne è pieno zeppo, dove le battute di innumerevoli film vengono riprodotte all’infinito. Ecco a voi @haidaspicciare, i “giffatori” più conosciuti di Tumblr!

Hai da spicciare… perché avete scelto questo nome per un blog dedicato principalmente alle GIF di film?
Il nome è nato precedentemente. Abbiamo iniziato su un'altra piattaforma scrivendo articoli di attualità, letteratura, cinema, musica, ecc. In cerca di un titolo adatto abbiamo pensato agli spiccioli che tutti ci ritroviamo in tasca e che non usiamo mai, li accumuliamo aspettando che abbiano un certo valore ma col tempo non fanno altro che appesantirci. Quindi l'invito è quello di liberarsi dal superfluo, fondere insieme tutti i ramini e innalzare una statua al Dio Elefante, protettore della frivolezza e delle piccole cose inutili che ci fanno stare meglio. Non significa nulla, la verità è questa. Ed è anche brutto da leggere, è un po’ come la casella di posta elettronica che hai aperto da ragazzino e di cui ti vergogni quando sei in età da curriculum vitae. Però sei troppo pigro per cambiarla e in qualche modo ti ci sei affezionato.

Perché secondo voi le GIF piacciono così tanto?
Perché la ripetizione, se piacevole, è sempre rassicurante. Da bambini capita spesso di mandare continuamente indietro un cartone animato o un film comico per rivedere in loop la stessa scena, ecco, forse la GIF si aggancia a questo tipo di piacere infantile. Poi si aziona da sola, non hai bisogno di mettere le cuffiette, sta bene con tutto e soprattutto non ti dirà mai che sei ingrassata.

Quali sono le GIF più apprezzate?
Non c'è una logica ed è bene che non ci sia. C'è una forte componente casuale nella viralità che può avere una GIF. Però, provando a tracciare una linea comune, le GIF più apprezzate sono quelle in cui ci si possa identificare, al di là della popolarità di un film o dell'epoca in cui è stato girato. Un altro elemento è quello della versatilità, quindi la predisposizione di una GIF ad essere usata per scopi e situazioni diverse. Ma tutto questo cambia da persona a persona, non c'è nulla di prevedibile. Ce ne sono alcune che fanno semplicemente ridere o semplicemente eccitare e va bene così.
Per rafforzare il concetto, la GIF “italiana” più diffusa in tutto Tumblr mostra una gag di Renato Pozzetto in “Le comiche”. Ha ottenuto oltre 400mila note nel mondo. Non sappiamo chi l'abbia creata, ma ha tutta la nostra stima.

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